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Snatched And Raped Wife
« on: June 25, 2010, 10:41:24 AM »
Snatched And Raped Wife

I am not the author of this story. I do not know who the author is. Please post if you do.

(Rape, wife)

Chapter One

Sharon Knight was feeling uncomfortable as she drove through one of the seedier sections of her town. She wouldn't have been driving through it at all if she hadn't been late for a luncheon date with her husband. It was an awful neighborhood, but it was also a short cut to the fancy restaurant she had chosen.

She didn't want to be late for another lunch with her husband. Lately, he couldn't seem to understand that her civic activities were taking a lot of her time. He should have been more understanding because it was his money and his name that caused the twenty-two-year-old woman to be head of so many civic projects.

Sharon knew how to handle him, though. Albert could be handled easily with just a promise of the great fucking the night would bring. Albert was crazy about her lush figure, her long, thick blonde hair, and her passionate lips.

Not that Sharon was that passionate.

Sharon had been born with the body of a sexpot - but she had a frigid nature and a cold, calculating mind. She had permitted boys to kiss her until she had met Albert. She permitted Albert to go a little further before their marriage. She wanted to keep him. She pretended to be overwhelmed by his short body. She married him and all his money, and she enjoyed her position in the community.

She didn't deny Albert her pussy, but she didn't fuck with him as often as he wanted. She sighed as she stopped for a red light. She was thinking that tonight she was going to have to permit Albert his pleasure. He had been getting so cranky lately.

She was getting impatient with the red light, and she didn't even notice the man who came up to the passenger side. She noticed him when he suddenly jerked open her car door and slid in beside her.

"Get out of my car!" She was nearly screaming, but her mouth closed quickly when she saw the long, curved knife in his hand.

"Shut up, bitch," he said.

She stared at him in shock. Nobody had ever used that kind of language with her. Nobody had ever threatened her with bodily harm. She could feel her heart pounding.

"Drive through the light," he told her. "Turn left at the next corner."

"I'm Mrs. Albert Knight," she said haughtily. "You can't just order me around."

"I know who you are," he said. "And this knife is going to be sticking in your pretty tit if you don't do what I tell you."

She drove through the intersection and turned where he told her to turn. She had never been so scared in her life. This man had told her he knew who she was.

"Pull up to the curb," he said.

She drove the car carefully as she pulled near the curb. It was a practically deserted street. Two very young children were playing at the other end of the street.
"Get out, Mrs. Knight," he said, "but be very careful. You try to run away, and I'll hurt you bad."

She got out of the car: She thought about running away, but she didn't have the courage. The man came around the car and took her by her arm. He guided her across the street and into a dark stairway.

"Please," she said. "Is it money you want? My husband has a lot of money."

She wasn't prepared for what he did next. He pushed her against the wall and put the knife at her throat. For a moment, she thought he was going to kill her. Then she realized he had something else in mind as his hand slowly moved up her body.

"Move and I'll cut your pretty face to ribbons," he snarled.

She knew he would do it. She could see him very close up now and his expression was frightening.

He was handsome in a cruel way, and she could see the strong muscles rippling in his arms.

"Please don't," she whispered.

She couldn't stop him. His hand moved up her body and he covered one of her tits. He squeezed her tit roughly and it hurt. She gave a little gasp as his finger started poking at her nipple.

"You've got nice tits, baby," he said. "Nice and firm. I'm going to enjoy having you under me with those big tits poking in my chest. I'm going to love it, bitch!"

Now he had told her exactly what he was going to do to her. It made her want to be sick. His hand was still squeezing her tit enough to hurt her.

"All right, baby," he said. "We're going to walk up the stairs. There's a door that's open. Just go right in. It's going to be our little love nest."

She trembled as she walked up the stairs ahead of him. The room was small and crowded with all sorts of things. He pushed her ahead of him to a cane chair.
"Sit down," he demanded.

She sat. He bent down and tied her ankles to the legs of the chair with lengths of rope. He tied her arms down to the back of the chair and then put a gag in her mouth.

"I'm going to be gone for a few moments," he said. "Just relax and. enjoy yourself."

As he left, he shut the door and locked it. She was smart enough to figure that he was getting rid of her car. She tried to think of some way out of her situation, but he had tied her securely and nobody would know where she was.

The man came back very quickly. Her heart began pounding again as he walked into the room and shut the door behind him. He carefully locked it, and turned to face her.

"My name's John," he said. "We're going to be real good friends."

She couldn't stop herself from shivering as the big man walked over and put both hands on her tits.

She just couldn't believe this was happening. Not to her. To other women, maybe. Some of them asked for it. But not Sharon.

Tears poured down her cheeks. She would have begged him but she couldn't say anything with the gag in her mouth. John kept massaging her tits. Finally, he drew his hands away - but not for long.

He started undoing the buttons of her blouse. He pulled the blouse apart and shook his head.

"Damn," he said. "You've got beautiful tits. You shouldn't hide them in a plain old bra like that!"

He took his knife out again. He cut through the bra and pulled it away from her creamy tits. She tried to kick but she couldn't. She pulled frantically at her bonds. She couldn't stop him from getting his eyes full of her creamy tit-flesh.
"Fucking beautiful," he said. "Big and beautiful. Tasty. Just the way I like them!"

He covered her tits with his massive hands. His hands felt hard and callused. He made her shiver. He took his hands away.-He-went down on his knees in front of her. His face moved close to one of her tits and he licked all around the nipple.

Sharon shuddered. It was a nightmare. She'd always had bad dreams about being tied up and raped. Oddly enough, after one of those dreams had been one of the few times she had managed to have good sex with Albert. Wild, animal fucking. Now the nightmare was happening to her for real.

John's mouth touched her nipple and she shivered. His mouth opened slightly and he took her nipple into his mouth. He sucked the nipple over his tongue and let his teeth bite down gently on her creamy tit-flesh.

His mouth was on fire. He seemed to be burning her with the movements of his tongue. He opened his mouth wider and started sucking gently at her tit again. His teeth nipped her tit gently. He moved away as she squirmed against her bonds.

