Author Topic: Gang bang - Mellissa by Missy1  (Read 2603 times)

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Gang bang - Mellissa by Missy1
« on: April 13, 2009, 06:27:34 PM »
Gang bang -mellissa 
By Missy1  (2008)
(NC, rape, M+/F)


Melissa walked into the bar and looked around, seeing the rough looking crowd she hesitated, but then the need for a drink overcame any objections her brain raised. She walked to the bar and ordered a double rum and coke; knocking it back in one she ordered the same again. After three doubles she finally sat down and began to savour her fourth drink. As she looked around a group of men caught her eye. She looked at them and shuddered thinking how rough they looked. Before realising she was staring she had attracted the groups attention.

Two of them walked across. The drinks were beginning to hit Melissa now. The big man stood in front of her bar stool and looked at her. The shorter man was standing behind as one they moved. The man facing her grabbed hold of her head and kissed her lips, crushing his own lips so hard against hers that he bruised her lips. The man behind her grabbed her large breasts through the material of her blouse, roughly squeezing and kneading them. Making her nipples hard and her body jerk.

The men lifted her bodily and carried her across to the large group of men. They sat her on the table in the middle of the group. Melissa smiled. One of the men leant forward and in one swift movement tore open her blouse, exposing her bra with her nipples just peeping over the top. Before this had totally registered in Melissa's brain she was pushed backwards across the table. Her skirt rose so it showed her knickers to anyone who looked.

Before Melissa could protest. Someone was kissing her lips hard. Though her brain was trying to tell her it was wrong she returned the kiss. While her brain was occupied with kissing. She vaguely registered a hand touching her through her panties. Rubbing her hard. Other hands were feeling her breasts.

She didn't know how it happened but it suddenly registered in her brain that she was now naked. Trying to sit up and protest. She was held down. Struggling harder the hands held her tighter as she felt fingers roughly pushing up her cunt. Trying to scream she opened her mouth but found a hard stiff prick thrust into her open orifice. Thrust all the way to the back of her throat so there was no chance of her biting.

She felt mouths on her nipples sucking and licking. Though her brain was doing its best to control her body, she felt herself becoming aroused. Then a large hot throbbing cock replaced the rough fingers up her cunt. Had she been able to she would have screamed as this poker was rammed hard up her cunt. But as her mouth was otherwise occupied this was impossible, so she whimpered, tears filling her eyes. As she was roughly fucked in both cunt and mouth.

The cock in her mouth began to spurt hot spunk into her mouth; she had no option but to swallow. As it was finally removed Melissa took a deep breath, as she was about to scream another hot throbbing cock filled her mouth. As it was thrust savagely in and out of her mouth, she ground her teeth along the shaft. This only infuriated the thruster more, taking hold of her hair he yelled into her face 'fucking bitch, f—u—c—k—I—n—g BITCH' And thrust his cock harder down her throat making her gag and choke, and making the man laugh.

She felt the man thrusting up her cunt grunt and with a final savage thrust he shot his load deep inside her, she felt him withdraw and wipe his wet sticky cock along her thigh. As she relaxed slightly she felt another cock thrust up her cunt. This one was taking things gentle, until the jeering and baying of his mates made him angry and he began thrusting in and out like some machine. As her ass bounced against the table and her head was thrown forward forcing the cock even further down her throat all the men laughed. Watching her tits bounce as she was fucked hard and fast. She felt someone nipping her nipples and then near fainted in pain as he bit her nipple hard.

The man in her face grinned and told her ' fucking bitch. I'm coming. Bitch let’s see how much you can take' and with that he rammed his cock into her throat as far as he could, as she gagged he came holding her head tight against his balls as he shot his load and laughed. The man fucking her also thrust hard and came up her cunt. Although it was involuntary Melissa whimpered and came, gushing cum all over the man's balls. All the men whooped and cheered as they realised that she had just cum.

As both men moved away Melissa felt something hot and sticky hit her breasts, as she glanced down she realised that someone had just cum all over her breasts. Then she was surprised to see two women emerge from the crowd. They walked forward bent their heads and began to lick her breasts and nipples clean. Melissa moaned. She felt her ass being pulled along the table then she felt another hot hard cock thrust into her sopping cunt. The women moved down her body licking as the crowd cheered them on. One of them climbed onto the table and pushed her own cunt into Melissa's face. Melissa tried to move her head but felt two hands hold it tight so she had no option but to lick the cunt that was staring her in the face. So parting the cunt lips she lapped at this woman's clit, as she felt the woman doing the same to her clit as the man thrust long and deep up her sticky cunt.

