Author Topic: Eating Out My Man-Bitch's Asshole  (Read 608 times)

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Eating Out My Man-Bitch's Asshole
« on: January 08, 2017, 06:56:39 AM »
// this recount is from one of my escort sessions, that hapened in the week prior to New Year. I do my fair share of femdom stuff, but this man vas very special in his kinks. And reminded me just how much I love giving and reciving rimjobs, especialy flavored ones... :) Any convos are translated from Croatian to English, to the best of my ability. //


We steped out of the elevator. Me, dresed in a long grey winter coat, thick black jeans, vith a black wool scarf tight around my neck, my hair hiden under a thick black wool cap. Damn freezer outsyde! Him, roughly 1.90m/90kg frame, nicely trimed mustache, receding hairline, dresed in a thick royal-blue winter jacket, brown scarf around his neck, and a black business suit under it, complete with a checkered tie.

All on schedule. A evening out vith him, dinner, dance... a good client. A sofisticated business-type, in his mid-40s, eager for some non-conventional fun away from his wife and family. The convo during dinner confirmed it... he was after some unwinding, from the xmas madness with family and intruzive relatives that smothered him. I ofered him a empathetic ear, or at least as best as I culd fake it. Not kuite able to make it sympathetic, but I tryed. It vas his money for my time, and he payed for it very, very wel. So, he got to talk to me about anything he wanted. I didnt care, but I pretended I did. Truth be told, I didnt like him too much as a person, cheating on his wife and runing from his family during xmas time. But I LOVED his money, and I loved the size of the bulge in his pants, as I looked down at his side-profile next to me!

And... I loved the special rekuest he had in mind, vhen we got to the real deal, in the hotel room. He vas after some punishment, and a very specific kind of femdom scenario, vhich I was only too hapy to accomodate, both on a profesional... and personal, level.

He unlocked the room, and steped in. I folowed, as he swiched on the lights. Sudenly, he turned and cuffed me acros the face, just as I vas taking off my cap and scarf. I roled vith the blow, barely feeling it.

"Bitch!" he snarled, shoving me to the wall and trying to land a second cuff. All part of the deal...

I blocked the second cuff, then planted a meazured knee up to his crotch, making him stager back vith a grunt. His eyes betrayed his pleazure, tho.

"Vhat did you call me, you dryed-up old fuck?!" I yeled, spiting in his face.

"You wil regret that, whore!" he growled, body-slaming in-to me hard, enogh to take my breth out a little, and pining me to the wall, as he started to grope my breasts thru the coat, and lick my neck, almost slobbering all over it. I loved the body-slam, I loved the licking and the groping, normaly I wuld have recipricated in kind, but I played my part...

"Get off me, you sick freak!" I snarled, headbutting him in the cheek, careful to miss the nose or eyesocket. He jerked back, and I used the room he given me, to shove him away, then bitchslap him 4 times, acros both cheeks, as hard as I culd, but only using the front parts of my palms, to make sure the hinges didnt do real damage, since I got a lot of energy in my palms. He just sticked out his tongue, vith a ear-to-ear grin, some blood pouring from the corner of his mouth, then spat in my face. Some of it almost got in my left eye, but I shut it reflexivly.

"Is that all you got, slut?" mockingly, before he tryed to lift his foot to strike me in the gut. Clumzily. I checked it vith my knee, then shoved him vith both arms, to land on his ass on the carpet.

"We'r just begining." I snarled, and planted my boot on his chest, shoving him fuly down on his back and keeping him pined there, as I un-butoned my coat and thrown it to the side. Under it, I only had a loose-fiting sweater, vhich I also sliped out of... now left only in a black leather dominatrix bra, vith clamps on the back.

I sit down at his neck, pining him betwen my thighs, as he started to lick my crotch thru my jeans.

"LICK HARDER, PIG!" I yeled, reaching back to give his own crotch a semi-hard punch. Once. Twice, Thrice.

"HahAAAAA! You aaAARE so weAAK!" he kept laughing, but interupted by moans of pain. Then he reached his hands up, to grab my breasts. I struck them off. He reached agen, I struck them off agen.

"Stop it." I growled, faking anger. He reached a third time, this time I grabed his hands and held them there for a moment, before un-cliping my bra, and taking it off. Then I used it as a binding, to bind his hands at the vrists.