"You even taste delicious," he said. "You don't know how long I've been waiting for this."

He bent down again. His tongue moved over her nipple. Her nipple was hotter than she remembered it ever being. It was a betrayal of her own body, and that sickened her. She tried to close her mind to what was happening - but there was something exciting about what he was doing to her.

He pulled his head back again and put his hand on her knee. He was watching her face as he moved his hand up from her silken knee and under her skirt. She begged him with her eyes, but he only grinned. His hand moved up to her thighs.

The ropes held her tightly so that she couldn't close her thighs together. His rough hand stroked her smooth thighs. He was still grinning as his hand moved all the way up between her legs and touched her pussy mound through her panties.

She started struggling frantically again. The heat of his fingers went right through her panties and seemed to burn her cunt. She was shivering excitedly. She didn't like the feelings he was giving her, but there was nothing she could do about it.

"I think you like having your pussy played with," he grinned. "I think you like having my finger in your cunt!"

He kept rubbing his hand roughly against her cunt mound for a few more moments. Then he pulled his hand away. He found the button on her skirt and undid it, pulling the zipper down. He started carefully pulling the skirt down-her legs.
"I'm going to have to untie you now," he said. "At least for a minute. Now don't do anything stupid."

He undid the gag and hurriedly undid the ropes on her legs and on her arms. Now she was scared enough to do something and she made one last bid for freedom. She struck out at him but she missed. He grabbed her by the hair and jerked her to her feet. He gave her a shove over to the bed.

She turned and tried to scratch at his face. He hit her in the stomach and she bent over, out of breath. He practically dragged her over to the bed. In a few moments he had tied her arms up above her head. Then he pulled her skirt the rest of the way off and she was left in nothing but her panties.

"Don't do this to me," she pleaded. "My husband's rich. He can pay you."

"I don't want your money, baby," he said. "I want your body. I want to make you moan with pleasure."

She kept begging for him to stop, but to no avail. She could move her legs now, but that didn't do much good.

His hand went back between her legs. He was stroking her pussy mound with his hard fingers. He slipped a hand into her panties. One of his fingers parted her cuntlips and she moaned.

"You do like my finger," he said. "You like my finger inside your tight cunt."

"I hate you!" she cried out.

He only laughed as he worked another finger into her hot cunt. He started fucking his fingers in and out as fast as he could. It was crazy but she was starting to feel those shivery sensations running through her body. Her husband couldn't make her feel anything at all - but being tied up by this rogue was making her hot.

"Stop," she moaned. "Please stop. Oh shit, you can't do this to me. Don't do it."

"I can do anything I want to you, baby," he said.

He took his fingers out of her pussy. This time it was only long enough to pull her panties down her legs. She clamped her legs together tightly as he tried to put his fingers back inside her cunt again.

"Open your legs," he demanded.

"No, you bastard!" she screamed.

He slid his hand up and grabbed one tit. He started squeezing until hot jolts of pain went through her body. He squeezed until she gave in and parted her legs.

"Wider, bitch," he snapped.

She couldn't stand the pain. She almost blacked out from his cruel treatment. Finally, she parted her legs as wide as he wanted. He put his hand back over her cunt mound.

"I'm going to give it to you like you've never had it before, baby," he said. "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you. I'm going to wear your cunt out!"

He stabbed a finger into her pussy. He finger-fucked her pussy as fast as he could. He bent down and started licking at one of her tits again. Another finger stabbed into her pussy. He stabbed at her cunt a few more times and then took his hand away from her cunt. He straightened up.

She couldn't take her eyes off him as he started pulling off his clothes. He had a thick, hairy chest but that didn't bother her as much as the hard cock-bulge in his shorts. He slowly pulled his shorts down and gave her a good look at his swollen, throbbing prick.

"Oh, no!" she gasped. "You can't put that in me. It would kill me. Please don't."

She hadn't realized there could be that big a difference in cocks. John's cock was as thick as a-club.

It scared her, just looking at his huge prick.

"See something you like, baby?" he asked her, grinning.

She couldn't seem to swallow as he moved over to the bed again. He sat down beside her.

His hand moved up to her tits again. Her nipples felt so hard as his fingers caressed them.

"I'm going to fuck your hot little ass off, baby," he told her. "I'm going to fill your cunt with cum."

"Oh, please don't do this to me," she begged him.

She couldn't stop begging, even though she knew her begging was turning him on. He let his hand travel down to her belly and then between her legs. He laughed at the way she tried to fight off his hand. He fucked a finger into her cunt;

He worked his finger around inside her pussy for a few moments and then he pulled it back out. He moved over on top of her. He spread her legs with one hand and moved up quickly until his swollen prickhead was against the opening of her cunt.
"I'm going to fuck you silly," he said. "I'm going to drive my cock right through to your fucking ass!"

There were tears in her eyes as she automatically tried to buck him off, but it didn't work. Instead, she felt his cockhead firmly lodged inside her cunt. He reached beneath her and gripped her, asscheeks. Slowly, he started pushing his cock inside her wet cunt.

"Keep shaking that ass like that, baby," he said. "Keep shaking that fucking ass."

She kept trying to stop, but his touch was repulsive to her and she kept trying to buck him off.
He gripped her asscheeks tighter and fucked his hard prick all the way into her cunt. She moaned with pain as she felt how deep his prick was and how much his thick prick had stretched her tight cunt.

"Get ready for it, baby," he said. "Get ready for a fucking like you've never had before."

He didn't give her time to get used to his fat cock. He started pumping his cock in and out of her cunt with hard, deep fuck-strokes. She closed her eyes and tried not to think about what was happening to her. She couldn't escape his awful body. His heavy chest was mashing her tits flat and his cock seemed to fuck deeper inside her with every stroke. She could hear the sounds his balls made as they slapped her asscheeks with each fuck-thrust.

"Damn you," she whispered. "Damn you, you bastard!"

"You're going to learn to love my fucking cock, bitch," he told her. "This is only the beginning. You're going to fucking learn to love it!"

He was fucking her even faster. It didn't seem possible, but his prick seemed to be getting even bigger inside her cunt. For the first time, she started actually feeling another man's pre-cum leaking into her pussy.

