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Movies with Rape scene
« on: July 30, 2009, 06:42:09 PM »
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111 Top  movies with Rape scenes
My thoughts have destroyed me more thoroughly than any blade ever could....

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Re: Movies with Rape scene
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2009, 07:30:54 PM »
A-Z Movies with rape scenes

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*In this movie, a female character is trying to escape from a house but can't. A man runs into her and makes sexual advances, which she refuses. He then gets violent and struggles with her. He prepares to rape her, but she kicks him in the groin and escapes.

Abducted / Let's Play Dead (1973)
*This is a trash movie which has multiple disturbing scenes and issues.
*The relationship between the mother and her sons is incestuous.
*One brother kidnaps girls for his younger, mentally handicapped brother to "play" with. The brothers are middle aged or older.
*The women are imprisoned in the basement.
*The younger brother sexually assaults a young woman by playing "doctor" with her. Sodomy occurs in this scene.
*The older brother rapes a young woman.
*Nudity and torture is seen.

The Abductors (1971)
*EXTREMELY graphic.
*The entire movie is full of rape scenes, depraved behaviour and bondage.
*A person kidnaps pretty young women and sells them into white slavery.
*Very exploitative: the kidnapped woman are forced to strip to their panties.
*A man rapes a woman in order to break her spirit.
*A lot of nudity is seen.
*This is the second movie in a trilogy, with The First is the Sleaziest and Girls Are For Loving showing similarly awful scenes.

Absolute Power (1997)
*A couple engages in some consensual rough sex. But then the sex becomes too rough and turns into a brutal and violent rape. This scene is very long and includes slapping, hitting, strangling and kicking in the crotch.
*Early in the movie, there is a sex scene which starts out to be consensual. Then there is slapping and violence thrown in, which still seems as if there is just rough sex taking place. But then the man seems as if he really wants it to be rape, and tries to make the sex against her will. The way the boundaries are blurred may be triggering to some.
*The woman stabs him in self defense him but is killed by the man’s bodyguards who burst in on the scene (the man is the president).
*This means that the bodyguards were outside the room the whole time, listening to her screams, but do nothing until the man is the one being hurt.
*The rape is not given enough attention during the film. The rest of the movie deals with what an evil man the president is, but focuses on the betrayal of his closest friend as proof of this, and not the rape.

The Accused (1988)
*This is one of the first movies that deals with the after effects of rape.
*A woman is gang raped by three men in a bar, with a group of men watching and cheering on the rapists as if it were a spectator sport.
*The rape is shown in graphic detail.
*She prosecutes her attackers. The rest of the movie is about her experiences with the justice system, and how rape victims were treated unfairly. It is as if she is the one on trial, not her attackers. Her sexual history is brought up and painfully examined. It is expressed that she was behaving promiscuously the night of the attack and therefore "asked for it". The charge of rape is reduced to reckless endangerment which the survivor is infuriated about, but feels must be done in order to save her dignity in court (by stopping her character assassination).
* After the trial, she is harassed and physically attacked / endangered by one of the spectators to the rape. She decides to put the spectators on trial for encouraging her rape, which she is discouraged from doing.
*The film carries an important message about the injustices in the justice system and how survivors of rape are persecuted in the court room.

Act of Vengeance / Rape Squad (1974)
*A number of women are all raped in the same savage and humiliating way. They bond together to seek vengeance.
*Although this film is anti-rape, it is exploitative.
*Much gratuitous nudity is seen.

Action (1980)
*The main character, a man, is gang raped by punk rockers at the garbage dump.

Addicted to Love (1997)
*In an off colour insult, one man tells another that he will rape his skull.

The Addiction (1995)
*There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not it is talked about or seen.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994)
*A drag queen flirts with a group of men. They discover that she is really a man and decide to beat him up and sexually hurt him. However, this does not take place as a friend arrives in time to rescue him.
*We see a flashback to a child sexual abuse scene in which a man in a tub asks a boy to rub him. The boy touches him for a second, then pulls out the plug, and then uncle's testicles are caught. This moment is presented as a victory for the boy against his would-be abuser. No graphic nudity is seen as the tub is filled with bubbles.

The Advocate's Devil (TV movie) (1997)
*A famous and well liked basketball star is accused of rape.
*A lawyer, needing a big win to help his career, gets the charges dropped, even though he learns that the basketball star is not as innocent as he claims to be.
*The basketball star takes the lawyers' daughter into the motel room for a "birthday party", where there is the possibility of another sexual assault taking place.

The Aftermath (1982)
*This sci-fi movie deals with two astronauts who return to Earth only to find that it has been mostly destroyed after a nuclear war. A gang of outlaw bikers rule the area they land in. The gang rapes indiscriminately.

Against Their Will: Women in Prison (TV) (1994)
*This movie may be particularly difficult for people to watch as it is based on true events.
*This takes a look into the world of maximum security female prison inmates. The information I have is sketchy, but I think there are the following elements:
*Corruption and power of the guards leading to sexual assault of the inmates.
*The inmates must band together and protect each other from violence and sexual assault inflicted by the guards.
*Guards rape and demand sex for money and favours constantly.
*One inmates decides to attempt to stop the horrors the inmates face daily. She leads the other inmates in a fight for justice, which becomes a life threatening undertaking.
*The truth of the conditions the women live in is made public, and they are eventually able to live free from rape and fear.

Agnes of God (1985)
*A dead baby is found outside a convent. We find out that it belongs to Agnes, a young nun who is so innocent she didn't know she was pregnant. She also did not know what intercourse was. A therapist who works with her as a result of finding the baby discovers that Agnes was likely raped (causing the pregnancy) and that she has suffered sexual abuse such as having a lit cigarette inserted into her genitals.

Alexander (R) (2004)
*Phillip, while drunk, forces himself upon his wife Olympias. She resists him, and in response to her refusal, he begins to choke her. He is restrained by others and does not kill her. We see Olympias’ partial nudity (part of her breasts) in this scene.
*Alexander marries Roxane and forces himself upon her after the marriage. There is violent behaviour in this scene as her clothes are torn off as a result of their struggles, and she slaps Alexander. She manages to get a knife and holds it to his throat to stop the rape from happening. However, this situation quickly turns around and they end up having consensual sex. Partial nudity (Roxane’s) is seen in both the forced and consensual portion of this scene.
*Olympias spits at Alexander on the face after he kisses her, leaving me to assume that this kiss was not wanted.

Alien Beasts (1991)
*A man attempts to rape a female CIA agent.
*Especially disturbing as immediately before the attempted rape, there is a long, drawn out scene in which the woman is topless while choosing the weapons she needs to complete her job. The weapons and nudity create a sexual scene for the viewer, and then the attempted rape happens.

Alien 3 (1992)
*There is an attempted gang rape in this movie. A knife is used.

All About My Mother (1999)
*A woman seeks her friend who is a sex trade worker in the red light district. While searching, she discovers a man trying to rape her friend. She struggles with him and hits him on the head, successfully stopping further attacks. She helps her friend with her injuries.
*There are frequent references to sex and prostitution in this movie, but I am unsure whether there are any further references to rape or sexual assault.

All or Nothing (2002)
*A see a sex scene between Jason and Donna. Jason is rough with her but Donna is not protesting at this point. A few moments later she stops him, saying she doesn't want to "lie down with" him, and he gets angry and calls her a cocktease. Although he does stop, some may find this scene triggering.
*A character named Samantha flirts with a man. The situation goes to far and he attempts to force himself on her. Samantha then makes him stop and leaves. She is not scared as a result of this scene, only angry.

Allyson Is Watching (1997)
*Two acting students are told to work on practicing a scene together. They do so, and the male student gets carried away with the scene and attempts to rape his female study partner. The rape does not ultimately take place.
*The sexual predator is thrown out of the acting class when what he has done comes to light.
*The attacker seemingly comes back to try to murder his victim (although we later find out that he is not the real killer). The murder does not actually take place.

Always Crashing in the Same Car (2001)
*This seems to be a very twisted movie in which siblings attempt to break up their family and their parent's marriage.
*They stage plays for their parents in which they enact pain and degradation.
*A daughter pretends to be raped by her father, which includes her screaming, crying, whimpering and hurting herself.
*Other siblings attempt similar methods to interrupt the balance within their families.

Amar (1954)
*The heroin the movie rapes a village girl.
*The villain confronts the victim about the rape (in a strange role reversal).
*The rapist suffers tremendous guilt for what he has done.
*The rape scene and its aftermath are reportedly handled with thought and sensitivity.
*I have not learned from my research how graphic they rape scene is.

The Ambushers (1967)
*A woman is raped and left for dead.
*The rape survivor is found a few months later in a state of shock.

American History X (1998)
*This movie includes a male on male rape scene in a prison shower.

American Me (1992)
*This movie includes several rape scenes that show attacks on both women and men.

American Psycho (2002)
*Although I haven't found in my research that this movie has scenes of sexual assault or rape, it is a very sexually graphic and demeaning movie.
*The murderer behaves badly towards women while other men make some misogynistic comments.
*One woman is murdered by her partner during sex.

Amok (1948)
*A Greek film about rape.

The Amorous Milkman (1974)
*A man is unjustly accused of rape and taken to court.
*The false charge was made by a husband who catches him in the act of having an affair with his wife.

The Amy Fisher Story (TV) (1992) (1993)
*May be especially triggering as it is based on a true story.
*This movie is about consensual statutory rape between a 16 year old girl and a 30 something year old man.

Analyze That (2003)
*A man's genitals are grabbed and squeezed by another man, causing him vast pain.

Anatomy of a Murderer (1959)
*A woman tells her husband she has been raped.
*Her husband kills the rapist and is charged with murder.
*The plot of the movie deals with a small-time lawyer who must unravel the story.

...And Justice for All (1979)
*A corrupt judge is charged with rape, who pleads guilty to the crime.
*The rest of the movie deals with the moral and legal difficulties a layer has in defending the judge.

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen (2003)
*A woman is walking in a dark alley and is found by a group of men. They appear to be about to attack her, but this does not happen as someone else shows up.

And Now the Screaming Starts! (1973)
*This takes place in 1795. A young bride moves to the castle of her husband, where she is raped by a ghost and is impregnated by it.

Andrea’s Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy / Did You Hear What Happened to Andrea? (1997)
*A woman is raped by a stranger. We see the rape take place.
*She must deal with the aftermath of the rape. She presses charges and takes the case to court.

Andy Warhols' Dracula / Blood for Dracula / Dracula (1974)
*Numerous rape scenes.

Angels and Insects (1996)
*This movie has scenes of incest.

Anger Management (2003)
*A brief comment is made that Dave has had sex in the past with another man's mentally challenged sister, including tricking her into undresing and getting her to give him oral sex by telling her his penis was an ice cream cone. This act did not take place and is played for laughs.

Animal Factory (2000)
*Ron, a young petty criminal, is sent to prison on marijuana charges. There he faces, among other things, attempted rapes.
*As a result of his treatment, Ron seems as if he might break down and become aggressive, violent and mentally unstable. The rest of the movie deals with this possibility.

Animal House / National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)
*There is a scene in which a woman in unconscious. Her date (a college boy) has an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. They are helping him debate whether or not he should rape her.
*This scene is played for laughs.
*Very disturbing, as the way it is slipped into the movie makes it seem as if this is a normal thought process for the average male.

Animals (1999)
*A gang known as the Animals rape, torture and murder in a crime spree across three states.
*Cassie is the sister of a woman they have kidnapped and whose parents they have murdered. The movie deals with her attempts to find and stop the gang.

Antonia's Line / Antonia (1995)
*There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not it is talked about or seen.
*A woman provides a home to a girl that was raped by the woman’s brother.

Antwone Fisher (2002)
*It is mentioned that a boy who was living in a foster home was raped by a man. The act is not seen.
*Antwone has a flashback to when he was six. He was left home with a young woman named Nadine. She slaps him, forces him to kiss her, and makes him go to the basement and take off his pants. At this point, we do not see anything, but we hear the following happen. She slaps him some more and instructs him to touch and kiss her. He runs away, and we do not find out how much actually happened.

Apocolypse Now Redux (2001)
*Three Playboy "playmates" perform a titillating act for American soldiers in the jungle. The men respond by having a near mass rape of the women.
*Later, the women and their agent are stuck because they don't have any fuel. A soldier offers them fuel if the women perform sexual favours for him. This does not happen though.
*The entire film can be seen as a metaphor for rape, according to one viewer.

THE ARISTOCRATS (2005) (Documentary) (Not Rated)
*This movie is perhaps on of the most offensive movies I have reviewed- right up there with Monster, which I had many nightmares after reviewing. Although no acts are seen- jokes of a very graphic and detailed nature make up the entirety of this film. Perhaps what is most disturbing to me is that rape, incest, and pedophilia are all treated as merely opportunities for humour. Much of the jokes are made at the expense of rape victims and little children who are sexually exploited. Nothing makes me more furious and hurt than a culture that finds these obscene and horrific crimes as something to laugh about and merely comic fodder. Sometimes I think that we are a very, very sick culture indeed.

This movie was so disturbing to me that I can be assured that many of you will be especially offended by it as well. So, I have taken the details off the main page so as to protect those of you who are sensitive from being unnecessarily disturbed.
If you would still like to read the details, please click here.

The Art of War (2000)
*The opening scene has a high up foreign political dignitary accepting public (although hidden) acts of oral sex from young girls who are presumed to be around 14.

Artemisia (1998)
*This movie has received a lot of attention from critics, including feminists and Gloria Steinem who was very vocal in the deceptive and distorted way the historical story of Artemisia was told.
*The movie tells the story of Artemisia Gentileschi, the beautiful female Renaissance painter who is the most well know female artist of the Renaissance and Baroque era. In the movie, she falls in love with her art teacher, Tassi. He is accused of raping Artemisia, and she defends him, saying the sex was consensual. The 'rape' scene is filmed erotically. Critics say the issue of rape is whitewashed in this movie.
*Some of the relevant historical inaccuracies that critics have found are:
1. Artemisia is portrayed as being obsessed with male genitals
2. The actual trial transcripts of the rape do not lead us to believe that she behaved seductively to wards her art teacher, which is what happens in the movie.
3. Tassi is portrayed as a handsome and devoted lover. In reality, he was allow life that had been previously jailed for sex crimes. He was known to be incestuous and to have raped other women. It was also believed (but this was never conclusively proven) that he murdered his wife.
4. In actual fact, Artemisia did not declare her love for the rapist, nor did she ever deny that she was raped (as she did in the movie). She was tortured to tell the "truth" of the rape, but held to her story and insisted that he was guilty of rape.
5. In the movie, Tassi defended Artemisia from the torture. In actuality, he protected her, insisted he was innocent and maliciously portrayed Artemisia and her mother as whores.
*Other critics find this movie especially disturbing as it portrays artists as overly emotional and oversexed people. More horrific is that rape is whitewashed and romanticized, and the survivor falls in love with her rapist. This somehow creates the message that rape is permissible, since she loves Tassi. The blame of the rape is put on the victim. Misogynistic female stereotypes abound, giving viewers the message that there are plenty of excuses for rape to occur. Another disturbing oversight of this movie is that Artemesia is an important figure in the art world, with priceless contributions in the form of her paintings. These successes somehow get downplayed or outright forgotten in the movie.

Ash Wednesday (1958)
*A woman who is a passenger aboard a ship gets tossed overboard. She is rescued by a Catholic priest, who then rapes her.

Aspen (1977) (mini series)
*A man is arrested, tried and sentenced to be put to death for the rape of a 15 year old. He did not commit the crime.
*The movie deals with a lawyers attempts to clear the wrongly accused man's name whilst trying to catch the true attacker.

Assault (1971)
*The rape of a teen aged school girl takes place. She is shown in a catatonic state after the rape.
*Another girl is found raped and murdered in the same place the rape occurred a month later.
*A young teacher from the school the girls attended uses herself as bait in an attempt to catch the rapist.
*During the teacher's struggle with the killer, the rape survivor comes out of her catatonic state and returns to the scene of her rape. She is confronted by her attacker, who attempts to rape and murder her again.

The Astronaut's Wife (1999)
*A story is told in which a bad prince rapes a princess. This is a very minor part of the film and is not told in detail.

Asylum of Terror (1998) (V)
*A fire kills everyone in an asylum, including a patient who sexually molested and murdered children. An amusement park is built over the old site of the asylum. The molester’s ghost awakens and continues his horrific acts.

At the Hour of Our Death / The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell / The Last House on Dead End Street (1977)
*Gruelingly tasteless, graphic and demented. It is a movie about a man that makes pornographic snuff videos for a bunch of rich men. He eventually gets sickened by the men that pay him to make the movies and puts them in the snuff videos to do away with them. Many scenes of horrifying torture and bondage.
*There are numerous S&M scenes, including rape.

The Attachment (2003)
*A woman is drugged and raped.
*Her life is now in ruins and she is haunted by her memories of the event.
*A university student , who is building a pornographic web site, was almost charged with rape in the past.
*One of the women on his site is actually the woman who was drugged and raped at the beginning of the movie.

Automatic (1994)
*A line of robots is designed to protect humans from violent attacks. One of these robots discovers an executive of the robotic company raping a woman. The robot inadvertently kills the man while intervening to stop the assault.
*Other company workers attempt to cover up the rape.

