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Daddy and me(Incest, Rape, Impreg, BDSM)
« on: November 24, 2010, 05:43:42 PM »
There was nothing I wanted more than to replace mama.

Papa was, and always had been, a strong man. But when mama died, I knew papa wasn't okay. He still smiled, he still acted strong, but I knew he wasn't. When papa began assuming mama's duties, I realized how bad he was at them. Whenever I grabbed a dish, it was either greasy or had soap still in it. When he cooked a meal, it was always spaghetti and meatballs, hot dogs, or hamburgers. We began eating take out a lot more. This was when I was seven years old. I remember it all like it was yesterday. When I was twelve, I began to learn how to cook myself. Papa was still alone, acting strong. Sometimes he brought home a woman. I wondered if he thought I wasn't old enough to understand what he was doing with her. I didn't blame him, he was lonely. Sometimes I just wished he wouldn't bring home any woman, that I would be enough for him.

Papa was very happy when I began to cook and clean for him. He kissed me on my forehead every time he came home from work, and complimented me on my cooking skills. "One day, you're going to make the best housewife ever." He whispered to me as he tucked me into bed. After that, he kissed my cheek, and then hesitated.

"Papa?" I asked, wondering why he was still leaning down over me. He looked into my eyes and then smiled.

"I'm're just so beautiful." He said, his gaze shifting away from my eyes and down to my body.

"Like mama?" I smiled at him. He paused, and then stood up straight. I can see he was now looking away, and I realized that I had said something wrong. Whenever I spoke of mama, he always had that same, distant expression.

"Goodnight, baby." He said, caressing my cheek and then turning out the lights. He left the door cracked, just enough for the hallway light to creep in. I sighed. He never compared me to mama.

I'm older now. Papa has been bringing home more girls than ever. I am jealous of every one of them. I cook for papa, I clean for papa, I even dropped out of high school for papa and began an online program instead of going to a normal school. The least he could do was invite me into his room and spent time with me like he did with those women. It is ten pm now, and I am cleaning up after dinner. Papa had brought home another floozy, and I didn't want her eating any of the food I had made for papa. The door creaks open, and I hear laughing.

"Be a good little girl for me and wait until I call you," Papa tells the woman, patting her ass as they walk past the kitchen. I am so busy looking that I accidentally bump into a pot that I had soaked in water and it plummets to the tiled floor. They both are startled and notice me. "You okay baby?" Papa asks, as he begins to walk over.

"I'm fine," I begin, although as soon as I take a step forward I slip and fall right into the massive soapy puddle. Papa hurries toward me as I roll over in pain. As he helps me up, the woman has invited herself into my kitchen.

"I'll help clean it up." She says, taking a dish towel that is actually up for decoration and leaning over to apply it to the floor.

"No, I'll clean it up." I snarled, snatching the towel from her and putting it back in place. Papa is staring at me, as if I was bleeding. I look down at myself and realize my white nightgown is soaked and my nipples are visible through the thin material.

"Don't be ridiculous, go take a shower while I--"

"Get out." Papa tells the woman, his voice cold and nearly monotone.

"I was just trying to help." The woman argued, but then suddenly papa backhands her with enough force to send her stumbling into the wall.

"I said, GET OUT." The woman looked at him horrified and the scurried to the door, leaving at once. I look at papa with a smile, and he looks at me back. "Clean this up at once and then take a shower." He goes to the refrigerator and then grabs a beer. Opening it, he sits down and crosses his legs, watching me intently. I take a towel from underneath the sink and began to wipe up the water. I am on all fours, and it looks like he is staring at my backside, but I think nothing of it. However, when I glance up, it looks as if he is rubbing his leg, and I wonder why.

When the water is all cleaned up, I take the towel and I put it in the laundry room. Papa follows me, and when I turn to leave, he stands in my way. "Lucia," He begins, his eyes still looking me up and down. "Would you like to take a bath with papa?"

"But when I was thirteen you told me we couldn't anymore." I say, now confused at this sudden change of heart. He smiled and then kissed my forehead.

"This is a reward...for being papa's little angel." He whispered. I smile widely and then nod, I loved taking a bath with papa. His skin was so smooth, and he was very beautiful. Papa was like a statue, perfect in every way. The last time I took a bath with papa, he was very quiet and stiff. I was bathing him like usual, the only difference was that his penis(he told me not to say peepee anymore) was larger than it usually was. I asked him if it was okay and I touched it. He grabbed my arms and told me I was too big to take a bath with him anymore. I cried that night, it was as if papa never wanted to spend time with me anymore.