There was nothing gentle about his fucking. He was an animal, taking what he wanted, and he had no thought of her comfort or her pleasure. He fucked her harder with every cock-thrust. His huge cockhead seemed to be splitting her cunt walls apart each time he fucked into her pussy.

"You sweet fucking bitch," he groaned. "You sweet fucking bitch: I'm going to give it to you, baby.

I'm going to fill your fucking pussy with my cum. You bitch. Oh fuuuucking shiiiit!"
He fucked into her deep and hard and left his cock deep inside her cunt. She felt his prick getting bigger and then the sticky, hot cum started spurting into her cunt.

His cum was thick and it filled her pussy. Jism started leaking out of her cunt and wetting the insides of her thighs. He had more cum than she would have thought possible.

Finally, he pulled his prick out of her pussy. He wiped his cockhead against her thick blond cunt hairs.

He bent down and-gave one of her nipples a gentle kiss.

"I've had better," he told her as he stood up. "But you'll learn, bitch. You'll learn."

"You're not going to let me go now?" she said.

"Why should I do that, baby?" he asked. "I've got plans for you. Lots of plans. We're going to be together for a while."

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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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Chapter Two

John left Sharon alone, and it was past midnight when he came back. She was cold and uncomfortable. He had a bundle in his hands that he put down on the table as he took a knife out of his pocket. He untied her hands and held the knife at her side.

"Get up," he said. "Those clothes on the table. Put them on."

"What are you going to do?"

She wasn't expecting him to suddenly smash a fist into her side. It hurt like hell. She folded up on the bed, gasping for breath.

"Understand something, baby," he said. "I tell you to do something and you do it immediately. No questions. Understand?"

"Yes," she whispered.

In a moment she had her breath back and she got up. She didn't see how he could expect her to wear the awful clothes he had picked out for her. There were shorts so tight that she could hardly get them on. A halter top that barely concealed her beautiful tits. Then a black wig that changed her appearance completely. She looked like a whore.

"All right," John said. "We're going to walk out to a van that's parked in front. Don't get any funny ideas about running away. You won't get far."

To prove his point John took an ugly-looking pistol out of his pocket. She only got a glimpse of it before he stuffed it back into his pocket.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked.

He didn't answer her. Instead, he reached over and pinched her arm until it hurt and she remembered what he had told her about asking questions.

She looked desperately for a way out as he walked her out to the van. There wasn't any way. He pushed her into the back of the van. She had never seen one like this before. The floor was covered in soft, white carpeting. There were chains and hooks and rings on the floor.

"Get down on your hands and knees," he said.

"I won't do it." she said. "I'm tired of being treated like this. You let me go!"
She didn't get a chance to say anything else. He hit her hard and she went down. He kicked her in-the side. He grabbed her by her hair and jerked her over onto her belly.

"Now get down on your fucking hands and knees, bitch," he said. "I'll hurt you bad."

She raised herself up on her hands and knees. He fastened a collar around her neck and attached the collar to a chain hanging from the roof of the van. Then he clamped rings around her wrists and around her legs. She was in position where she couldn't move without practically breaking her neck.

"This is uncomfortable," she complained.

"Good. It'll give you time to think, baby. You haven't gotten the picture yet. You belong to me, bitch. Your ass is mine for as long as I want. You get the picture, and things will be easier for you. Fight against it, and it's going to make you uncomfortable."

He laughed and slapped her ass hard. He stepped out of the van and closed the back doors. She was left in darkness. Her body started hurting immediately. She was in a cramped position and her chains were too tight. She cried in frustration but there was nobody to hear.

The van started. She didn't know how long she rode, but it seemed like days. She had no idea of where she was or where she was going and that only made matters worse. She thought her body was going to be permanently cramped by the time the van came to a stop again.

In a few moments the back doors opened and John stood looking in at her. The van was flooded with light and she realized it was daylight outside.

"Have a nice ride?" he asked her.

He climbed up into the van and unhooked her chains. Her body felt rubbery and she couldn't seem to move. John solved that quickly. He grabbed her by her hair and started dragging her. She fell out of the van into soft dirt.

"Welcome to your new home, bitch," John said.

She looked around. She was in the country someplace. She was in front of what looked like an old fishing shack. The first thing she noticed was a young girl on the front porch of the shack. She was obviously a teenager, but she had the body of an older woman. She wore an old torn dress and her huge tits pressed against the tight fabric.

"Help me," Sharon whimpered, begging the girl. "Help me. He's got me a prisoner."

The girl looked at her in pity and then turned and walked into the house. John put his foot in her back and pressed her down against the earth.

"There's no help for you, bitch," he said.

He reached down and grabbed her by her hair again. He pulled the black wig off and held her by her natural hair as he dragged her across the dirt yard to a post. He attached a chain from the post to the collar around her neck.

"This is where you're going to stay for a while," he said.'

"Like this?" she said. "Chained like a dog?"

"Think of it as a learning experience," he said.

"Please don't leave me like this," she begged.

It sickened her to beg him, but she couldn't let herself be left outside like a dog.

"What would you do to be able to come into the house like a human being?" he asked.

"What do you want?" she asked.

He stopped smiling. He stepped up close to her and reached down and unzipped his fly. He pulled out his half-hard cock and held it against her cheek. She jumped back in horror.
"Suck my prick," he demanded.

"That's disgusting," she said.

"You haven't learned anything yet. Well, maybe a night out here will teach you better manners."

"You can't really expect me to do something like that," she said.

John grinned again. The young girl had come back onto the porch and stood there watching them. John made a motion with his head and the young girl hurried out into the yard.
"This is Mary," John said. "Mary is a very quick learner. Aren't you, Mary? Show her what I mean."

"Yes, sir," Mary said.

Mary reached down and peeled off the torn dress. She wore nothing underneath. Her body had a lush firmness that only a very young girl's could have. She went down on her knees in front of John.

Sharon watched in fascinated horror as the young girl unbuckled his trousers and pulled them down to his knees. She then carefully pulled his shorts down over his stiffening cock. There was a glazed look in Mary's eyes as her fingers laced around the base of his cock and she moved her head nearer.

