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By STORMKING  (M/fff, M/f, Reluc, Rom, BD,  Viol)

EMMA: 5'2, 32b, 100 pounds, 5.5 Shoe, Cheer Captain and Tennis
SOPHIE:  5'4", 122 pounds, 36d breasts, Size 6.5 Feet, Violin and Swimming 
BREE:  5'6" 134 pounds, 34c, size 7 feet,  Martial Arts and Field Hockey
FAITH:  5’9”, 158 pounds, size 9 feet, Amish Girl Skills
BOBBY:  5'11, 210 pounds, former mercenary and soldier, ex-white slaver

The story's characters are fictional and are high school Seniors. This story is the third chapter of Bobby and his three cheer slaves. Reading the first two chapters is strongly encouraged.

Although the idea for this story came from pictures of an actual cheerleader carwash in Georgia, this story and characters are fictional.

My deepest thanks to those read my stories and left feedback in the form of emails and comments (mostly postive). It really meant a lot to me especially as I went through a tragedy in my life recently. I apologize for the lateness of this chapter as work and life have kept me busy.

Some readers indicated preference for a Romance Theme in this chapter. I felt that same way too. Tags of D/S, Bondage, and Reluctance will be in this story. I feel that is how our favorite pervert Bob is wired for maximum hedonism, and the girls seem to like submitting to an old alpha male as their owner. Be warned that there is a scene of violence in this episode.

Please enjoy!

Previously: After retirement, I came upon a high school cheerleader carwash. I captured Emma and her two friends Sofia and Bree without a fight or weapon. For the last four and a half months, I kept them in naked bondage. They have broken and submitted to me by bondage and the power pounding of my big cock. The girls are now over four months pregnant. I am their Master, but over time they have slowly worked their female magic on me to the point where I'm not so sure if I'm really in complete charge  .



"Come on, you old bastard! Go ahead and fuck like me like I'm a worthless teen slut. That's it! Harder! Faster! Do it!" Bree yells at me. I have her tied to the ladder on the back of the R.V. Her wrists are tied to the ladder, and her ankles tied to the ladder's sides. The gold nipple rings on her labia and nipples reflect the sunlight.

"Shut...shut up slut!. Take...take it!" I gasped out.

I was feeling dizzy, and my legs were shaky. My back was killing me. Overall, I've been feeling like crap over the last few weeks.

"What the fuck's wrong, you big slave-master! You turning into a pussy on me? Come on! Come on!  Keep shoving that big rape stick into me!"

Off to the side, I see Sofia on all fours, her ankles and hands are cuffed. Behind her, Emma is fucking her with a strap-on cock. Sofia is moaning and grunting as her team captain gives her doggy-style sex and pulls on Sofia's nipple and labia rings.

', slut!" I whisper.

"That's the idea, you old fart. Bring it! Ram your sex slave! Do it!," Bree taunts me.

Having three pieces of prime cheer meat was catching up to me. The girls were athletic and young and insatiable in bed, even though they were almost five months pregnant. They constantly needed me to the point where I wasn't sure anymore who was in charge.

Over the last months, the bondage and forced sex had slowly turned into a fun sexual high to them. I have had to keep popping those little blue pills constantly. Over the last few weeks, I have been experiencing worsening symptoms of headaches, dizziness, nausea, stomach issue, and over the last few days chest pains. I've been taking a lot of aspirin.

"What's the matter, you old fuck? You dropping out on me? Pussy! You kidnap three innocent girls, assault them, and get them pregnant, and now you're wimping out?"

My vision is starting to fade.

"Come on big man, rape my 18-year old high school cheerleader  pussy...."

I shove my cock in and stay there as I cum deep in the teen love tunnel. My eyes roll up as the pain in my chest spikes. I think Bree is angry that she hasn't cum yet, then her voice changes from anger to fear. I struggle to hear what she's saying.

"Bobby! What's wrong? Oh my...Emma help us. Something's wrong with B...." is the last sentence I hear as I pass out.

