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William (***, F/M, Severe, nudity, S&M, whipping)
« on: April 18, 2009, 01:41:56 PM »
I am blindfolded and gagged and led into a room. My hands are bound above my head, my ankles tied together and fastened to the floor. I am only wearing a pair of shorts and these are unceremoniously pulled to my ankles. My naked cock dangles out in front of me, exposed.

Then I hear the women. Dozens of them. I cannot see them but I imagine they are young and pretty, and naked, or nearly so, perhaps in skimpy lingerie. I hear their voices, chatting mindlessly about make-up and shopping. Idle chitchat as though I am not there. I smell their perfume as they walk around me, still talking and giggling. They ignore me.

A hand slaps my cock. Another pinches my bottom. A riding crop is thrust between my legs. I am helplessly bound. I cannot move or even turn. I wiggle and moan. I cannot speak. A hand caresses my back, my bottom, another touches my chest. A warm feminine body pressed against my side, a tongue licks my ear, my cheek. A finger slides over my lips and into my mouth. I suck it.

Someone slaps my bottom, hard. Another squeezes my nipples. The tone is changed now, the actions cruel. The woman are still talking to each other as though I am not there. I am like a little puppy dog at a tea party, the women patting my head and caressing my bottom but generally ignoring me.

Then they begin to whip me. They move in a circle around me. The whips are thin and light and the strokes sting a bit but do not cut the skin. They could whip me all night like this. The blows rain down on my body. The whips lash my back, my buttocks, my legs. They strike my neck, my chest, my belly, even my cock. Occasionally a blow will come up between my legs, either from the front to the back or the back to the front, the tail of the whip striking me with a fierce sting.

I am whimpering now. My whole body is alive with stings. My cock is hard, painfully hard, but the whipping continues. The women continue to talk casually as though I am not there. I begin to cry. Tears pour down my face. Then the women are touching me again, fondling my cock, patting my blazing bottom, licking and sucking my nipples. Each time I am about to come they whip my bottom hard.

Then suddenly I begin to come. My body jerks with orgasm and I thrust blindly forward, shooting my sperm out into the unknown darkness. The whips are all in use now, thrashing my buttocks and thighs without mercy, punishing me for my lack of control. I can feel semen dribbling down the sides of my cock. I collapse, spent, exhausted, my skin tingling with pain.

Then the women are gone. I am alone. The bonds are loose. I am free to go. I remove the blindfold and the room is empty. Semen lies on the floor in front of me, and on my body. I get a rag and clean it up and leave. My clothes are in the other room. I dress and go home. I'll be back next week.

The End

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