Avenged / Deadbeat (1976)
*Much gratuitous nudity is seen.
*There are many, many rape scenes in this movie. They are very graphic. Passersby walk around not noticing what’s going on. Gross.

The Aviator (PG-13) (2004)
*A grown man has a sexual relationship with a 15 year old

My thoughts have destroyed me more thoroughly than any blade ever could....

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Re: Movies with Rape scene
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2009, 07:34:30 PM »
Baby Boy (2001)
*A scene takes place during which Rodney is making sexual advances towards Yvette. She rejects him, and Rodney gets angry and almost rapes her. However, her young son is in the room and repeatedly pleads with Rodney to leave her alone. Yvette asks Rodney is he's going to rape her in front of her son, and Rodney stops.

The Baby of Macon (1993)
*This movie involves child exploitation.
*A long theatrical rape scene takes place. My research came up with a viewer who noted that a woman is gang raped by over 100 people. This scene is excruciating and was known to have angered many women because it seemed unnecessarily long.
*This movie shows brutality towards women.

Bad Boys (1983)
*A man rapes a woman solely because he has an ax to grind with her boyfriend.
*The scene is graphic.

Bad Education (NC-17) (2004)
*The entire movie is about Franco-era religious schooling and sexual abuse on the lives of two longtime friends.
*We see sex (SA) scenes between a pedophile priest and young boys. We see him molest the boys and the accompanying fear of the victims. No frontal nudity is seen in these scenes.
*We see a mutual masturbation scene between two young boys, which some may find very triggering.
*Years later, one of the sexual assault victims writes down his documentation of what happened and uses this document to blackmail the priest.
*There are likely other graphic and disturbing sex or sexual assault scenes.
Bad Girls (1994)
*Implied rape and scenes of sexual slavery.

Bad Girls Go To Hell (1965)
*A woman taking the trash out of her apartment is raped by the building's janitor.
*He attempts to rape her a second time and she escapes and runs away to 'the Big City', where she hopes to find safety and freedom from fear of her attacker.
*There she gets into many situations where she is abused and used in different ways.

Bad Lieutenant (1992)
*The movie begins with the rape of a nun, which is graphically seen. This event is the focus of the movie. The nun is unwilling to give the police the names of her attackers, and eventually forgives her attackers because of her religious beliefs.
*A police lieutenant is mire interested than pursuing his vices than in doing his job.
*He uses his position of authority to take advantage of teens and young women.
*He investigates the rape of a nun. This causes him to reflect upon his lifestyle.

Bad Manners (1989)
*A woman is tied to a piano. Her shirt is ripped open.

Bad News Bears (PG-13) (2005) (Billy Bob Thornton, Greg Kinnear)
*A boy threatens to tell everyone that a certain man touched his penis, although this didn't happen.
*A coach teaches his team (of little boys) how to lie, saying "She told me she was 18" in what is meant to be a funny reference to sex with a minor.

Baise-Moi (Rape Me) (2002)
*This movie focuses on brutal rape and gang rape. The rapes are shown in long, drawn out and graphic detail.

The Ballad of Little Jo (1993)
*A man attempts to rape a woman but stops when she aims a gun at him.

Ballad of Narayama / Narayama Bushiko (1982)
*Bestiality is in this movie.
*There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002)
*A man appears to be forcing himself on a woman in an alley. He is pressed up against her. This is a minor part of the film.

Bandit Queen (1994)
*A lower-caste woman achieves notoriety when she fights against sexism and India's abusive caste system. She is raped, avenges herself, and achieves national recognition for her good work.

*In this movie, a woman is sexually harassed on the casting couch.
*She is later almost raped by a police officer.

Bangers (Zombie Ninja Gangbangers) (1997)
*This is a tasteless movie about zombie that rape women.
*Some may find it disturbing that the woman that is raped looks very much like Tori Amos, which is likely intentional and quite disturbing, given that Tori Amos was raped in the past. She is raped by a gang of zombies. The rape scene is gory and graphic, and it goes on for ten minutes.
*She goes to the police after her ordeal but because he has worked as a prostitute and took drugs in the past, and because she insists her attackers were zombies, he dismisses her story.
*To add insult to injury, the detective then rapes her.
*She then tells her story to her best friend who also does not believe her.
*She goes to drown her sorrows in a bar and a long strip dance scene takes place in the same bar. She then leaves the bar and is raped AGAIN by the zombies. A Japanese tourist watches and takes pictures of the rape.
*She enlists the help of a mad scientist who tries to create a zombie that he can control, to be used as a weapon against the other zombies. Something goes wrong and she is then nearly raped by this new zombie. Sick.

Barbarian Queen (1985)
*Many women are enslaved, tied up and raped.

Basic Instinct (1992)
*Not that the DVD version of the near-rape scene has been extended and more explicit and graphic detail is seen.
*Some critics of this sexual thriller movie believe that there is gratuitous nudity and excessive degradation of women in general.
*There is the near rape of Jeanne Tripplehorn by Michael Douglas’s character.
*There is a graphic sex scene in which a woman is thrown over a couch and anal sex occurs.

Basket Case 1 and 11 (1982, 1990)
*An exploitation movie.
*There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Bastard Out Of Carolina (1996)
*There is child abuse throughout this movie.
*There is also a very graphic and disturbing scene which is shown in full where a little girl gets raped by her stepfather.

Batman (1989)
* There is a scene in which Vicki is taken on a "date" by the Joker, where she is trapped by the Joker and his men. Although a rape doesn't happen, the Joker behaves lecherously and threateningly towards her as he is attracted to her. She portrays the fear that a woman might have in a potential date rape situation. This scene is mild in comparison to many of the others listed here, but I am personally triggered by this scene, so I opted to include it in my listing.

The Beast in Heat / Horrifying Experiments of the S.S. Last Days / SS Experiment Part 2 / SS Hell Camp (1977)
*A fictionalized movie about atrocities committed in a WWII P.O.W. camp.
*A Nazi creates a half man, half beast male monster that she uses to torture, sexually assault and molest female prisoners.
*The monster is kept on aphrodisiacs to ensure it will want to rape.
*Excessive nudity, exploitation and sadism is seen.

The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961)
*There is a rape scene in this movie at the beginning of the movie. Nudity is seen.

The Beast Within (1982)
*At the beginning of this movie, a woman is raped by a monster. Full graphic detail is seen.
*The child that was born as the result of that rape goes on a rampage, and sickeningly looks for a young girl to start the cycle of rape and impregnation all over again.

Beatrice Cenci (1969)
*This movie takes place in 17th C Italy. A crazed nobleman keeps his daughter locked up in his dungeon, where he abuses and rapes her.
*The daughter, along with help, plots to kill him to save herself and get revenge.

Beauty Shop (PG-13) (2005)
*There is a scene in which a man takes a photo of a young woman's butt with his camera phone. This is done without her consent and I think that she is unaware of him doing so. This scene is played for laughs.
*A woman makes a joke that Darnelle could be passed around in prison in return for a carton of cigarettes. Some may not like this veiled reference to prison rape.

Because of the Cats /The Rape (1973)
*Six wealthy and well dressed men break into a house and rape a woman, forcing her husband to watch.
*The rest of the movie deals with the investigation of this rape and trying to catch the attackers. The plot deals with the difficulties of trying to catch the rapists when they don't fit society's stereotypes of what sexual predators are like.
*The rape is show in extremely graphic and violent detail.

The Bed You Sleep In (1993)
*A daughter uncovers repressed memories of sexual abuse and names her father as the abuser.

Before Sunset (2004)
*A woman called in the police after hearing some suspicious sounds some time ago. She makes a joke about getting raped and murdered while waiting for the police to arrive.
*Celine talks about how her mother used to warn her when she was a child about dirty old men who might try to get her to come to them for candy. She was told that they would try to get her to show them her "peepee". She says that this had an affect on her sex life as an adult.

Behind Locked Doors (1968)
*Two women are attending a barn party. One of them is about to be raped, but is saved by a stranger.
*More scenes of sexual assault and violence likely occur in this movie, but my research cannot find out any more details.

Beloved (1998)
*We hear a horrific recounting of an act that took place in the past. Some men stole a woman's breast milk. We see flashbacks of the men licking her nipples and the milk coming from them.
*A woman puts a spell on a man and undresses. We see full nudity. She tells him she wants him to have sex with her. He tries to resist her but cannot because of the spell, and she rapes him. We see the act take place.
*She because pregnant as a result of her rape of him.

Best Laid Plans (1999)
*Nick and Lissa discuss a plan for Lissa to have intercourse with Bryce, and then claim it was statutory rape.
*The above act takes place, and Bryce wrongly thinks that he has committed statutory rape.
*Bryce abducts Lissa and thinks about killing her to solve the problems that the statutory rape set up has caused.

Betrayal (TV) (1978)
*A therapist slowly earns his patent’s trust and then rapes her.
*A woman going through therapy with her psychiatrist accuses him of forcing her to maintain a sexual relationship with him as part of her "therapy".
*The police start an investigation into her allegations. The entire movie is about this.

Betrayal of Trust (1994) (TV)
*A young women, who is going to a counselor for treatment for her drug and alcohol addiction, is treated by being injected with a drug that knocks her unconscious. During one of her "treatments", she awakens to find her therapist sexually assaulting her.
*She attempts to get justice by reporting him and suing him.

Beulah Land (1980)
*Movie contains multiple rape scenes, including women being raped by slaves and soldiers.

Beyond the Mat (1999)
*Jake talks about his father raping and impregnating his mother when she was thirteen. None of this act is seen.

Beyond Rangoon (1995)
*A soldier threatens to rape a woman, but nothing more happens.

Big Bad Mama (1974)
*A woman is put in jail and raped by the sheriff.
*The scene is not overly graphic.

Big Trouble (2002)
*A man attempts to rape a woman.

Billy Jack (1971)
*This movie contains
a long and excruciating rape scene.
*Billy Jack is a half Indian, half white man who hates violence, yet is constantly exposed
to it. The movie follows his and other 1960s style protesters' attempts to put
a stop to violence including rape.
*My research does not show how much, if any, rape is shown, just that people
are being outspoken about the injustice of rape, among other forms of violence.
*The rape survivor forgives her rapist and doesn't tell the police about the attack.
*Her boyfriend later discovers what happened and murders her rapists.

*The whole movie is about a 10 year old boy who claims that he is the reincarnated husband of a 30 – 40 year old woman. He is still in love with her, and she falls in love with him, thinking that the boy truly is her deceased husband come back to her. So, the whole movie has overt pedophile overtones.
*Sexual dialogue takes place between the woman and the boy.
*A woman falls in love with a 10 year old boy.
*The woman and the boy share a bath together while nude. No full nudity is seen during this scene. No sexual contact occurs; however, there is sexual tension.
*The woman asks the boy how she can fulfil his needs. He replies that he knows she’s talking about sex and they discuss this issue. She asks if he’s ready to have sex and asks if he’s a virgin. He answers that she would be his first lover.
Nothing more is seen.
*The boy kisses the woman sensuously on the lips.

Birthday Girl (2002)
*A man throws a woman on a bed, gets on top of her and starts ripping off his clothes. He intends to rape her, but ultimately does not.

Bizarre Encounters (year unknown)
*There is a rape scene(s) in this movie.

Bizarre Lust of a Sexual Deviant (2001) (V)
*This movie focuses on a sexual deviant who preys on women by chloroforming them and sexually assaulting them.

Black & White (1998)
*A woman admits to her lover that her father used to have sex with her when she was a little girl. We do not see any of this take place.
*We learn that a woman has drugged her young daughter and sold her to a man for sex. We see the girl while she is drugged, but do not see anything else.

Black Devil Doll from Hell (1984)
*A nun is tied to a bed and graphically raped by a ventriloquist's dummy.

The Black Magic (2002)
*Three men on vacation in Bangkok spike the drink of their female tour guide. Two of the men trick her into coming into their motel room and rape her while the third man watches, albeit helplessly.
*The woman commits suicide due to the overwhelming horror of her experiences shortly after.
*The rape and its after effects (the spirit of the dead woman seeks revenge on the rapists) is the entire focus of this movie.

Black Vengeance / Poor Pretty Eddy / Heartbreak Hotel / Redneck County / Redneck County Rape (1973)
* An exploitative film.
* A famous woman is driving though the deep country when she meets up with an Elvis impersonator. He attempts to rape her. The attempt is shown in graphic detail.

Blackbelt (1992)
*A singer is stalked by crazed fans, one of whom is a serial killer. She seeks protection from a bodyguard.
*There is a rape scene in this movie, although I can’t tell how graphic it is.

The Blackboard Jungle (1955)
*A male student tries to rape his teacher while in the library.

Blackmail (1929)
*A woman goes into an artist's studio to look at his work. He attempts to rape her, but she defends herself and kills him.

Blackrock (1997)
*Based on a true story about a girl who was gang raped and murdered at a beach
party. This act is seen.
*One young man watches the rape take place and does nothing to help her. He
is later sorry he did nothing to help.
*She is found murdered the next day.
*The rape and murder becomes public knowledge at the school they all attended
the next day. Students act differently towards the act: The girls are angry
and disgusted with the perpetrators. The boys make jeering remarks about
the dead girl and make jokes about her morality and say she was promiscuous.

Blade: Trinity (R)(2004)
*A character in the movie says "They pretty much fucking ass-raped us." This is said facetiously.
*A woman is walking alone at night when a group of young men take notice of her, check her out and start to give her a hard time (I’m assuming in a sexual way). Nothing more happens, as she fights them.

Blind Justice (TV) (1986)
*This is based on the true story of Tim Matheson, a man who is wrongly arrested for armed robbery, kidnapping and rape. The movie focuses on the legal system and police that behave ruthlessly towards him, believing that they have found the true culprit.
*The movie examines the personal impact that sexual assault has.

Blink (1994)
*A young blind woman is given an eye transplant so she can finally see again.
*Meanwhile, there are numerous unsettling (what rape isn't?) rapes and murders that take place.
*We come to learn that all of the victims have had transplants within the last month. The plot of the movie is that the young woman will be the next to be raped.
*We see several gruesome rape scenes (after the rape has taken place).

Blood Debts / Hunter’s Crossing (1983)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.

Blood for Dracula / Andy Warhols' Dracula / Dracula (1974)
*Numerous rape scenes.

Blood Games (1990)
*The whole plot of this movie is about a team of female softball players that are traveling on a bus, which breaks down in the woods. They are gang raped and murdered by a group of psychotic men. Some of the women fight back.

BloodRayne (R) (2006) (Kristanna Loken, Michelle Rodriguez)
*The entire movie is about a half-woman, half vampire who seeks revenge on the king of the vampires who raped and murdered her mother. She was bon as a result of the rape.
*We see (in a series of flashbacks) the vampire arriving, her mother trying to hide her (as a little girl) and the rape taking place. We don't se allof the act, just flashes. I blieve the little girl watched the act take place.
*The vampire-woman is imprisioned in a carnival cage. A drunken man enters the cage to rape her. He gets ontop of her but she fights him off and escapes.

Blood Sucking Freaks / Heritage of Caligula / House of the Screaming Virgins / The Incredible Torture Show / Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins (1976)
*A sick and graphic movie in which kidnapped, naked women are tortured on stage for the audience’s enjoyment, who think it’s all acting. However, it is real.
*This film has extreme misogyny, torture and humiliation of women.
*Necrophilic acts are in this movie.
*Graphic violence is used.

Blue Desert (1991)
*Lisa Roberts is moving from New York city, as she was raped there and no longer feels safe.
*She moves to a small town in Arizona, hoping to feel safer.
*In an attempt to feel safer, she moves to the country. Unfortunately, she is immediately sexually assaulted by a drifter, although he does not complete the rape.
*She gets help from a local law enforcement officer, who says he can’t formally press charges against the drifter. The drifter says things to her that make her feel she is unable to trust the police officer. Her uncertainty of who to believe takes up the rest of the movie.

Blue Ice (1992)
*My research on this movie was unsuccessful in finding a rape scene, but it is listed on a "rape fan’s" movie list.
*There are scenes of torture in this movie.

Blue Velvet (1986)
*A sure to offend movie.
*Has many sexually deviant scenes.
*Voyeurism is part of this movie.
*A brutal rape scene is shown in graphic detail.
*The rape victim prefers being hit while having sex, which some may see as a result of her sexual abuse.


Body and Soul (1925)
*A preacher rapes a little girl. I am unsure whether or not the rape is seen.
*She tells her mother what has happened, but her mother refuses to acknowledge what she is hearing. She doesn’t even listen to her daughter on this subject.
*There are incestuous overtones between the preacher and the girl, even though they are not related by blood.

Body Bags (1993)
*A man rapes his wife while he is possessed. We see the act take place in
a very brief scene which doesn't dominate the movie.

Body of Influence (R) (1993)(1996)
*This movie is about date rape, what constitutes date rape and what constitutes
consensual sex. This movie is about a male psychiatrist who gets a female patient that he is attracted to. Using his professional skills, he turns her into a sex slave for his benefit. Of course, this is sexual assault and / or rape, as he uses his power as her caretaker to influence her sexual choices for his own benefit. *Gratuitous nudity is seen during these scenes. Some of the sex (SA) scenes are quite brutal. All are graphic, and filmed to be titillating.
*Sarah is seen with her face slightly bloodies as she stumbles towards her friend's house. She then says Michael raped her.
*There is a dispute about how Michael and Sarah interpreted what happened. Sarah says she was grabbed and raped from behind, and hit her head on the headboard during the attack. Michael says they were simply having sex and she hit her head on the headboard during sex.
* We see a flashback of the incident from Sarah's point of view which is upsetting
and triggering, as a man rapes her and then tries to murder her.

