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Forced Into Porn (M+/F, F/F, RELUC, BDSM, IR, EXHIB)
« on: January 10, 2009, 01:19:13 PM »

Forced Into Porn
by Toby Bullock

When Lynne Ford regained consciousness she found herself slumped in a hard wooden chair, sat across a desk from a heavy set grizzled man who was chewing a thick cigar.  He grinned at her, lecherously.  Confused by her new and frightening circumstances, Lynne tried to get up, but found herself strapped to the chair with a thick leather belt buckled around her waist.

The man shook his head and made a dismissive gesture with his left hand.  “Forget it, bitch,” he told her.  “You got an audition to get through before you’re going anywhere.”

She suddenly realized that her clothes had been changed.  Her smart office pants suit and sensible Mary Janes had been replaced by an outfit that any working hooker would have been proud of.  She now found herself wearing a tight black minidress so short that it did nothing to hide her bare pussy. In fact, she might just as well have been naked for all the cover that the scanty garment gave her.  Not much more than an elasticized tube of black nylon around her midriff, it only just reached high enough to contain her nipples - both of them embarrassingly hard beneath the tight dress.  Her legs were bare, her feet squeezed uncomfortably into a pair of black stilettos.

Lynne struggled again.  “What the fuck is this all about?” she demanded.  “What do you want with me?”

Slim, and tanned, with long shapely legs, Miss Lynne Ford was just exactly what Harry was looking for.  Ripley, the hard-nosed black thug who worked as his ‘Talent Scout’, had picked out a hot one this time; snatched from the parking lot outside the federal building in broad daylight.  What a coup!  What a hot piece of ass!  OK, it was pretty obvious that she'd dyed her hair. Blonde was nice, but Harry could see from between her legs that her natural hair color was brown.

Seeing where Harry was looking, Lynne crossed her legs, obscuring the perfect view of her wispy pubic mound. For some reason, that made Harry's cock go very hard indeed.

“Ain’t you figured out what’s in store for you yet?” he grinned.

“I – I don’t know wha-“

“You’re gonna be learning a whole new trade,” he laughed.  “Gonna have to pick up the ropes pretty damn quick, too, cos you’ve got lots of hard fucking to get through this afternoon.  Lotsa guys, lotsa cock – and all captured in glorious HD video.  Yeah, that’s right, bitch!  I’m gonna make you a porn star!”

“You’re crazy if you think I would ever -“

Harry reached into a drawer and pulled out a handful of photos.  He pushed them across the desk towards her, spreading them out so that she could see the beautifully detailed high resolution images: Miss Lynne Ford, naked and comatose, in each picture getting well and truly fucked by a different guy.

Lynne’s eyes went wide with disbelief.  “But I –“

“Oh, they ain’t fakes,” Harry laughed.  He leaned over and tapped the first photo.  “That there’s Ted,” he moved his finger to the next picture, “Lennie,” indicating the next, “Ross,” and the next, “Kirk, Ray, Jared, Brian, Red,” he worked his way across the fanned out pictures from left to right.  Ten different guys.  Ten different cocks.  Just one cunt, ass and mouth.

Suddenly feeling her vagina and anus sticky and sore, and tasting stale semen in her mouth, Miss Ford began sobbing with despair.

“Ah, don’t cry over it, bitch,” Harry said dismissively, “it ain’t like you were a virgin or nothing.”

“But – all those men –” she sobbed, “w-when?”

“While you were still drugged up to the eyeballs,” he explained. “Oh, and we filmed it all – of course.  Jeez, that was some nasty gangbang, I can tell ya.”  He waited for the words to sink in.  “So there you go, Lynne.  You could say you’ve already started in the business!”


“Yeah, right.”  He waved her silent.  “You should be able to work out how this goes from here.  You sign a contract with me, do a minimum of twelve movies a year, making two grand a film.”  He grinned triumphantly.  “In return, your bosses at the IRS don’t get to see what a nasty slut you are on the firm’s time!”

Lynne’s heart was pounding furiously, the cold sweat of panic urging her to do something, anything, to end her nightmare.  After a while she managed to force some words from her mouth, speaking with a hoarse, quiet voice, “All – all right.”

“Now there’s a smart girl.” Harry grinned cheerfully.  "OK, first we got to do a standard audition – keep things all nice and legal, see?”

Poor Lynne nodded numbly.

“Take your dress off,” he commanded, “and remind me again what you got."

Trembling, Lynne obeyed. After fumbling with the buckle of the strap around her waist, she managed to free herself from the chair.  She stood up, swaying unsteadily for a moment as her thighs trembled and her legs threatened to collapse beneath her.  Then she rolled the tight fitting fabric down her body, pushing it awkwardly over her belly and thighs until she was able to kick the crumbled garment from her feet, leaving her naked but for the stilletos. Trembling nervously, she picked up the discarded dress and draped it over the back of the chair.

Harry studied her lovely body for a while. He made a stirring motion with his pencil, indicating that she should turn around. She was made to stand naked in front of him for three minutes, stale cum still trickling from her reddened cunt and asshole and running down the insides of her thighs, before he finally ordered, "Now spread your legs, bitch and show me that fine, fuckable cunt of yours!"

Surprising even herself, Lynne didn't flinch. She sat down on the chair, and hooked her feet around the corners of his desk. The once smart and well behaved office girl pinched her sticky pussy lips between the thumb and forefinger of both hands and stretched her cunt wide apart, exposing her damp, recently fucked hole to his stare.

"Good," he said, after she'd held her cunt open to his lusty inspection for a full sixty seconds, "Now show me your asshole."

She stood up again, this time with her back to him, leaned forward, and spread her butt cheeks. Her anus was still small and tight, even though it was swollen from the repeated sodomy that she had been subjected to whilst unconscious.

"You ever had a cock in there?” he asked, “before all this, I mean?" He already knew the answer from the delighted feedback of the men he’d had gang fuck her comatose body.

Lynne turned around to face him again. "N-no," she said.

