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Holy War - by Wiley06 (M+/F, rp, v)
« on: April 03, 2010, 05:53:53 PM »
Holy War (M+/F, rp, v)
By Wiley06 (


Warning: This is another brutal rape story about a
female Israeli soldier getting grabbed and raped
repeatedly by Palestinians. If you don't like this type
of thing, don't read it. If you do, enjoy.


Gunfire barked through the sound of the mob, the cursed
and cries of hatred directed toward her and the other
Israeli soldiers patrolling the occupied territories.
She dropped to her knee behind a corner; her eyes
scanning the mob scattering for cover, searching out
their assailant, her rifle held in arms practiced with
its use.

Goldman had been hit, she knew, her rifle rising as she
glimpsed a rifle barrel poking around a building, three
quick rounds sending it jerking back; her job was to
cover Saks as he dragged Goldman to cover and Solomon as
he radioed their predicament.

Bullets laced wall above her head, and her gun jerked in
her hands as it swung around, the recoil comforting as
her fire chased away a sniper on a remote rooftop. Their
position was untenable, and she quickly motioned for her
companions to fall back, even as she moved down the
alley herself, cursing her luck and the Palestinians.

She took up rear-guard, her brown eyes hating the maze
of streets which hid death and maiming everywhere she
looked. She could hear the mob yelling its rage and its
encouragement to the gunmen, a quick tick of her neck
sending her short brown hair away from her forehead, her
sharp Jewish features strained.

He stuck his head cautiously around the corner, and lost
half of it as her bullet sheared through his skull,
dropping him instantly. Bullets ripped futilely around
her position, a mistake revealing their location, three
of them, she knew, her lithe body tensing as she made
for an alley between a rock wall and a house, figuring
that enough time had gone by for the others to get to
safety, and now it was her turn.

She cursed inwardly as she saw the mob seemingly appear
at the end of alley, and she straightened, her rifle
poised, as they saw her, sending rocks flying in her
direction. Bullets kicked up dirt at the feet of the
mob, sending some back, but more came forward, yelling,
screaming, hating, rocks falling short as she strode
forward, toward the mob, away from the death of the

Movement from above and a quick glance saw a hail of
stones; she jerked her rifle above her head as they
struck her, staggering her even as they bounced off the
slight protection of her rifle, her body instinctively
crouching, her head bowed, and then lights as one struck
her head, and she was down on her hands and knees, her
gun still in her grip but useless as she stared, groggy,
at the ground, the roar in her head louder than the roar
of the mob racing toward her, overwhelming her as she
tried to raise her rifle, kicking her, beating her,
tearing at her, ripping her gun from her hand.

She felt death then, but the hatred became a need to
punish, to hurt, and the hands tearing at her, the roar
of a maddened crowd, lifted her, staggering, to her
feet, faces twisted in hatred and wrath everywhere she
looked, spitting on her, spinning her around, striking
her face, bruising the sharp, handsome features,
striking her body. Someone tore at her shirt, and it
ripped, falling off an olive-skinned muscled shoulder.

Other hands grabbed the shirt, spinning her around
again, ripping it from her body as she was buffeted by
the mob surrounding her, helpless to defend herself. She
saw they eyes of the men around her glow as they saw her
strong, flat stomach, her smooth skin, her breasts
straining at the cloth bra which held them to her chest.

She cursed and tried to fight as she was lifted off her
feet, held horizontal to the ground by innumerable hands
as they stripped her nude, and she heard voices from the
mob cry out, "kill the Israeli bitch," "hurt her," flail
her," "fuck her," "fuck her," the sounds merging into an
animal roar as she twisted futilely in their grasp, her
arms and legs held tightly, suspending her lithe, nude,
squirming form three feet above the ground.

"Give it to her give it to her," she heard and saw one
of them holding her gun pointing straight at her crotch,
then slamming forward against her cunt, pain making her
scream and spasm as others rushed her body, hands
gripping her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, her hair,
pulling and pinching and twisting, tormenting her flesh
in their frenzy. She howled again as her rifle bore down
against her cunt, ripping the tender flesh as it slid
into her sheath, the metal still warm from firing, to
slam hard into her cervix.

A howl of triumph rose from the crowd as they saw her
penetrated, her own weapon driving into her defenseless
body as their dirty nails scratched furrows of blood
into her breasts and stomach and thighs, the pain making
her thrash hopelessly in their grasp. Endorphins and
adrenaline rushed through her blood, each second of her
rape drawn out in the moment, only to flash by faster
than she could follow, the pain her only guide as her
lean, strong body was abused by her tormentors.

The fingers at her breasts were a searing pain, the
fleshy mounds being torn from side to side, her nipples
tormented by sharp, jagged, fingernails, leaving bloody
marks on her smooth skin as they fought over her breasts
and stomach and thighs, pain which made her twist
maniacally, pain which was nothing as her rifle tore
again into her cunt to thud agonizingly against her
pelvis, tearing a howl of pain from her body.

Again and again the rifle tore through her ripped cunt-
flesh, pounding her cervix mercilessly, the howl of the
mob filled with a murderous lust as they abused her
body, her eyes glazing from the pain and the shock as
the rifle was ripped forcefully from her cunt, a thin
trail of blood leaking from her ravished orifice.