Body Shots (1999)
*This movie is about date rape, what constitutes date rape and what constitutes
consensual sex.
*Sarah is seen with her face slightly bloodies as she stumbles towards her friend's house. She then says Michael raped her.
*There is a dispute about how Michael and Sarah interpreted what happened. Sarah says she was grabbed and raped from behind, and hit her head on the headboard during the attack. Michael says they were simply having sex and she hit her head on the headboard during sex.
* We see a flashback of the incident from Sarah's point of view which is upsetting
and triggering.

Body Weapon (1999)
*A female police officer is gang raped n her wedding night by a group of serial rapists.
*Her husband is forced to watch.
*She becomes the ultimate seductress as part of a plan to gain revenge on her rapists.

Bonnie's Kids (1973)
*Two sisters live at home and have miserable lives. Their stepfather tries to rape one of the sisters. The other sister murders him to stop him from completing the act.

Bordella (1976)
*This seems like a sketchy film, probably an exploitation film, in which a rapist is hired to be the main attraction in a bordello set up for women clients.

Born Innocent (TV) (1974)
*A 14 year old girl is given over to the care of the state. She is sent to a women’s prison where she is sexually assaulted with an object.

Born Into Exile (TV) (1997)
*Two young lovers flee from their unhappy lives and unsupportive families. The young man is charged with kidnapping and rape (which did not occur) in an attempt to have her daughter brought back home.

The Born Losers (1967)
*An evil motorcycle gang is terrorizing a town. They do not face criminal charges for their behaviour because they threaten people into not reporting them.
*Among their crimes is the rape of four women. The women are all threatened by the gang into not testifying against them.
*This is the whole plot of the movie.

A Boy and His Dog (1976)
*A man is tied to a bed naked. He is raped.

Boy Called Hate (1996)
*The main character comes across a girl, Cindy, who is being attacked by a
man who intends to rape her. Buba intervenes and saves the girl, but in so
doing he shoots the man.

Boys Don't Cry (1999)
*This movie contains a violent, excruciating and graphic gang rape scene that
also includes sodomy and the victim being beaten by her assailants. The rape is done to "teach her a lesson".
*This is a VERY graphic and triggering film.
*Some may be particularly affected as this movie is based on true events.

Boys of St. Vincent (1994)
*Deals with child sexual abuse and male on male rape.

The Boys Who Slaughter / Naked Violence / Sex in the Classroom (1974), (1969)
*This movie focuses on an adult who encourages a classroom of troubled teens to gang rape and murder their teacher (female).
*The search for this adult and the interrogation of the teen rapists takes up the rest of the movie.

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
*The following scene may take place- Icannot tell for certain: A man is raped by female vampires.

Braveheart (1995)
*This movie takes place in 13th c Scotland. The English King has given English
nobility the 'Prima Nocta', which is the right to rape all new Scottish brides
for the first night, thereby taking their virginity and hopefully making them
pregnant with English progeny.
*We see a village celebrating a wedding, then the English come to claim prima
nocta and we see the new husband and bride being distraught when they learn
that she is to be raped. We do not see the rape actually take place.
*We see William Wallace's new bride be attacked by a soldier and nearly raped.
*There is a long scene of graphic and painful torture at the end of this move. The torture is not of a sexual nature.
Breach of Conduct (TV) (1994)
*A woman travels with her husband to his new army base. His commander becomes sexually interested in her and starts giving her unwanted attention. Someone arranges for her husband to go on a business trip so that the commander can rape his wife.

Breaking the Silence (2002)
*This documentary is aimed at educating men as to what constitutes sexual assault and what effects sexual assault and rape have on women.
*Acquaintance rape or date rape is a special focus in this documentary.
*Sexual violence is discussed from the point of view of victims and survivors, and clearly portrays they emotional effects they suffer.

Breaking the Waves (1996)
*A mentally challenged woman is raped by oil riggers. The act is seen.

Breeders (1986)(1999)
*This is a horror/exploitation film, and a lot of nudity is seen.
*A string of young women have all been raped by something supernatural, and have been admitted to hospital.
*The perpetrator ensures that all his victims are virgins.

The Brides Wore Blood (1972)
*A woman is drugged, tied to an alter and about to be raped ritualistically. This does not ultimately happen.
*A vampire kidnaps a woman and rapes her. He impregnates her.
*She is kept locked up until the baby is born.

Brimstone and Treacle (1976) (TV) and (1982)
*A brain damaged young woman is being cared for by her father, who is posing as her ex boyfriend. He sexually abuses her while masquerading as her caretaker.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974)
*A Mexican land baron offers a reward for the head of the man that raped his daughter. One man’s attempt to get the head is the entire plot of this movie.
*The rape is shown in graphic detail.

Broken Lizard's Club (2004)
*Somebody mentions (for laughs) assault with a "deadly wet one".
*A man grabs the breast of a woman in order to read her name tag.

Brotherhood of the Wolf (2002)
*Marianne holds a knife on Jean Francois incestuously comes on to Marianne.
She tries to stop him using a knife. He throws her down while grabbing her
hair. We are led to believe that he might rape her, but this is not seen.

A Brother’s Kiss (1997)
*A cop attempts to sodomize a young boy in the street. We see this scene take place.
*Two young boys are terrorized by a cop.
*One of the boys grows up fearing sex.

The Brutal Truth (2000)
*This movie contains an extremely graphic and brutal rape scene.
*There is also a graphic suicide in response to the rapes.

Bullet Proof (year unknown)
*Graphic rape scene.

Bullies (1986)
*A boy’s mother is raped.

Bully (2001)
*This movie contains very graphic rape scene(s) involving teenagers.

Bump in the Night (1991) (TV)
*A young buy is kidnapped by a pedophile.
*The rest of the movie deals with the boys mother using her investigative skills to find her son before he is harmed.

Burndown (1989)
*In a small town situated near a condemned nuclear power plant, numerous women are getting killed and raped.
*The rest of the movie deals with investigating the rapes and attempting to find the perpetrator.

The Burning Bed (TV) (1984)
*A woman is constantly physically abused by her husband. One night he rapes her.
*She murders him, as a result of the rape.

Business As Usual (1988)
*This movie has scenes of sexual harassment at the workplace and rape.

The Business of Strangers (2001)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.
*Issues of date rape are explored.
*A woman states that a particular man once raped her best friend.

Buster and Billie (1974)
*Teens repeatedly try to (or do) rape a mentally challenged girl.
*She and one of the boys fall in love, and the rest end up gang-raping and killing her.
*The boy who loved her then kills the assailants.

The Butterfly Effect (2004)
*We learn that a man has made a child pornography video featuring his son and daughter. This video is not seen.
*We see flashes and flashbacks of two children, a boy and a girl, being made to feature in a child pornography video by their father. The father tells them to undress. We see the boy apparently nude but don't see anything below the waist.
*A prisoner tells Evan that he expects to have sex with him. He does so using violent language, leading us to believe that Evan might be raped by this man.
*A prisoner grabs Evan's crotch against his will.

My thoughts have destroyed me more thoroughly than any blade ever could....

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Re: Movies with Rape scene
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2009, 07:35:04 PM »
Cabaret Balkan (R) (1998)
*This movie takes place in Belgrade, where circumstances are so bad that the anarchy people have been living in has now made them desensitized to violence and rape. We see a rape take place.
*Men in this movie are portrayed as continually behaving violently and lasciviously towards women.

Caged Fear (year unknown)
*Graphic rape scene.

Caged Hearts (1995)
*Women are put in prison and forced into prostitution.
*This is an exploitative movie.

Caligula (1980)
*This movie contains a graphic rape scene.

Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler (1976)
*Women are taken to a Jewish concentration camp. This camp serves as a bordello to entertain German soldiers. They are raped and tortured there.

Calling the Ghosts (1996)
*This powerful documentary follows the first-person account of two women who lived through a war where rape was an everyday occurrence.
*Two friends lived normal lives in Bosnia until one day, those they had counted on as friends and neighbours became their tormentors.
*They were taken to the notorious concentration camp in Serbia called Omarska. There, they were systematically raped, tortured and humiliated by their captors.
*The women survived and were released. Then began their fight to save other women who were similarly brutalized.
*They successfully lobbied to have the crime of rape included in the international lexicon of war crimes by the UN Tribunal at the Hague.
* This powerful documentary provides us with a resource for understanding violence against women and how women's basic human rights are being abused.

Canary Season (1993)
*There are scenes of torture and rape in this movie.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
*Americans soldiers go into a tribal village and brutally rape a young village girl. Very graphic scene.
*Actually, there are numerous rapes, all graphic, and every female in the entire film is raped, according to one viewer.
*Elements of sexual perversity.
*Gratuitous nudity is seen.
*The movie has beeen described as disturbing, gut wrenching, awful, mysogynistic and sick.

Cape Fear (1962)
*A man’s obsession with a family, particularly the daughter, occurs.
*A rape scene occurs.

Cape Fear (1991)
*Max is a psychotic rapist that constantly quotes from the Bible. In the past, a public defender worked with Max in his rape trial. The defender held back a document that could have gotten Max acquitted.
*Max becomes free and is determined to exact revenge from the public defender by attacking his family, particularly their 15 year old daughter.
*A rape may occur.

Capote (R) (2005) (Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener)
*A woman drugs her sister and forces her to work as a prostitute and undergo S&M acts.
*A graphic rape scene takes place.

Captive Women / Linda (1982)
*A man interested in researching a particular murdersaid that when discussing the night of the murder, the murderer said that he was going to rape the daughter who was a teenager. the act is not seen or discussed further.

Capturing the Friedmans (2003)
*We learn that in the past, the father of a character and his eldest son were arrested for child molestation.
*We hear two children’s testimonies of their abuse and molestations.
*During a police raid, a man is found with a collection of child pornography.
*A media frenzy ensues.
*A man confesses to molesting his younger brother.
*These issues are the focus of the movie and are explored in great detail throughout the movie.

Carnal Madness (1974)
*Three male mental patients escape, break into a girl's private school, and commit sexual assault and rape acts.
*The girls fight back in self defense.

Carolina Skeletons (TV) (1991)
*This movie is about a military man whose brother was executed for the rape and murder of two young girls. He believes his brother to be innocent and seeks proof of this.

Case of Patty Smith / Patty / Doctor Please Help Me / Gang Rape / The Shame of Patty Smith (1962)
*The plot focus of this film is the rape resulting in the pregnancy of a woman, and her desire to have an abortion.

Cast the First Stone (TV) (1989)
*A former nun, now a schoolteacher, is raped and impregnated as a result of the rape.
*She decides to keep the baby and the community is outraged at her decision, finding it morally reprehensible. I believe this is due to her having to be an unwed, single mother. She loses her job and wages a fight to win back her job and her dignity.
*This movie may be especially triggering as it is based on a true story.

Castle of the Living Dead (1964)
*My research is unclear about this movie. I am not certain if there are rape scenes, but there are definitely scenes of sexual assault, murder after the assaults and perverse sexual behaviour.

Casualties of War (1989)
*This movie takes place in Vietnam, during the war. A girl is kidnapped from her village by five American soldiers. She is gang raped by four of the soldiers, with the fifth one refusing to participate but not stopping the rape either.
*She is kept for their "use" and is continually raped.
*They murder her after they have finished.
*The fifth soldier seeks for justice to be done.
*The rape scenes are long.

Celeste (1991)
*A women becomes a maid as she lives in poverty. The son of the woman she works for tries to rape her many times throughout the movie.

The Cell (2000)
*This movie is about a mentally unstable man who drowns women and then uses them sexually. The scenes are not shown in graphic detail.

Certain Fury (1985)
*A woman is tied up and nearly raped. She asks emotionally hysterical, which may be particularly triggering.
*Nudity is seen.

A Certain Sacrifice (1985)
*A dominatrix is viscously raped. The scene is graphic.
*She and her boyfriend set out to find the rapist and seek revenge.

Chained Heat (1983)
*This is an sexually exploitative movie where female prisoners are raped by male prison guards.

The Challenge: Omega Cop II / Omega Cop II / Karate Cop (1991)
*The character played by Chuck Norris attempts to rape a woman.

Chaos (2001)
*A woman flees from her family when her father tries to force her into marriage. She gets caught by a pimp who forces her into prostitution. He drugs her, beats her, and rapes her numerous times.
*The rape is portrayed from a feminist point of view.
*There is extreme violence, bot to men and women in this movie.

Chaos (2003)
*There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not it is talked about or seen.

Charlotte Gray (2002)
*A man gropes a woman. He attempts to rape him. She manages to stop him.

Chasing Liberty (2004)
*Two men make sexual advances that are aggressive towards Anna. She is scared
and tries to escape, but they follow her. Nothing else happens as a character
called Bruce beats them up.

Cherry Falls (2000)
*A woman is raped by a man. the man was forced by his friends to rape her, but he later admits to knowing what he was doing when he raped her.
*She is impregnated as a result of the rape.
*She becomes mentally ill as a result of the rape, both because the actual act took place and because she thought that she was in love with him. She takes things out on her son and beats him.
*The son spends the rest of the movie trying to hunt down the men who raped his mother and hurt the children of these men.
*Many murders are taking place of young women who are believed to be virgins. In an attempt to prevent themselves from being raped, a teen orgy (not overly graphic) takes place so that they can lose their virginity.
*At the end of the movie, the mother and daughter of the rapist lie by saying that they didn't know he was killing people. This may be especially triggering to some as the mother and daughter knew he was killing and raping, were horrified by it, yet did not tell the truth when they had the chance.

Chicago Cab (1998)
*The life of a cab driver in Chicago is chronicled in this movie. We meet many of his clients, including a female rape victim that he wants to help, but can't.

China Blue / Crimes of Passion (1984)
*This is a sexually perverse and sleazy movie, close to an x-rated movie, but not quite.
*A woman is tied to a table and is threatened to be raped with a sharp dildo.

Chloe: The Story of a Sex Addict (1999)
*A man's sister in law confronts him about his numerous infidelities. In response, he immediately throws her against a wall and rapes her. She then begins to "be into it" and begs him for more.
*This is very upsetting as it perpetuates the myth that women don't really mind being raped and secretly want it.

The Cider House Rules (1999)
*A man performs abortions, including aborting a fetus that was the result of incest.
*Homer confronts the father and asks him if he is having sex with his daughter. The father lies about it and denies that he is having sex with her. We do not see the act take place.

Circle of Friends (1995)
*A man attempts to rape a woman and a struggle ensues.

Citizen X (TV) (1995)
*This movie is based on a true story, which may be more triggering to some.
*A serial killer rapes and murders his victims, who are usually women around 17 years old. He had 52 known victims.
*This movie deals with an investigator who decides to re-investigate the crimes, as no one has ever done it properly before. This may be especially triggering as this lack of investigation might be interpreted as not taking the rape or murder of women seriously.
*The movie is filmed so as to be graphic and disturbing.

City of God (2003)
*A single and/or group rape of a woman is implied.

The Clairvoyant (1982)
*A prostitute is tied to a bed and gang raped by her clients.

Clan of the Cave Bear (1985)
*This movie contains scenes of rape.

Class of 1984 (1982)
*Violent, graphic and demeaning rape scenes and talk of rape.
*A gang of school aged boys has taken over a school. Nothing is done by the police to stop them from terrorizing the school. They gang rape the wife of one of their teachers.
*The teacher seeks revenge on behalf of his wife.

A Clockwork Orange (1971)
*A gang of teenagers go on nightly rampages, indiscriminately beating and raping helpless victims.
*Rape scenes take place with the perpetrators singing flippant songs, which some may feel trivializes the crime.

Close to Home (1986)
*A young woman runs away from the home where she was abused, neglected and raped by her father.
*There is a rape scene in this movie.

Closet Land (1991)
*The entire movie takes place in the same room where a woman is being interrogated and tortured by a sadistic member of the secret police. She is shown in a flimsy nightgown, bound to a chair.
*We learn that she has developed coping skills that help her to endure the interrogation and torture as a result of her being beaten and sexually molested as a child.
*The main character in this movie is a woman who was abused and sexually molested as a child. She has developed some particular coping mechanisms that she still uses in her adult life (escapism and developing fantasy worlds). She is tortured by the state, and reverts back to using those techniques. I don’t think the molestations are seen, but I do think that they are talked about.

Cobb (1994)
*A man drags a woman into a hotel room and orders her to undress at gunpoint.

Code of Honor (1988)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.
*A man’s wife is raped.
*Her husband is shot, and he takes the law into his own hands to seek revenge for his wife’s rape and his injury.

Cold Mountain (2004)
*In a wilderness setting, Sarah is tied up outside by three Yankee soldiers.
She is then taken inside a cabin to be raped. She is shown having her clothing
torn off while the other soldiers ask for some to be left for them. A man
puts her on a table and lies on her. Nothing else happens as Inman, who was
hiding in the cabin, attacks the soldiers and they are killed.

The Cold Room (1984)
*A modern girl is brought (by means of a time warp) to Germany and made to experience the horrific events and treatment of the Nazis during the World War 2 era.
*There is a rape scene in this movie.