Harry nodded, and reached into his desk drawer. He took out a pair of very large black dildos and a tube of KY Jelly.  One of the rubber cocks was already covered in grease and what looked like somebody else’s shit.  He gave that one to her together with the gel.

"In your ass," he said. "All the way in - then sit down on it."

She hesitated for a moment, but the photographs were still spread out on the desk and she knew that she had no other option than total compliance.  She couldn’t face her workmates knowing about what had happened, and had no doubt that Harry would follow through on his threat.  So, without flinching, Lynne started scooping large globs of the lubricating jelly into her sore asshole.  Knowing that he was after a performance, she turned her back to him and bent down so that he could see her fingers sliding knuckle deep into her anal passage.

Without cleaning the used dildo, Lynne pressed the swollen tip of the gigantic object between her butt cheeks until it was pushing against her sphincter.  The rim of her anus felt sore but the copious amount of gel that she had applied eased the dildo’s passage and she gently squeezed it into her once tight rectum.  Lynne stifled a grunt of pain as eight inches of thick black rubber slid slowly inside her.  She continued to push until the massive object was firmly embedded all the way to its root, leaving just its golf-ball sized fake testicles pressed tight against her bum.  Following his instructions, she then sat down again. Immediately it hurt.  The dildo’s balls were hard and her weight was causing her rectum to try and accommodate them too.  She winced with pain, shuffling until she could find a position that was bearable.

“Very good, bitch.”  Harry nodded his approval.  He enjoyed seeing this beautiful, sexy woman degrade herself.  He especially enjoyed seeing the pain that she was in.

"I'm a good girl," said Lynne, with a forced smile and an unsteady voice. "I always – do what I'm told."

From his drawer, Harry took out three lengths of washing line cord. One of the pieces was much longer than the other. He pushed them across the desk to her. "Tie your ankles and waist to the chair.  And make sure that you tie yourself good and tight, or I’ll get somebody else to do it!"

It was difficult with the huge dildo stuffed up her ass, but still Lynne managed to hook each of her ankles behind the back legs of the chair, so that her thighs were spread wide apart, and them tied them tightly in place with the short lengths of cord. The remaining cord she looped several times around her slim waist and through the back supports of the chair, before tying it firmly across her belly.  When she was done, the pain in her anus was almost excruciating and she felt nothing but shame for what she knew she was about to do.

"Good. Now make yourself cum!”  He gave her the second dildo.  “Here, use this."

“God, it’s huge!” she exclaimed, seeing that it was significantly longer and thicker than the object already buried in her sore anus.

“It’s no bigger than some of the cocks you’ll be taking in your screen test,” Harry pushed it across the desk so that she could reach it.

Lynne hesitated for a moment, holding the bulbous tip of the enormous dildo between her crinkly, sticky pussy lips, testing it for size.  When she reluctantly admitted to herself that she could probably take it, she began to ease the dildo inside her.  It wasn’t easy in the position that she had been made to tie herself, but she persevered, pushing her hips forward and swiveling her butt on the hard rubber balls of her anal plug until her pussy was fully exposed and the rope around her waist was painfully constricting her chest and rubbing chafing on the undersides of her breasts.

She positioned the dildo’s thick, oval head between her spread cunt lips and pushed it inside.  Astonished to see her pussy become stretched taut around the circumference of the black rubber phallus, she continued twisting it gently back and forth, pushing it deeper by the inch, shifting awkwardly in the chair so that her vaginal passage lined up with the only angle that she could get the object inside her.  All the time her anus was impaled on another hard rubber shaft, making her task both difficult and very painful.

“Oooooohhh – it’s – uuuuuuuuh!”  Lynne moaned breathlessly as she felt her internal organs being rearranged to accommodate the second invading substitute cock.  The thin wall between her front and back passages became trapped between the dildos, crushed and pinched as she maintained the pressure.  It hurt, but even so she found herself enjoying the brutal sensation and so pushed harder.  It was a perverse enjoyment that made her feel, in equal measure, guilty and disgusted.  She had already been raped by ten men, her body savagely violated whilst she lay unconscious, her cunt and ass still sticky with their stale semen, yet now she found herself aroused by the thought of what had happened to her; even more excited by the prospect of what was still to come.

When finally she had managed to force the gigantic cock all the way inside her, Harry gave a congratulatory hand clap.  “Nicely done, bitch.  Now fuck yourself with it.  Fuck yourself hard!”

It was awkward.  She had to keep pushing herself up with her toes, and being tied to the chair that threatened to tip her over at any moment.  Still, as before, she persevered.  Slowly at first, Miss Ford began pumping herself with the thick rubber prick, drawing its full length out of her over-stretched pussy then thrusting it all the way back in, forcing it deeper and deeper with each stroke.  Gradually her strokes became quicker and longer, as the entire length of the dildo became slick with her copious pussy juice.  By now, Lynne was grunting like an animal, with her free hand alternating between pinching and squeezing her nipples, and rubbing her hardened clit in a frantic attempt to make herself come.  The room was soon filled with the smell of cunt and the sound of rubber slapping in and out of her sopping wet pussy.
Slop!  Slop!  Slop!

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned.  “Oh, Jesus! – oh -oh -oh!”

Harry watched with mounting enjoyment, feeling his cock swelling in the front of his pants.  He had to admit that the bitch was putting on a good show.

Finally, after nearly five minutes of frenzied pumping and pounding with the giant black dildo, Lynne’s body went rigid, and she uttered a throaty growl of satisfaction.  She threw her head back, curling her toes and arching her back as she wailed with pleasure.  The spasms continued for almost a minute before eventually subsiding.  Lynne let her head fall forward, allowing her ropes to take her weight as she panted softly, the dildo still buried deep in her swollen cunt.

"Yeah, very good, Lynne,” said Harry, apparently unimpressed.  “Now let’s see you do it again and this time put some real effort into it!”