"This will be a good lesson for you," John said. "Mary knows her place. She knows what she's good for."

Mary held her hair back from her face with one hand while her other lifted his cock to where her lips could touch it. Sharon gasped in horror as she saw Mary's mouth gently touching the head of his fat cock.

Sharon's husband had tried to get her to do that a few times, but she had always thought cock-sucking was too disgusting. Now she could feel her heart pounding as she watched Mary.

"Kiss my cock all over," John told her. "That's good, Mary. You've learned your lessons well."

Mary's hot lips kept moving all over his cock, up and down until she had kissed it all over. Then her tongue started licking and she slid her tongue all over his hard cock and hairy balls until she had his prick-flesh glistening with her spit.

John dropped one hand down to one of her big tits and started caressing her tit. It was obvious from the way she squirmed that Mary enjoyed having her tits played with. Her big brown nipples had gotten hard and stiff.

"You're doing great, baby," John told her. "Just keep it up and I'll reward you with a nice hot mouthful of cum!"

Mary's tongue slid down the soft underside of his cock again. It did look like she was enjoying sucking his cock. Especially when he groaned as her tongue touched his cum-filled balls.

"Use your tongue like that, baby," John groaned. "Oh shit, you're making me hot!"
Her tongue played with his heavy balls for a moment. Her mouth opened slightly and she sucked the sacs into her mouth. Sharon could see that Mary was rolling his balls beneath her tongue.

John couldn't get enough of playing with her tits. He was moving his hand from one huge tit to the other. His fingers caressed the hard brown nipples. At times he squeezed the creamy tit-flesh hard enough to hurt.

Sharon didn't like the shiverish feelings that went through her pussy. She was aware of the tingling sensations all over and the way that her nipples were pressing against the fabric of her halter top. It disturbed her that she could feel anything but disgust over what was happening.

"Lick my cockhead some more, baby," John said. "Lick my fucking prick!"

Mary's slippery tongue was moving back up to the head of his cock. John had a huge, purplish-colored cockhead, but it didn't seem to frighten Mary at all. Her tongue immediately started going around the fat cockhead and Sharon could see that she was actually licking some of the pre-cum that was there.

"That's the way, baby," John groaned. "You give great blow-jobs. Fucking great!"

John had started this to teach Sharon a lesson but now it was obvious that he had completely forgotten Sharon. He was too turned on by what was happening to him.

"Stick your tongue in my pisshole," John groaned. "Oh shit, that's it. Oh shit, baby. You can almost make me come just by licking my cock. You're great, baby!"

Mary's tongue was lathering the head of his big cock. Her expression had turned intense as if she were about to enjoy a delicious meal. Sharon was disgusted - and yet fascinated. She couldn't understand how any woman could enjoy sucking a cock.

"I bet your pussy's hot, baby," John groaned. "You always get a hot pussy when you're sucking my cock!"

Mary's ass was wiggling as she squirmed like an animal in heat. She had pulled her head back a little and now her tongue was jabbing at the tiny piss hole at the end of his cock. Her mouth had a little of his lubricating pre-cum smeared on it and she licked it away like a cat licking cream.

She lowered her head again and her tongue started moving around his prick. Sharon could see her white teeth nipping gently at his cock-flesh.

"I'm hot enough," John groaned. "Now take it in your mouth, baby. Take my fucking cock in your mouth!"

Sharon's lips felt dry as she watched. She kept thinking that Mary was going to refuse to go any further at any moment. Instead, Mary's tongue was moving around the cockhead again. This time she opened her mouth and she pressed her teeth down against the head of his cock.

"I can't wait anymore, baby," John said. "You've really got me hot. Take my prick in your mouth, damn it!"

Mary was still taking her time, as if this were her way of making John suffer. Her mouth was open and her tongue kept playing. John lifted one hand to the back of her head and started tugging her closer.

Her mouth widened. His cockhead was between her teeth but she wouldn't move anymore. She kept his cock firmly lodged inside the front of her mouth. She slid her hand down to his balls and started caressing them with her fingertips.

"Shit, baby," John groaned. "You really know what I like. You're going to make me blow my wad!"

For a long time, she kept caressing his balls without taking his cock any deeper inside her mouth. All the time, she was rubbing her body against the ground as if she could find something on the ground to pull into her pussy.

As far as Sharon was concerned, she had never seen anything sicker. Sharon had never known that a woman could really get that turned on during sexual fun and games.

John kept pulling on the back of Mary's head and finally her mouth opened a little wider. She started sucking his prick over her tongue and into the back of her mouth. She had almost half his cock inside her mouth and Sharon couldn't see how her small mouth could hold anymore.

"Take it all, baby," John was urging. "You know you can do it. Take every fucking inch!"
Her tongue still moved inside her mouth as she slowly started sucking his prick-flesh deeper into her mouth. Her fingers still caressed his heavy balls. John had released the pressure on the back of her head. He wasn't forcing his cock into her mouth anymore. He was content to let Mary just suck his prick.

"That's the way," John groaned. "That's the fucking way. Just keep doing that, baby!"
Mary kept sucking. Her mouth seemed to get bigger as she kept pulling more and more of his firm cock inside her mouth. His horse-like cock should have been choking her. Instead Mary had her eyes closed and that expression of intense pleasure was back on her face again.

"That's the fucking way," John groaned. "Keep doing that. Deep-throat me, bitch. Nobody can deep-throat my fucker the way you can. Suck it all!"

Mary's body was shuddering as she somehow sucked the last few inches of his fat cock into her mouth. All of his cock was inside the girl's throat. She kept shuddering almost as if she were coming. Sharon wondered if she was.

"All right, baby," John groaned. "All fucking right. I can't hold back much longer. Suck my fucking cock!"

Now John had both his hands on the back of Mary's head as the young girl started bobbing her head. She had a quick rhythm that almost released his cock and then fucked most of it back inside her throat again.

"That's what I fucking want," John said. "Oh shit, that does feel nice!"

Mary made it look easy. Her head bobbed with the same rhythm each time, and each time she seemed to take his cock down her throat almost to his balls.