I wake up. The room is white. It smells like cleanser. I'm not in the R.V. I hear Emma's voice and see her beautiful face. Her hands on my face, her lips on mine.

"What happened, Em?" I manage to barely say. My mouth and throat feel dry.

"The doctor said you had a mild heart attack. You've been out for two days. When you collapsed, I drove you to the nearest hospital. I told them you were my dad. We almost lost you," a teary-eyed Emma said with deep emotion.

Hospital? Shit! My wrists, I can't move them.

"My wrists are velcro-strapped! Am I under arrest?"

"No. The first night you were here, you were disoriented and combative. You tried to pull your I.V. out," Emma said as she removed the nylon cuffs. Then she got on her cell phone and talked to the girls.

"What's going on? Where are Bree and Sofia? Did they run off? What's happened?" I said worriedly as I know knew I was completely vulnerable with no escape.

"Hey! He's awake. Yeah, he's good. You can come up one at a time. We don't someone here to see all three of us together, or there might be trouble. Bye!"

"We're all here. Bree is on her way from the R.V. which is parked outside. So this is what happened since you collapsed. I diagnosed that you had an attack. So while Sofia released Bree, I ran inside and got the defibrillator. Once you were stable, we carried you in the R.V. Bree drove us to the nearest hospital  while I got on my cell phone and called ahead. They were waiting for us at the door when we arrived and I handed them your health insurance card and your HSA debit card......"

Huh? Bree driving my R.V.? Emma has her cell phone and my cards which are locked in my safe? WTF?

"Wait? Bree? Cell phone? My cards? What? How?" I asked not trying to shrill.

"Oh my silly man. We've known your safe combination for the last three months. We also know where your guns are hidden. By the way, how many fake identities do you have? And don't you think it's dangerous to keep $40,000 in cash?" she said with a smile.

I heard the sounds of someone running and next I saw Bree who seemed happy to see me.

"Why didn't you just leave me there to die? You all could have escaped!"

Emma and Bree looked upset.

"Leave you? How could we do that to our man, and the father of our babies? We're religious too. We could never abandon a helpless person. And remember, the four of us  had our  marriage ceremony on top of that mountain. You gave me a diamond and ruby wedding ring, while Sofia got a emerald and diamond one and Bree got the diamond and sapphire ring. Rings mean commitment! So sorry Bobby, you're stuck with us."

"Yeah, that's right, you old pervert. We're your property till the end!" Bree chimed in.

"Yes you are, my sexy pregnant slave wives," I smiled and squeezed Emma's and Bree's hands.

During the afternoon and night, the three girls took turns sitting next to me. Sofia was concerned that my man tool was permanently wrecked, so she used her hands to get me hard. Then she sucked me deep throat style, and she swallowed all my man juice. She must have told her sister-wives, because they were all smiles and egged me on how they expected me to do my slave-master duties once I was released. I promised them bondage, the flogger, and hard-fucking.

As I drifted back to sleep, I reflected on the last five months. I had trust issues which is normal in my old lines of work. I worried that in the middle of the night, the girls got loose and were standing over me with knives, ready to kill for what I have done to them.

That fear was now gone. They were loyal to me. They even liked me. In Emma's case, it was more like the love between husband and wife. I already knew that Bree was a pain-slut and needed me to give her what she needed deeply. To her, I was a brutal slave-owner who happened to be her close friend. Sofia was the shy, intellectual girl who depended on me to bring her to life as a woman.

Stockholm Syndrome cases?  Yes? No? Maybe?

I know is that I liked having them, they didn't abandon me, and that's enough for me.

Just before check out, the girls came up to help get me dressed and gather my things. All three, sloppy. Somebody might figure out who we were. But I was still not a hundred percent.

My physician, Dr. Elizabeth Walker, came in and closed the door behind her. I saw that as an ominous sign. Now that I was better, I took a good look at her. Black hair. Blue eyes. about 5'11. Breasts 34dd. One of the nurses said that Liz went to college on a volleyball scholarship.