“B-but -“

“Just keep on fucking yourself until I say stop.  I wanna see you come at least three times.  Don't rush it, and don't fake it.”  His tone of voice made it clear that he thought Lynne’s orgasm hadn’t been for real.  “I wanna see you squirt as well.  You squirt for me, bitch – you got it?”

Panting with exhaustion, she nodded her head.  “I – don’t know – if I can.”

“It ain’t an option, kid.  You squirt, or you keep on fucking yourself until you drop!”

Her body now drenched in sweat, Lynne started pumping her pussy again.  This time it was much easier.  It hardly hurt at all, in fact.  She reached a rapid rhythm in just a few moments, and was soon pounding her sore pussy mercilessly.

Slop!  Slop!  Slop!

"Now then, Lynne.  Let's just make sure that we're quite clear about what's going on here.”  He reached into the drawer and took out what she assumed was a movie script.  “You’re here to make some real hard porno films.  They're going to be nasty shit - absolutely no holds barred.  That means you're gonna get yourself well and truly fucked!"

"Sure - I understand," she gasped, as she pumped her pussy furiously with the sticky dildo.

"This is a nasty little story that I’ve got you lined up for.”  He held up the script.  “You’re gonna be the star in this one.  You’ll be playing a girl called Linda.  Actually, I think we'll stick with Lynne.  Works well enough, what do you think?"

Her body shaking like a rag doll from the onslaught that she was unleashing upon her cunt, Lynne managed a nod and a grunt of reluctant agreement.  She continued pounding her pussy with the huge dildo.

Slop!  Slop!  Slop!

"Ok, so this is basically an extreme S&M gang bang film - you're  hitchiking around New England with your boyfriend.  He's been reading a dirty mag that he found in a waste bin.  He gets a bit drunk, and decides that he wants to see you get fucked by a horse.  He takes you to a stable where he's found a horny stallion and tries to convince you to go along with it.  You're not keen on the idea, but he starts getting rough.  So you have a hell of an argument with him and the two of you split up.”

Lynne was finding herself becoming more and more aroused as Harry read her the script.  Suddenly she was actually enjoying her predicament and feeling paradoxically excited about the possibility of being forced into performing all manner of humiliating sex acts.  Perhaps it was every girl’s secret dream to be a porn star? she wondered, as the pain and pleasure began to take hold again of her punished body.

"Pretty soon, you're picked up by this gang of a dozen roughneck thugs.  Real nasty, hard fuckers.  They've been cruising around the area in this beat-up old van looking for a hot slut to take some gang bang action, and you're conned into going along with them, because when the van stops it looks like it's just the one guy, who's driving the van - you don't know that the others are in the back.”

“Oh, God!” Lynne exclaimed.  “I’m – coming – oooooooooohhhhhhh!”

Slop!  Slop!  Slop!

"They take you to a deserted farmhouse, where you're tied naked to an old bed frame.  You get repeatedly raped, buggered, beaten, whipped and on the whole subjected to just about every filthy sex act you can imagine.  They do EVERYTHING to you!  And when they've finished with you, they leave your naked, bruised and cum-soaked body lying unconscious at the roadside.”

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!”  Unable to control the reactions of her tortured body, Lynne began shaking violently with the first tumultuous quakes of a shattering orgasm.  As her back arched and her toes curled she squirted a long stream of warm, watery fluid high into the air from where it fell back on the desk, splattering the photos of her unconscious gang fuck.

“There you go!”  Harry laughed.  “I said you could do it!”

“Ooooohh, Jesuuuuuuus!”  Lynne slumped forwards, her body still trembling from the aftershocks of the most intense orgasm that she had ever experienced.

"So, anyway,” Harry continued, “your boyfriend finds you like that and, seeing as he's a real bastard, and he's pretty pissed off about you running out on him, he carries you back to the stable.  While you're still out of it, he ties you to an upturned trough and smears your buttocks with horse shit to get the horse interested in you.  And by the way, bitch, I didn’t say you could stop!  Get that dildo moving and let me see another squirt!”

“P-please,” Lynne sobbed.  “I – can’t.”

“Sure you can, you dirty little slut.  Get to it!”

Sweat dripping from her brow, her chest still flushed scarlet, her clitoris agonizingly sensitive, the exhausted young woman resumed pumping her own cunt with the slimy dildo.

Slop!  Slop!  Slop!

Harry continued to give an outline of the script.  “So the film ends with you being fucked by this huge stallion while your boyfriend looks on and jerks himself off - finally covering your face with lots of creamy hot jism, just as the horse shoots his load in your pussy.”

Lynne couldn’t believe that she was getting excited about the prospect of being forced to fuck a horse, but it was enough to spur her on.  She began pumping quicker and quicker, rubbing her clit with furious circular motions as the huge rubber cock sank ever deeper inside her.

“Oh -oh -oh -oh!”

Slop!  Slop!  Slop!

He waited for some reaction about the script from her.  When there was none, he said, "OK, so how does that sound?"

"Uuuh – g-good," she panted, “it s-sounds good. Oh -oh -oh!”

Slop!  Slop!  Slop!

Harry tried not to think about Lynne Ford spread-eagled and naked - totally helpless against the onslaught of an endless army of swollen cocks. "They'll be using steel wire and nylon rope - Have you ever been lashed to a rusted bed frame with that kind of stuff before?  While a couple of 14 stone black men fuck the shit out of you?"

“N-no.” She shook her head, her eyes rolling dreamily as she worked herself towards a third climax.  Strangely, she found that the prospect didn't disgust her.  What he had suggested was sick, perverted and humiliating, yet it excited her.  She should have been appalled, instead she was aroused.  Besides, Lynne reasoned, she had no choice in the matter.

Slop!  Slop!  Slop!

"The name of the game is dirty, Lynne. Very, very, dirty. These guys will fuck you in every hole over and over.  There'll be no condoms, which means you'll be getting an awful lot of cum inside you.  You'll get fucked in the cunt, ass and mouth - most of the time in all three at once - that means I'll want to see a lot of very heavy sandwich fucking.  You done DP before?"

She shook her head.