She grunted as hands gripped her hips and her legs were
pulled up, a cock driving suddenly into her cunt, hips
slamming against hers brutally as her rapist began
fucking her violently, hatefully, each stroke a weapon
making her shrink in on herself, the agony of the hands
tearing at her breasts increasing as he dominated her

Her head hung limply from her body, jerking back and
forth as her body surged on its own accord from the pain
it was subject to, her mind swirling in a vertigo of
humiliation and self-loathing. To be captured, to be
raped, by these animals: she shuddered inwardly each
time his hips met hers, the pain in her cunt an aching,
searing agony, her cervix throbbing with the abuse it
had taken.

She screaming in denial as she felt him come inside her,
to be replaced by another, and then another, her body
twisting and thrashing and squirming and thrashing in
the bondage of their grip, her mind screaming and
screaming continuously as the punishment never seemed to

And then she felt a cock press against her ass, and
another part of her shriveled as pain blossomed in her
anus as he drove his cock deep into her bowels, hitting
and cursing her as he fucked her ass hard, hurting her
with each stroke, loving the pain he was causing her,
the way her body jerked with each thrust, her muscular
thighs quiver and strain as he pumped into her, her
breasts stretch and bleed at the tearing hands, her
stomach heave in revulsion at her rape.

He came quickly into her ass, but more followed him into
her writhing body, some using her ass, some her cunt,
all hurting her, abusing her, sending her mind to scream
in pain and humiliation. It seemed to go on forever, her
mind trapped in a piece of flesh being used so cruelly,
come and blood dripping from her loins to splatter
against the hard ground, her flesh a screaming layer of
raw nerves scratched raw, her breasts mounds of agony.

Suddenly her whole body jerked, and a dull pain in her
groin followed. Again, and she looked down at her
battered body, marveling at its obscene grotesqueness,
blood and dirt and come smearing it. Again her body
shook and this time she screamed, her mind finally
registering a fist striking her cunt. Again a man
punched her cunt, and again, each time rewarded by a
scream. Then he held it there and pushed into her,
forcing her flesh of her gaping, used, abused cunt
inward, a moaning howl rising from her throat as her
cunt stretched wider and wider.

She felt something rip and blood wash over his hand as
it slid into her abused cunt channel, her scream echoing
throughout her mind as he rammed his fist deep into her
cunt, pounding against her cervix. He began punching
her, his hand buried in her cunt, slamming it against
her cervix again and again, her body jerking like a
puppet as her abused her, her moaning, keening wailing
suddenly cut short as another man grabbed her head and
shoved his cock deep into her throat, making her whole
body spasm as it gasped for air, her mind trying to shut
down from the fear and the pain of her rape and the
panic of not having any air.

Her throat spasmed again and again around her rapist's
cock, sending him quickly over the edge to spill his
seed deep into her belly, and then another one replaced
him in her mouth, fucking her face violently,
relentlessly, even as her body still shook from the
pounding her cunt was taking.

Blackness began sweeping her vision as the agony of the
fist fucking she was getting combined with the rape of
her throat cutting her oxygen off. She gulped in a great
gasp of air as the man in her throat pulled out,
screaming again as the fist rammed her pelvis, blood
from her ripped cunt dripping onto the ground, come
spattering against her face before another cock filled
her throat, gagging her, choking her.

Another fist was pressing against her anus, and her
throat vibrated in helpless agony around the cock in it
as she was stretched to the breaking point, warmth
filling her bowels as the skin around her anus tore, her
whole body spasming in agony as the fist drove
mercilessly into her bowels to join the fist in her
cunt. The worked with a rhythm, filling her full of
their violence and hatred as they pounded into her
defenseless body as other men used her throat. Her mind
seemed to snap then, the pain receding slowly, like a
train disappearing into a tunnel.

It was as if some barrier had been passed, her mind
reacting to her body's torment, a body obscenely coated
in come and blood and dirt, her breast bloody, torn
mounds, her muscular body still straining and sweating
in pain against her tormentors, her groin grotesquely
jutting two arms which pounded into her helpless body,
by taking her beyond pain until she her body was a
single nerve, quivering at the hands of her tormenters,
every touch, every thrust, every hurt an sensation which
tore through her mind, no longer pain, no longer

Teeth met her swollen bloody clit and worried it, making
her body scream into the cock in its throat as she
spasmed, her mind exploding into lights of pure,
overwhelming feeling and every hurt, every pain, every
agony seemed to ball up inside her, her body quivering
uncontrollably as the men drove their fists deep into
her struggling body, pounding into her, teeth bloodying
her clit, tearing at it as if to bite it off.

She howled silently as come poured down her throat and
she came, her body almost jerking from the hands holding
it by the force of her orgasm, an orgasm which was a
bright pulsing light rushing at her from the end of a
tunnel, making her whole body throb with pleasure as it
neared, her mind awash in ecstasy as she plunged into
it, her senses lost to the world, registering ungodly
ecstasy and peace, her body forgotten as it bucked and
thrashed in the hands of her tormentors.

She didn't know what happened next, but when she came
to, a soldier, Solomon, was pulling a body from atop
her, and her mind recognized that he was calling to a
medic before she went under again. It took her almost a
month of physical rehabilitation to recover, and the
army made sure she had the best councilors they had.

Still, she would dream sometimes of that light rushing
toward her, and imagine how her body must have looked as
it thrashed in the throws of that orgasm.


"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.