She tongue fucked the woman for what seemed like ages before she felt her stiffen and then her mouth was filled with a sweet fluid like nothing she had ever tasted before. The woman climbed off her face then bending down French kissed Melissa long and deep. 'Not bad Bitch' she whispered as she walked away. The other woman had disappeared back into the crowd. The man thrusting up her already overflowing cunt, grunted and buried himself deep then he jerked and came.

Melissa closed her eyes and laid waiting for the next assault. When a pair of big strong arms grabbed her and helped her to sit up. She looked into a great big bear of a man's face. He handed her a glass. She looked at the liquid and not really caring what it was drank it gratefully. Her mouth was dry and sore from all the cum she had swallowed. So she drank the whole glass. Amazed she realised that it was rum and coke like she had been drinking earlier just more of it. She drank it and looked at the men all stood round her holding their rigid cocks in their hands. She must have counted at least twenty.

Oh god she thought what if they all wanted to fuck or make her suck them. The big man removed the glass from her hand. Then he pushed her back onto the table and moved between her legs, bending his head he did what no one else had done so far and licked up her cunt, tasting the previous men and Melissa's own unique taste. When he had licked his fill, he dropped his trousers Melissa looked and tried to jump from the table. But four pairs of strong arms held her down. 'No no no ' she protested when that had no effect she screamed, well half screamed as another hard cock was thrust into her mouth.

The crowd was now cheering as the bear of a man positioned his equally massive cock against Melissa's already abused cunt. It was so large he had trouble as he tried to fuck it in. He grunted and pushed, Melissa tried to move but couldn't. Someone must have handed the man some sort of lube, as she felt something cool being applied all around her cunt lips. She wanted to scream that this prick was too large, but couldn't. So with a knot in her stomach, she lay still as she felt him once more position his monster cock against her cunt. She could vaguely hear the whoops and calls, shouts of encouragements from the crowd. She tried to block out what was happening, but it was impossible with the cock ramming her mouth and the monster trying to force entry up her cunt.

With a grunt and a thrust the monster entered her, she thought she was being split in two. She could hear the calls 'Give it to her. Fuck the Bitch.Ram it in deep.fuck the bitching whore' He slowly thrust deeper until he was about half way in. Melissa knew he couldn't go any further. She felt her legs roughly grabbed and her knees pushed backwards, opening her cunt as wide as was possible. She felt fingers rubbing her clit. Even with this monster rammed up her she felt her cunt responding to the stimulus. She was soon sopping wet. The bear of a man pulled back and thrust his cock in deeper, to Melissa's amazement it was nearly all in her cunt. The crowd roared its approval. The monster cock was soon ploughing in and out of her cunt. Oh god no, Melissa could feel herself building to an orgasm. As the monster stretched her cunt to capacity she shuddered and came, the man fucking her thrust as she was in the throes of orgasm and buried his cock fully to the balls in her pulsating cunt.

The cock in her mouth was pulled out as he shot his load over her tits. The man stayed with his monster buried fully in Melissa's cunt, then resumed his thrusting, but now burying his monster fully with each inward thrust. The crowd clapped cheered and stamped. He gave a few more thrust then buried himself deep and came. Most of the men in the crowd also came over and shot their loads over Melissa, as she lay spread-eagled on the table.

The bear man removed his monster rubbed it along Melissa's thighs to rid himself of some of the cum that clung to his cock. He then walked to the other end of the table and thrust his semi-hard monster in Melissa's mouth. Melissa sucked and licked him clean. At which point this enormous man tucked his monster back in his trousers. Turning to the crowd he said 'shows over'. Turning to Melissa he picked her up off the table.

Realising there was no way she could walk; this man carried her to a door behind the bar. Giving it a kick he carried her through to a room containing a bath already filled with warm water. He lowered her into the warm water and taking a bar of soap. Washed all the dried cum off her body. He then washed her hair. Finally lifting her out of the water he dried her with a fluffy towel. Then he took her over to the bed and pulling back the covers placed her tenderly between the sheets. He looked into her eyes and kissed her mouth tenderly. Then tucking the covers around her abused body, he watched as her eyes closed and she slept. Quietly he left the room and returned to the bar.