Harry continued, "They'll also piss all over you, shit in your face, and beat you with belts, whips and canes.  Oh, and as the filming progresses, we may improvise and do some things that are not in the script.

"Now, as to distribution.  The video'll be available through the internet and via my exclusive channels.  The contract gives me the right to sell stills from the film to appear in mags.  You don't receive any additional payments if I should choose to do this.  Bear in mind that, sooner or later, your friends are likely to see what you've done.

"I'm telling you this so that you know exactly what will happen to you.  This is gonna change your life, Lynne.  But remember, once you sign this contract, your body effectively becomes just a lump of meat, which is my property to do whatever the hell I like with twelve times a year!”

"Is that all clear?" Harry's cock was straining against the confines of his fly.

“Oh GOD!”  Lynne’s sweaty body suddenly shook violently, every muscle tensing, every nerve electrified.  Warm girl cum sprayed from her pussy like a garden sprinkler as she surrendered to a third, mind-blowing orgasm.  After several minutes of screaming and moaning with delight, Lynne slumped forward with exhaustion.  Her body was covered in sweat, her long blonde hair matted to her shoulders, her chest a deep scarlet.  There was a dark stain on the seat of the chair between her still quivering thighs.

"Thanks, bitch," said Harry, outwardly unmoved, even though the front of his pants were soaked through with cum.  He pressed a buzzer on his desk. "OK. Now lets see how you fuck!”

Lynne’s eyes widened.  Surely he didn’t mean now?  Was she to be given no rest?

The door to his office opened.  Lynne twisted around to see three very large, and very well endowed, naked black men march into the room.

"Lynne, meet Carl, Jake and Winston." Harry introduced the men.

Her throat was too dry to speak, but the sensations running through her tired body were becoming all too familiar.  Her nipples and clitoris, already painfully sensitive from the aftermath of three forced orgasms were once again responding to the prospect of imminent sexual activity.

"She's all yours, guys," Harry told them.  "This one’s a real nasty slut.  She likes it hard!"

Before Lynne could say or do anything, the men had untied her and pulled her to her feet.  Winston took hold of her from behind. He held both her hands behind her back while Jake reached between her legs and yanked out the sticky dildos.  As each came free, a loud plopping sound echoed around the room, leaving Lynne’s cunt and ass gaping holes ready to take their huge black cocks.

"Now you can feel some real black meat in there," Winston said, spinning her around to face him.  Lynne seized the initiative by throwing her arms around his neck, and pulling herself up to kiss him.  She sank her tongue deep into his mouth.  He grabbed her firm buttocks with his strong hands and pulled her closer.  She felt his stiff rod of flesh pressing into her belly.  She couldn't believe the size of his hard cock.  The tip of his dick just nestled between her cleavage.

"How can you be this big?" she gasped, pulling back to examine the hugeness that had swollen between them. "God, you're enormous - I can't take that!"

"You'll have to try, Lynne," said Harry, from his desk. "You'll have to try real hard, if you want this part."

She bent down and took his swollen cock-head into her mouth, delicately licking and suckling the salty flesh. As she worked on his organ with her expert lips and tongue, she took hold of her breasts and folded them around the root of his cock. Even with an inch and a half of his penis starting the journey down her throat, she could still feel his testicles slapping against her belly button.

Joined cock into throat, Winston and Lynne carefully changed their position, so that the girl at least had a chance of deep-throating him. He lay on the floor, with Lynne straddling him, her moist cunt barely an inch from his chin. Carefully controlling her breathing, Lynne began to devour his penis with her throat.

As a hot sweat began breaking out on her naked skin, she felt hands on her shoulders, and a second stiff cock being pressed between her buttocks.

"Relax, girlie. It's just Jake coming in the back way." The second black whispered in her right ear. Suddenly his hands gripped her shoulders very hard, and she felt her sphincter being torn apart as a very thick cock started to ream her butthole.

She was grateful for the stretching that the large dildo had already done there, but it was small in comparison to the gigantic rod of black muscle that now filled her asshole.

"Two in, one to go," Carl said, as he positioned himself between Jake and Winston, taking hold of her thighs. Without any further preparation, his cock slipped into her sticky cunt.

She wanted to cry out in pain, but her mouth was blocked by Winston's massive erection. Now that they were in position, and all of her useable holes were stuffed with huge black pricks, the fucking proper began.

Lynne felt as if she were caught between three battering rams, powerful pistons that never seemed to tire - or disgorge their load of hot semen. Lynne was soon wailing with delight. She came again and again, each orgasm better than the last. The three black men kept changing positions, so that each one of them had three or four sessions with each of her sex holes.

"Alright, Lynne," Harry interfered. "You've had your fun, now I want to see you make the guys cum, and let's see you drink every last drop of cum."

Poor Lynne didn't know what to do, as the three men withdrew their organs from her entry points. They'd been shagging her silly for at least an hour, and their huge cocks were still as hard as ever.

"No worry, girlie," said Winston. "We all real good at holding back, but when we want to shoot some juice it's no problem - and you better believe we got plenty to shoot!"

He took hold of her by her hair, and pulled her mouth down on to him. Eagerly, she swallowed his cock-head and began kneading his testicles with her knuckles. He forced her down on him harder than ever, burying his cock so deep in her throat that she almost choked. Lynne went to work on him, enthusiastically attending to the full length of his massive cock.

Within a few minutes there was an explosion in her mouth, and the hot salty fluid erupted to flood her mouth. She swallowed all of his cum, and carefully licked the last remnants of his climax from the tip of his still hard penis.

After Winston, Jake made it clear that he wanted to shoot his load next. No sooner had Winston's cock slid from between Lynne's lips, than Jake's replaced it. She tried a different approach with him, inserting three fingers of her right hand into his asshole, as her lips and tongue went to work on his rod. As she sucked him to climax, she used her fingers to gently stimulate his anus, and tickled his balls with her erect nipples. Very soon she was drinking more thick creamy semen.

