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Neve Campbell: Pain and Pleasure
« on: August 24, 2009, 11:38:55 PM »
Archive name: Neve.txt (F/ghost, bond, S&M, celeb, v)
Authors name: PJurado (
Story title : Neve Campbell: Pain and Pleasure

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2001.  Please
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Neve Campbell: Pain and Pleasure
By PJurado (


Neve gasped, sweat glistening over her naked body as the
whip cracked against her back, making her shiver with
pain. The chains attached to her wrist manacles held the
girl up while the whip snapped across her ass, a soft
squeal of pleasure escaping her trembling lips.

The whip stopped caressing her hot flesh. Incredibly
cold hands, hands that were grey and smelled like the
grave, ran down her gleaming thighs, slid up her
shivering spine.

"Mine," whispered the ghost of Frederick Jacobson,
opening his mouth impossibly wide, a long, slimy black
tongue slithering out to lick her bare shoulders.

Neve moaned, her pussy wet and hot, her breasts beading
with perspiration.

The shade of the dead occultist turned her head, drove
his black tongue into the girl's panting mouth. Neve
moaned softly, the ghost's tongue sliding over hers, his
frigid breath filling her mouth.

The ghost backed away from Neve's manacled body, his
black-cloaked form slowly fading from sight. The
manacles snapped open loudly, dropping Neve in a heap
onto the hard wood floor.

She breathed harshly, her fevered skin cooling with the
disappearance of the ghost.

Neve left the torture room, belting her night robe shut
after she had closed the door behind her. She ran a hand
through her sweat-slick black hair, her blood still
pumping after the night of indescribable pain and
excitement. Descending down a staircase to the second
floor, Neve blinked as sunlight poured through a window
at the end of the hallway. It was Monday morning, the
boat would be waiting to pick her up at the pier. Neve
walked quickly to her room, she didn't have much time to
get dressed.


"You want to stay?" asked Robert incredulously.

"Yes, this place is very peaceful, just what I need,"
nodded Neve as she stood on the boat deck with the
company aide.

"But. you've got a movie shoot tomorrow, they're all
waiting for you to show up!" snapped Robert.

"Yeah, about that... I quit, I don't want to do the

"You're insane! You're throwing away a twenty million
dollar deal! You're killing your career!"

"I've got plenty of money. My mind's made up," replied
Neve, hopping from the boat back to the rickety pier.
"Tell John I'll get in touch with him when I'm ready to
go back to work."

"He's gonna drop you when he hears about this! Are you
sure you want to stay here?"

"Absolutely," smiled Neve, leaving the pier and the boat
without a backward glance.


"Will you be staying for awhile?" asked the old woman,
setting down a plate of sandwiches and a glass of

"Yes, I hope it isn't too much trouble," replied Neve
before she bit into a sandwich.

"No, no trouble at all," smiled the old caretaker. "You
belong here."

"Thanks," said Neve, drinking from her glass.

After lunch, Neve spent some time in the study, reading
more of Frederick's journals, immersed in his
descriptions of rape and torture. Making sure that the
old woman wasn't around, Neve slipped her hand into her
jeans, masturbating as she read how Frederick whipped
one poor girl's back until all the skin was gone and
only glistening red muscle remained. She bit back a
moan, her hand rubbing faster, her nipples stiff beneath
her black t-shirt. Neve shuddered in her chair, her
orgasm taking her breath away. Gently closing the book,
she removed her hand from her jeans, staggered up and
replaced the book back on the shelf with the other


Dressed in matching grey sweat pants and t-shirt, Neve
jogged down the forest trail, her hair tied back with an
elastic band. She breathed lightly, following the trail
as it circled around the small island. It was sunny but
cool, her breath smoked in front of her as she ran
smoothly, effortlessly through the tall, thin trees.

Neve stopped when she spotted a gap in the trees that
ran west away from the trail. Curious, she left the
trail and jogged through the gap, dry leaves crackling
loudly beneath her sneakers. She ran for a time until
she discovered a clearing. She stopped, her breasts
pumping, eyes sliding over the rows of mounds that
filled the open space in the trees.

"These must be the graves of the dead girls," murmured
Neve, approaching the small, leaf- covered burial

Neve fell to her knees next to the closest mound,
tentatively reaching forward to press her palms against
the cool earth. She closed her eyes, her breathing
slowing, smoke curling around her lovely face as warmth
flowed through her hands. She gasped, images flashing in
her mind, a young girl with long blonde hair manacled to
a bed, Frederick pounding between her open legs, cursing
at her while he pierced her small breasts with long,
sharp needles. Neve shuddered, her own breasts throbbing
with pain, the agony of shining steel ramming through
her nipples. She arched her back, her cunt burning,
juices spurting onto her panties, soaking them.

Neve pulled her hands back, the skin warm, as if she had
touched living flesh. She staggered to her feet,
squirmed from the clamminess of her drenched underwear.
She left the burial clearing, ran back to the waiting
trail to finish her jog.


Neve stood beneath the hot, steaming shower spray,
letting the water relax her muscles. She ran her right
hand over her breasts, the skin clean and slick with
water. Neve leaned forward upon her left hand, her right
hand lowering to her pussy. She touched herself, moaning
while her fingers caressed her clit. The shower stall
became cold, the steam transformed into coiling grey

Neve smiled when she felt the ghost's hands slide over
her wet body possessively.