"So Bobby, where are you taking your three kidnapped and ravished pregnant cheerleaders to next? Some slave auction? A remote mountain cabin? a dungeon basement in some mansion?" she asked with a steely gaze. She looked like she was about 35.

As my girls frantically tried to convince the doctor that they were with me voluntarily and not being coerced or blackmailed by me, I relaxed and put my poker face on. If I was getting busted, the cops would have been with her.

"Girls, quiet please! Not sure yet. Maybe my ranch in Texas or the one in Wyoming. Why? Do you want to come with us?" I saw no wedding rings on her finger. She noticed my look.

"I've been divorced for the last four years. I caught the bastard fucking my cousin. I have two kids. Sally is a senior in high school and wants to go to Arizona State. Davy is on a football scholarship at Memphis State. I'm 41. Not exactly a spring chicken," she smiled weakly.

"Well, you'll be an empty Nester in June. You are welcome to visit us anytime if you wish."

I grabbed her hand and squeezed it hard enough to make her wince and moan in pain.

"However, I will warn you. If you do come, you will be treated like my girls are as sex slaves. You will be naked at all times. You will wear a slave collar or choker. You will be in bondage 24/7. You will be whipped and clamped. Finally, I will be pounding all three of your holes. I will make you orgasm over and over. Get off the pill or any other birth control. Women are made to be bred, and I might decide to knock you up."

I pulled her towards me and put her in my lap. I kissed her, slipping her tongue. At first she struggled, but I held her tight and my deep kiss smothered her screams until she just went limp and kissed me back. My hand went under her skirt. Her pantyhose crotch and panties were wet.

"You wet down there! You like it don't you?"

"Yes. Yes, I do, sir. It's been so long," she whispered as she wept. 

"Then I better see you visiting us real soon, Dr. Slut."

"Yes, I will. I promise."

I looked up at the girls. Their mouths were open in shock, and their eyes were flashing anger as the doctor and I exchanged contact information.

We were on the curb as we waited for Bree to bring up the RV. The girls were giving me the cold shoulder. Then Emma blew up.

"What was that all about? cheated on us. With that old hag. Right in front of us. Jerk! asshole! How could you do that to us? Don't you want us anymore?" she said angrily as she cried. Sofia was crying too. I pulled them onto my lap and hugged them while I sat in the wheelchair.

I waited until Bree pulled up and stood in front of me. She sat down and grabbed my right leg. All three girls cried while I softly explained to them my reasons.

"Girls, about four and a half months from now you're going to give birth to our babies. We need a doctor. Second, Dr. Liz knew who we were. I didn't think she would turn us in, but I didn't want to take the chance. I needed to control her with the promise of rough sex. Last, she's hurting too, just like we have been hurt in the past. You girls are religious. You can't turn your backs on her."

That pacified the girls. That night, we were camped out in another remote area. It was time to have the meeting. I tried the explain the difficulties of a Wyoming winter, but the girls wanted it. As for sex, they told me that they did not want another medical emergency. So I was only allowed to have sex with each girl once a day. That's three times a day total. They also put me on a healthy diet. Bree and Emma took over the driving as the girls wanted to see and do more stuff along the way to Wyoming. Tomorrow, we were to visit Elvis' Graceland mansion.

Finally, Emma spoke for the girls about their families. This is where I got a bit misty-eyed at her pleas. Still, I didn't cry. Real men don't cry.

"We've been missing for five months. Our families must be worried sick about what happened to us. Were we murdered? Were we sold into some harem overseas? Are we prostitutes in some crappy city? They need to know and get comfort in that we are okay. We girls talked it over. When you took us, you used no weapons. You never threatened us. You tied us up, but we never struggled and never tried to escape. We just went with you, no matter how scared we were about going off with a stranger. Bree tried to escape, but she wanted the thrill of being run down. When you didn't go after her, she came back and was happy to fight you even though she got her ass kicked."

Emma wiped her tears with my hanker-chief.