Some of his pre-cum was leaking out the sides of her mouth and wetting her chin. Her saliva was mixing with his pre-cum and making a slimy mess on her face. She didn't seem to mind. She was making little animal sounds of pleasure each time she sucked his hard cock into her mouth.

"Oh shit," John groaned. "I can't fucking stand it anymore. I can't fucking stand it!"
John tightened his grip on the back of her head. She no longer had to do anything as John started fucking his cock in and out of her wet mouth. He was fucking her face and Mary seemed more excited by that than anything else.

"You're a sweet bitch," John groaned. "You're a sweet fucking bitch. I'm going to blow my wad. I'm going to fucking blow my wad. Oh shit, you bitch! You fuuuucking bitch!"

John made a strangled sound as he fucked his cock all the way into her mouth. His body started shuddering and Sharon knew he was spurting jism into Mary's mouth. Mary started swallowing his cum as fast as she could, and she made a couple of choking noises. John pulled back slightly and let her spit some of his cum out. Jism was running down the sides of her chin and dripping to her tits. John fucked his cock in and out of her mouth a few more times and then pulled his cummy cock out. He carefully wiped his cock in thick strands of Mary's black hair.

"You see how it's done?" John said, turning to Sharon. "You're going to have to learn to suck cock."

"Never," Sharon said.

"Then you're in for a hard time," John said softly.

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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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Chapter Three

It was dark and cold that night. Sharon had never been the type who enjoyed camping out. She preferred perfumed beds and satin sheets. She hated the thought of being dirty for very long.

It seemed like all of her nightmares had come true at once. She was scared to death of crawling things and she kept thinking she felt them on her body. For hours she called out to John, whimpering like a puppy away from home.

Finally John came outside.

"What the hell do you want?" he asked.

"I want to come inside," she said. "You can't treat me like this."

"You could have come inside - for one blow-job," he said.

"You're a disgusting animal," she said.

She had managed to get some dignity by standing up. The chain was stretched taut, but she could lean against the pole and keep off the ground. She wasn't sure she could do it all night long because already her legs were getting rubbery.

"So, I'm a disgusting animal," John said. "That may be. But you're a stupid bitch."
He kicked her legs out from under her suddenly. She hit the ground hard and all the air was knocked out of her. She sobbed for breath as he kicked her in the side with a heavy boot. She screamed in pain.

He knelt down beside her in the dirt and grabbed a handful of her hair. He pulled her head back so that her neck was almost breaking.

"Now you listen to me, bitch," he said. "You shut your mouth or I'm going to come back out and knock all your fucking teeth down your throat and then cut your pretty face so that nobody will ever want to look at you again. That would be tough on a society bitch like you who enjoys getting her face in the newspapers!"

He released her. She started sobbing again, but she sobbed quietly because she didn't want John to come back outside. She realized that she was lying on the ground where all the crawly things were and she quickly jumped back up. She knew she wasn't going to be able to stand. She felt sick every time she tried. She slid back down to the ground again and sat with her back against the pole - and her imagination went wild.

She kept thinking that there were crawly things on her body. She kept hearing sounds in the woods around that disturbed her. She wondered if there were wild animals around somewhere. She wondered how big they were.

Sharon started sobbing again. She knew that this had to be one of the most horrible moments in her life. She started thinking that it might not have been so bad to have given him the blow-job he wanted, to have sucked his awful cock like Mary did.

"No," she said out loud. "I could never do that."

She didn't sleep at all that night. Just before dawn, she suffered the final indignity when it started to rain. Soaked and shivering, she was completely miserable.

She was glad when daylight finally came. She knew that Mary was awake because she could see smoke coming from the chimney. Perhaps they would come out and feed her. She was hungry.

It was Mary who came outside. She had two pans with her. She placed the pans near the porch and whistled. A mangy-looking dog came out from under the porch and started eating. Mary put the pan down. She patted the dog's head as the dog lapped the pan clean and then lapped up water out of the other pan.

Mary went back into the house. A few moments later she came back out with the same two pans. She went over to put them down on the ground in front of Sharon.

The stuff looked exactly like what the dog had been eating a few moments before - and out of the same pan.

"What is this?" Sharon asked.

"Your breakfast."

"You can't be serious," Sharon said indignantly.

"Suit yourself," Mary said, shrugging her shoulders.

"Please," Sharon begged as Mary started to walk away.

 "You could help me. You could call somebody. You could call my-husband or the police."
"Why should I?" Mary asked.

"There's money. There would be a reward. My husband would pay you a lot of money. You could get away from all this. Surely you can't be happy here?"

"I belong here," Mary said. "And so do you. You'll find that out sooner or later."
"I don't belong here," Sharon said.

Mary wasn't listening anymore. She had walked away and gone back into the house. Sharon just couldn't believe that these sick things were happening to her.

John came outside. He looked clean and well rested. He was grinning at her. He grinned at the mangy dog who came across the yard and ate Sharon's breakfast. Sharon felt sick.
"You have a nice night?" John asked her.

"You bastard," Sharon said. "How dare you treat me like this?"

"For a smart society lady, you sure are stupid," John said. "I can do anything I want with you, bitch. When are you going to understand that?"

"You're a sick animal," she said.

He kicked her, and she wasn't prepared for it. It hurt like hell. She folded up, gasping for breath. He walked around the pole and came back and kicked her again. She knew she was going to be bruised and sore.

"First lesson, bitch," he said. "You don't call me anything. You don't speak unless I ask you a question. Do you understand?"

"You sick bastard!"

It was the last time she said anything like that. She was hungry, wet and miserable but that was nothing to the way she felt a few moments later. He started kicking her with that heavy boot, kicking almost all the way down her body and back up again. He didn't kick her in the face, but he stepped on her hair and left it caked with mud.
"Do you understand?" he asked again.

"I understand," she moaned.

"You're getting smarter, baby. Now take your clothes off. I want my morning piece of ass."

She looked at him in surprise and horror, but she didn't say anything. His fucking her wouldn't make her any more miserable this morning. It couldn't. She reached up and untied her halter top and dropped it in the mud. It took her only a few more moments to peel her shorts down her long legs. She was naked. He put a boot between her legs and pushed them apart. She didn't argue. She just looked up at him with sad eyes.