Cole Justice (1989)
*During the 1950’s, a man leaves his girlfriend for a moment while he goes back into a movie theatre to get the necklace she dropped. The woman is gang raped while he is gone.
*A policeman watches the entire rape take place and does not intervene until after the act is over, He then kills the rapists one by one.
*We see the boyfriend of the woman who was raped dealing with his pain. He later becomes a teacher and teaches a class on the subject of rape.

The Colour Purple (1985)
*This movie, although excellent, has issues of child sexual abuse, incest and pedophilia.
*A 14 year old girl is repeatedly raped and impregnated by her father (who she later learns is her step father).
*We learn that she had been brutally raped so often that she is now no longer able to have children.
*The movie follows the next 30 years of her life. The rapes have made her into a scared, quiet and shy woman as she suffers from the aftermath of the rapes.

The Common Man / Rape of Innocence (1975)
*Two couples and their children go on an annual camping trip together. The daughter grows up into a young woman, and her father’s friend rapes and murders her during one of these camping trips.

Complex of Fear (TV) (1993)
*Residents who live in a condo learn that two of their neighbours have been brutally raped.
*They fear that the perpetrator may also live in the condo.
*We learn that one man's wife was a victim of date rape in the past.
*There are two attempted rape scenes in this movie: In one, a rapist fondles a woman through her clothing and talks about raping her. In another, the rapist knocks a woman unconscious and takes off her pants.

Con Air (1997)
*A seen is shown where criminals are on a plane. A narrator tells us what
each man's crimes are, which include rape, among others. The crimes are not
described in detail.
*A serial rapist is one of the main characters of this movie.
*An inmate threatens, over and over again, to rape a female guard. He does
try to rape her, but she hits and kicks him to stop him.

Conduct Unbecoming (1975)
*An officer’s widow is raped. The rest of the movie is about the British Calvary Regiment struggling between protecting their reputation and protecting the widow’s human rights / seeking justice for her. Tough call. (sarcasm there)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.

THE CONSTANT GARDENER (2005) (Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz) (R)
*It is mentioned that the main female character was raped and then murdered. I don't believe there are any further details given.
*A man has his genitals cut off either before or after he is killed. We do not see this.

Contagion (1987)
*A violent horror movie that includes a scene of male rape.

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and His Lover (1989)
*Extreme violence, nudity and sex are seen in this movie.
*There is also sickening brutality and mutilation.
*A woman is humiliated by a man in perverse ways.
*A serial killer has explicit intercourse with his victims before he murders them.
*A small boy is tortured.
*I cannot say for certain whether or not a rape scene occurs, but I think this movie will trigger most people.

A Crack in the Floor (2000)
*Jeremiah is a hermit, due to witnessing his mother being raped and murdered in front of him.
*It is unclear to me whether or not the rape is shown.

The Craft (1996)
*A witch casts a love spell on a man. While under this spell, he becomes madly in love with a woman. He is so in love that he cannot behave rationally, and wants to become sexual with her. He first struggles roughly with her in a car, but she escapes and runs to a friend's house.
*In an act of revenge, a woman uses a spell to make herself look like another woman. She seduces a man and makes out with him while under this guise. Sex does not take place, as the "real" woman comes into the room and stops anything further from taking place. Some viewers may see this as attempted rape, as the man is making love to someone completely different than he thinks he is.

Crash (R) (2005) (Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon)
*A policeman stops a female driver. She is outside of her vehicle and he pushes her against it, frisking her in a sexual way. He puts his hand up her dress. All during this scenario, he is talking about sexual acts such as oral sex.
*This woman is later angry at her husband who witnessed the scene and didn't do anything to help her. She talks about how the cop put his fingers inside her.

Crazed Cop (1988)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.
*A woman is savagely raped and murdered. Her husband spends the rest of the movie seeking revenge.

Cries from the Heart (TV) (1994)
*Michael, an autistic 7 year old, learns to use a computer to express his feeling and communicate with others. Through the computer, he reveals that he is afraid of one of the orderlies at his school, and confesses that he was sexually abused by his guardian at his school.
*A court case follows these admissions. There is a great deal of question as to whether or not Michael's evidence should be seen as reliable.

Crimes of Passion / China Blue (1984)
*This is a sexually perverse and sleazy movie, close to an x-rated movie, but not quite.
*A woman is tied to a table and is threatened to be raped with a sharp dildo.

Criminal Affairs (1998)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.
*A newly wedded couple are held captive in a cabin. The wife is brutally gagged and raped in front of her helpless husband.
*The rapist plays extensive mind games with her after the rape, making her believe she is love with him.
*This is the entire focus of the movie.

Criminal Lovers (2000)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.
*This is a dark movie. The rape is filmed so as to scare.

Crossroads (2001)
*We hear about a young teen being date raped (raped while she was drunk).
She tries to diminish the situation by saying that what happened to her happens
to lots of girls (implying that it's no big deal).

The Crow (1994)
*In this movie, a man hunts down the people that raped and murdered his wife. During flashbacks, these crimes are seen.

Cruel Intentions (1999)
*Although no overt rape occurs in this movie, some may be triggered by it. The movie deals with a pair of siblings enjoy sexual power games, and set out to seduce innocents. A young woman who is a virgin adamantly wants to wait until marriage to have sex. The sister poses a challenge to her brother: He must seduce this woman. He successfully does so.
*This movie borders on incest, as the prize for the successful seduction is being able to have sex with his stepsister.

Cruel Train (TV) (1995)
*A man sexually abused a child. She grew up, and he married her. He was also given a job at the place the woman work to allow the sexual abuser to have easy sexual access to her.

The Crush (1993)
*A young woman is romantically obsessed with a man. The man has sex with his girlfriend, and the obsessed woman becomes jealous of this. To get revenge, she steals his used condom and uses the sperm from it to say that he raped her.
*Rape does not actually take place in this movie.
*The false rape charges are later dropped.

Cry For Me, Billy (1972)
*This movie takes place in the Wild West. An American army is fighting Native Indians. A small group of soldiers captures and gang rapes a Native woman. She is shown putting up a brave a valiant fight to prevent being raped, but ultimately loses her battle.
*A young cowboy later helps to protect her from other soldiers and white people.

Crypt of Horror (1964)
*Numerous rape scenes involving women who are raped by zombie monks.
*This movie is especially disturbing as the monks’ sexual frustration is used as a reason for rape.

The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell / At the Hour of Our Death / The Last House on Dead End Street (1977)
*Gruelingly tasteless, graphic and demented. It is a movie about a man that makes pornographic snuff videos for a bunch of rich men. He eventually gets sickened by the men that pay him to make the movies and puts them in the snuff videos to do away with them. Many scenes of horrifying torture and bondage.
*There are numerous S&M scenes, including rape.

The Curse of the Werewolf (1961)
*A woman is raped and impregnated by a beggar.

My thoughts have destroyed me more thoroughly than any blade ever could....

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Re: Movies with Rape scene
« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2009, 07:36:27 PM »
Daddy (2003)
*A small community undergoes a series of bizarre sexual crimes.
*A young woman is raped by a woman and her boyfriend.
*After the rape, she becomes very introverted and starts behaving like a little girl.
*She has sex with her father at the end of the film.

Daddy's Deadly Darling (1972)
*Lynn is a disturbed young woman who was placed in a mental hospital for the murder of her step father, who abused and raped her.
*Lynn escaped and begins to murder men who remind her of her father.

Dahmer (2002)
*In a ten minute scene, we see Dahmer going into gay clubs and drugging men’s drinks.
*He rapes an unconscious man in the backroom. We see the rape take place.
*He seems in disbelief when someone tries to tell him that drugging drinks is wrong.

Damaged Goods (1999)
*There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not it is talked about or seen.

Damned River (1989)
*This movie contains a rape scene.

Dance With The Devil (1997)
*A morally ambiguous man is shown raping women. We see the act take place.
*lots of other nasty stuff is in this movie, such as black magic, violence, and acting without morals.

The Dancer Upstairs (2003)
*We do not see any sexual assault occur, but some references to rape are made. These references are not descriptive.

Dancing in the Dark (1995)
*We see a near rape scene of a woman by her father-in-law.
*because of this incident, she suffers mentally and is committed to a mental institution.
*She is kept drugged and committed against her will. Her lawyer must save her from the institution.

Dangerous Liaisons (1988)
*This movie focuses on the sexual power games played by the aristocracy of France during the 18th C. The movie is about a man and a woman in particular who enjoy seducing innocents.
*A woman gets a man to seduce other woman. She offers a night of her company for his reward if he does so. This means she is an accomplice to the rape / seduction of the young girl.
*A young girl (15) is seduced by one man in a scene that is close to (or may be)rape. The scene is quite drawn out, so may be especially triggering due to that reason. She wakes up distraught about the previous nights events. However, she is talked into carrying on a sexual relationship with the man that seduced her, and she happily consents.

The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002)
*One of the characters in this movie is a young, shy girl who hated herself due to the incestuous relationship she had with her brother. I am unsure how much of this is seen, but I don’t think this plays a large part in the movie.

Daredevil (2003)
*During a rape trial, we see photos of a badly beaten rape victim.

Dark Blue (2002)
*It's mentioned that a man sodomized a woman and another man raped a girl.

Dark Obsession (1991)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.
*A man accidentally kills a young woman. The guilt from this leads him into mental instability. He wrongly thinks that his wife is cheating on him, and goes into fits of rage and jealousy against her.

Dark Odyssey (1957)
*A woman is raped. Her brother tracks her down and attempts to seek revenge. I believe that there is more disturbing material than this, but I cannot tell for sure from my research.

Dark Tide (1993)
*Andi is seduced by Dak, but refuses to have sex with him. He poisons her husband to remove competition for Andi's affections. While the poisoned man is sick in bed, Dak rapes Andi.
*Andi is forced to enlist the help of her rapist to find the antidote for the poison. While the two are out at sea on a boat, he repeatedly rapes Andi. This scene is extremely graphic.
*The same rapist later kidnaps a young teenaged girl, intending to get his younger brother to rape her.
*During the attempted rape, the girl kills her would be rapist and flees.
*Dak goes after the girl, intending to kill her.

Daughter of Darkness (1993)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.
*A teen aged woman was raped by her father.
*Her family forces her to hide the fact that she was raped.
*She seeks revenge on her father.

Daughters of Darkness (1971)
*This movie involves marital rape.

Daughters of the Dust (1992)
*There is a rape scene in this movie in which a black woman is raped by a white landowner.
*A woman is impregnated as a result of the rape.
*Another character was forced into prostitution.
*The woman’s husband has a difficult time dealing with the rape.
*The rape survivor discusses the rape.
*I don't think the events are seen, but am not certain.
David (TV) (1997)
*An account of the Biblical story of David.
*As part of the story, David's now adult son Absalom kills one of his brothers for raping one of his sisters.
*David, who is the force of justice, is too mild in his response to the crime. He does not acknowledge the incestuous rape, nor does he punish the murderer.

Day of the Woman (I Spit on Your Grave) (1978)
*The plot of this movie is that a woman writer retreats to a cabin to write,
where she is violently raped by four men.
*The main rapist gives a misogynistic speech in which he insists that some
girls deserve to get raped.

A Day Without Policemen (1993)
*There is a rape scene in this movie in which a young couple is assaulted.
*The rest of the movie is about them seeking revenge.

Deadbeat / Avenged (1976)
*Much gratuitous nudity is seen.
*There are many, many rape scenes in this movie. They are very graphic. Passersby walk around not noticing what’s going on. Gross.

Dead Calm (1989)
*When a woman's husband is on another ship, an attacker has sex with her without
her consent.

Dead Man Walking (1995)
*The plot of this movie involves rape.
*A nun makes a connection with a prisoner on death row named Matt, who was
prosecuted with raping and murdering two teenagers. The nun tries to save
his life and soul.
*The movie shows her trying to understand what motivated him to commit these
crimes. She also deals with the victims' parents, who are understandably hurt
and angry.
*A man is seen raping a girl.
*We see several flashbacks of the rapes and murders of the teens.
*We hear that one of the girl's vaginas was severly injured.

Deadlocked (TV) (2000)
*A young man is taken to court for rape and murder.
*During the trial, the father, who does not believe that his son is guilty, takes the entire court hostage and he forces the prosecuting attorney to reinvestigate the crime.

Deadly Daphne's Revenge (1987)(1994)
*Cindy, a young woman, is hitchhiking on forest road and is picked up by four men. They kidnap her and two of them rape her.
*The lead rapist hires someone to murder Cindy.
*The DA decides not to prosecute them for their crimes and they go away unpunished. However, the lead rapist is told that should anything else befall Cindy, the case would be reopened.

Deadly Desire (1991)
*There is a scene in this movie in which a woman’s husband treats her cruelly and rapes her.

Deadly Field Trip (1973) / Trip With the Teacher (1975)
*A biker gang rapes a teacher and her female students.
*Nudity is seen.

Deadly Twins (1985)
*This is a very disturbing movie in which two young women are booked to sing in a club. There they are brutally gang raped.
*The police do not give them sufficient help in catching the perpetrators.
*As a result, the women decide to seek their own vengeance.

Death and the Maiden (1994)
*A political prisoner is tortured and raped.
*The husband of a housewife accepts a ride home with a neighbour. This disturbs the wife, as she is certain that this neighbour is the same man that blindfolded and raped her years ago during the fascist regime.
*She takes the neighbour captive to unravel the truth of her fears and unravel her memories.

Death Blow / I will Dance on your Grave / Lethal Victims / W.A.R.: Women Against Rape (1987)
*Women who are survivors of rape form a bond of their shared experiences. They are determined to put an end to rape in all society for good.
*I am uncertain as to whether or not the rapes are seen, but this is very likely.

A Death in California (TV) (1985)
*A psychotic businessman rapes a woman and murders her fiance.
*She carries on a love / hate relationship with him.
*A trial regarding the rape and murder ensues.

Death Kiss (1974)
*A graphic rape scene.

Death Weekend / The House By the Lake (1976)
*A man and his girlfriend come across a gang of male punks. The men murder the man and gang rape the woman.
*She survives the rape and seeks revenge.

Death Wish (1974) (All Death Wish movies contain elements of rape.)
*There are five versions of this movie in the series, and they all are likely to contain rape scenes or rape issues.
*A man's world is torn apart when his wife is murdered and his daughter is raped.
*The daughter remains in a catatonic state as a result of the rape.
*This causes him to turn to vigilantism against crime.
*In all five movies, there are very graphic and elongated rape scenes.

Death Wish II (1982) (All Death Wish movies contain elements of rape.)
*There are 5 versions of this movie in the series, and they all are likely to contain rape scenes or rape issues.
*The daughter of the main character in this movie is recovering from rape.
*Her father is mugged by a group of punks, who return to the man's house and rape his daughter.
*She immediately commits suicide as a result of the rape.

Deceiver (1997)
*Wayland recounts a story in which he had sex with his high school girlfriend while she was passed out from alcohol. The story may or may not be true.

The Deep (1977)
*There is a graphic rape scene in this movie.

Deep In My Heart (TV) (1999)
*This is based on a true story in which an adopted woman searches for her birth mother. She learns that her mother was raped in 1961, and that she was born as a result of the rape.

The Defiance of Good (1974)
*A young girl's parents catch her using drugs, and they send her to a psychiatric institution for help. There, she endures horrific abuses and repeated rapes.
*She begins to lose her mind as a result of the abuse and rapes.
*I am not certain about this, but my research shows that the next plot twist is that there is only one doctor within the institution who cares for her well being, and takes her under his wing. Once this is done, he becomes the worst abuser of them all.

Deliverance (1972)
*A man is gang raped by some men. The rape is violent.
*The rape survivor is insistent that no one should ever find out about the rape. He immediately attempts to assert his "manliness". This is a rare movie that looks at issues of male rape.

Demented (1980) (2000)
*During the opening scene, a woman is raped by four ranch hands wearing pantyhose
masks. The scene is very graphic and true to life.
*The movie thereafter focuses on her growing insanity as a result of the rape.
She now thinks every man she sees is a potential rapist.
*She is also raped by neighbouring kids wearing Hallowe'en masks.

Demon Lust (1984)
*We learn that a woman ws raped in the past as a a child.
*We see a woman being raped by a pair of drifters.

Demon Seed (1977)
*This far fetched movie is about a computer that wants to become human, and
will do anything to achieve its goal.
*A woman is raped by this computer/robot in her own home.

Denial (1994)
*This movie tells the true story of the massacre of an entire town in El Salvador,
by an elite battalion of the Armed Forces of El Salvador (along with other Salvadoran
military units).
*There were extremely few survivors, but one male survivor tells of his experiences,
including witnessing many rapes.
*At the time, the US administration attempted to cover us the mass slaughter.

DERAILED (2005) (Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston) (R)
*A woman is beginning to have sex with a man. Suddenly, she realizes that a man is standing there with his gun to her head. He beats up the man. He pulls her on the bed and says some nasty things to her, implying how much he's going to enjoy raping her and how she'll enjoy it too (he's a madman). He tears off her underwear. We see and hear the rape take place. There is no nudity in this scene.
*The rapist tells the man she was earlier having sex with that he's going to go and rape the man's wife (he was cheating on her with the woman that was raped) and implies that he will also rape his young daughter, asking if she's a virgin.
*The woman is afraid to go to the police about the rape.
*A man's testicles are squeezed by the rapist to cause him pain.
*The woman states that she had to have an abortion following the rape (which may not be true).