Papa took off my nightie and then stared at me again. "Oh're so beautiful. Papa is very proud." He said as he kissed my cheek. His hands went down to my ass and he squeezed it. I laughed a little and he smiled. "Be a good girl and take off your panties for daddy." I looked up at him and wondered why he used the word daddy instead of papa. I always called him papa. However, I didn't really care because I was so excited about taking a bath with him. I took off my panties and he licked his lips. "Baby, daddy is going to teach you how to shave."

"I already know how to shave, papa." I said, lifting up my arms and sticking out my legs.

"No baby. I mean this..." His hand slowly reached out to touch my privates(I hated the word vagina), and he tugged the hair just a bit. My legs began to feel like spaghetti and I blushed.

"Oh..." I said, breathing a little heavy. "I was to scared to do it there."

"That's because mama wasn't here to show you. But daddy will." He took my hand and led me to the bathroom. Papa himself was in his bathrobe. When he took it off, I smiled even more. His body was just as perfect as I remembered. His smell was so strong, but I loved it. "Go start the shower. I will get the shaving stuff."

I do as he says obediently and then I step in the shower. Papa comes in not long after and then lathers my privates with shaving cream. "How many times do I have to shave my privates, papa?" I ask as he takes the razor to my skin and goes to work.

"Whenever hair grows, baby. You always want to be completely hairless down here. Its cleaner. And you should call this, your pussy..Its very beautiful, very sacred...only daddy is allowed to see it, understand?"

"I understand." I smile down at him, moving my large breasts so I could see all of his face. When he is finished, her turns me around and then presses himself up against me, his penis mashed between my cheeks. I watch as the rest of my pubic hair falls away into the drain and his large hand slips back down to my pussy.

"So smooth...doesn't that feel better, baby?" He says lowly. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and my nipples get hard. My legs are also beginning to feel weak again. I nod slowly, his hand still caressing. One finger grazed over my clitoris, and I moan. I can feel his penis throbbing, its very hot.

"Papa?" I ask quietly. He pulls his hand away and then grabs the soap. I smile at him, not wanting to ruin this time we were spending together.

"My baby sure has grown.." He lathers up my body and then stops at my breasts, cupping them with his hands. His fingers flick over my nipples and I moan again. This felt so good. "Tell daddy how big his baby has grown."

"38DD..." I answer weakly as he flicks and pinches my nipples. "Papa's penis has grown too."

"You should call my penis, cock..or dick. Do you like daddy's cock?" Papa asked as he pushed it more against me. I nodded again, not being able to think clearly. "Say it." He gripped my hips and pushed more into me to the point where it was painful.

"I like Papa's cock." I moaned. He made a pleased grunt and then gave me the sponge. I turned around and then began to lather up his body as mine was being rinsed off. His abdomen was just as rigged as I remember yet it was still soft. His nipples were just as hard as mine were and when I ran over them I used my finger and he moaned quietly. I got down on my knees as I lathered up his legs, and finally I came to his cock.

"Use your hands to lather daddy's cock, baby." He said, taking the sponge away. I gripped the large throbbing thing in my hands and began to stroke it up and down, getting it nice and soapy. He moaned again, as he stared down at me, his hips moving slightly in rhythm to my strokes. When I finished I went to get back up, but he slapped me hard on the cheek. "DID I SAY YOU COULD STOP?!" I look up at papa, terrified. He had never hit me before. Tears came to my eyes and I started to sob. Papa looked disoriented for a minute, but then he turned off the shower and left me in there crying.

When I pulled myself together, I put some clothes on and went into my room. I was so confused. The way Papa touched me made me feel so good. I ruined it by not washing him long enough. I turned on my computer and searched Papa touched me. I wanted answers on why it felt so good, but all I got were girls saying they were afraid, scared. Something scared me though. Some had their own papa's arrested for making them feel good. How awful!

I turned off my computer and then crawled into bed. I wanted to apologize to papa, but I was still scared that he was mad at me. I closed my eyes, and drifted off into sleep. Soon after, I woke up, covered in sweat and moaning. I looked down and in between my legs was papa. I didn't say anything, I kept moaning and panting and suddenly I felt a large rush of pleasure and my body stiffened and arched back. Papa crawled over me and I could feel his cock against my pussy. His eyes were cold, even though I was smiling up at him. "Papa, I'm sorry..." I tell him. He doesn't answer me. He simply takes both of my wrists and puts his full weight on them.

