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A Teacher Submits - By MercySlayer
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This work is copyrighted to the author © 2002.

A TEACHER SUBMITS (M+/F, forced, school)
By MercySlayer


Susan enjoyed teaching history at the local high school.
She taught senior students and derived a great deal of
joy seeing the faces of the future sitting across from
her. She taught history the last period of the day just
before going home to Karl her husband. Sometimes when
Susan arrived home she would be so wet and horny, she
would quickly lead Karl upstairs for a "quickie" before
dinner. He never knew the reason for Susan's mood.
However, she kept a secret from Karl about her teaching.

Susan's real reason for enjoying the last period of
history with the seniors were the boys in the class. At
34, Susan had kept her 5 foot 4 inch frame in great
shape. She was slender with short, blond hair and a very
firm ass that Susan thought was her best feature. Her
32A breasts were small, but this facilitated the secret
"game" she liked to play with the senior boys.

Susan would frequently go braless with thong panties
under sundresses. The sundresses were cut low in the
front and hung about four inches above her knees. Susan
could sit on the top of her desk and allow the boys to
see as much of her thong-covered cunt as she wanted.

In addition, she occasionally would bend down and allow
the two or three boys on the front row see her breasts
hanging down. Invariably, Susan would see the boys
squirming in their seats trying to hide their erections
and Susan's nipples would get hard as rocks and she
could feel the wetness between her legs. It was on those
days Susan rushed home for the quickie with Karl. Her
sundresses met with the school code and she only wore
them three or four times a month, so Susan did not think
anyone suspected what her secret "game" was all about.

Recently, an exchange student from Russian, Vanya, was
assigned to Susan's class. Van, as the students called
him, was over six feet tall and was immediately
recruited to play football. Van chose a seat in the
front row of Susan's history class. The first time Susan
played her secret game she gasped at the size of Van's
erection. Susan even felt a little guilty because at the
end of class it was obvious to her that Van was
embarrassed as he tried to cover himself with a notebook
in order to exit the classroom. As fall approached,
Susan could no longer wear the sundresses due to the
cool air and waited with anticipation for spring.

As the weather became warmer again in the spring Susan
anxiously went through her closet to find the right
sundress. She picked one of the shorter sundresses for
the first warm day and decided to wear a pair of shear
thongs. Susan looked in the full-length mirror before
dropping the sundress over her head. The effect she
wanted was evident, Susan could easily see her neatly,
trimmed blonde pubic hair through the shear thong. "This
will torment that Russian," Susan thought as she dropped
the short sundress over her head and left for school.

All day Susan fidgeted waiting for last period. Finally
the bell rang and the seniors filed into the classroom.
As if on cue, Van took his seat in the front row. Susan
planned to wait until the very end of class to torment
the boys. She slowly came around the desk and let them
see how short the sundress was. Susan could see the lust
in their eyes as she jumped upon the desk and let her
dress ride up to mid-thigh.

Pretending not to notice, Susan continued to lecture to
the students, glancing occasionally at the boys in the
front row. Van was definitely checking out her shear
thong and Susan could see the massive erection straining
at his jeans.

Susan waited until seconds before the final bell, and
then leaned further over that before exposing her entire
breasts. She was sure Van could see her hardened
nipples. The bell rang and all the students jumped up
quickly to exit except Van who again struggled to hide
his erection as he slid out of the seat. Susan could
feel the tingling of excitement in her cunt and returned
to her seat to hurry home to Karl.

Susan was quickly packing her things and did not hear
the door shut and lock. She felt eyes on her and turned
to find Van standing ten feet from her desk with two
other male students who were also football players.
"What can I do for you?" Susan asked a bit annoyed that
these students were delaying her departure.

The students approached her. Susan recognized David and
Mark as students from the same history class. Mark was a
huge, black, offensive lineman for the football team
with a full scholarship to the university. Susan did not
like Mark because the school forced her to give him a
passing grade even though he did no work. David was the
team quarterback, not much smarter, but a real smart ass
in class. Susan found out early that it did little good
to send him to the principle for his disruptive
behavior. The thought never crossed Susan's mind that
she was in any danger.

"You strip now," Van ordered as the three students
approached the small, petite teacher. "What did you
say?" Susan asked not believing what she heard.

"Yeah, bitch, you've teased us all year, now we want to
sample some of that ass you been showing," Mark spat at
Susan. Susan suddenly realized her predicament. At only
5 feet, 4 inches tall, these three boys, men towered
over her. She quickly looked around and she knew there
was no way she could get to the door. David just laughed
as he saw the fear come over Susan's face. The three men
encircled Susan and she started to try to assert herself
as the teacher. "You three leave my classroom now,"
Susan ordered, her voice trembling with fear as Van
stood directly over her.

"Can not do that, Miss," Van informed Susan, "you will
take care of this first." With those words Van unzipped
his pants and exposed his 10 inches long erection. Susan
ordered him to leave again and then felt Van's large
hands pushing her down to her knees. Susan tried to
twist away, but David and Mark stood on each side.
Finally Susan was on her knees with Van's erection
inches from her lips.