De Sade's Justine / Justine / Marquis de Sade's Justine (1977)
*Extreme and numerous rape scenes are shown.
*The scenes include rape of nuns, forced prostitution, rape by a priest, rape of a corpse (necrophelia), sadism and violence.

Desolation Angels (1995)
*A man returns home to discover that his good friend has raped his girlfriend.
*He vows revenge for the rape, although he does so more out of his wounded pride than for his girlfriend's behalf.

DEUCE BIGALOW: EUROPEAN GIGOLO (2005) (Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin) (R)
*All of the following scenes are treated with humour.
*On TV, a boy lies about a man touching his genitals. We don't hear any detail or anything further.
*A male prostitute is wrongfully accused of molesting a little boy.
*A male prostitute complaining about laws against having sex with underage girls.
*Men take off some of the clothes from a dead male prostitute so that they can see the size of his penis.
*A man briefly mentions that he used to call all of his mothers friends to talk to them while he was masturbating.
*A vague reference to incest is made when it's mentioned that a man got crabs from his ancestors (as the usual way crabs are spread is by sexual contact).
*A donkey is waiting to go on the set of a porn movie, insinuating bestiality.
*A strange scene occurs in which a man is on top of a charred corpse holding his broken off penis, which borders on necrophelia.
*There is a scene in which male prisoners are afraid of being raped in prison. One man tells him a very graphic and painful method that he has used to avoid being raped.
*Another strange scene occurs in which a woman with a penis for a nose trips and her nose goes into a woman's surgical throat hole. The actual act is not seen.

Deuces Wild (2002)
*Marco beats up Betsy and then drags her inside a building. It is implied
that she is then raped by him, although we do not see this take place.

Devil's Advocate (1997)
*At the beginning of the movie, a girl is on the stand and tells about a man
(who is on trial) who sexually molested her. She describes the molestation in
*As she is telling this to the court, we see shots of him getting turned
on by her recounting of the event and he starts fondling himself.
* A lawyer tries to accuse the girl of promiscuity with other children
(and thereby discrediting her character and her story).
*There is a sex scene which may be disturbing to some: the main character has sex showing nudity with his wife. While they are making love, we see flashbacks of rough sex between him and another woman.
*Mary Ann recounts (in slight detail) that her husband's boss came over to
their house while he was away and had very rough sex with her and raped her.
She shows her husband her body which is covered in scratches. Her husband
does not believe her and yells at her for making up lies (which she wasn't).
*She mentally and emotionally snaps due this and other factors, and attempts
to kill herself.
*The boss later tells her husband that he had many depraved sexual acts with
*She mentally and emotionally snaps due this and other factors.
*There is a near incest scene in which the main character is heavily encouraged to have sex with his sister in order to create a baby. She is shown naked, and waiting for him to do so. Sex does not take place, although there is some touching.

The Devil's Daughter (year unknown)
*There is a graphic rape scene in this movie.

The Devil's Rejects (2005) (Sid Haig, Bill Moseley) (R)
*I think the general theme of the entire movie is pretty triggering throughout, so please keep in mind that there are likely more triggering scenes than I have listed here. The following are just what I have been able to discern.
*The entire movies premise may be triggering to some: A family of sadistic murderers kidnaps and tortures victims.
*Many verbal references to bestiality are made, including one graphic description on having sex with chickens.
*There is talk of necrophelia and one of the mirderers may be sleeping with dead bodies.
*A murderer asked one of his female kidnapped victims to undress. We see her fear. He runs his gun all over her both while clothed and nude. He put the gun inside her panties and forces her to make out with him. He makes her say degrading things about herself, makes her say that what he's doing is conscensual, and then makes her start to have oral sex with him.
*A man drags a naked woman through the forest. We fully see her nudity.
*A kidnapped woman is having a shower, and a murderer pulls her out of it. We see her nudity.
*I don't want to go into too much detail with this one, as it's quite disturbing to me, but there is discussion about how a murderer put his gun inside a woman. He tells the wife's husband how he did this in an attempt to upset him.
*Numerous times, we are shown photos of previos victims- most (if not all) are female and nude, and we are lead to believe they have been sexually assaulted too.

Dialogues with Madwomen (1994)
*This movie focuses on the conditions for women in mental institutions and the condition of society that lead them to be put there.
*A grown woman talks about the childhood sexual assault she suffered as a little girl.
*There may be more retellings of sexual assaults that women experienced that drove them to eventual mental instability.
*The descriptions are graphic, heart wrenching and realistic.
*There may be stories of institutional rape as well.
*I am unsure of whether or not sexual assault scenes are shown, but one viewer writes that there was footage accompanying the stories that drove the point home… so make of that what you will.

Did You Hear What Happened to Andrea? / Andrea’s Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy(1997)
*A woman is raped by a stranger. We see the rape take place.
*She must deal with the aftermath of the rape. She presses charges and takes the case to court.

Diplomatic Immunity (1981)
*A bound woman has her shirt ripped open. Photographs are then taken of her.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)
*A man gives unwanted sexual attention to a woman as she passes by. He makes
a catcall whistle at her and other men start to follow and watch her.
*A man kisses Katey, but she doesn't want him to and tells him to stop. He
disregards her wishes and keeps kissing her. They struggle briefly. During
the struggle, he tears her clothing. She slaps him and gets away.
*He arranges for her to not report him for his assault in exchange for him
telling a lie to her parents for her.

Dirty Pretty Things (2002)
*This movie involves sexual harassment and sexual coercion in the workplace.
*A woman who works in a sewing factory is told that that she will be sent
to a coed jail where she will be raped every night unless she does what he
wants sexually. He gets her to perform oral sex on him.
*Later, another man tries to have sex with her and she refuses. He coerces her with threats of being sent to jail and raped. She then has sex with

Dirty Work (1998)
*An implied male on male jail rape scene is shown for laughs. We do not see
the actual act take place.

Disclosure (1994)
*A man had a sexual relationship in the past with the woman who has just become
his new boss. She attempts to restart their relationship and pressures him
to have sex, which he refuses to do. Under repeated pressure, he files sexual
harassment charges against her. This harassment and the effects it has on
his personal and family life are the focus of this movie.

Disconnected (1983)
*The entire movie is about an insane murderer that goes around raping young women.

The Distance (2000)
*This movie concentrates on the painful after effects of child sexual abuse
suffered by two men.

Disturbed (1990)
*10 years in the past, a doctor in a mental clinic rapes his beautiful patient.
*She commits suicide as a result of the rape.
*He tries to cover up the reason for her suicide, claiming that she succumbed
to depression.
*Back in the present moment, he has a new patient, who is also beautiful and
who he also intends to rape. However, the new patient is really the daughter
of the woman he raped years earlier, and she seeks revenge on her mother's

Disturbing Behaviour (1998)
*A character called Chug is screaming at Rachael in a basement. He pushes
her up against a boiler and feels her breast (she is clothed) and then tries
to rape her. He does not ultimately complete the act.

Divided We Stand (2000)
*This movie takes place on a New York campus. A young student joins a militant Black Political Action Group. She is supposedly raped by the leader of this group.

Doctor Please Help Me / Case of Patty Smith (The) / Patty / Gang Rape / The Shame of Patty Smith (1962)
*The plot focus of this film is the rape resulting in the pregnancy of a woman, and her desire to have an abortion.

Dogville (2003 / 2004)
*Several rapes are seen in this movie.
*It was remarked that the rape scene in this movie is so graphic, that the actress who played the victim (Nicole Kidman) could not sit through a screening of her own movie.
*A woman has taken refuge from a violent gang in someone’s home. The man who lives there rapes her on the floor. We see him come on to her, and she is very uncomfortable. He touches her clothed breast, then touches her between the legs. He then rapes her and we see some nudity (his).
*It is implied that he rapes her again, but we do not see the rape. We only see him doing up his clothes after being with her.
*A man is helping grace to escape. He then says that he wants payment for his help in the form of sex. He has sex with her, while she has a blank "not there" look on her face. We see the movements and hear the sounds.
*Grace does not want Tom to do anything about the rape that took place.

Dogwalking on Jackson Crescent (1996)
*A woman is walking in Central Park, where she is brutally raped.
*The rest of the movie deals with the after effects of this rape.

Dollar Mambo (1993)
*This movie takes place in Panama. A mambo dancer is entertaining American soldiers when she is gang raped by them.
*This may be especially disturbing as it is based on true events.

Dolores Claiborne (1995)
*A woman must travel back to her family home. This triggers the childhood
memories of the sexual assault and fondling she suffered as a child at the
hands of her father.
*Some of the child sexual assault is seen in the form of brief flashbacks.

DOMINO (2005) (Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke) (R)
*Reference is briefly made to bestiality.
*A sorority hazing takes place wherein young women are made to be in public in their underwear and are spraypainted. Degrading comments about one woman's breasts are made.

Don Quixote (year unknown)
*There is a graphic rape scene in this movie.

Donuts for Breakfast (2000)
*A young overweight girl is sent to the store every day to get bread for her mother. There, the shop keeper continually sexually molests her, and bribes her with donuts to keep the story quiet.

Doom Generation (1995)
*The end of this movie shows a scene in which a group of men threaten to rape
a young woman with a statue of the Virgin Mary. This is filmed very graphically.
*They also cut off her boyfriend's penis with hedge clippers. Another very
graphic scene.

Double Tap (1997)
*A woman falls in love with a retired policeman and professional assassin, who targets pedophiles.

Down Came a Blackbird (TV) (1995)
*A female journalist was abducted and tortured (including rape) in Central America. This movie focuses on her attempt to deal with the aftermath of these atrocities.
*We see the torture and rape in the form of flashbacks.
*She attends a clinic for survivors of torture. She reflects on her experiences and meets others with similar pasts.

Dracula 2000 (2000)
*This movie is similar to End of Days. I don't believe there is actual rape in this movie, but some may be triggered by the following: A woman has repeated frightening dreams about a dark man. This man turns out to be Dracula. Dracula spends the entire movie attempting to track her down and seducing her.

Dracula / Andy Warhols' Dracula / Blood for Dracula (1974)
*Numerous rape scenes.

Dragon Fire (1993)
*This movie takes place in the future, in which Los Angeles is running rampant with crime, including rape.

The Draughtsman's Contract (1982)
*An artist is paid for his services with reluctantly given sexual favours.
*I’m pretty sure (but not certain) that there is a rape scene.
*A woman forces the artist to have sex with her. She says that she will implicate him in a murder crime if he does not.
*I don’t know whether the scenes are graphic or not.

Dr. No (1962)
*The movie refers to an episode in the main female character's life. She was
raped and got revenge by killing her rapist.
*It is later inferred that she was raped again (in the present) by another
man. It is not made clear as to if is this actually took place or not.

Duplex (2003)
*A female doctor fondles a man’s genitals under a blanket. The male patient enjoys it.
*An elderly woman accuses a man of raping her while she was unconscious.
*Both these scenes are played for laughs and are minor parts of the movie.

Dust (1985)
*This movie takes place in South Africa. A white plantation owner rapes the wife of his black foreman.
*A white woman is increasingly harassed, dominated and bullied by a black farmhand. This behaviour culminates in his raping of her.
*The rape is very graphic.

My thoughts have destroyed me more thoroughly than any blade ever could....

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Re: Movies with Rape scene
« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2009, 07:36:52 PM »
Edge City (1998)
*A prank takes place from which rumours of a near rape arise.

8 Mile (2002)
*We hear that a young girl was raped, but this plays a minor part of the movie
and is not seen or described in detail.

8 mm (1999)
*This movie is about "snuff" films and sexually sadistic pornography.
*A man is displaying child porno films in his place, which we do not actually see.
*Tom and Max watch several porno films in which nude and nearly nude women
are raped and killed. We later learn that the films are faked, and that the
women were acting in the porno.
*Men are brutally fighting with each other. One man says "We're gonna
kill him, f*ck him, and then film it".

El Mar (1999)
*A very disturbing and violent movie that includes rape and rape of a boy.

The Emerald Jungle (1980)
*A very disturbing and sadistic film.
*This movie contains scenes of cult / ritual rape.
*A man’s penis is cut off.
*A woman is raped with a dildo dipped in snake blood.
*A woman’s breast is eaten.

Emmanuel Around the World (1977)
*This movie deals with a crime ring that traffics women kidnapped from around the world.
*A woman investigating the crime ring talks to a sex-cult religious leader.
*A rape scene is likely seen, but my research is not 100% on this.

End of Days (1999)
*This movie has depravity in it, including allusions to mother to daughter sex, incest and child rape.
*Satan is searching for a particular woman to rape and impregnate.
*This is the main plot of the movie.
*I do not think the rape ultimately takes place.

Endangered / The Hunted / The Most Dangerous Predator is Man / Uncivilized (1994)
*A young man and woman are camping in the wilderness. The woman is captured and gang raped by four drug dealers. We see the rape take place.
*She escapes, and is intent upon seeking revenge.

Enemy At The Gates (2001)
*Although there is no rape scene in this movie, there is a graphic sex scene. There is no nudity, but the sounds, actions and facial expressions are all seen in detail. This may trigger some, as the woman’s facial expressions during sex are awful, and make her look as if she is in pain or not enjoying the act. The two are also filthy and surrounded by filth, which is off-putting.

The Entity (1982)
*A sleeping woman is portrayed as feeling powerless and trapped, then she is graphically beaten and raped by an evil spirit.

Erotic Nights of the Living Dead (1980)
*Zombies murder men and rape women. We see the rapes take place.

An Erotic Vampire in Paris (2002)
*A young woman is raped and robbed by a stranger.

Eskimo (1933)
*A white man, who is celebrating a successful whale hunt, forcibly takes the Inuit wife of the man he is trading with from her tent. He plies her with alcohol, and rapes her.

Eurotrip (2004)
*A truck driver states that he stabbed a woman in a bar and sexually assaulted
a horse.

Every Mother's Worst Fear (1998) (TV)
*Martha is a young girl who is facing the stress of her mother working long hours, her parent's divorce, and being dumped by her boyfriend. She tries to alleviate her loneliness by going into internet chat rooms, There, she gets targeted by an Internet pedophile and kidnapping ring.
*Once she is kidnapped, her mother must somehow find her.

The Evil Dead (1981)
A woman is raped by trees in a graphic scene.
The Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (1987)
*Essentially a remake of the original movie.
*There is a rape scene in this movie.
*A woman is sexually assaulted by trees and vines that "come to life".

Eve's Bayou (1997)
*Central to the plot is an incident of incestuous child molestation, which
is retold several times from different viewpoints.

The Evil Dead (1981)
*A young girl is raped and killed by trees.

The Ex
*Graphic rape scene.
The First is the Sleaziest
*EXTREMELY graphic. This is the first in a trilogy of movies. Girls Are For Loving and The Abductors are the following movies.
*A woman is raped and depraved behaviour is seen.

THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE (2005) (Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson) (PG-13)
*An invisible evil spirit pins a woman to her bed and rapes her. No nudity is seen.

Executive Decision (1996)
*A rape scene is briefly seen (no nudity).

Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)
*A woman says that she told her husband about what the nazis did to her when she was in a concentration camp. She then says that upon learning what happened to her, he never touched her sexually again. This implies that she had sexual abuse and sexual assault take place while at the concentration camp.
*Fleeting verbal mention is made of nuns and bestiality.
*A woman is possessed by the devil. While possessed, she opens her shirt and makes some extremely vulgar sexual comments to a man. Then she gets on top of the man and makes grinding movements on his crotch. No nudity is seen. Of course, since she is not in control of her own body, this is rape. The man may also not want the intercourse to take place; I am not certain. This scene is made to appear more violating than sexual.

Extreme Justice (1993)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.

Extremities (1986)
*A graphic rape scene occurs. We then see the victim abduct and torture her
*The movie is about a serial rapist. He attempts to rape Farrah Fawcett at
the beginning of the movie, but she escapes. However, he had discovered her
personal information such as address, name, etc. She reports the attempted
rape to the police, who tell her that "it would be hard to press charges
on an unknown assailant", and so nothing is done. The rapist tracks her
down to complete the rape. The ensuing scene is graphic, violent and brutal.
She is attacked mentally, physically and sexually by the rapist. She manages
to take control of the situation, however, and imprisons and abuses the rapist.
The only redeeming quality of this film is that at the end, it gives the message
that any man who rapes someone should be locked away for a life sentence,
but this does not happen often enough, and rapists tend to buck the system.

Eye for an Eye (1996)
*This movie is based on the opening scene in which a mother is on the phone
with her daughter. Someone breaks into their home and rapes and kills her
daughter. Very graphic.
*The girl that was raped is also murdered.
*The rapist is let loose on a technicality.
*The mother of the young rape victim is distraught and obsessed with putting the perpetrator behind bars.
*The movie draws attention to a system that fails to protect innocent victims.

Eyes of the Prey (1992)
*A woman is brutally gang raped, beaten, and left naked and for dead.
*She survives and turns to vigilante justice to punish her rapists.

Eyes of a Stranger (1981)
*A woman discovers that her neighbour is actually a serial rapist that has been committing rapes within the city.
*She must prove that he is the rapist before he rapes her as well. (She does.)