Carl eased her onto her back, and slid his prick into her vagina in the conventional way. "I just gotta have some more of that sweet cunt," he said, as he started to screw her.

Shortly after yet another orgasm shook her body, Carl withdrew his huge cock and positioned himself so that he could slide it into her mouth. After just a few gentle brushes of her tongue, Lynne had a mouthful of hot cum - which she eagerly swallowed.

"Yeah, good," said Harry, his cock swollen once more - and again in danger of filling his pants with another load of semen. "Now make them all come again!"

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Re: Forced Into Porn (M+/F, F/F, RELUC, BDSM, IR, EXHIB)
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"God, you're kidding!" she gasped.

"I never kid," said Harry, very seriously.

Pausing to catch her breath, Lynne crawled across the floor to Jake and Winston, who were sitting on the ground with their legs apart. She took a limp cock in each hand, and pulled the two men towards her. They were only too happy to assist, and shuffled into a position that enabled her to squeeze their two very large pricks together, and engulf their limp cock-tips in her open mouth.

After a few minutes of intense sucking and licking, with each hand frantically stimulating a different pair of testicles, their cocks began to harden. As their erections rose, Lynne crouched on all fours, and raised her buttocks in the air. She slapped her backside with her right hand.

Carl was quick to get the message. His erection had already returned, brought on by the sight of the attention that his two friends were getting from the incredibly horny little slut. Before he moved to join them, he picked up one of the discarded dildos.

Brutally, Carl shoved the dildo hard into Lynne's punished cunt. It went so deep that its root almost disappeared between her soaking wet cunt lips. Gripping her buttocks firmly, he presented his cock-head up to her anal passage. With a single violent thrust, he slammed his cock into her butthole.

He felt the girl's body shudder with pain, a sensation that inspired him to reach for the second rubber dick.

While Lynne worked on Jake and Winston, slowly taking them towards their climaxes, Carl had thought of a more interesting combination for the use of Lynne's rear passage. Carefully, he eased his enormous tool back until just over an inch of his dark flesh remained inside her, then he inserted two fingers beneath his cock and started to stretch her passage wider.

Lynne yelped with pain, as he mercilessly worked on her asshole, but Jake and Winston stopped her from protesting by holding her in place by her hair.

When Carl had opened up her passage enough, he pressed the second dildo into the gap. With a great deal of force, and total disregard for the agony that poor Lynne was being made to suffer, he forced his cock and the dildo, side by side, deep into her asshole.

With a little bit more care, he started the piston-pumping of her backside again, timing his strokes so that they coincided with the moments at which Lynne had the largest amount of cock deep in her throat. He used his right hand to push and pull the dildo in time with his dick.

Eight minutes of the agonizing treatment followed, at the end of which Lynne's mouth was suddenly filled with an explosion of hot cum. As soon as she had swallowed both Jake and Winston's combined ejaculations, she was rolled over on her back by Carl, who still had both cock and dildo deep in her asshole.

The reason for this became instantly clear to Lynne. Harry had stripped off, obviously unable to contain his excitement any longer, and he was advancing on her - his throbbing erection standing out before him.

He reached between her legs, whipped out the dildo that had previously filled her cunt, knelt down between her thighs, and inserted his cock in its place. Lynne reached behind him, and gripped his buttocks, pulling him harder into her.

As he started his motions, his tongue searched out each of her erect nipples in turn, and his teeth closed around the soft flesh surrounding them. Alternating between her breasts, he chewed each nipple alternately, his hands reaching for the soft mounds of flesh and gently squeezing and massaging them. Carl somehow managed to keep pumping her ass with his cock and the dildo, making sure that his tool went inside her butthole at exactly the same time as her cunt was filled by Harry's swollen prick. A thick black cock filled Lynne's mouth. She couldn't tell whether it was Jake or Winston.

Within a few minutes, it was clear that Harry was close to cumming. He withdrew from her juicy fuck hole quickly, and rolled her around, with Carl's help, so that he could slide his cock into her open mouth, alongside Winston's. She closed her lips around the hot flesh of the two pricks, just as she felt another weight across her abdomen.

Jake had taken Harry's place between her thighs, and she was shocked to feel that his penis had already swelled back to almost its original size. As more hot semen spurted down her throat, Lynne could just see what the black man was up to. He had picked up the other dildo, and was holding it alongside his own cock up to her cunt. As she swallowed the seemingly endless river of cum that came from both Harry's and Winston's dicks, the penetration sent a bolt of agony through her body. From beneath her, Carl gripped her wrists and held her arms at her side, while Jake went to work. With her ass and cunt stretched almost to breaking point by a dildo and a cock in each, and her mouth filled by two huge pricks that were still spraying hot cum down her throat, Lynne felt like she was suffocating.

As black and white flesh hardened again between her lips, the piston-like pumping of a prick and a dildo in each of her passages was having its inevitable effect. Another orgasm was on its way.

Harry wondered how much tape was left in the machine that was secretly recording the 'audition', but his cock had was so hard that he just didn't care.

They all pumped and thrust into her punished and exhausted body for a full five minutes.  Eventually, one after the other, they withdrew from her - ejaculated what semen they had left on her face - and crawled away from her.

When Carl was the last one inside her, he turned her over so that she was face down, and banged away to his climax, ultimately filling her asshole with a deluge of bubbling hot semen.

As Carl withdrew, Jake took his place between Lynne's buttocks. His cock was as hard as rock again, and it slipped easily into her stretched anal passage. Holding Lynne's wrists, so that she was trapped beneath him, he frantically ass-fucked her. Within minutes, more of his semen joined Carl's deep in her butthole.

Winston was hard again. She knew it was him, as he rammed his enormous cock between her cum-splattered buttocks. Like a steam engine out of control he pumped and thrust into her backside, pinning her helplessly to the floor. Six brutal minutes later, Lynne felt more hot and sticky fluid swell up in her rectum.