"Look Bobby, we know that all four of us are messed people. What teenage girl wants to spend the rest of her life with her kidnapper-rapist? But that isn't really you. You are a good man down deep. You're a lonely man who has been hurt. We know what happened with your ex-wife. It's in your diary.  You offered to let us go several times with money. All of us always wanted to be wives and mothers someday. It just happened a lot sooner. "

"Bobby, we love you. We want to be with you. We like the rough sex. We like traveling around with you, seeing cool places and living outdoors. We have learned more about stuff than if we were still in a classroom. Please keep us and don't die on us."

I had a lot of emotions and thinking to process. I grabbed the girls hands and smiled.

"Girls, I love you too. I am your husband, owner, and father to our kids. I promise to treat you roughly and live to 100. After that, I'm checking out."

That night, we made love with the girls in bondage. Carefully for me of course. No more hospitals for me!


The girls worked on the plan to inform the world that they were safe and happy. It involved videos, letters, and phone calls. They also swore on affidavits and in front of  a video-cam certified by an attorney friend of mine that they were never taken by force and that they lived as sister-wives with me. They also said I was the father of their babies. .

The girls posted on the internet pictures of their last five months, from the car wash to their present pregnancies. My favorites were the of the girls in their cheer uniforms hog-tied with their bloomers in their mouths, and the other was the girls when they were 4 and a half months pregnant. The pictures were taken next to a little water fall. The girls sat naked with their legs closed, but not flashing pussy or tits since it was a side view. Their left forearms were across their breasts and their right hands were on little baby bumps. The girls looked stunning, a mixture of youth and coming motherhood.

Well, you can imagine the uproar. Their families and friends were shocked, then either furious or relieved. A single burner phone was given to the girls so that anyone who wanted to talk to them could do so, and the calls were constant back and forth and always on speakerphone. Bree's mom wanted to see her and hug her. Emma's mom and sister disowned her. Sofia's parents hung up on her. Then later, they called her back a month later asking her if she could come home for Christmas with the baby.

Meanwhile back the girls' high school, we found out that the cheer coach had been fired because she violated school district policy regarding supervising students at an event until they had all left safely. With that and the loss of three cheerleaders including the captain, the cheer squad failed to even qualify at regional. Not good since they won state 3 of the last five years. The cheer girls were upset, but apparently not all of them. A few girls asked Emma if it would be possible to come visit us and check out our life style. Emma laughed and said she would think about it. My girl asked if they would be willing to strip naked, be tied up, and have sex with me. Her former teammates gasped and didn't seem that enthusiastic.

Then there were the talking heads who spouting words about rises of teen pregnancy, Millennial girls were weak and easy, the moral fiber of America has disappeared, etc. Of course, I was the villain in all this since I had corrupted three pure girls into becoming sluts. The only upside to all this was the porn industry and the men's blogs. Different porn businesses were offering top dollar to make videos of me and my pregnant girls. I said no, but I did allow for online interviews for the right price. Men of all ages and marital status congratulated me and wished they had my guts to do something like what I did.

Finally, there was law enforcement. That was a formality interview over the phone.
No victims. No crimes.


A week later, we walked into a bowling alley in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Tomorrow we were traveling to Wyoming. The girls looked hot and were wearing maternity dresses since I didn't allow them to wear pants or shorts. They had high heel shoes and their hair and make-up were perfect. The girls were not allowed panties. Despite the baby bumps, they attracted the attention of every male in the alley. After we got shoes and a lane, we sat down and proceeded to change shoes.

I heard snickering and looked up at the next lane. There were five freaky teens. Three guys and a girl were dressed in black faux-leather and looked like some punk-goths with the piercings and tattoos. The leader wore a black t-shirt with a red satan logo. They were making deprecating comments about my girls. All in all, they looked like trash and acted as such.         

What didn't make sense was the girl with leader scumbag. She looked out of place with her innocent looks. The nice girl wore a knee-length denim skirt, sneakers with white lacy socks, a pink blouse, and had her brunette hair tied into ponytail. She had no make-up and she didn't need it. She looked shy and uncomfortable, especially when he kissed her.