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
*Women are treated as sexual slaves to men. Full nudity and penetration is

My thoughts have destroyed me more thoroughly than any blade ever could....

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Re: Movies with Rape scene
« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2009, 07:38:37 PM »
Faces of Death (various years)
*This is a series of videos that show real life gory situations. Some of these situations are rapes and sexual assaults.

Fall From Innocence (1988)
*A woman is sexually abused by her father for many years as a child. We see the rape(s) take place.
*She tries to deal with her past, but cannot.
*She turns to drugs and prostitution for revenge and escapism.
*This movie may be especially triggering as it is based on a true story.

Fallen Angel (1981) (TV)
*Jennifer is a twelve year old who is unhappy. She reaches out to the coach of a football team and accepts the friendship he offers. He asks her to be his photographic model, and the photos become more and more revealing.
*The coach is actually a pedophile who works in child pornography, and he tries to convince Jennifer to let him make her a star.
*Jennifer's mother intervenes.
*The pedophile sees nothing wrong with falling in love with and having sex with little girls.
*There are some very emotionally disturbing scenes.

Falling Down (1993)
*I think that there is a rape scene in this movie, but am not certain.

A Family Divided (TV) (1995)
*In this TV drama, a mother suspects that her son may have been involved in a gang rape as a perpetrator.

A Family Thing (1996)
*A discussion arises about Earl’s father raping Raymond’s mother sometime in the past. (The act is not seen.)

Falsehood (2001)
*This is a strange movie in which a female public defense lawyer must defend an accused rapist in the infamous Little Red Riding Hood rape trial.

Family Sins (TV) (2004)
*A psychopathic woman imprisons a woman in her basement and gets her husband to rape her.
*Some may find this to be especially graphic as it is based on a true story.

Far From Home (1989)
*A teenager attempts to rape a 14 year old girl who is staying at a trailer park for the night.

Fat Girl / For My Sister (2001)
*A very disturbing movie which has been banned in some states and provinces. This movie deals with the sexual awakening of two girls, aged 15 and 13. Issues of child molestation run throughout the movie.
*Also, a 15 year old girl falls for a man twice her age. I am not sure how much of this relationship is shown, but there are serious potential triggers for those sensitive to scenes of statutory rape.
*Graphic, explicit and detailed sex scenes are shown; some would say they are pornographic and exploitative, especially the nudity is of adolescents.
*Child molestation is a theme in this movie.
*There is also sex with under aged girls.
*There is child nudity throughout. (Due to this, this movie has been made illegal in Ontario and parts of the Sates).
*A 15 year old girl is pressured into having sex by a college student. A 13 year old girl sees this take place.
*There is a graphic and violent rape scene. It lasts a long time. There is also discussion about the rape.
*The rape is especially problematic as the "fat girl" who is raped sees the rape as proof that she is as wanted and sexually desirable as her thinner, sexually active sister.
*The girl who was raped later denies that it was rape and then embraces her attacker.

Fatal Pulse (1988)
*A young woman is killed and raped after fighting with her boyfriend.
*Shortly thereafter, other women are murdered in strange ways.
*The boyfriend is suspected of the killings.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
*The main character talks to a friend about raping a young girl, although this does not actually happen.
*Duke tells Gonzo that they should drug the girl and give her to cops who are attending a convention. They say the cops would beat her, gang rape her and pay the men for the "pleasure". The discussion gets graphic when it's said that he could "penetrate every orifice in her little body" with his "throbbing member". This does not actually take place.

Felicia's Journey (1999)
*A catering manager is found to have sexually abused more than a dozen young women. He has a young woman as a lodger, and prepares to make her his newest victim.
*Much of the story of his sexual abuse attacks are told in flash backs.
*We also learn how effects the sexual has had on the women.

Femme Fatale (2002)
*Laurie is dancing in a sexual manner for a man. The man grabs her and seems about to rape her. Another man steps in and stops him.

Female Trouble (1974)
*A young girl runs away from home and is raped.

Festen (1998)
*This movie is about parental incest with his two children, and boy and a girl. Nothing graphic is seen.

Fifteen Minutes (2001)
*A woman talks about seeing her sister being raped.

The Final Cut (2004)
*This movie's premise might be triggering for some: the movie is about a futuristic world in which people are given implants that record everything the individual sees throughout his / her life. At death, the implant is removed, all of the memories are reviewed, and people called "cutters" put together a vignette of the person's life, making it seem positive and rosy, using the best of the memories. Anything negative or disturbing is deleted.
*We see someone's memory in which a woman cowers from a man who is beating her. Some may find this disturbing.
*We see a memory of a man who wakes up his small daughter. He asks her to come into his office with him. He shuts the door. Incest / sexual abuse is implied.
*For those triggered by voyeuristic scenes, a cutter watches the memories of a man having sex with a woman.
*A cutter uses a man's memories of his girlfriend to learn how to manipulate her into liking him.

Fingered (1986)
*The is an" art" film that is heavily sexual.
*A sex phone worker and one of her clients meet, abduct a hitchhiker and rape her in a junkyard.

First Knight (1995)
*There is talk of rape in two scenes, although no rape occurs.
*A woman is kidnapped and part of her clothes are ripped off. She is threatened with rape, although this does not ultimately happen.

Five Bloody Graves (1970)
*A cruel band of Native Indian braves is lead by Satago. He captures a young woman, strips her naked and ties her up outside.
*Some men chance upon her while she is tied up and intend to rape her.
*After the rape occurs, she is shot dead.

Five Corners (1987)
*A young psychotic man is released from prison, after completing his time for attempting to rape a young woman.
*He searches for her again, as he now has a twisted love for her.

Five the Hard Way (1967)
*A motorcycle racer and his fiancée befriend a biker gang. The woman is raped and murdered by the leader of the biker hang.
*Her fiancé seeks revenge on the rapist.

5 Women 6 Chairs (year unknown)
*This movie is about the trauma and issues that sexual assault survivors face every day.
Flesh and Blood (1985)
*Two brutal rape scenes take place in this film.
*A 16th century noble tells a band of mercenaries that they can rape and pillage a city when they have taken it for him.
*A woman is gang raped.
*We see graphic scenes of sexual violence, including the detailed rape.
*The rape survivor has empathy for her one of her rapists. She also falls in love with one of the rapists.

Flower of Louvain (2000)
*A young Belgian Girl is raped by a German soldier during the Great War.
*Her young love and her friends must deal with the knowledge that she was raped.

For My Sister / Fat Girl (2001)
*There are numerous very graphic sex scenes and a lot of nudity in this movie.
*Child molestation is a theme in this movie.
*There is also sex with under aged girls.
*There is child nudity throughout. (Due to this, this movie has been made illegal in Ontario and parts of the Sates).
*There is a graphic rape and discussion about the rape.
*The rape is especially problematic as the "fat girl" who is raped sees the rape as proof that she is as wanted and sexually desirable as her thinner, sexually active sister.
*The girl who was raped later denies that it was rape and then embraces her attacker.

Forbidden Sun (1989)
*12 young Olympic gymnasts train on Crete. One of the girls is raped.
*The rape may be linked to ritual activity.

For My Daughter's Honour (1996)
*A15 year old student is involved with her 30 year old teacher.
*The movie also deals with sexual assault other than statutory rape.

Forced Entry / The Last Victim (1975)
*A man who has suffered years of childhood abuse at the hands of his mother has grown up to become a psychotic killer. He takes out his rage against women by raping them before he murders them.
*He falls in love with one of his victims and she must learn to manipulate his feelings to save herself.

Forced Vengeance (1982)
*A woman is kidnapped, raped and murdered in a disturbingly graphic and violent scene.

Forrest Gump (1994)
*Forrest's friend Jenny is molested by her father. She becomes a suicidal drug addict, perhaps because of it.
*In one scene she has a breakdown in front of her childhood home.

Fortress (1993)
*An attempted rape scene between men takes place in a prison.

40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)
*A man is under a lot of stress due to his 40 day vow of abstinence. He drinks a large amount of alcohol to relieve this stress and passes out. While he is passed out, his ex-girlfriend (whose offers of sex he has previously turned down) shows up, handcuffs him to the bed, and rapes him. We see her finishing the act while on top of him. His current girlfriend discovers them at the end and blames him for the act. He does not appear affected by the actual rape. This scene is partly played for laughs.

THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN (2005) (Steve Carell, Catherine Keener) (R)
*The entire movie is about a group of friends that pressure a man into losing his virginity. As a result, he is manipulated into many sexual or potentially sexual situations that are uncomfortable for him. However, nothing forcibly sexual occurs.
*There is discussion about a woman giving a live sex show wherein bestiality occurs.
*The guys lock Andy in between the doors of the closed electronics store so that he must watch the porno tape that's playing inside.

The 400 Blows (1959)
*A young boy is treated horribly at home- yelled at and bribed for love. He is also mistreated by his teacher. He runs away.
*There is a rape scene in this movie, perhaps by his child therapist (?).

Fotos (1996)
*A woman lives in fear of sex and physical contact.
*A man becomes obsessed and infatuated with this woman and attempts to rape her.
*Later that same night, she makes love with a stranger for the first time. Viewers may find this especially disturbing as it is unrealistic behaviour.
*It is likely that more issues concerning rape are brought up in this film, but I cannot tell this for certain from my research.

The Fountainhead (1942)
*Although I can’t find concrete evidence of it in my research. I believe that there is a rape scene in this movie.

Foxfire (1996)
*This film deals with a group of girls who assault a teacher because he is sexually assaulting many teens in the school.
*This movie shows a small part where the teacher is masturbating while thinking about the girls.
*Maddie is grabbed by the male students and thrown into their truck. They plan on raping her to teach her a lesson, but this does not happen.

Frances (1982)
A woman is institutionalized, where she is tortured and gang raped daily.

Frankenstein ‘80 (1973)
*This is a very misogynistic movie.
*Frankenstein habitually rapes women.
*He rips the clothes off women he passes in the street.
*Much nudity is seen.

Freddy Vs Jason (2003)
*Freddy sexually licks a woman's face. He initially appears in disguise as her father while doing so.
*Freddy is shown running his finger (which is made of razor blades) between Lori's legs. He makes an off colour joke saying that "things tend to get a little messy the first time". This can be taken to mean she is a virgin and that he is going to rape her.

Freeway 1 (1996)
*A fifteen year old tells a counselor she meets while hitchhiking about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather.
*As she tells him about the abuse, she realizes that he is getting sexual enjoyment from her confessions of the abuse.
*She then realizes that he is the "highway rapist’ that has been in the news for committing numerous rapes.
*She attempts to escape as he tries to rape her. She shoots him in self defense, and he lives.
*She is arrested for attempted murder and the rapist is made out to be a kindly, honest man, a victim and a hero. The press attacks the girl.

Freeway 2 (1999)
*The main character is sexually abused by her stepfather.
*She is picked up by a pedophile when she runs away.
*She is pressured into lesbian sexual contact by a fellow inmate.
*The sequel focuses on the sexual assault events of the first movie and adds many scenes relating to incest.
*The movie contains graphic violence in relation to the assaults.

Free, White and 21 (1963)
*Central to this film is whether or not an African-American business man raped a female civil rights advocate.
*The majority of the movie takes place in the courtroom during the rape trial.
*We see flashbacks of the rape.

Freeze Me (2000)
*This movie contains multiple rape scenes, including gang rape and individual rape by different men.
*A woman is gang raped by three men. The rape was filmed on camera and photographed.
*She does not tell anyone about the rape or report it. Instead, she decides to leave to put it behind her.
*She leaves the town that this happened and starts a new life. Five years later, one of the rapists comes back into her life and says that the other two are soon to follow.
*A rapist tells her that he will show the footage and photographs of the rape to the public. He uses this threat to bribe her into becoming his sex slave.
*The rapists acts as if they were lovers. He rapes her again and forces her to let him move in with her.
*Her boyfriend learns about the rape and is furious at his girlfriend for it happening. She flees for her life in the face of his anger when she tells him she was raped.
*She murders him after the rape, and is determined to do the same to the other two rapists.

Frenzy (1972)
*This movie focuses on a vicious serial sexual predator who murders his victims.
*There is graphic sexual violence.
*The rape scene is filmed very realistically.
*A man is wrongfully accused of the rape and murder of a woman.
*The rapes are filmed from the woman’s viewpoint. This may be particularly disturbing to viewers, as the scenes are filmed to make the viewer feel as if THEY are being raped, and not just that they are merely watching a rape take place.
*The main rape scene in this movie happens suddenly, which may also be more upsetting to viewers.
*The rape is committed by a trusted acquaintance of the victim.

Frequency (2000)
*A serial killer preys on nurses. I think (I am relying on memory here) that mention is made of the killer raping at least one of his victims. The rapes are not shown and are not talked about in detail. Photos of the victim's bodies are briefly seen.

Friday After Next (2002)
*In this movie, a homosexual rape scene takes place. It is meant to be comedic.
*One man is about to rape another man. However, a pimp twists the rapist's crotch with a pair of pliers. This scene is drawn out over several minutes.

Fright / Night Legs (1971)
*There are strong scenes of sexual and physical violence.
*A baby-sitter is raped by the father of the children she is looking after at the time.

Frissons / Orgy of the Blood Parasites (1975) / The Parasite Complex / The Parasite Murders / Shivers / They Came From Within
*Parasites infect many people and turn them into sex maniacs.
*Many sexual taboos are broken in this film.
*There are graphic rape scene(s).

From Hell (2001)
*A man murders a woman after tearing open her shirt.
*A man cuts out a woman’s uterus after murdering her.
*We hear descriptions of this removal.
*Two men grab a woman. One of them threatens her with a knife and cuts the buttons off her dress.
*Women are shown being kept in a cage.
*A woman prostitute is having sex with a man that may not be conscensual... The man is royalty and is in love with her, therefore she does not have much choice regarding sex. During this scene, she is kidnappped by men and later given a lobotomy in an institution, so she cannot tell anyone what happened.
*A man watches a movie in which a man shrinks to a small size and walks into a woman's vagina.
*I think that rape is also a part of this movie, but am not 100% certain... I do know that there is a disturbing sex scene in which a man pays a prostitute for sex, and is shown having very violent sex with her against a wall in an alleyway. This scene is quite triggering, according to some who have seen it.

Frost / Jack Frost (1998)
*A woman is raped by an evil snowman that rips off his nose and makes it into his penis.
*She dies as a result of the brutal rape.
*Nudity is seen during the rape.

Full Circle (TV) (1996)
*A young woman was raped at an early age, which continues to traumatize her.
*She must learn to heal from the event and also to trust enough to love.

Fury to Freedom (1985)
*There is a rape scene of a male, by a male in this movie.

My thoughts have destroyed me more thoroughly than any blade ever could....

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Re: Movies with Rape scene
« Reply #7 on: July 30, 2009, 07:39:56 PM »
Gatorbait (1976)
*Two men chance upon a woman hunting in the swamp. They want to have sex with her so they chase after her, intending to rape her. She manages to elude them.
*The men are portrayed as overly lascivious just before the rape attempt occurs, which is used as their justification for the rape.
*Excessive and unnecessary nudity is seen.
*The line "Boys will be boys" is used to excuse the attempted rape. GRRRR!

Gatorbait II (1988)
*There are some ‘rednecks’ who intend to murder a newly wed and rape his new virgin bride.
*As in the first movie, the men are portrayed as overly lascivious just before the rape attempt occurs, which is used as their justification for the rape.
*It also turns out that their intended rape victim is the sister of the woman they attempted to rape in the first movie, so they feel she deserves it.
*The men attempt to rape her.
*Exploitative nudity of the woman is seen.

Galaxy of Terror / An Infinity of Terrors / Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror / Planet of Horrors / Quest (1981)
*A gory low budget sci-fi movie.
*A woman is raped by a giant caterpillar.

Gang Rape / Doctor Please Help Me / The Case of Patty Smith / Patty / The Shame of Patty Smith (1962)
*The plot focus of this film is the rape resulting in the pregnancy of a woman, and her desire to have an abortion.

Garmento (2003)
*People are discussing an advertising campaign, and child pornography and molestation are offered up as ideas.

The Gauntlet (1977)
*A woman is raped wile a man is tied up against his will and made to watch it happening.

The General (1998)
*References to rape and molestation are made.

The General's Daughter (1999)
*This movie is about an investigation into the murder and rape of an Army captain. A woman is brutally raped by others in the military, but must cover up the event so that it does not cast a bad light on the army. She recreates the rape scene to get revenge, but is murdered at the scene after the recreation.
*The gang rape is shown in great detail and is extremely graphic. During this scene, Another soldier watches the rape and strokes his gun phallically. We see nudity in this scene. A narrated voice says that she was raped all night.
*Some rape threats are made at different times throughout the movie.
*A woman, attempting to get into her car, is grabbed by a man who holds her on the ground and asks if she knows what it feels like to be raped. Nothing else happens in that scene.
*The word "rape" is used frequently in this movie. There is also a comment made that is close to the following wording: "Do you know what the definition of 'rape' is? It's when a woman changes her mind afterwards." This may be especially triggering to some due to it's callousness, lack of understanding, and evidence that society has many misconceptions regarding sexual assault.
*We also see a video being played back of a S&M situation. This video was found in a secret room with shackles and sex toys. The woman has the dominant role, but this scene may still be triggering to some.
*The rape survivor's father does not act well at all throughout this movie. He tells her that she
should forget about the rape and pretend it never happened. He seems in denial about the rape. As a result, she recreates the rape in order to confront him with the truth in a way that he cannot ignore. In response, he informs her that he doesn't care about the events that took place seven years ago (the rape). He stalks away from her as she yells for him to come back. This scene
may be particularly triggering for those that have had to face denial, disbelief,
uncaring, lack of sympathy and other forms of rejection.