Suddenly I feel a stabbing pain in my pussy. I begin to scream and writhe underneath him, but he continues to stare down at me with those eyes. His cockhead is so thick that the tiny entrance in my pussy his beginning to tear. "Papa stop!" I scream, but with one mighty thrust, he finally gets into me, and I could feel something inside me tear. I am sobbing, and thrashing underneath him but he won't pull out.

"Shut the fuck up you stupid little whore. You liked being pleasured by me. So its my turn now." He pulled out slightly and then slammed right back into me. I continue to cry, and then suddenly he grabs my neck and squeezes. My hands are now both wrapped around his wrist as I struggle for air. "Happy birthday you fucking slut. You're mine now." He continues to jack hammer me into the bed as I shake my head no. He releases me and punches me in my face. I'm seeing stars now. When I go to gasp for air, another punch goes to my abdomen. I can't breath again. I gasp and wheeze. "YOU'RE MINE, YOU HEAR? MINE! DADDIES LITTLE SLUT. SAY IT. OR I'LL HURT YOU."

"I'm daddies slut!" I say, despite being out of breath. "Please stop hurting me now!" He flips me over so that I am on all fours and grabs my broad hips, digging his nails into them. "Papa, please!"

"I'm your daddy now. You will call me daddy or sir. I'm going to mark your insides. I'm going to knock you up. You're going to have my babies!" He shouted as he continues to pound into me, grabbing the back of my neck and forcing my head into the pillow as I continue to cry. Suddenly his grunts turn to snarls and I feel his balls expand as he shoots something into me. It burns. He is silent, but I am still whimpering. After five minutes, he pulls out of me and leaves my on my bed, broken and bruised. He returns with a collar and a leash. I look at him with my eyes wide and he sits on top of me.

"No! Please!" I scream but he slaps me again and then places the collar on my neck. He attaches the leash and yanks me out of my bed.

"On all fours. Move it. Let me show you to your new room." I sob as he leads me into his bedroom. He opens the closet and there is a large cage. "Get in." I look up at him horrified, but as soon as he raises his hand to hit me I scramble in there. He closes it and then smiles. "This is for the best, baby...You don't want to end up like mama, do you?" He grins, and I gasp.

"What did you do to Mama!?" I shout, but as soon as I did, the door closes.

//To be continued.
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Re: Daddy and me(Incest, Rape, Impreg)
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Good story. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to the continuation.
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Re: Daddy and me(Incest, Rape, Impreg)
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Thank you very much, LucyL. I also apologize for the delay I've been very sick.


It was cold....and the stuff Papa...daddy shot in me was leaking out of my pussy. I reached down and touched it, flinching at the pain. I'm sure I was bleeding, but right now I had more things to worry about. Why was Papa treating me this way? Is this why the other girls who I had read about online acted so hurt? Did their Papa's hurt them like he hurt me? And Mama...why did he say that I didn't want to end up like her? As far as I knew Mama died because some horrible person hurt her. Was that horrible person Papa? couldn't be. Even if Papa could do something like this to his own daughter, he couldn't have murdered Mama...they caught the guy who did that.

So what did he mean? I shivered, wishing that I had a blanket. I tried to sit up as far as I could and I reached over and pulled one of Papa's coats off the hook and put it on. I grabbed another one and used it to lay my head down. Why did Papa lock me in this cold cage in the dark? Didn't he know I hated confined spaces? While I tried to figure out why Papa had done such terrible things to me, I dozed off. Despite everything even Papa's smell on his coats comforted me enough to sleep.

I awoke hearing the closet creak open, and the light seeping in. I heard the cage door open and I when I opened my eyes I saw Papa grab my ankle and pull me out of the closet. I yelped as he tore his coat from my naked body, and then I saw him unbuckle his belt. "You have some kind of nerve, slut! Did I say you could use my clothes to cover yourself up?!" He screamed at me and then pull his belt hastily from his body and doubling it. I tried to climb back into the closet but he pounced on me like an animal and sat on top of my upper back and brought down the belt over and over.

I screamed and thrashed underneath him, but it only made him even more angry. Large red welts formed on my ass and my legs as he continued with his abuse, and when he finally stopped I was still screaming, my face lying in a puddle of my tears and drool that had collected on the hard floor beneath me. He grabbed my collar and I was forced to get up on all fours and he dragged me down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Make my breakfast, cunt. You're not going to eat today because of that little stunt you pulled in your cage, so if I see you so much as look at the food wrong, you're getting it again, and I can go a lot harder and longer than what I just did, do you understand?" Daddy pushed me in front of the stove with his foot. He then went to the dining room table and opened a newspaper and began to read. Still sobbing, I got to my feet and began to prepare his breakfast. "Shut up!" He snarled, and I closed my mouth, trying not to make a sound. As I began to beat the eggs, I heard his voice again. "Sing for me. Like you normally do."