As we played frame after frame, brunette girl kept glancing and smiling at me. What a flirt? When her boyfriend touched her butt and breasts, she resisted a bit before going limp. At one moment when she was being fondled, she looked at me with a sad look. I turned away since it wasn't my problem.

The fight began when brunette girl put her right foot up on a seat in back of mine. When I turned to look she was retying her shoelace and flashing her pink panties with a smile on her face. My jaw dropped down in surprise. That's when all hell broke lose.

"Get the fuck away from my man, you slut!" Emma roared.

My five months pregnant, ex-cheerleader captain, wife Emma leaped over two chairs and landed on the temptress. The flirt landed on her back with Emma sitting on her chest. Emma began to punch and slap the girl.

"You fucking slut, you think I didn't see you trying to steal my husband? Flashing your skanky cunt at him. You whore!" my Emma yelled while her nemesis screamed in terror.

As I climbed over the chairs, I heard Sofia yell out a warning.

"Bobby, look out! He's got a knife!"

I saw scumbag leader guy, with knife in hand, about to stab Emma from the back. I pulled my old Army 45 from my back holster as I moved on him from the side. I put the muzzle to his head.

'Don't even think about it. Drop the knife, or I'll blow your fucking head off!"

The punk dropped the knife, froze, and pissed his pants.

Sofia began fighting punk girl when another punk with a knife advanced on Sofia.

"Get the fuck away from my sister!" I heard Bree shout.

Off to the side, I saw Bree disarm the punk with a knife, and she went all Chuck Norris on him. I swore I heard bone break. The other loser and punk girl ran for the exit.

Never piss off a pregnant martial artist!

"Get the fuck out of here, you trash," I yelled as the manager with a 357 Mag and two employees came running up. The two punks and brunette girl were literally thrown out of the place. The manager returned to me. He glanced at my girls who were hugging together.

"You folks okay?"

"Yes. We are now. Who were those guys?"

"Just the local criminal scum. Are you ex-military?" he chatted as he glanced at my M1911 pistol.

"Roger that. Ex-Army."

"I'm retired Air Force. Look, you folks will have to leave. The cops could show up, and you are quite infamous with your pregnant cheerleaders," he smiled.

"Okay. Thanks. I appreciate it."


As we crossed the parking lot, we noticed brunette cock-teaser crying and sitting in the snow against a lamp-post. Next to her were two trash-bags filled with her clothes, a backpack, and her purse. I continued to walk to the RV, not caring about some slut who almost got my girls hurt. I opened the door and noticed Sofia was missing, then saw her kneeling next to the troublesome slut. I was getting impatient since I wanted to be at our next campsite before it got too dark. I yelled at Sofia to come here, but she waved me off.

"I'll go get her," Emma said in exasperation and Bree joined her. I had to wait 20 minutes as my girls talked to the brunette. What were they talking about? It's was colder as the sun set. Finally, The four girls began moving to me with flirt-girl  leaning on Sofia, and Emma and Bree carrying the bags.

"What's this crap about?" I growled.

Sofia flinched then explained, "This is Faith Mueller. Uhm...she's like...Amish."

"No way! She don't look like the Plain People," I said in surprise. Shouldn't Faith be wearing some 19th century outfit. Where's the bonnet?

"Well sir, there''s a story. But it's cold out here. Could we bring her inside please?" Sofia asked respectfully.

"Okay. She can come in for a few minutes. But if she acts up, it's your ass, got it?"

"Yes sir! I certainly hope so!" she said with a smirk and a wink. Damn it! My cheerleaders had become real sluts. Faith, however, had a different reaction, and didn't want to come in if it might cause her new friend Sofia trouble. The three girls pulled her in, and I locked the door.   

"Now, what's this story? It better not be bullshit!" I said with a bit of anger and that caused Faith to tremble. Her face had a black eye, bruises, and split lip. Her hair was wild, no longer in a ponytail. When her jacket came off, her blouse torn and buttons were missing. One of her sneakers was missing. The button and zipper on her skirt were broken. WTF? Emma could not have done all that.