Germany, the Pale Mother (1979)
*This movie takes place in Nazi Germany. A woman is raped by American soldiers.
*Her husband accuses her of cheating on him, and does not believe that she was raped.
*The whole movie is about this and her drive to stand by what really happened to her and to stand up to her husband.
*A very dark and depressing movie that will leave you feeling awful at the end.

Get Carter (2000)
*In this movie, Jack is watching a video that shows a heterosexual couple
who drug women so that the man can rape them. They videotape the acts taking
place. We don't see the actual rapes take place, but it is very heavily implied
in one instance.

GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' (2005) (Curtis Jackson, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) (R)
*A woman is laying on the ground, either passed out or dead. We are led to believe she has been raped as her underwear are around her ankles. A man then sets her on fire.

Getting Physical (1984)
*A young woman is raped by two teenagers. As a result, she starts working out so she can better protect herself physically in case of another attack.

GI Jane (1997)
*A man brutally and viscously beats Jordan. During the beating, he prepares
to rape her and cuts off her belt. She stops him by kicking him repeatedly.

*There is a scene in this movie where a woman is attacked and raped. The camera
pans away as it's happening, but the scene is still quite unsettling.

Gifted (TV) (2003)
*A young woman goes to the house of a male friend. She wakes up feeling sick, naked, and not remembering how she got that way. She contacts the police with her rape allegation, but is not believed as she is a lap dancer.

*This is a cult classic that is very graphic and sleazy. On of the main characters gets raped and then hog tied by her rapist.

Girl Interrupted (1999)
*A girl commits suicide as a result of being confronted about father raping her and her liking it. This plays a very small roll in the movie.

The Girl Next Door / Psycho Thriller - Blue Desert (year unknown)
*There is a rape scene in this movie. A man looks after his young neighbour while her parents are away. He rapes and murders her.

The Girl of Silence (1995)
*A 14 year old girl is sexually abused by her father.

Girl with a Pearl Earring (2004)
*Van Ruijven grabs Griet, then behaves lecherous and violent towards her. He says (in certain terms) that she's a virgin but is ready to start having sex, and that he has waited long enough for her. He has her hands around her throat and pushes her against a wall, then tears her clothes. He does not complete the act however, and nothing more is seen.

Girls are for Loving (1973)
*Gratuitous nudity is seen.
*Three men (thugs) burst into a cabin where a couple are staying. The men order the couple to strip for them.
*The woman is then taken by them out into the snow, tied to a tree and sexually assaulted.
*The couple are then supposedly killed by the thugs in a bombing (although the man manages to survive).
*A woman is being attacked by a man in a hotel room. She manages to fend him off for a time, but he then rapes her from behind. This scene is not shown with realistic emotional reactions.
*A woman seduces a man in order to get information from him. She then kills him.
*Two men order a woman to strip for them but this does not ultimately happen.
*A woman seduces another woman against her will.
*A woman has another woman forcibly stripped and tied spread eagled on a bed. She is sexually assaulted, although not raped, and then she begins enjoying the 'sex'.

Girl's Town (1959)
*A man rapes a young woman, who manages to escape her rapist after he is accidentally killed.

Girl's Town (1996)
*The plot of this movie is about a teen girl who was raped and commits suicide as a result.
*Her friends fight back against the rapists.

Giselle (1983)
*This is a twisted movie about a young woman who seduces all the members of her family, encouraging incest.
*There is a scene in which she and her friends are gang raped.

Gladiator (2000)
*This scene deals with incest. Very disturbing, especially as the brother seems about to successfully force his sister to do certain sexual things to him, as he has great power over her.
*There is sexual innuendo referring to rape and incest.
*A man looks lustfully at his nephew.
*He also looks lustfully at his sister and orders her to stay with him that night and kiss him, which she only does on the forehead.
*He later touches her chest neck and lips in a very sexual and slow manner. He seems about to kiss her but doesn't. A very tense scene.
*He orders her that she will one day bear his children.
*During a stand off between two men, one man implies that the other's wife enjoyed being repeatedly gang raped by soldiers.
Go (1999)
*A brief comment is made about raping children. This is an extremely small part of the film.

Go Tigers! (2001)
*A man talks about being in jail for rape in a brief reference.

The Godfather (1972)
*A man asks two hit men to murder two men responsible for raping his daughter, during which they permanently injured her.
*I do not think the rape is seen.
*This movie can be taken as misogynistic.

Golden Age of Leather Vol. 3 - Hell's Angels on Wheels / Run, Angel, Run! (1967-1969)
*This is a movie that glorifies biker gangs.
*I’m not sure in what respect it happens, but there is a rape scene in this movie. Likely, the female lead gets raped by the biker gang, but am not certain.

Gone with the Wind (1939)
*Some critics say that this movie contains an off screen marital rape.
*Rhett carries Scarlett (who is drunk)up the stairs with the obvious intent of having sex with her. She is fighting and protesting. She is shown happy and smiling the next day. Some may find this disturbing as it is filmed without sensitivity to a woman's right to say no to sex with her husband.
*A black man attempts to get some money kept in Scarlett's corset. There is some physical contact, but I am unsure whether or not he touches her breasts. His actions have no sexual intent though, he just wants the money. In revenge, a group of white men (KKK)burn the shanty town where he lives. We don't actually see this revenge act take place.
The Good Girl (2002)
*A woman has sex with a man she doesn't want to be with. She chooses to do so as he threatens to tell her partner private information about her if she doesn't. It can be triggering as the sex scene is graphic, and shows her with an empty, vacant "not there" look as the act takes place. The scene makes it look as if she's "projecting" herself out of her body for self protection, which is what many sexual assault victims do.

Good Luck Ms. Wyckoff / The Sin / The Shaming (1979)
*A schoolteacher is raped by a student.
*Some reviews say it wasn’t the student, but the janitor that raped her.
*She then begins a relationship with her rapist.

Good Things Too (1996)
*This movie is about five teens that must struggle with their respective sexual abuse.
*The intimate details of each survivor are told. Flashbacks of the event are seen.
*The film is intended to evoke painful feelings in the viewer, but we do see moments of success as well.

Gore Vidal's Myra Breckinridge / Myra Breckenridge (1970)
*A woman sodomizes a man.
*A man attempts to rape a woman.
*Both scenes are very graphic.

Gosford Park (2001)
*Henry tries to kiss Mary as he is pinning her to a bed. She struggles and protests, then yells for him to get off her. Nothing more happens.

Gossip (2001)
*During a scene where a man is making out with a drunk woman, she passes out. The man stops their actions. Rumours later begin that he actually had sex with her. This leads her to believe that she was raped while she was passed out.
*He finally admits to having raped her while she was passed out.
Gothika (2003)
*One girl tells another about being raped by the devil, using graphic terms. The girl thinks she is being told about a past rape. The story then appears to turn into a recounting of a past rape, wherein two men abduct, rape and molest her.
*We are shown a video playback that shows a rape scene apparently about to take place (on a monitor in the background of the shot). We see a man standing over a woman who is in her underwear and chained to a bed.

The Governess (1998)

Grand Canyon (1991)
*This is a drama about random violence and the kindness of strangers.
*There is a rape scene in this movie, perhaps the rape of a man by a group of thugs, but I am not certain. However, the rape scene is likely to be filmed with sensitivity and not exploitatively.

Grave of the Vampire (1972)
*This is an exploitative film.
*A vampire savagely rapes a young woman.
*She becomes impregnated and gives birth as a result of the rape.

Grave Vengeance (2003)
*This is an extremely disturbing movie similar to "I Spit on Your Grave/ Day of the Woman".
*A woman is gang raped and then goes slowly insane as a result.

THE GREAT RAID (2005) (Joseph Fiennes, James Franco) (R)
*We see that the Japanese police have Margaret in custody and one punches her in the face. One then has his hands on her (she's clothed) and runs them up her arms in an intimidating, sexual fashion.

The Great Santini (1979)

The Green Mile (1999)
*Someone rapes and murders two little girls. The rapes are not shown, but their bloody bodies are seen (no nudity).
*A man is wrongfully imprisoned for the criminal acts.

Gross Misconduct (1993)
*A professor is seduced by his student. She makes false accusations of rape against him.
*This movie most likely includes incest or sexual abuse with her stepfather.

Guess Who (PG-13) (2005)
*A young couple is spending the night at the woman's parent's house. The father sleeps in the same room as the boyfriend, and says that he is doing so to ensure that his daughter is not violated. This comment is meant to be taken in jest.

Guest House Paradiso (R) (1999)
*I am uncertain, but think that there may be a scene in which the characters engage in play acting out an attempted rape in this movie.

The Guilty (1999)
*Lawyer gets drunk. He starts to come on to his secretary, who very firmly tells him "no". He rapes her. We see the rape take place.
*The secretary tells him she wants to report the rape to the police. The lawyers hires someone to have her killed.

Guncrazy (1992)
*This is a heavily violent and sexual movie about a nymphomaniac school girl. She is frequently raped by her mother's boyfriend.
*After another rape, she murders him.
My thoughts have destroyed me more thoroughly than any blade ever could....

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Re: Movies with Rape scene
« Reply #8 on: July 30, 2009, 07:42:02 PM »
Half Way to Hell (1961)
*Two Mexican women run away as they are being made to marry men they do not want to. They are intercepted and gang raped by a group of Americans.
*Even more disturbing is that this gang was hired by the fiancé of one of the women to find them and bring them back to him.
*A man, Manuel, was sent with the hired gang to be a protector of the man's betrothed, but does not help them.
*The women are threatened repeatedly with violence and rape.
*An attempted rape takes place.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)
*This movie contains ritual or cult rape.
*A woman is impregnated as a result of the rape.

Handgun (1983)
*A young high school teacher is raped at gunpoint by the man she is dating (who is a lawyer).
*She goes to the police and the church to report the rape. No one cares that she was raped and offer no sensitivity or support. They don’t even believe her.
*As a result, she decides to seek her own revenge in the form of guns.

The Handmaid's Tale (1990)
*This movie is set in the far future. Women have lost their rights in society due to only 1% of women being able to bear children. Women's bodies have been taken over by the state. Therefore, many of the women are forced to breed and that is their primary usefulness.
*Two ritualized rapes take place.
*Women are told that the rapes are their fault because they wanted it to happen. Specifically, in a chilling scene, a woman in training to be a Handmaid tells the group about her experience being gang raped at age 14. The woman who are teaching the Handmaids force the other women in training to chant words similar to "It was your fault; you wanted it to happen."
*How women deal with rape is a major component of this movie.
*A woman is shown crying after sex.
*This movie contains sexual slavery.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992)
*A gynecologist commits suicide when he is accused of sexually molested five of his patients.
*We see one of the assaults take place, and see the emotional trauma that it causes the woman.

Hannie Caulder (1971)
*A woman is gang raped by three men.
*She hunts down her rapists to seek revenge.

Happiness (1999)
*This movie deals with pedophiles, incest, male on female rape, male on male rape and molestation.
*While talking to his psychiatrist, Allen talks about how he would like to tie up Helen then rape her. Very graphic language is used.
*Bill's son who is eleven asks what "come" means. His father tells him and asks if the boy has ever ejaculated. He encourages him to masturbate and offers to show him how to, but the boy refuses and it doesn't happen.
*Bill sedates a boy and his family while they are visiting. He then rapes the boy. He later rapes a boy in a similar fashion. Neither rapes are shown.
*Bill offers to measure his son's penis, but the boy refuses.
*Billy tells his son about how he has raped other boys. His son asks if his father would ever rape him and the father says no.

Happy Hour (1995)
*Three men escort a drunken and unconscious woman home. She later believes she has been sexually assaulted by them, which is untrue.
*The whole movie is about what the three men and the woman go through as a result of her erroneous accusation.

Hard Rain (1998)
*A deputy prepares to rape Karen after he's handcuffed her to the banister in her house. This does not happen.

The Harder They Come (1973)
*May be especially triggering as it is based on a true story.
*There is a rape scene in this movie, but I cannot tell from my research exactly from me research. To the best of my knowledge, this movie is about a Jamaican man who is trying to achieve success in his singing career. This does not happen (at first), so he turns malevolent towards society and goes around creating violence, killing people, and dealing drugs. He likely rapes a woman during this spree.

Hardware (1990)
*My research is very patchy on this movie. I *think* the movie in question is the 1990 film about a robot from the future that comes back to ‘life’. It’s goal is to kill anyone who is not sterilized. There are scenes of voyeurism and an intended rape which is not carried out.

Harrison's Flowers (2002)
*A woman is hit twice in the face and thrown on the hood of a car. He begins to rape her and spreads her legs. He does not complete the act.
*It is mentioned that a young girl was raped.

HARRY POTTER AND GOBLET OF FIRE (2005) (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson) (PG-13)
*Harry (a teenager) is naked in the bath. A female ghost manifests in the bathroom to talk to him. He's obviously uncomfortable with this and she tries to see his genitals through the water.

The Haunting of Helen Walker / The Turn of the Screw (many remakes)
*There are many versions of this story, based on a novella by Henry James, written
in 1898. In at least some of the remakes, there are episodes where a child who
is possessed by a sickly lascivious spirit attempt to rape the nanny.
*Another sick twist is we learn that the children are possessed by the spirits
of their former governess and valet, leading us to believe that perhaps the
children were abused and sexually molested.
*It is implied that the governess abused the girl and the valet abused the boy.

Heart of Midnight (1989)
*A young woman inherits a night club from her deceased uncle. She moves in, and begins to remember the sexual abuse she underwent at the hands of her uncle.
*We see the abuse in graphic flashbacks.

Heart of the Stag (1983)
*This movie is set in the New Zealand outback. A father carries on an incestuous sexual relationship with his daughter. Someone discovers this terrible secret and attempts to save the girl.

Heartbreak Hotel / Black Vengeance / Poor Pretty Eddy / Redneck County / Redneck County Rape (1973)
* An exploitative film.
*A famous woman is driving though the deep country when she meets up with an Elvis impersonator. He attempts to rape her. The attempt is shown in graphic detail.

Hearts in Atlantis (2001)
*Brief shots are seen of Lizz's boss coming on to her, and then violently raping her.
*We see her boss throwing her onto a bed. He starts to rip off her clothes.
*The rape is graphic in terms of hearing the act take place.
*The friendly and unusual neighbour knows that she has been raped and seems very sorry the event happened.

Heaven (1999)
*A man saves a woman from being raped by a group of street thugs.

Heaven & Earth (1994)
*A young Vietnamese woman is raped. Nudity is seen during the rape.
*There are other scenes in this movie that are quite misogynistic.

Heaven's Gate / Johnson County Wars (1980)
*This movie takes place in the 1980’s in the West.
*A woman is gang raped by four, possibly five men.

Hell Camp (1986)
*A group of soldiers are sent to a camp where they receive training. They are to be tortured repeatedly while learning not to give out any information.
*One of the soldiers is a woman. As part of her "training", she is raped.

Hello! Who Is It? (1994)
*A woman is gang raped and murdered by four telephone repairmen. We see the rape take place. Her ghost returns to seek revenge.

Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer (1990)
*This movie contains scenes of incest.

Heritage of Caligula / Blood Sucking Freaks / House of the Screaming Virgins / The Incredible Torture Show / Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins (1976)
*A sick and graphic movie in which kidnapped, naked women are tortured on stage for the audience’s enjoyment, who think it’s all acting. However, it is real.
*This film has extreme misogyny, torture and humiliation of women.
*Necrophilic acts are in this movie.
*Graphic violence is used.

Hex (1973)
*A man smokes a narcotic and attempts to rape a woman.

The Hidden (1987)
*This movie involves victims whose bodies are taken over by aliens. Some my find the way in which they are possessed upsetting- phallic creatures penetrate the mouths of their victims.
*An alien possesses the body of a female stripper. My research is unclear as to what happens next, but I assume there is graphic sexual violence towards a man by the stripper.

High Crimes (2002)
*It is mentioned that both a rape suspect and a rape victim make up part of a jury. This is a minor part of the film and nothing is shown.

High Fidelity (2000)
*A man decides to talk to all of his ex-girlfriends to get their input. One ex pours her heart out to him and ends up telling him that she wanted to lose her virginity to him but he rejected her. She ten tells him that instead, she lost her virginity to a man she was too "emotionally beaten" to fight off. She says it wasn't rape but that it wasn't far from it. She gets upset at this admission and runs away. He is shown snickering at her outburst and happy that he rejected her.
*Taken from the script:
Rob. I was crazy about you. I wanted to sleep with you, one day, but not when I was sixteen. When you broke up with me -- when you broke up with me -- because I was, to use your charming expression, tight, I cried and cried and I hated you. And then that little shitbag asked me out, and I was too tired to fight him off, and it wasn't rape because I said okay, but it wasn't far off. And I didn't have sex with anyone else until after college because I hated it so much. And now you want to have a chat about rejection? Well, fuck you, Rob.
Penny stands and leaves. Rob just sits.
ROB- (cheerful)
So that's another one I don't have to worry about. I should have done this years ago.