"Let's see what your cunt looks like this morning," he said. "Hold your pussy open with your fingers. You know how. Just like they do in those men's magazines."

She didn't know how. She had never seen such a magazine. She knew she couldn't take any more beatings or another night like she had just spent. She had no courage left.

She reached down and held open the lips of her cunt so that he was looking into the pink inner cunt-flesh. He grinned at her.

"I'm kind of disappointed in you, baby," he said. "I thought you were going to have more fight in you. Well, it can't be helped. Get your pussy hot for me. Use your fingers."

She was beginning to think that he couldn't shock her anymore. Not ever. She slid a finger into her cunt and started moving it around. She felt sick and humiliated as he watched her finger-fuck her pussy.

"Another finger, bitch," he said. "Get it hot. Get those cunt juices flowing for me this morning!"

She was thinking that she barely felt anything at all. She was shivering all over as she pushed two more fingers into her cunt and-started fucking them in and out. She was not turned on, but it did make her pussy a little juicier. She could feel some of the wet cunt juices starting to coat her fingers.

"That's better," John said. "That's much better. You're starting to learn now. You just do what you're told and things will be a lot easier for you around here."

She gave a surprised gasp of pleasure as a little jolt of excitement went through her. She stopped moving her fingers and she hoped he wouldn't notice the hesitation. He didn't. He was rubbing the front of his jeans.

"There's nothing I like better than a little reluctant ass in the morning," he said.
He unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down. He pulled his shorts down to his knees. His cock was only half hard, but it still looked so damned big.

She started finger-fucking. She didn't like the things she was feeling. She had just spent one of the most horrible nights in her life, and yet she could still feel those tingly sensations through her body.

"Take your fingers out of your pussy," he said. "Take them out. Put your hand on my cock!"

She wondered if he was going to make her suck his cock this morning. She also wondered if she could refuse. She knew she couldn't. She was like a zombie. She would do whatever he asked of her. She reached up and wrapped her fingers around the throbbing base of his cock. She moved her fingers up and down.

Immediately, she could feel his prick getting bigger. His cock grew stiff in just a few moments. She could see some of his cock cream leaking out of the piss slit. She rubbed her fingers across his sticky cockhead and he groaned.

"You're doing fine, baby," he said. "You're going to be a good fuck by the time I'm done with you."

Her fingers coaxed his cock. She wrapped her fingers tightly around his swollen prick-flesh and started moving her hand up and down again. More of his hot pre-cum leaked out onto her fingers and made her fingers feel slimy.

"Are you ready to suck it?" John asked.

"Please don't ask me to do that," she begged him. "I'll try to make you happy, but please don't ask me!"

"You just haven't learned yet, baby," he said. "But it doesn't matter. You will."

He pushed her away from him again. He spread her legs with his foot once again. He nodded and she did as he wanted. She put her hand between her legs and started playing with her cunt again. She pressed her fingers into her cunt and started fucking them in and out. It was crazy, but she was starting to feel those sweet fires in her belly and her cunt. She stopped moving her fingers.

"What's the matter, baby?" John asked. "Your pussy getting a little worked up?"

She didn't say anything. She was so ashamed. She was made even more ashamed as the young girl came out onto the porch and stood watching. She had watched Mary sucking John's cock, but somehow it seemed even more lewd to have Mary watching her.

"Take your fingers out of your pussy," John finally said. "And then get up on your hands and knees. I'm going to fuck you like the bitch in heat you are!"

She wished he would just fuck her the regular way and get it over with. She wasn't used to being treated this way. She was humiliated, but there was nothing she could do. She stopped playing with her pussy and she turned over on her hands and knees. She looked over her shoulder at the lewdly grinning John.

"I'm almost tempted to stick my cock in your beautiful creamy ass," John told her.

She shivered in horror. She couldn't even imagine someone doing something disgusting like that. She couldn't stop herself from shivering, and it hurt when he slapped her across her bare ass.

"Stop moving, baby," he told her. "At least, not yet. Not until I get my prick into that sweet pussy of yours!"

John reached down and grabbed her by her hair. He held her head back as he guided his cock up between her plump thighs. He moved slowly as she felt his stiff prick pressed against her tight cunt.

"Oh yeah, baby," he said. "Your pussy feels like hot oil. That does feel good!"

He reached down to grasp his cock with his other hand. He pushed until his cockhead was wedged inside her cunt. He started rubbing his prickhead up and down inside her velvet cuntlips. She could feel his pre-cum dripping inside her. She was starting to get that tingly feeling again. She just couldn't understand how she could feel anything at all.
"Now you can move your ass, baby," he told her. "Now you can move your fucking ass. Move it, bitch!"

She started moving her ass and he fucked his prick deep into her cunt with one hard thrust. She gasped with astonishment as she felt how deep his cock was inside her pussy.

"Sweet pussy," he groaned. "Now you keep moving that ass, baby. I'm loving this!"

She started moving her ass again. She was moving forward and backward so that she was actually fucking him with her cunt. John wasn't doing anything. He seemed content to stand there and allow her to massage his cock with her cunt.

"This is the fucking way, baby," he told her. "I'm going to teach you to be a fucking great cunt, a fantastic fuck, before I'm through with you."

She wished he would fuck her and get it done quickly because there were things happening to her that she didn't understand. Her body was responding to his awful treatment.
Perhaps it was because she was tired and hungry, but it seemed like her body was at the height of sensuality. Her nipples were hard, jutting points and her breath was coming slowly. She wanted to stop fucking, but she couldn't. She just kept fucking back and forth.

He was getting a little carried away. He started moving his hips and she could feel his cock fucking into her a little harder. He bent his body. His hands slipped around her and he let his fingers brush across her tits.

"You've got a hot body, bitch," John groaned. "Big tits and sweet ass and pussy. I'm going to keep you around for a long time, baby. A long fucking time."

Now she was gasping for breath. It was happening to her and she hated it. She hated John for making her feel this way. At that moment she hated all men, but she couldn't hate the fat cock that was filling her cunt.