I couldn't believe what he just asked me, but I was too terrified to protest. I began to sing one of Mama's lullaby's and he sighed happily, turning the page of the newspaper. I was having a hard time trying to keep myself from crying. When I finished making his plate, I brought it over to him and placed it on the table with a cup of orange juice. He looked up at me and reached for my head. I flinched, only to feel his hand pat my head. "Good girl.." He whispered, and then his hand went down to my cheek, then my neck. Then he grabbed my collar and forced me back on all fours. "Climb under the table and take daddy's cock and put it in your mouth." I looked up at him and then began to climb under the table, but he stopped me. "What do you say?"

"Yes...Daddy." I said in a whisper and then proceeded. I unzipped Daddy's jeans and pulled out his already hard cock and took it in my mouth. It was already getting bigger.

"Now move your head back and forth, and roll your tongue around it, baby." He ordered. I hesitated a bit, as it was still getting harder in my mouth to the point where it was hard not to graze my teeth against it, and then I began to bob my head back and forth while moving my tongue around his shaft. He moaned softly. "Don't stop until I finish eating." Now that his cock was fully erect I could not reach the base without it going to the back of my throat so I began to rub the part I could not reach, and I heard him growl with pleasure at my effort. My mouth was getting tired, but I didn't want him to beat me again. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as I realize how absolutely terrified I am of this man called Daddy. I wanted my Papa back. After a good half hour Daddy's chair pulled back and he grabbed my head and began to pull my mouth down further and further on his cock. I began to choke and gag as it went down my throat, and when it seemed like he was about to cum he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me over the table and bent me over it.

I felt his cock once again invade my tight newly broken pussy, and this time it went all the way in on his first thrust. I shrieked expecting it to hurt like it did the first time, but to my surprise it kind of felt good and it didn't hurt as much as I remembered. His hands found my hips again and he began to thrust slowly, almost grinding against a spot that really felt good, and I began to moan with pleasure. "That's it, baby...this is a reward for making me such a good breakfast and doing so well with your first blow job...I can make this feel really good for you as long as you're a good girl." He said as he continued pleasuring me with his thick throbbing cock.

"Daddy...My legs..." I cry out as I struggle to support myself underneath him. He flipped me over on top of the table and still managed to rub that spot that made me feel so good. My pussy was soaking wet now, and I could even smell it. That pressure was building up in my stomach again and I could already feel my body arch as I got ready to explode. I could feel him stare at me despite my eyes being closed, and gasped when I felt both of his big meaty hands cup my breasts and flick my nipples. "Daddy...Daddy! I'm going to...."

"Cum for me, slut! Cum on daddy's cock while daddy sprays you again with his seed!" He screams at me. I cry out as my pussy spasms around his cock and he roars as he explodes inside me in unison. I am panting beneath him and he caresses my cheek as he continues to leak inside of me. After a while I begin to notice the painful uncomfortable feeling I had last night when he did this, it was as if he pierced something he shouldn't my very womb. He pulls out finally and then pats my head. "Straighten up the house before Daddy leaves for work. If you have to go to the bathroom do it before as well. I'm going to put you back in the cage when I leave."

I look up at him in dismay as he turns his back. "But Daddy, what about school! I have to do my work--"

"Forget about school. You don't need school to cook and clean for me. Don't talk unless I speak to you, understand?" He turns around and stares down at me.

"Yes...yes Daddy."

After I finish cleaning up the house and went to the bathroom, he really did put me back in the cage. I looked into his eyes as he closed the door slowly on me. I watched the shadows underneath the door until he turned off the light and then I heard him lock his bedroom door. Sighing, I lay down on the cold steel and wait for hours and hours, still thinking about what he had said last night. I wanted to find a way out of here. Even though he made me feel good he was treating me like an animal. There had to be a way out of this.

Finally I hear his car pull into the garage. Despite me fearing him I am very happy that he is back. I couldn't stand being in this cage any longer. I listen. Hear the garage door open. His footsteps climbing up stairs. The door unlock and the light switch flick on. His shadows dance underneath the door as he gets closer and closer, and finally the closet door creaks open. I am already in front of the cage where the door is, waiting for him to let me out. He smiles at me. "Don't you look adorable. Do you want me to let you out?" He smirks.