"Open up wide," Mark ordered and then yanked Susan's
short blond hair back causing her to scream. The scream
was cut short by Van's cock being shoved deeply into
Susan's mouth causing her to choke. Susan only gave head
to her husband Karl on rare occasions, his birthday,
Christmas, and now, an 18-year-old student who she
barely knew had his 10-inch cock shoved into her mouth.
Tears began to flow down Susan's cheeks as Van grabbed
her head and began pushing it further onto his cock.

"Her mouth is good," Van announced to the others in his
broken English. Susan struggled to breath as she felt
his zipper scraping the sides of her nose and his cock
slide down the back of her throat. Susan tried again to
struggle free but Van held her head tight and David and
Mark each grabbed her arms and pulled them around Van's
ass. Susan was being pulled by her arms tightly against
Van's groin. Once Van felt David and Mark had the young
teacher helpless, he released her head and grabbed the
front of Susan's sundress and pulled it over her head.
Susan felt so helpless as she knelt naked except for her
thongs and shoes with this students cock in her mouth.
Van began to slowly saw in and out of Susan's mouth
while his large hands found her breasts and started
pinching her nipples.

"Look how hard and long those nipples are getting',"
Mark commented as Van continued to abused Susan's
breasts while he faced fucked her. Susan found a way to
relax and take the Russian's dick down her throat
without choking. She was fighting the tingling sensation
in her cunt while Van abused her nipples. Susan could
feel herself becoming wet between her legs and closed
her eyes and cursed her body for betraying her.

Suddenly Van pinched down hard on Susan's nipples
causing her to wince in pain. Van was moaning and Susan
felt the warm liquid hit the back of her throat. Susan
was ordered by David to swallow every drop, another
first for her, and Susan tried, but a little of Van's
cum dripped from the corner of her mouth. Susan's eyes
were closed in humiliation and she did not see the flash
of the camera.

Susan's arms were released as Van pulled his member from
her mouth. Susan covered her breasts with her hands and
stood up with her eyes staring down at the floor. She
could not look at the three students until she heard
Mark announce "My turn!" Before Susan could speak, Mark
spun her around while David shoved everything off her
desk. David and Van grabbed Susan's arms and pulled her
across the desk leaving her ass and cunt vulnerable to
Mark. Susan felt Mark's hands on her hips grabbing her
thong and she kicked back at him.

"Please, leave me alone, no one but my husband has ever
had sex with me, stop now and I'll tell no one," Susan
bargained. But David informed Susan she would tell no
one anyway and signaled Mark to remove the thongs. Susan
grunted as the large, black student ripped her thongs
away from her body as if they were tissue paper.
"Please, please don't do this," Susan begged.

"Shit, this bitch wants it," Mark laughingly announced
as he held up two wet fingers. Susan dropped her head on
the desk indignant that this black student had insert
two fat fingers easily into her cunt. It was true, she
was so wet, but Susan attributed to the residual affect
of her secret game. Susan tensed when she felt the
smooth, mushroom head of the black student's cock at the
entrance to her cunt.

"GOD, you're hurting me," Susan wailed as Mark shoved
his eleven inches of cock to the balls into Susan's cunt
with one thrust. Susan tried to look around behind her
as Mark pulled his tool out and slammed it home again.
He reached around and grabbed her still hard nipples
pulling them to the sides of Susan's body as he started
fucking her in earnest.

"This bitch is so tight, she must not get fucked a lot
or her hubby has a little dick," Mark commented. It was
true, Susan's husband Karl was not that large, although
since he was the only man Susan ever had sex with she
did not know any difference. As Mark pounded her pussy,
Susan felt his full scrotum smack against her clit with
each deep stroke.

Susan could not believe her body was responding to this
abuse. Her cunt no longer ached but was stretched
tightly around the black student's dick further
increasing the pleasurable sensations coursing through
her body. Susan hung her head down and bit her lower lip
as Mark's scrotal sack banged against her now, engorged
clit. Each stoke and each hit by his balls brought Susan
closer to orgasm. Susan's breathing increased and her
pleadings for Mark to stop were whispers."

"Please, no more, no more," Susan moaned and then the
pleasure explosive started. "Oh my God, I'm CUMMING,"
Susan yelled and began thrusting her hip back against
Mark feeling a harder slap of his scrotum against her
clit. "Fuck me harder you bastard," Susan yelled and
David and Van released the teacher's arms. Susan pushed
herself up from the desk and wrapped her legs around
Mark so he could fuck her deeper. Susan was lost in the
most intense orgasm of her life and never saw the
multiple flashes coming from David's camera.