"Come upstairs, my child," purred Frederick into Neve's
left ear, licking her cheek with his serpentine tongue.

"Will you hurt me?" whispered Neve, her fingers fondling
her tender labia.

"Yes, I will make you howl with sweet pain," promised
the ghost, ephemeral hands caressing the smooth flesh of
her belly.

Neve groaned, pressing her fingers harder upon her cunt,
honey clinging to her rubbing digits.

"You are mine," murmured the ghost, his breath cold upon
the back of the her neck.

Frederick's smoky hand slid over Neve's ass. She
shivered, orgasming, honey gushing over her stroking


Neve entered the dining room wearing nothing but a short
red silk bathrobe. The old woman said nothing, she
placed a plate of steaming ham on the dinner table,
adding it to the salad, peas, fresh bread, and bottle of
wine that already waited upon the tabletop. The elderly
caretaker left the dining room, leaving Neve alone to
eat her meal. Neve opened the bottle of wine, poured
herself a full glass, and savored the sweet liquor, the
wine feeding the embers of lust that already smoldered
inside her, waiting to be fanned into full, blazing


Neve cinched the black leather collar closed behind her
neck, combing her rich, black hair over her bare
shoulders after she was done. She fastened the leather
corset around her stomach, the garment cupping her firm,
naked breasts. She tugged on black leather boots that
encased her slender legs to her thighs. She ran her
hands over the smooth, warm leather, her uncovered pussy
becoming moist with excitement.

She twisted the stick of lipstick, painting her young,
ripe lips deep burgundy. Pouting, Neve walked to a
sawhorse, draped one leather-clad leg over the side.
With the polished wood beam pressed against her cunt,
Neve flicked open a razor, dragged the gleaming blade
over her small bush of dark pubic hair. She moaned,
juices slipping down her thighs, as she shaved her
pussy, erotic warmth spreading from her moist slit.
Ghostly hands stroked Neve's gleaming black hair, the
phantom's breath wafted across her dark, violet lips.

"You are a whore," whispered Frederick's spirit.

"Yes," groaned Neve, rubbing her pussy over the
sawhorse, covering the beam with her nectar.

The ghost took control of Neve's hand, raised the open
razor from her hairless crotch to her left breast. Neve
grasped her tit, holding it with her left hand while her
other hand slid the razor's blade across her nipple.
Neve gasped sharply, blood oozing from her wound. She
raised the bleeding nipple to her mouth, licked the
salty blood away with her tongue.

"The other," murmured the ghost, his frigid breath
caressing Neve's throat.

She cut her right nipple with the dripping razor, then
licked her tit, moaning softly with wanton delight.

The ghost seized control of Neve's hand, lowered it to
her pussy. He slid the flat of the blade up and down
Neve's wet labia, the metal cold against the her
cuntlips, making her shiver deliciously.

Blood dripped from Neve's nipples, splattered over the
leather corset that enfolded her torso. Glowing grey
hands slithered over Neve's dark lips. She opened her
mouth, flicking her tongue at the ghostly fingers. Dark
smoke entwined around Neve's body, caressed her thighs
and buttocks.

Frederick's shade pushed Neve down so she lay
outstretched across the sawhorse's spine. She willingly
slipped her hands and feet into the restraints built
into the sawhorse's legs, the leather cinching tight
around her wrists and ankles. Cold, undead hands
caressed Neve's small, firm ass, making her moan softly
with pleasure. Blood welled upon Neve's nipples and
dripped to the floor, staining the polished wood with
bright red splashes of fluid.

There were rummaging sounds from one of the wardrobes.
Two dildos floated towards Neve's ass. The longer dildo
thrust up into Neve's pussy, making her gasp sharply.
The shorter dildo slipped up Neve's anus, probing deep
into her rectum.

She moaned, biting her painted lower lip as the two rods
pumped into her ass, shoving back and forth within her
holes. The ghost licked Neve's buttocks while the dildos
did their work, ramming deep into the bound girl, making
her groan and shudder with ecstasy. Over and over the
wooden rods thrust into Neve's orifices, honey oozing
from her pussy, covering the shaft that stabbed inside
her, burying itself in her vagina.

Frederick's ghost kissed Neve's bare shoulder blades,
nuzzled her thick, dark hair. Neve tugged on her bound
wrists and ankles, moaning loudly, her ass burning, cum
squirting freely from her probed cunt. She orgasmed
violently, throws back her head, sweat pouring down her
face as she panted for air.

A riding crop lowered from one of the walls. It snapped
forward, slapping against Neve's left buttock. Neve
groaned, licking her wine-colored lips. The crop smashed
into the girl's buttocks repeatedly, the slap of leather
on flesh filling the musky room. Neve lowered her left
cheek against the smooth wood of the sawhorse's spine,
her mouth open and slack, eyes squeezed shut as the
riding crop crashed against her ass again and again, her
buttocks throbbing with pain.

Neve moaned weakly, drool flowing down her chin, while
her juices poured down her legs in a never-ending
.... I need an orgasm and a nap....