Watching the three black men pumping cum into Lynne's asshole, had given Harry yet another erection. He decided that it would be a shame not to keep things even, so he took over from Winston at Lynne's anus. Carl and Jake held her arms, while Harry fucked her butt -depositing semen that he didn't know he had left deep into her swollen rectum.

As Harry withdrew, Carl rolled Lynne onto her back. "Just your cunt left to fill now!" he laughed.

Lynne was not surprised to discover that Carl's cock was hard again. His penis slipped between her sticky cunt lips, travelling inside her until his cock-head slapped up against the wall of her womb. Even then, two inches of his organ remained outside her. He wasted little time in riding her to another climax, squirting yet more cum from what seemed to be a never-ending supply.

Jake shafted her next, anxiously pulling Carl aside so that he could gain access to her sticky sex hole. His hands took hold of each of her firm breasts, and he squeezed them together painfully, just as his hot erection filled her cunt.

By now, Lynne had lost track of what was happening. She felt like a side of meat. Winston took hold of her wrists, pulled them together above her head, and bound them tightly together with a length of cord. As he worked hard on the knot, his flaccid penis slapped up and down on her forehead - stiffening ready for another penetration.

Her vagina and anus were swollen and sore, and she seemed to be covered in a mixture of sweat and cum. Jake took his time with her, slowly grinding himself to his climax, an explosive orgasm that was not shared by Lynne - who felt nothing but more hot fluid flooding her innards.

After Jake had finished, Winston made it clear that he had another idea to raise the temperature of the incredible orgy. Taking hold of Lynne's ankles, he dragged her across the floor to the desk, picked her up and draped her across its length. With two more lengths of cord, he bound each of her ankles to one of the legs of the desk, so that she was tied down, with her legs bent over the edge of the desk, and her ankles secured in place so that her thighs were held spread apart. Then he removed the cord around her wrists, and re-tied both of her wrists to the legs of the desk, leaving her nicely spread-eagled. Without wasting any more time, he climbed up onto the desk, and rammed his cock hard home.

Lynne found that the sudden thrill of bondage had re-kindled her energy. Stretched out as she was, each of the black man's long and powerful strokes sent burning waves of pleasure crashing through her. Soon her tongue was probing his mouth, and his fingers were squeezing and pinching her hard nipples.

When Winston came, her orgasm peaked, and she cried out as the ecstasy wracked her body from head to toe. After he'd released his semen, there was so much mixed cum inside her, that it was seeping out from between her swollen cunt lips, and forming a sticky pool on the desk top between her thighs.

Harry was quick to take Winston's place - playing his part in the marathon orgy that had become a challenge for each of them to shoot their loads into each of her holes. Lynne looked flushed, but extremely horny, and he knew that Winston's idea of tying her up had added the last burst of spice that she had needed to keep her going. As his cock passed between her sperm drenched labia, he found himself hoping that the tape was still running. The audition recording would be worth a fortune, and the best part of it was that he wouldn't have to pay a penny, as she had voluntarily performed for him. He'd already decided that she would get the part in the real film, Lynne  was a born porn star - of that he had no doubt. As thoughts of money ran through his mind, he proceeded to fuck her yet again - moving slowly and carefully to an explosive climax that, finally, drained him dry.

He dragged himself off her just as the door to his office opened. Out of the corner of her eye, Lynne could see the men as they arrived. She counted six of them, all white men this time, and each of them already stark naked. Their pricks were already rising to the occasion, huge cocks rapidly swelling to size.

"She's all yours boys!" said Harry, short of breath. "Take care of her, while we take a break."

Winston, Jake, and Carl stepped aside, their own cocks now dangling limply between their thighs.

"Lynne, meet Frank, Mike, Craig, Blake, Jack and Warren," said Harry. "Now that you've got warmed up, I'd like to see how you REALLY fuck."

Lynne started to protest, but she was quickly silenced by Mike's huge cock as he forced it into her mouth. At the same time, Frank jumped on the table. He knelt down between her legs and rammed his cock deep into her.

His dick moved easily up and down the length of her cunt-hole, lubricated as it was by huge quantities of mixed semen. Pressing down on her shoulders with his hands, he took her slowly --- with long and deep thrusts, his testicles slapping against her sore thighs.

Timed to perfection, Mike's cock slid back and forth down her throat in perfect unison with Frank. Meanwhile, Jack and Warren took up their positions on either side of the desk. They pressed their erections into the girl's hands. Lynne found that she had just enough movement, despite the cord tied tight around her wrists, to be able to grip one cock tightly in each hand. Awkwardly at first, she started to masturbate them, spurred on by the constant deep thrusting in her cunt and mouth.

Craig had decided that her ass needed some attention. He reached between her buttocks, bunched his fingers together, and started forcing them into her swollen anus.

Blake came and stood next to Mike, who carefully withdrew his cock from Lynne's mouth - but only so that he and Blake could press their pricks together so that both of them could go inside her mouth at the same time.

Frank came inside her in a violent frenzy that flooded her cunt with torrents of hot cum, just as Blake and Mike ejaculated together down her throat. Jack and Warren, pulled free of her grip, moved to her face, and quickly finished jerking himself off until a powerful jet of semen spurted over her face and hair.

Frank moved aside so that Craig was able to extract his hand from Lynne's asshole, climb onto the table, and force his cock into her sopping wet cunt. Craig was quick to relieve himself, adding his own fluids to those already dripping from the girl's punished fuck hole.

Then they untied her, and dragged her off the desk. When she tried to stand up, her knees turned to jelly, and she collapsed in a heap on the floor - a slimy cocktail of pussy juice and mixed cum running down her thighs. Warren and Jack were quick to move in, taking up positions in front of, and behind, her, Warren dragging her down so that she was sandwiched between the two men on the floor.

Warren's cock was hard as rock again, as he rammed it into her poor anus without mercy. At the same time, Jack's prick found its way into her cunt - quickly hardening as it penetrated her.

Mike knelt down between her thighs, positioning himself so that it was possible for the tip of his cock to poke between the two penises already filling her front and rear. Steadying himself by holding on to Jack's shoulders, he eased his prick into Lynne's vagina, alongside Jack's swollen tool.