"You old fuck... you want these?" I hissed vith a evil grin, as I pointed at my boobs, to vhat he just sticked out his tongue agen, panting like a dog.

"Good doggy. SUCK ON THEM!" I yelled, burying his face betwen my boobs, forcefuly, hugging his head there and keeping it there until he almost sufocated.

He gasped for air, stil panting, and repeating: "Doggy wants booby! Doggy wants booby!" over and over, 10 times or so, betwen gasps.

I spit on him agen, standing up... "Doggy not get booby, because doggy bad! Doggy needs to be trained." vith fake contempt.

Then I steped at his neck, not too hard, enogh to constrict his air-flow just a litle, as I started taking off my jeans. I steped off him, deliberatly puting most of my weigt on his neck for a split second as I taken a step, before I sliped out of my boots, and tossed the jeans asyde. Now, I vas only left in my socks, and black leather thongs, very snug over my shaved, tight crotch. I vas wet alredy, and some fluid vas vizible past the thong's edge alredy.

"Eat me out, doggy." I snarled, siting down on his face, and giving his balls another punch, harder.

He growled in-coherently, diging-in past my thong's edge, to start licking my clit.

"I SAYED EAT ME OUT, NOT LICK ME, YOU FUCK!!!" I yelled, squeezing my thighs around his neck a bit, as emphazis.

"Yes... mistress." he growled in a mufled voice, then grabed my ass cheeks, puling me in tighter, and started to dig in-to my vagina vith his tongue, his nose rubbing my clit.

He licked, and sucked on my piercing, and licked agen, and stabed his tongue deep in, and licked, and sucked, and licked, and sucked, and stabed in, his lips working my clit now vhile his tongue explored my tunnel. Gorging on my nethers, as I started to moan. He started punching my ass-cheeks, hard, over and over agen, as I moaned louder, riding his face.

"Good doggy..." I panted, then shifted a litle higher, to plant my asshole on his mouth. He used one hand to pull my thongs further to the side, then started licking my rektum, stil punching my ass cheeks and thighs. Then he inserted his tongue in there.

Of corse, it vas clean and prepared, I anal-showered before the meet.

"You are... learning, doggy! EAT MY ASSHOLE!" I yeled, in total heat now. I pivoted around, now siting on his face in reverse, pressing my asshole tighter to his mouth, and also giving me acess to his own nethers. I unziped his suit pants, and puled out the belt, then slyde them down, giving the bulge under his underwear another punch, before puling them down too, to expoze his cock and hairy balls. No smell tho, he did take me seriusly vhen I instructed him before the meet to be very clean.

I didnt suck his cock tho... I jacked him off, as he arched up sligtly, giving me acces to his own asshole... a plug insyde it. All part of the deal... I puled out the plug, and licked it off... it tasted like chocolate. His idea vas, that he wuld pour some chocolate-cream in-to his asshole, and I'd eat it out all the way.

I had to walk him thru the process of thorughly showering his anal cavity and pluging it, over the phone vhile we worked the arangements, and some extra instructions on how to pour soemthing insyde there, without it pouring out, using a anal plug to cork it. Of corse, that vas also why neither of us actually eaten anything during our dinner, to keep the intestines clyar, and ready for this.

All included in my price. The instructions, the recomendations for his (not) eating a day in advance, and the anal plug I sent him via mail 3 days before.

"Doggy tastes good!" I panted vith a grin, meaning it, before I punched him in the ribs hard, provoking a choked-off grunt out of him, as I digged my tongue in-to his asshole, and scooped out as much of the warm chocolate cream as I culd, vhile I eaten him out. We rimmed each-other like that for the beter part of 20 minutes, before I started using a dildo in his asshole, anal-raping him, and ocasionaly licking-off the dildo, for any left-over chocolate cream.

It all felt SO dirty, yet SO fucking hot and delicius, being the ultimate whore! I love meets vhen my clients get creative vith there ideas like that, and are wiling to pay for it. :)

// It didnt end there ofc, we eventualy got to having rough sex, but only after another half-hour of anal-play, normal 69ing, and more femdom. I wont vrite all that out, it wuld take too long lol. Lets just say I didnt get out of that hotel until morning. //

just my kink list to give you a idea of what to expect :)