High Kicks (1993)
*A group of thugs tries to mug a woman. She refuses to give them her money. They brutally beat her up and gang rape her. The rape is shown.
*The rest of the movie is about her seeking revenge.

High Plains Drifter (1973)
*A rape scene is in this film.
*The story is told in such a way that we end up rooting for the rapist (although not during the rape scene specifically).

High School High (1996)
*There is an attempted rape in this movie.

High Tension (R) (2005) (Cécile De France, Maïwenn Le Besco)
*A murderer kills and decapitates a woman. He masturbates using the mouth of the decapitated head.
*The murderer puts his finger into the mouth of a woman in a sexual way (she does not want the act to happen).
*A woman spies on a naked woman in a peeping Tom fashion.

Higher Learning (1995)
*There is an attempted rape scene in which a couple are about to have intercourse. She stops and asks him to put on a condom. He refuses and becomes violent with her.

Highway To Hell (many remakes done in many years)
*There are plenty of remakes which may or may not have similar rapes in their plot.
*A woman who is about to get married is kidnapped by zombies and is taken to be one of Satan’s brides.
*In at least one of the remakes (from the 1970’s), rape scenes occur.

The Hills Have Eyes (R) (1977)
*All I can find out about this movie is that there is a brutal, yet not graphic, rape scene.

His Woman (1931)
*A woman is hired to care for a baby on board a ship. She is raped by one of the sailors.

A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE (2005) (Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts) (R)
*A group of murderers demand to be served coffee at a diner that is closed. They are refused, and they grab the waitress in anger. They take her hostage and one of them runs his hands over her (clothed) breasts while holding a gun on her.
*A woman is running from a man. She fights him and tries to escape. He pins her to the stairs, and suddenly the fear turns into passion. We then see a graphic sex scene take place between them. Some may be disturbed by this unlikely switch from fear to passion.
*A man kicks another man in the crotch.

Hitch Hike to Hell (1977)
*The main character in this movie is a truck driver who picks up young female hitchhikers, then rapes and murders them.

Hitcher in the Dark (1989)
*A woman accepts a ride from a stranger. This man is a deranged maniac. He handcuffs her to the back of his vehicle and brutally rapes her.
*We learn that he has raped and killed several women in the same way.
*The maniac’s desire to rape is explained away by the sexual desire he has for his now dead mother.
*The rape, bondage and murder are the entire focus of the movie.
*This movie is very sleazy, gory and has a lot of unnecessary nudity.

The Hole (2001)
*There is a graphic scene of a girl being examined for signs of rape.
*There are scenes of another girl being coaxed into having sex with two boys.

Hollow Man (2000)
*This movie is about what a man does when he's invisible. The movie has many scenes where the invisible man spies on women and watches them strip or sleep. This may be triggering.
*A joke about rape is made.
*A woman seems about to be raped as she sleeps. She is undressed by an invisible hand, the covers are removed and her legs are spread (all by the invisible hand). Then we learn that this is all a nightmare and she wakes up.
*The invisible man grabs a woman and throws her on a bed, apparently to rape her. Nothing else is seen.

A Home of Our Own (1993)
*A woman is sexually harassed on the job.
*A beating and rape of a woman takes place, but this happens off screen.

Horrifying Experiments of the S.S. Last Days / SS Experiment Part 2 / SS Hell Camp / The Beast in Heat / (1977)
*A fictionalized movie about atrocities committed in a WWII P.O.W. camp.
*A Nazi creates a half man, half beast male monster that she uses to torture, sexually assault and molest female prisoners.
*The monster is kept on aphrodisiacs to ensure it will want to rape.
*Excessive nudity, exploitation and sadism is seen.

Horror Planet (1981)
*A woman is attacked and raped by a monstrous alien.

Hot Pistols (year unknown)
*This movie contains a rape scene.

Hotel New Hampshire (1984)
*This movie raises issues of incest.
*A woman is gang raped by an entire football team in a horrifying scene.
*A man is raped by a person in a bear suit.

The House By the Lake / Death Weekend (1976)
*A man and his girlfriend come across a gang of male punks. The men murder the man and gang rape the woman.
*She survives the rape and seeks revenge.

House of Exorcism / Lisa and the Devil (1975)
*This movie focuses on incest and rape.

House of Flying Daggers (PG-13) (2004)
*A man who may be inebriated runs a sword down the face and neck of a blind woman. He cuts off her robe. He does not physically harm her and we do not see nudity. He then grabs her and climbs on top of her. He starts ripping at her clothes to prepare to rape her, but is stopped by others who force him off her.
*A man and a woman begin to come intimate. We see kissing and he caresses her breast (which is clothed). At this point, she asks him to stop. He does not want to and starts tearing off her clothes and begins to rape her. He does not complete the act as someone throws a dagger at him in order to stop him.

The House of Mirth (2000)
*A man gets angry and rude towards a woman. He forces a kiss on her. Nothing else happens, but this is a scene some may find tense.

House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
*Although there was no mention of sexual assault in the review I read, there was mention made of an evil family that has recently kidnapped five high school cheerleaders and are currently torturing them in sadistic ways. We see young, dead women naked and strung up. This movie leans toward (or might be blatantly) sexual assault, so please keep this in mind.

House of the Screaming Virgins / Blood Sucking Freaks / Heritage of Caligula / The Incredible Torture Show / Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins (1976)
*Women are raped and gang raped on stage for the entertainment of others. The audience thinks it’s all acting, but it’s is, in actual fact, real.
*Necrophilic acts are in this movie.
*Graphic violence is used.

The House on Sorority Row (1983)
*There is a rape scene in this movie, although I cannot tell how it happens. There are other sexual situations, violence, blood, gore and nudity in this film though.

The House of the Spirits (1993)
*This movie begins with a brutal rape scene.
*There are four rape scenes in this movie.
*There are graphic sex scenes and brutality in this movie.

House of Whipcord (1975)
*A disgustingly exploitative movie in which young women are lured into someone’s house. The grown son and his parents sexually assault and rape them is sick ways. They torture them as well. Sick sick sick. Grrr….

The House of Yes (1997)
*Several conversations about incest take place in this movie.

The House on the Edge of the Park (1984)
*EXTREMELY sleazy and graphic.
*The movie is about a psychotic rapist who goes on a raping rampage.
*There are numerous rape scenes.
*I read a quote that says the director takes rape, suffering and violence to unbearable extremes in this movie.

The Human Stain (2003)
*Faunia's recounts the events of her childhood. She says that a male relative molested her, put his fingers in her vagina and tried to rape her, causing her to run away from home.

Humanity / L'Humanite (1999)
*An 11 year old is raped and murdered in a small town. Her dead body and bloody genitals are seen.
*The police superintendent grieves for her. The rest of the movie deals with him trying to cope with what happened, and the possibility of him losing his humanity. There is a strong sub text of the dehumanization of women in various artworks, and the lasting message of this film is that if women are humanised and not objectified, misogynistic crimes, such as rape, will be less frequent.

Humanoids From the Deep (1980)
*Humanoid creatures drag a woman who was swimming onto a beach. They rip off her bikini, then gang rape her.
*These same creatures attempt to rape a group of campers, who just happen to be nude. They escape.
*A woman in a bikini contest is sexually assaulted by a creature (it rips off her bikini top), and escapes without being raped.
*Nudity is used exploitatively.

Humanoids from the Deep (1996) (TV)
*Five humanoid monsters kidnap and rape the women of a small village.
*Some of the women are impregnated as a result of the rape.
*Nudity during the rapes is seen.

Humongous (1982)
*A woman is raped at a party.
*She is impregnated as a result of the rape.
*This son grows up to become a grotesque monster that terrorizes people.
*There is a rape scene. This may be especially disturbing to viewers as some critics say this scene is overly unnecessarily, as it offers nothing to the plot.

The Hunted / Endangered / The Most Dangerous Predator is Man / Uncivilized (1994)
*A young man and woman are camping in the wilderness. The woman is captured and gang raped by four drug dealers. We see the rape take place.
*She escapes, and is intent upon seeking revenge.

Hunter’s Crossing / Blood Debts(1983)
*There is rape in this movie, but I am unsure whether or not it is talked about or seen.

The Hurricane (1999)
*A brief reference to gang rape is made.
*It’s implied that a particular man is a pedophile. He approaches a group of young guys and invites one of them to ‘make him feel good". Nothing more happens.

Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964 - 1965)
*There is a rape scene in this movie, although I cannot tell how it happens.

Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry (1993)
*A young boy is molested and tortured by his uncle.
*He grows up into a loving husband and father, but is unable to heal from the pain of his past experiences. He vents his pain by killing his wife’s piano students.

The Hymens Parable (2000)
*A man who is studying to be a Catholic priest. His sister was raped in the past, and he finds that his memories of the rape affects his faith.

Hysteria (1964)
*I believe that there is a rape scene in this movie, but I cannot tell how it happens.

My thoughts have destroyed me more thoroughly than any blade ever could....

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Re: Movies with Rape scene
« Reply #9 on: July 30, 2009, 07:46:10 PM »
I Drink Your Blood (1970)
*Satanic hippies gang rape a young girl.

I Know My First Name is Steven (TV) (1989)
*A seven year old boy is kidnapped and is convinced by his kidnapper that he now has legal custody of him. The boy endures sexual abuse at the hands of his kidnapper for seven years, at which point he is reunited with his family.
*He initially denies that sexual assault took place.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (TV) (1979)
*This is based on the true story of Maya Angelou. Part of the story tells of the trauma she underwent from being raped as a little girl by one of her mother's boyfriends.
*She kept silent about the attack for several years.

I Spit on Your Grave (Day of the Woman) (1978)
*The plot of this movie is that a woman writer retreats to a cabin to write, where she is violently raped by four men.
*The main rapist gives a misogynistic speech in which he insists that some girls deserve to get raped.

I will Dance on your Grave / Death Blow / Lethal Victims / W.A.R.: Women Against Rape (1987)
*Women who are survivors of rape form a bond of their shared experiences. They are determined to put an end to rape in all society for good.
*I am uncertain as to whether or not the rapes are seen, but this is very likely.

Ilsa - She-Wolf of the SS (1974)
*An exploitative movie.
*A vicious warden runs a mental institution for women with sexual problems. This women assists in the numerous raping and gang rapes within the institution.
*Gratuitous nudity is seen.
*Extreme sadism and violence towards women.

Ilsa - The Wicked Warden / Wanda, the Wicked Warden (1977)
*An extremely sick and exploitative movie involving gang and institutional rape.
*There are several rape scenes in this movie.
*Extreme sadism and violence towards women.
*Gratuitous nudity is seen.
*A vicious warden runs a mental institution for women with sexual problems. She and one of the guards forces the patients to have sex with male prisoners.
*They film this and sell the resulting footage as pornography movies.
*The women are forced to shower with a group of convicted rapists so they can be raped again as part of their ‘therapy’.

Illicit Behavior (1992)
*A cop, who has burn out from his job and is being investigated for using excessive force, takes his stress out on his wife. He beats her.
*The cop shoots a rapist.
*As a result, she prefers extremely dirty talk and aggressive sex, which may be triggering to some.
*I am not sure whether or not a rape scene is shown.

I'm the Girl He Wants to Kill (1974)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.

Images in a Convent (1979)
*This movie contains rape scene(s).

Immortal Beloved (1995)
*A man attempts to rape a woman.
*A man rapes a woman.

Improper Conduct (1994)
*The chairman of an advertising company sexually harasses all of his good looking female employees.
*One woman decides to put a stop to the harassment and fights back. She takes him to court but loses.
*This traumatizes her and makes her feel desperate. She dies in a car accident as a result.
*Her sister goes undercover at the same company in an attempt to get justice on the chairman.

In a Glass Cage (1986)
*This movie is so sick and degrading that I actually cried reading about the inhumanity of it. I refuse go into detail; let’s just say it involves sex with young boys.

IN HER SHOES (2005) (Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette) (PG-13)
*A woman accepts a ride in a car from a man she doesn't know. He comes on to her and she is very uncomfortable with this- we see her reactions. She runs out of the car when they reach her destination, but he follows and throws har against her own car, holding her there. She fights back and escapes.

In My Daughter's Name (TV) (1992)
*A woman is raped by a man.
*As he has affluent parents, he pleads guilty due to reasons of insanity during the rape trial.
*The mother of the raped woman is unable to bear this injustice. She attempts every possible avenue to obtain justice for her daughter but is unsuccessful.
*She later takes justice into her own hands.

In the Best Interest of the Child (TV) (1990)
*A young girl is having violent nightmares. The mother believes that the nightmares may be an indication that her daughter is being sexually abused by her father.
*She gets the court involved, but the court is no help.

In the Cut (2003)
*A man kisses a woman who stops him. He gets angry about this and holds her down on the bed. He says that he still wants to f**k her. However, nothing else happens.

In the Eyes of an Angel (2001)
*This is a drama about a girl who is sexually abused and impregnated by her father. She is horrified by her pregnancy, and in order to hide her secret, she initiated sex with a blind date.
*She then accuses him of raping her.
*She is horrified by what she has done, and returns home to face her father.

In the Name of the Emperor (1995)
*This is a true documentary of an event that has been named 'the Rape of Nanjing', which took place in 1937. More than 300,000 Chinese were slaughtered by the Japanese. During this time, the Chinese soldiers systematically raped tortured and killed hundreds of thousands of civilians.
*Many of these acts are seen.
*What may be especially disturbing to viewers is that actual footage of the rapes and killings is used, which was taken by an American missionary who was there at the time.

In the Presence of Mine Enemies (TV) (1997)
*A young woman is raped by an officer in the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, 1942. A German soldier helps her to escape.

In Your Dreams (TV) (1997)
*The focus of this movie is on a 'perceived' date rape. A man believes he has had consensual sex with his date. However, the woman thinks she was deliberately raped. The court must decide which portrayal of events is true.

Incognito (TV) (1999)
*A woman is raped.
*Her rapist stalks her, forcing her to hire a bodyguard.

The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)
*A woman is attacked by invading antibodies. Oddly enough, the antibodies seems to stick to her breasts, instead of sticking to her entire body. A group of men try to stop this from happening, and claw at her in what has been described as a rape-like frenzy to get them off her.
*A feminized male doctor suffers the same treatment.

The Incredible Shrinking Man (2005)
*The movie currently in production may also contain a rape scene; this is not yet known. (I say this because the 1957 version does have a rape scene.)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.
*More info coming soon.

The Incredible Torture Show / Heritage of Caligula / Blood Sucking Freaks / House of the Screaming Virgins / Sardu, Master of the Screaming Virgins (1976)
*A sick and graphic movie in which kidnapped, naked women are tortured on stage for the audience’s enjoyment, who think it’s all acting. However, it is real.
*This film has extreme misogyny, torture and humiliation of women.
*Necrophilic acts are in this movie.
*Graphic violence is used.

The Incubus (1981)
*A small town is traumatized by a series of brutal murders and bizarre rapes.
*The focus of this movie is on uncovering the perpetrator.
*Incestuous overtones are part of this movie.

An Infinity of Terrors / Galaxy of Terror / Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror / Planet of Horrors / Quest (1981)
*A gory low budget sci-fi movie.
*A woman is raped by a giant caterpillar.

Insect Woman (1963)
*This movie contains a rape scene. Interview with a Vampire (1994)
*Some viewers may find this movie disturbing as there is a palpable attraction between a little girl (who is actually old- she’s a vampire) and an adult vampire. This borders on pedophilia / statutory rape.

Intolerable Cruelty (2003)
*During a court case, a woman admits that for the past thirty years, she has been a sex slave to her husband.
*During the same court case, she describes her husband's actions, saying he went from gentle to using toys, videotaping and creating a sex toy out of a vacuum that he called the Intruder.
*This is an extremely minor part of the film and not graphic or played for laughs / drama.
The Investigation (TV) (2002)
*Two police officers are each investigating a rape and murder.
*The rape is (likely) not shown and takes up only a small portion of the film.

The Iron Girl (1994)
*A young woman is gang raped by a biker gang while she is out roller blading.
*The rest of the movie is about her getting revenge on her rapists.

Irréversible (2002) (2003)
*The central character suffers a very grueling, very hard to watch rape scene, shown in graphic detail.
*I cannot tell from my research exactly what else is seen in this movie, but I am guessing that there is a lot of focus on sexual assaults, including homosexual assault.
*There is a lot of dialogue about and leading up to sexual assaults.
*The assaults are shown as an attempt by the attacker(s) to gain power over their victims.
*Some of the sexual assaults may be degrading, humiliating and violent.

Islam and Feminism (1991)
*This is a factual look at Islam, in which Islamic law does not distinguish between fornication, sex and adultery. Under Islamic law, a woman and a man who are not married to each other are arrested for fornication, whipped and stoned to death.
*We learn that in Pakistani courts, the testimony of two women is considered equal to that of one man.
*We learn that in Pakistan, a woman who is raped can be charged with having extramarital sex.
*This documentary examines these and similar issues, including women's organizations that are working to change these injustices.

Island of Death (1975)
*There is a rape scene in this movie.
*Bestiality, rape, torture and sacrifice. Sad.

My thoughts have destroyed me more thoroughly than any blade ever could....

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