Lynne cried out with pain, but her screams were muffled by two more cocks being forced into her mouth - this time belonging to Craig and Frank.

Blake lowered himself into the writhing orgy, and squatted over her chest. He pressed his erection into her cleavage, and squeezed her breasts together so that he could masturbate between them. When they were all in position the action started. Cocks were riding in and out of every one of her passages, and she was on the point of being suffocated by the tangled mass of male limbs that enclosed her. The wild pumping and heaving continued for a very long time, and she felt like her poor cunt was going to be split apart by the two enormous cocks that filled it. She could hardly feel any sensation in her asshole any more, except that it was well filled with solid muscle.

Hot cum suddenly filled her mouth and she nearly choked trying to swallow it all. At the same time Blake shot his load from between her sore breasts, showering her chin and neck with more hot semen. Then her asshole was swamped with sperm, and, finally, Mike and Jack came together - shooting a mixture of their semen deep into her. They all stayed in position for a few minutes, until their cocks began to harden again, then it was all change.

This time Craig and Blake managed to get both of their cocks into her anus, while still leaving the way clear for Warren to slip his penis into her cunt. Frank and Mike drew mouth duty, forcing their erect organs between her sore lips. That left Jack with Lynne's cleavage to use, but he decided to add a little bit of spice to it by taking a wide leather belt, looping it around Lynne's back, and pulling it tight around her chest - forcing her breasts tightly together. He buckled off the belt, and then rammed his prick between the two mounds of tightly packed flesh. "Oh yeah, this is as good as a cunt." He groaned, appreciating the extra friction.

It wasn't long before more fountains of cum were filling her passages, and they were ready to swap positions again.

Now Craig and Mike had both their cocks in her vagina, and Jack's prick was in her asshole. Blake looked for some way to get his cock into the girl's butthole along with Jack, but they just couldn't manage the gymnastic gyrations necessary to achieve what would have been an incredible feat. Disappointed, he had to make do with using her mouth along with Warren. Frank, meanwhile, had his cock buried between Lynne's tightly bound tits.

"Here we go again guys," Frank shouted, and started fucking her tits. At the same time, the others started their attacks on her openings. This time Lynne was almost battered unconscious by the ferocity of their onslaught - a session that lasted almost ten minutes and ended, once again, with her receiving a deluge of hot cum in every hole.

Again, they stayed inside her until their cocks hardened, before withdrawing and changing positions.

"I've lost track of whose been in where." Craig admitted. "Has anyone not had her ass yet?"

"Perhaps we should've drawn up a chart." Frank suggested, as he took up his position with Craig at Lynne's backside. Swiftly they forced their cocks side by side into her swollen rectum, all of them now expert at piggy-backing to get a pair of cocks into one hole. Jack picked up a dildo and forced it into her vagina, along with his own prick. Blake found himself with his cock between her tits again, while Warren and Mike inserted their tools into her mouth. And then the fucking started again.

To Lynne it had all become a hazy fog, trapped inside a writhing mass of sweaty men, her passages continuously filled with their meat. She was covered in sperm and her body ached from head to toe. Through the haze she tasted salty fluid filling her mouth again, and swallowed it all without thinking. At the same time she felt sticky eruptions in her ass and cunt, and more semen sprayed over her neck and chin.

Moments later, it was all change. Warren and Craig went for her cunt, Blake used his prick and a dildo to fill Lynne's ass, Jack and Frank had their erections in her mouth. Mike mounted her chest, pulling the belt that bound her tits one notch tighter to increase the friction on his prick as he rammed it between her bruised mounds of flesh. Each gang bang took progressively longer, as the six young studs gradually began running out of steam. Eventually the men’s stamina faded and the repeated ejaculations dwindled to a trickle, barely adding to the cum bath that Lynne Ford had been bathed in.

"I think that's us done, Harry." Said Mike, as he extracted his cock from between her tits. The other men started to pull free as well, nodding in agreement.

"Sure you've had all you want?" Harry asked.

"You've got to be kidding." Warren gasped, as he joined the others on their way out. All of their dicks were now hanging limply between their legs.

Harry walked over to where Lynne was lying on the floor. Her arms and thighs were bruised, and her vagina and anus were both spread wide open - sore and swollen. The rest of her body was literally soaked in semen and sweat, and there were bite marks everywhere. The girl just lay there, panting heavily.

He knelt down between her spread thighs, and slipped his cock inside her. Very quickly he relieved the tension that had been building up in his loins while he had sat watching the brutal gang bangs, and he shot a large deposit of his own cum into her. She did nothing while he used her body, and didn't seem to notice him.

The three blacks, Carl, Jake and Winston came back into the room. They hadn't bothered to get dressed, and their pricks were standing up like lamp posts. They had watched the performance from the other room.

Harry got to his feet. "Yeah, go on. Have her." He said. "She's out of it anyway."

They didn't need a second invite. In moments, Lynne was manhandled, like an old sack, and positioned between Jake and Carl on the floor. Their huge cocks went easily into her asshole and cunt. Winston wiped the semen from around her mouth, and then slipped his cock between her lips. Lynne tightened her lips around his stem, and reached up for his balls. Jake and Carl both added a dildo alongside their cocks in her vagina and anus. Seconds later they started pumping away in perfect unison. Lynne gripped Carl's buttocks, forcing him deeper into her vagina with each powerful thrust.

"The little bitch is still horny as hell." Winston observed.

After four minutes of frantic pumping and thrusting, that had Lynne weeping from the onslaught of pain and pleasure, they all came at once. For the umpteenth time, Lynne swallowed a torrent of hot cum, while both of her holes were treated to a further injection.