"That's the way, baby," he groaned. "Keep shaking that sweet ass for me"."

His hands grasped her tits. He no longer held her gently. Instead, he gripped her tits like he was never going to let them go. He held onto her tits so tightly it hurt her. His fingers started pinching at her nipples.

"Now I'm going to give it to you, baby," he groaned. "Now I'm going to wear your hot ass out. Now I'm going to fuck you silly!"

He stopped just fucking in and out. Now he started to pound her pussy as hard as he could. Her body shook each time he stabbed his thick prick inside her. He was fucking his prick inside her deeply and practically splitting her cunt apart with every fuck-thrust.

"Hot pussy, baby," he groaned. "Oh shit, this is what I really fucking love. Hot fucking pussy!"

She thought he was going to rip her in half as he kept jabbing his prick into her. She felt his prick getting bigger inside her cunt. Some of his pre-cum was leaking into her pussy.

"Now you're going to get my cum, baby," he gasped. "Now you're going to get a pussy full of it. Oh shit, baby. I'm fucking coming. I'm fucking coming. Shiiiit!"

He fucked his prick into her as deep as he could. He remained still as his cum started spurting into her cunt. His body jerked as the rest of his cum completely filled her. He took his cock out of her pussy suddenly and let his cock cream run down the crack of her ass and wet the backs of her thighs. He kept pushing his prick against her ass crack until he was completely satisfied.

"You're getting better, baby," he said. "A lot better."

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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2010, 11:08:22 AM »
Chapter Four

The day was almost as horrible as the night had been. Sharon was not a person who was used to hard work. She was put through her paces that day. First, John had her scrub the floor in the kitchen. Then the bedroom and the bath. She was still chained up, and she had to crawl around on her hands and knees to do it.

At lunch, she was so hungry that she could have eaten anything, but she was still too proud to eat out of the bowl on the floor like some kind of animal. The mangy dog got it again.

At dinner, she was completely worn out. Her hands and knees were raw from crawling around on the floor. She felt filthy all over. Her society friends would really be shocked if they could see her now.

"Are you ready to eat now?" Mary asked.

"Not on the floor like a dog," she answered.

"Then you won't eat," Mary said.

It was getting dark outside. Sharon was on her knees near the kitchen table. John had been outside for a while. Now she heard his footsteps coming in again. She was amazed at the way her body shivered as he came into the kitchen. He had nothing on but his shorts, and his hairy body should have sickened her. Instead, she felt her heart pounding fast.
"You look a mess, bitch," John said.

She looked down at the floor. She knew what she looked like. She really was a mess and she would be lucky if her body would ever come clean again.

"You ready to go back outside?" John asked.

She looked up at him again. She simply could not believe that he was serious. Surely he wouldn't make her go through that ordeal again? Already, she could feel the crawling things on her body.

"Don't make me do that," she pleaded.

"You know the conditions," he said. "You have to earn your right to stay in the house. You know how. Wrap your sweet lips around my cock and suck my cum out. That's the only way."

"I won't do that," she said.

"You learn slow, baby," he told her.

He reached down and grabbed her chain and started tugging. She had to scramble across the floor on her hands and knees. He was pulling so fast that she almost couldn't follow.

He dragged her outside and to her post again. He carefully hooked the chain up. She was crying softly. She was miserable and she knew she couldn't stand another night of- it. She would be willing to do anything.

"Please," she called out.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"I can't stand another night like this. Please let me come into the house. Let me clean up."

"You're begging me," he said.

"Yes," she said. "Yes, sir!"

"You know the conditions."

"I'll do what you want."

He smiled. For the first time, he looked at her as if she had sense and wasn't beneath contempt. He unhooked her chain again and let her stand.

"You got no guts, baby," he said. "Most of the women take a week outside. Some of them even have to be beaten before they lose their spirit. There's no backbone in you. I should have figured that. You've been a soft bitch for too long."

"Yes, sir," she answered, trembling.

She knew he was telling the truth. She was soft. Too soft. She also knew she would be willing to do anything to keep from spending another night on the ground.
She followed him into the house. He took her into the tiled bath and unhooked the collar from her neck.

"Get yourself cleaned up, bitch," he said. "When you're done, come on into the bedroom. And don't bother about clothes. You won't be needing any."

He attached another collar around her neck, and this collar was attached to a long silver chain. It gave her the freedom to move around in the bathroom and it was just long enough for her to walk into the master bedroom.

John left her alone.

She had never dreamed that anything like a bath could feel so good, but it was pure luxury. She stayed almost two hours in the bathroom, and she finally felt clean when she stepped out of the tub. The problem was that she knew what she had to face.

Sharon felt a little more human and now she was wondering if she had made her bargain too soon. Surely he wouldn't have left her out there that long. Surely he would have let her come in sooner or later.

"I'm waiting, baby," John called from the bedroom. "My cock's getting stiff."

She knew she had to go out there. She had no other choice. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself. She didn't want to put back on any of her filthy things.
He was lying on the bed when she came out of the bathroom. He had his hands behind his head and he was grinning. He stopped grinning when he saw the towel around her.

"Get rid of the fucking towel, bitch," John said. "I'll tell you when you can wear clothes. Now get rid of it."

His eyes burned holes in her. She couldn't stand his anger. She dropped the towel. He had already seen her naked, but now it was like the first time all over again. His hot eyes burned at her flesh.

"You sure are nice, baby," John said. "I get hard just thinking about you. I used to dream about having you like this."

She didn't move. She had the feeling he didn't want her to move yet. He was not done admiring her naked body. She was beginning to feel a little strange as his hot eyes caressed her. She could feel an aching sensation in her tits. She started thinking about other things. There was no way she was going to allow this awful man to turn her on.

"Turn around, bitch," John said.

She did a turn for him. She stopped as she faced away from him. She drew a couple of deep breaths before she turned around again. She trembled all over as his hot eyes kept burning her.

"Really nice," John said. "You could make it in the movies, baby. You wouldn't have to act. All you would have to do is take off your blouse and shake those big tits and you'd be an instant star."