"Yes, Daddy. I have to go to the bathroom." I answer, clutching the bars.

"Then bark for Daddy." He simply says. "Beg Daddy like a dog and bark." I stared at him in disbelief, but his boot hit the cage and I was barking in an instant. He laughs and then opens the cage after five minutes of humiliation. I climb out and I begin to get up, but he shoves me back down with his foot. "If you have to stretch, do it like an animal." He took my leash in his hand and then stared down at me. I sigh and then move my legs from underneath me and stretch them out, and when I'm through he leads me down the stairs, past the bathroom and into the backyard. Its almost forty degrees outside and when he tries to pull me out the patio I don't move. "Didn't you say you have to go to the bathroom?" He says in a frustrated tone.

"Not out there..." I say quietly. He shook his head and then closed the door.

"Suit yourself." He led me into the kitchen and then walked back out. I knew what he wanted. He wanted dinner. The TV clicked on and I heard him sit on the couch. I sighed and then began to prepare him a meal of chicken and rice with corn. I hear him laugh, and for a moment I think its my Papa, but that thought leaves quickly and tears roll down my cheeks. I'm squirming because I have to go to the bathroom still, but I can't bring myself to do it in public and in the cold weather. Two hours later, and I am squeezing my legs together as I bring out Daddy's dinner on a tray, feeling as if I'm going to burst. He looks at me and takes the tray from my hands. "Go into the grocery bag on the table. There's a dish in there for you. Make your plate, sit it at my feet and eat."

"Yes...sir..." I whimper as I turn around and go back into the kitchen. I'm happy that I get to eat, but I'm still feeling as if I'm about to burst. I look at the kitchen sink and an idea comes to mind. I climb onto the counter and squat. Looking back to see if Daddy is there, I run the faucet and begin to relieve myself. Closing my eyes I sigh happily and once I'm finished I wash myself a little and then climb down. Going into the grocery bag I find a dog dish with my name engraved on it. I stare at it for a minute, but I'm very hungry so I go to fill it up anyway. I come back, feeling his eyes on me but keeping my gaze at my feet. I sit down and begin to scoop the food up with my hands, but I hear him speak.

"Eat it like a dog. Don't use you're hands." He growls. I close my eyes and try not to protest. Then I get on all fours again and begin to eat. I should be humiliated still, but I'm just happy that I get something to eat. He gets up from his recliner and then walks behind me. He sniffs my pussy and then sticks his finger in it. I flinch. "Did you wash yourself without my permission?" His finger goes deeper.

"N-no...Daddy..." I whisper, still staring at my food. I hear him get back up, and then suddenly he kicks the dish out from underneath me.

"HOW DARE YOU FUCKING LIE TO ME! HOW DARE YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM WITHOUT MY PERMISSION? HOW DARE YOU CLEAN YOURSELF OFF WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!" He screams at me and grabs me by the hair. I grab his wrist as he drags me to the bathroom and throws me into the shower. He grabs the shower head and then forces it into my mouth, his fingers pinching my nose. My eyes bulge as I am forced to drink from the shower head and finally after I am sure that my belly is bulging with water he pulls me out of the shower and throws me into the back yard. Its even colder now. He chains me to a post that's near the patio door and then goes back into the house. I am crying again, wishing that we had neighbors who lived close by.

Shivering, I feel the urge to go to the bathroom again. I have no choice but to do it this time. I hold it for another hour, but then I can't take it anymore. I go into the grass and lift my leg up, trying not to get any of my urine on me. Finally after I relieve myself, I go to the door an wait for him to let me back in. A half hour passes. He doesn't even look my way. An hour. Another hour. I am so cold that I can't take it anymore. I scratch at the patio door, figuring he will only respond to me acting like a dog. A few minutes later he is at the door, naked. His cock is erect and he is stroking it as I scratch the door. Finally he opens the door. As I attempt to go in, I realize I am still attached to the post. He comes out and then unties me and I rush into the house, but before I could get passed the hallway, he grabbed my leash.

"It's time for your punishment." He growled.

//To be continued

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Re: Daddy and me(Incest, Rape, Impreg, BDSM)
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That's so freaking hot, Luna. You're really good at this!

Excuse me, I have to fap.
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Re: Daddy and me(Incest, Rape, Impreg, BDSM)
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Great fucking story. I can't wait untilthere is more.
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