"According to Faith, she is...uhhh...was Amish. Any case, she was engaged to some guy named Peter. Then one day when she working at the roadside market, this guy named Soul Knife..."

"Soul Knife?"

"Yeah, that's his gang leader name. Actually, she found out his real name is Wilbur. She was working a roadside farm stand. He sweet talks her and keeps coming back to buy an apple. He manages to get her to meet him alone and well they got all making out, but no sex. On the third tryst, they get caught by her parents and the bishop who somehow knew where they were. She sasses them and got shunned, which kind of an excommunication based on their law thing called an Ordnung or Ordning. She had no place to go, so she lived with Wilbur and his 2 guys and 1 girl gang in some one bedroom dump. They plied her with booze and drugs, then they get her naked and felt her up and take pictures. She said they didn't use her three holes because they thought they would get more cash if she were a real innocent virgin. They blackmailed her with the pictures and the threat of kicking her to the curb and told her that she would be a prostitute. You were to be her first customer. Wilbur, the Soul Knife, blamed Faith for the fight and the loss of his favorite knife. He told her that she had to give him her cherry and tried to rape her in the back of the car. But these Amish girls are tough, so she knocked him out, and the rest of the gang tossed her out as too much trouble. So that's what happened. By the way, she is real sorry for everything that happened and promises it will never happen again. She told us that these evil things she did was not how she was raised by her family. And she knows we are the infamous cheerleaders."

I sat back stunned at such a wild story and the stupidity of such a bimbo Amish girl.

"Okay, so what does that have to do with me and us?"

Emma joined in, "We think we should take her with us. She is just an innocent victim forced to be bad. She can help around here, not sex of course. Faith, tell him what you can do."

The Amish girl hesitated before Bree jumped in.

"Come on Faith, tell our husband what your skills are, okay?"

"Well, I am a farm girl. I can work with cows and make clothes and keep house. I am wonderful gut at cooking. I make some gut suppers that I learned from my mam. My dat taught me about the farming. I can learn your Englisher ways."

The girls stared at me with looks that made me feel guilty. Damn it all. I don't need another hormonal female in my RV. On the other hand, Amish cooking I heard was fantastic.

"Okay Faith, you can stay." The girl s gave out a "Yay!"

"But, you will be responsible for making supper, grocery shopping, and doing laundry plus helping with other chores. I will try to drop you off at a Amish or Mennonite community if you decide to leave us. If you are still with us when we get to Wyoming, I might need you as our farm expert. Is that okay with you?" 

 "Ja! Ja! Oh that is gut. Wonderful gut. Danke. Danke."

"You girls get ready for bed. Now do you understand that being with us means accepting that we have some unusual Englisher ways in terms of sex? I won't force you, but you will have a certain dress code. Are you okay with that."

Faith looked over in astonishment as the girls got naked except for their slave chokers and walked to the bedroom. Her mouth opened and closed with no words coming out. She blushed, then finally muttered, "Ja. I understand. I am gut."

"Stand up and take off your clothes. You can keep your bra and panties."

Faith had this deer-in-the-headlights look for a full minute until I put my finger under her chin and forced her to look up at me.

"Now Faith," I whispered with a hint of threat.

She took off her torn blouse and skirt, then her one shoe and socks. I threw the rags out the door. I told her to turn around slowly and whistled at her body. She was trembling and  blushing from head to toe. She stood about 5'9, wavy brunette hair, 38d breasts, maybe size 9 shoe size, stocky overall, and a poster girl for hardy farm girls.

I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her into the bedroom. I sat her down on the chair and grabbed some 24" rope  lengths.

"I can't have you free and about until I am sure about you. After all, you might kill us while we're sleeping. Put your hands behind the chair."

I tied her wrists. Then I tied her ankles back and up to the armrests. Finally, I put duct tape over her mouth. I kissed her forehead and wishes her goodnight.