"Here is comes, teach," Mark alerted Susan as he started
fucking her harder. Susan felt the black cock grow
inside her. Her second orgasm started as Mark sprayed
the walls of her cunt with his sperm. Susan felt herself
being filled with this student's hot seed and was
thankful she took the pill so pregnancy would not be an

Susan lay across the desk trying to slow her breathing
as Mark pulled his cock from her widely stretched cunt.
Susan's neatly trimmed pubic hair was now matted with a
mixture of her juices and Mark's cum and she could feel
the cool air against her swollen cunt lips. The black
student's cock left Susan's cunt gaping open with his
cum clearly visible in a pool. Susan's entire body was
red from the sexual frenzy she had experienced. Lost in
her euphoria, Susan did not object when Van and Mark
pulled her arms forward again, "That's not necessary,"
Susan groaned. She then felt hands on her ass cheeks.

"I'm not going to fuck her cunt now," David announced,
"Mark, you'd stretched thing all out." Susan tried to
pull away as David spread her ass cheeks to a painful
distance apart. She felt his fingers in her cunt, then
felt the wetness applied to her rectum. "Please, not
there," Susan begged as David pushed Mark's cum into
Susan's ass with one finger. Susan never let anyone, not
even Karl, mess with her ass. "Sorry teach, it's just
too inviting," David responded.

Now Susan knew why the other two students were holding
her arms. Susan was exhausted from her two orgasm and
could not escape the pressure in her rectum as David
pushed his cock against it. "Nooooooooooo," Susan
pleaded as the pain shot from her ass to her brain when
the head of David's dick pushed past her virgin anal
ring. Inch by inch David forced his dick into the
teacher's ass ignoring her pleads to stop. Finally,
David worked all twelve inches into the virgin ass.
"This bitch will rub me raw," David complained and then
began a rapid assault on Susan's asshole.

Susan thrash and grunted with each thrust in her ass.
Her pleads were now just whimpers as the pain in her ass
lessened with each stroke. As she quit fighting, Mark
and Van released her arms. Mark snapped a couple of
pictures as Susan started pushing back against David's

"I want that cunt now," Van announced. Susan was now
lost in the weird feelings of pleasures generating from
her ass-fucking. As David pulled her to a standing
position and turned around and laid down on the desk
with Susan still impaled on his cock, Susan just moaned
and offered no resistance. Van crawled between Susan's
legs as David stopped fucking her ass. "She's so wet,
you should have no trouble," Mark announced and Van slid
his hard again cock into Susan's cunt.

The double impalement brought Susan to life, as she felt
so full in her ass and cunt. David and Van started a
rhythm with David driving into Susan's ass while Van
withdrew, then Van driving hard into her cunt as David
pulled outward from her ass. Susan swore she could feel
the two dicks rubbing together separated by only a thin
piece of tissue. Susan was then lost in her third and
most powerful orgasm. The camera clicked and Susan
begged to be fucked harder and harder as the orgasm went
on and on. Finally David started filling her virgin ass
with his cum and within seconds Van shot his load and
still Susan was in the throngs of a massive orgasm.

Van crawled off and David pushed Susan off his cock.
Susan spread her legs and fingered her clit to continue
the orgasm to the very last thrill shot through her
body. Then she slumped unconscious onto her desk. Van,
David, and Mark, straightened their clothes and quietly
left Susan, naked, on her desk.

Susan awoke at it was dark outside. She slowly stood up
and felt the pain in her ass and cunt. Susan was
exhausted from the sexual assault. She looked at the
pools of cum that dripped from her ass and cunt and now
stained her desk. Her sundress was in her chair crumpled
up. Susan could not find her thongs. Susan quickly
dressed, went to the teacher's lounge, cleaned up and
drove home. Karl questioned her about the lateness and
Susan muttered something about being sick and
immediately showered and went to bed.

The next day, Susan was dressed in a long skirt and
high-neck sweater. In her last class, David, Mark, and
Van all sat on the front row. Susan fought hard not to
look at them. She did not know what they were going to
do about what happen. After class, the three students
waited and Susan prepared herself for the worst.

"We had a good time teach, now things are going to
change," Mark informed Susan after all the students
left. David showed her the pictures and Susan cried into
her hands.

"What do you want from me," Susan asked secretly hoping
she knew. David explained that she would be their slut
from now on. Van handed her a list of things she was to
do, clothes she was to wear. Their deal was simple, on
Saturday nights, Susan was to be their whore, do
whatever they wanted sexually until school ended. Once
school ended, they would return the pictures to her.
Susan nodded slowly in agreement and the students left
with Van reminding her, "see you Saturday."

Later that evening, Susan could not believe she was
sitting in a chair in the piercing salon. Her cunt
already ached after her first nipple was pierced, and
the woman prepared to pierce the other nipple, Susan was
afraid she would have an orgasm. Susan was not sure what
she would tell Karl, but was sure he would like her
"new" slutty behavior, but explaining Saturday nights
would be difficult. The nipple went through the nipple
and Susan moaned as the smallest of orgasms washed over
her body.

If only she had known, Susan would have submitted a long
time ago.