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Feeling up girls in public?

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Stagger Lee:
Well, she works there, so I hope she comes back!  She could use the money!   :rotflmao:

Stagger Lee:
Ok so I saw her today again.

She was wearing a white blouse and a gray skirt.  She was getting ready to leave when I was coming I walked out after she did, hoping to try and talk to her.  She was walking to her car, but then realized she forgot something so she walked up back towards me, and I tried to talk to her.  I smiled and I said "Hey how are you?"  And she kinda smiled back but had the whole "i'm too busy to talk" thing going on.  She didn't seem pissed though, so that's good I guess. 

Her ass looked great in that gray skirt.  I could tell she had no panties on.

Sounds like Stagger is in love...

Not sure that groping a girls ass is a great pick-up line, I would probably get a little physical right back - like the back of my hand across your face!!! But, hey if it works for you who am I to question?

Stagger Lee:
It's a lil small infatuation.  Nothing major.  Something to pass the time, as it were.

And Kimmy, if it was you I saw, my hands would be on your tits.  You can get physical with me anyday!  I like it rough.   :nod:

It's like my boss said to this lady who used to work there whose husband raped her:  "Rape is foreplay".

I usually brush em off at clubs and stuff... Ignore the quick grope but make a marked effort to brush off the lingering touches... and if he dares again, it will be a "let's take it outside buddy :evilgrin: And my friend the bouncer is coming with me"&nbsp; :grins:

Well Stagger, best way to approach a girl is just conversation... bumping into each other and saying 'hi... wanna go for a coffee sometime?' Depends on what you're after and what she's lookin for tho... But if she thinks you're stalking her... well watch out... that back hand can be a bitch :winks: And once those defences are up, well that's that... Touching without an invitation is pretty much a breach of personal space... And tbh, I don't think women enjoy being touched or groped by strangers... Any outward emotion, including blazing eyes would mean, "do it again and I'll take that fucking arm off and hit you over the head with it till you're a pile of jello"... but this might just be me... I am 'daffy' after all :blink: :tongue2:

Oh and Stagger, :grins:, I suggest you have a read on 'victim's revenge' ( before any... ummm... 'foreplay' :rotflmao:


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