It was Sofia's turn to tonight to please me. She sucked me hard for a few minutes, then laid back and spread her legs. Her hips were pulled up by me. Then I slowly slid my cock into her damp pussy as she moaned and begged me to fuck her hard and fast. I gave her fast power thrusts, but never going all the way in because we didn't want to chance  it. Soon we were in the sex haze while Bree was using a strap-on with Emma. The moans and grunts and smells of hot sex filled the room. Sofia smiled at Faith, and I looked at the bound girl. I chuckled at the wetness of her panty crotch and saw that she was trying to close her legs. When I shot my hot load into Sofia she came with a loud "Yessss!"

We were tired and fell asleep satisfied and content, except Faith who seemed frustrated.


The next morning Emma was sucking my cock to hardness. Then she mounted me cowgirl style. I pulled and flicked her nipple rings. Later, I rolled over and finished off us off in the missionary position with her little feet pounding my butt. Then we collapsed, breathing loudly. Emma was always my best lover. We showered together, and I took her ass in the shower despite her protests that I was only allowed sex once per girl per day and having her butt would be twice with her in one day. I didn't care.

I was wearing a tank top and shorts when I sat down for breakfast. Faith was helping Bree with breakfast. Sofia was almost done knitting a cute light blue baby blanket. Emma was plotting a travel route to Wyoming. I didn't know she wore eyeglasses.   

The road trip continued on winter fell upon us. Finally, we decided on no more tourist stops as we wanted to get to the ranch before the weather really got bad. The girls wanted a real home, and not a RV to have their babies. Once we cleared Omaha, we were on I-80 heading west through Nebraska.

Everywhere we stopped for gas or a restaurant or just stay at a hotel, my cheer-girls were recognized and that got to be too much and even a bit creepy. Males 14 to 80 recognized my girls and wanted to get their pictures taken with them. I had to restrain myself sometimes when a few pigs put their hands on my girls' butts or hugged them too tight. Girlfriends and wives were upset at their partners, and more than once there was angry yelling which we took as our cue to leave.

After the first few incidents, the girls decided to wear their cheer jackets over their maternity dresses which had been altered to mid-thigh. They put their cheer ribbons back in their hair. On their legs were black sheer thigh-hi nylons and 5" ankle strap sandals. It was $10 per guy if they wanted pictures with the girls. The girls seen to delight in the attention while taking money for charity. When we went to church, the money was put into the collection basket.

During all this excitement, Faith and I stood off to the side. She went back to wearing her Amish dresses while I was in disguise wearing sunglasses, a wig, and a chauffeur's uniform. Nobody paid us any mind. Good.

During the journey, Faith was quiet and kept to herself. I now trusted her enough that I didn't tie her to the chair anymore. Instead, I put leather, fur-lined handcuffs on her. She was still only allowed to wear panties and bra. My big Amish girl was very obedient. For example, yesterday I ordered her to sit on my lap. Then I massaged her back, caressed her arms and legs while kissing the back of her neck. I could tell she didn't want me doing this while  faint moans escaped her lips. Then I lightly brushed my hand over her vulva, and she was wet. I hoped that Faith would make the jump to being sexually active.

My young Amish girl needed to undergo another step in order for to become my slave, and that's bondage. That night I told her lie down face down in front of the closet. I then tied her her wrists behind her with rope. A vibrator was put  tightly against her pussy without harming her hymen. A leather strap went around her thighs. Next I told her to cross her ankles which were also roped. I bent her legs and leather-strapped her into a hogtie. I zip-tied her big-toes together. A red ball-gag went in, and I finished up by putting a blindfold on her. I picked her up like a suitcase and put her in the closet, then closed the door. 

During the night, I popped half of a blue pill which put a lot of concern into my ladies. I then enjoyed their mouths and pussies during the night. Each girl took a turn, first sucking on my wood, then mounting me cowgirl style. They did all the work, and their moans, gasps, sighs, and screams were a bit exaggerated as I began to realize they were doing all the work and were trying to make sure I didn't have another attack. All of us also realized that Faith heard everything.