The three men quickly changed positions. Carl's cock went in her mouth, Winston's in her cunt, and Jake's swollen cock plunged deep into her anus. This time Lynne did nothing to help them, she just lay between them, helpless and exhausted, as their powerful thrusting began to gather momentum. Halfway through, she felt her anus and vagina suddenly stretched by the insertion of the dildos, pushed in deep alongside the thick black cocks that already filled her holes. Sometime later, she tasted salty fluid in her mouth, and she guessed that they had ejaculated in both her cunt and ass as well - although she couldn't feel anything there anymore. Gagging and choking on the hot sperm, she managed to swallow it all.

They stayed inside her for a while, just long enough for their cocks to harden again, and then swapped positions once more. Jake had her mouth, Carl her cunt, and Winston her asshole. She felt them starting up again, but everything had just faded into a dark haze. Their pumping and thrusting quickly rose in pitch and violence, pummeling her bruised body almost into unconsciousness. Jake reached down for the belt that lashed her tits together, and gripped it in his fist, brutally rubbing her breasts with his hard knuckles. Dildos found their way into her cunt and asshole again - Winston even managed to get his thumb into her anus as well as his cock and the battered rubber prick.

And then she was swallowing their sperm again, and it was all over her thighs, buttocks, and belly. After that they withdrew from her. She lay, limp and exhausted, sprawled out on the floor.

"Yes, not bad." Harry admitted. "Ok boys, you can leave us now."

Reluctantly, the men left the room, laughing and joking about how they couldn't wait to come back for more. When they had gone, Harry found that he couldn't resist just one more poke. He needed it, after watching the poor girl being submitted to three more gang bangs in a row. He turned her over on her face, spread her legs, and slipped his swollen cock easily inside her stretched anus. His prick was lubricated in her hole by a thick cocktail of mixed sperm, deposited there by each of the long parade of men who been in her ass. It was an incredible sensation that only heightened his excitement. Gripping her shoulders, he rode her non-responsive body, like a cowboy on a horse, until he came to violent a climax and filled her punished asshole with yet more hot semen.

As he withdrew from her, his energy spent for the moment, the office door opened again. Lynne twisted her head, half expecting to see another troop of well-endowed studs who had queued up for their turn. Instead, she saw a very attractive dark-haired woman who looked to be in her late forties. She wore a red blouse, tight black mini-skirt, black patterned stockings, and high heels.

"Ah, Jane." Said Harry, as he climbed to his feet. "We've just finished young Lynne's audition."

Jane looked down at the girl and smiled. "So I see." She spent a long time studying Lynne's naked and bruised body, licking her lips as she did so. "Some of the lads were telling me about it, I can't wait to see the test tape."

"Tape?" Lynne muttered. "What tape?"

Jane slipped her right hand down the front of her own waistband. "God, you lucky little cow, it's been ages since I've been in a good gang bang."

"Do you want her?" Harry asked, matter of factly. "I need to see what she's like in les scenes."

"Oh no." Lynne groaned, realising what was coming next.

"I thought you'd never ask, boss." She kicked off her shoes, and quickly stripped off, throwing her clothes on top of Lynne's crumpled dress. Moments later she was on her knees, her face between Lynne's thighs and her own cunt over the girl's mouth.

"You know what to do." Jane said. "Use your tongue."

Nervously, Lynne reached up and held Jane's buttocks with her hands. She pulled the woman's vagina close to her lips, and her tongue stretched out to gently brush the wide fleshy labia. Gradually, she worked her way around Jane's vagina, licking the moist flesh and lubricating it with her saliva. Then she cupped the woman's large and bulbous clitoris in the fold of her tongue.

Jane let slip a cry of pleasure, as Lynne's tongue stimulated her already excited sex. In response, she slipped both of her thumbs inside the girl's swollen vagina and pushed them deep inside her. A cocktail of warm sperm continued to trickle from Lynne's abused cunt, soaking Jane's thumbs as they moved in and out of her passage.

"Christ, they've stretched you apart." Jane observed, with obvious excitement. "Let's just tighten you up a bit."

She reached for the two dildos, both of which were covered in sperm, held them tightly together, and then rammed them hard into Lynne's asshole. In response, a jet of cold sperm splattered her hands, and Lynne forced her own thumb into Jane's anus.

Jane clenched the fist of her right hand, and presented it to the girl's vaginal entrance. With a single violent push she buried her hand deep into the girl's cunt. Lynne started to scream, but her cries were muffled by Jane forcing her cunt down onto her face.

Jane gripped the dildos with her left hand, and rammed them deeper into the girl's anus - in perfect time with her fist fucking. Lynne opened her mouth wide, and sucked the woman's labia between her lips, thrusting her tongue deep into her damp cavern.

As Lynne continued probing the woman's vagina, occasionally flicking her tongue from her passage back to her swollen clitoris, she worked her thumb deeper into Jane's anus. Jane responded to the stimulus by working four fingers of her left hand into Lynne's cunt, sliding them alongside her right wrist.

They were soon panting and heaving with excitement, their sweaty bodies locked together as they frantically masturbated one another. For Lynne it was a totally new experience, she had never tasted the honey-sweet juices of another woman's cunt before. Even though her cunt and anus were sore and painful, both of them stretched to their extremes, she could feel an orgasm approaching. When it came, her whole body arched in spasm and she cried out with satisfaction.

Jane came soon after, more than satisfied by the girl's attentions. She rolled slowly off Lynne, and scrambled to her feet. "Oh, she's good, Harry. She's damn good."

Lynne breathed a sigh of relief. "I've got the job?" She asked, hopefully.

"A lot of girls want to get into this business." He explained. "It's good money, but a lot of them just aren't prepared to deliver the goods. You have to want to fuck, over and over again, in the dirtiest ways possible - you have to want to do everything! But most of all, you have to do what you're told."

He handed her a neatly typed sheet of paper. "Sign here."


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Re: Forced Into Porn (M+/F, F/F, RELUC, BDSM, IR, EXHIB)
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Thanks! Toby Bullock! Hot story :flame:

Nice blackmail scenario! :nod: :bravo:

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Re: Forced Into Porn (M+/F, F/F, RELUC, BDSM, IR, EXHIB)
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wow! i find myself wishing i was her...

very nice!

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