The next morning I checked on Faith and felt her pussy. She was soaking wet and there was a pool of girl juice on the floor. After breakfast, I told girls to unbind Faith and get her cleaned and ready. I didn't realize that my failure to explain "ready" would lead to something more. I rode into town for supplies, talked to my buddy in Wyoming, and hung out in a sports bar.

The big change came that night and on Faith's 12th day with us. We had again camped out in the boonies so we could rest for a day from the driving and the fanfare. The three girls were outside playing in the snow like teenagers without a care in the world. I fell asleep while reading a book. I awoke suddenly from a pleasant sensation from my cock.     

Faith was kneeling naked on the floor between my legs and sucking on my cock! She was naked, and I saw that she has shaved down there. I watched in amazement as she did a decent job of servicing me. I let out a little sound when her tongue rubbed under my rod. This went on for minutes, and I was very hard. I slumped back and through the window I could see the girls smiling at me. I had been set up.

Faith stood up and pulled me by the hand to the bedroom. She got on all fours at the edge of the bed and looked back at me. Her corn-hole was well-lubed. She had a weak smile on her face. 

"I want to thank for your kindness by giving you something I thought might please you. Emma and the girls said you value much the taking of a girl's virginity. I am sorry I cannot give you that which I am saving for my future husband on our wedding night. If you want to put your manhood in my arse, then I will be able to pay you back with anal sex."

With hesitation, I pushed my cock into her backside slowly. This was her first time, and I wanted to avoid hurting her. I commented that she was not as tight as I thought she would be. She replied that the girls inserted a butt plug and made her wear it for two days. I was aroused by all that she had said and developed a nice rhythm as I drove the Hershey highway. I played with her tits and clit which made her moan and grunt like a whore. I never could last that long with anal sex which was why I preferred oral and pussy. I slammed in, pinched her clit, and twisted a nipple as we both came hard. My man juice splashed up her ass. Then we fell forward onto the bed, panting like dogs.

From that day forward, Faith joined the others in servicing me. I never got to pop her cherry or use her ass again, but she did become a really good blow job artist who liked to swallow. I actually thought her skin seemed even more lovely and her breasts looked a bit bigger from the extra protein.

We drove through Nebraska and entered Wyoming. The four girls were giddy with anticipation as I drove the last 375 miles. At the final 120 miles, I ordered the girls to stay in the bedroom with the door closed. They protested, but I wanted to surprise them. I still could hear them giggling and laughing like teenage girls. So much for the solemn maturity of being expectant mothers . About two hours later, I stopped the RV in the middle of the road and yelled to the girls.

Middle of the road? Why not? This was rural Wyoming where one could drive for a long time and not see another vehicle.

There were joyful shouts as the naked girls came running out of the bedroom while throwing on their cheer jackets or long coat for Faith. Emma and Sofia put on flip-flops while Bree and Faith went barefooted as they went outside in the cold air and snow. The girls were in silent awe as I stood behind them.

The RV was parked on top of a low ridge overlooking the snow-covered valley below. My two-story, 1890s ranch house was in the valley below. My friend Wild Bill had the inside and outside lights on, plus the white Christmas lights. It was sundown, and shadows cast a nice contrast of the bring, festive lights. Smoke from the two fireplaces curled their way skyward. Occasionally, we could hear the sound of horses and cows.

The girls hugged me saying thank yous and praising the beauty of the place. They showered me with kisses and hugs. They were so happy that for a moment I thought they were going to get on their knees and blow me. For my part, I wish I was in Texas where it was a lot warmer.

The girls were jogging down the road despite my telling them to get in the RV. Ah, the enthusiasm of youth had taken over their teenage brains. Emma stopped and then walked back to me. She took my hand and pulled back into the RV. As I drove, she put her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek.

"I love you Bobby," she whispered into my ear.

"And I love you even more, my dearest Emma," I softly said as I gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is it for this story line. If it were to continue, it would cover the lives of Bobby and his girls and neighbors in Wyoming over a period of about 45 years. Some of the ideas for this came from my vacations in Wyoming and Pennsylvania. Thank you for reading my stories.

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