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Come over here now," he said.

She walked over to the bed. He put his hand on her trembling thighs. His fingers moved up between her legs and gently caressed her pussy. He was completely naked and she could see his cock getting hard as he played with her cunt. She thought of what she had agreed to do and it sickened her. Yet, she knew she couldn't back down now.

"Nice and wet," he told her. "Your pussy is almost ready to get filled with hot cockmeat."

He laughed as his fingers kept caressing her pussyhole and it did almost feel like her cunt was getting ready to be filled. There was an empty sensation in her belly and her knees felt weak.

"Let's see just how ready you are," he said.

She gasped with pleasure as he jabbed one finger up into her fuckhole. She started squirming around his finger. Very quickly, she realized that she was allowing this cruel man to turn her on. She closed her eyes and started thinking about other things.

"You're fighting it, baby," John said. "Why don't you relax and stop fighting it so hard? You'd enjoy it more."

"You're nothing but an animal," she whispered. "I hate you. I hate the things you do to me."

She kept telling herself that over and over - and she beat him that way. In a moment her body was no longer responding to his hot caressing fingers. He knew it and he stopped smiling.

"All right, baby," he said. "I don't mind. Just make it hard on yourself."

He reached for her and pulled her down on the bed. His hand stayed between her legs and he crammed another finger into her wet pussy while he played with her tits with his other hand.

His rough tongue moved across one of her nipples. She thought of other things again. She was determined he wasn't going to turn her on. His hot tongue moved between her luscious tits. He kissed at her creamy tit-flesh and raised his head so that his tongue brushed across her rigid nipple.

"Stop doing that," she whispered.

"What's the matter, baby?" he asked. "Are you afraid you'll end up liking it too much?"
"I hate everything about you," she said.

It wasn't exactly true. What he was doing to her was making her feel strange sensations all over her body. Her nipples were already rigid and there was a fluttery sensation in her pussy. She kept trying to fight against the feelings, but it was hard.

"You know what I'm going to do to you first, baby," he said.

"No," she answered.

"I'm going to fuck you first. I'm going to fuck your hot little pussy, but I'm not going to come. I'm going to fuck you good and hard and then I'm going to shoot my fucking wad in your pretty mouth."

She thought she was going to get sick at just the thought. She was almost tempted to tell him that she wanted to go back outside again, but almost anything was better than that.
"Just fuck me," she whispered.

"Oh no, baby," he said. "First, I'm going to get that pussy wetter than hell."

His mouth went back to her tits. He was sucking hard, almost hurting her. She thought about running away but the chain was just long enough for him to have his pleasure and to prevent her from moving away. She was chained up like an animal and she hated it.

"Let me go!" she cried. "I can't sleep like this. I can't properly make love to you."

"I'm not talking about making love properly, bitch," he said. "I'm talking about fucking. And that's what I'm going to do."

He rolled her over on her back and put his weight on top of her. His hard chest mashed her tits flat. He reached down and found her cunt. His fingers opened her cunt slit up as his prick pushed against her pussy mound.

"Now I'm going to fill your fucking pussy," he said.

She felt her pussy spreading apart to admit his cock. He pushed slowly until half his cock was fucked inside her cunt.

"Yeah, baby," he said. "First I'm going to feel that wet pussy, and then I'm going to let you suck me until I come."

One more gentle fuck-thrust, and then he was fucked inside her all the way. He pulled his cock back and gently shoved it in to her again. His fat cock really filled her pussy. She had to admit that his cock felt bigger inside her cunt than her husband's cock ever had.
"All right, bitch," he said. "You know how to move your ass, so move it. Start shaking your ass right now. Shaking your fucking ass right now!"

She started moving her ass for him. She lifted her ass up high so that his hot prick was deep inside her pussy. She started squeezing her cunt walls together as he fucked into her. He was fucking her slowly, but she got an idea. She could make him come. She could move her ass and moan until he shot his cum-load;

"Oh, baby," she whispered. "That does feel good!"

She was more than willing to do what needed to be done to make him come. She could make him come in her pussy and he wouldn't shoot his wad into her mouth.

"Oh, yes, fuck me," she groaned. "Fuck my pussy!"

She could tell that her words had turned him on. Also the way she started lifting her ass a little higher and squeezing her pussylips together. It was enough to make anyone come. She felt him slowing down even more.

"Don't stop fucking me," she whispered. "I want your big cock inside me - so don't stop fucking me!"

He started to pull his cock out of her cunt. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back. She started sliding her ass up against him as high as she could.

"No, baby," he groaned. "Oh no, you bitch!"

He kept fucking his prick into her for a few moments more, and then he pulled his cock out of her. She couldn't keep his prick inside her. She was doing her best, but he wouldn't leave his cock inside her pussy.

"Oh, damn you," she moaned.

"I know what you're up to, baby," he said, "but it's not going to work. Not this time. First, I'm going to let you slobber all over my cock. You'll enjoy it, baby. I promise you. I'm going to make you a great cock-sucker."

She shivered at his words, but now she knew there was no way she could hold him back. He had already taken his fat cock out of her cunt. He rolled over on his back and he took her hand. He pulled her fingers against his feverish cock-flesh. Her fingers encircled his swollen prick.

"You've got nice hands, baby," he said. "I like those long fingers and those well-manicured nails. I love it, baby. Just like I'm going to love your mouth."

She couldn't move away. He stroked her tits for a few moments as her hand jerked his cock up and down. Some of his pre-cum leaked out onto her fingers. She jacked his cock a little faster.

"You're doing great, baby," he said. "You're doing just fine. Now move your head down my belly and sniff my cock."

"Please don't make me do that," she begged.

"You'd better do what I fucking tell you - and right now," he told her. His voice left no room for hesitation.

She put her head on his belly. She couldn't remember ever feeling so scared. She licked at his chest and then started moving her head down his belly. She could smell the odor of his hard cock.

"It's not so bad, baby," he said. "You'll learn to love it. Now kiss my prick."

She moved closer . Her long tongue flicked at his hard cockhead: She thought she was going to be violently ill. She had trouble keeping from gagging. For a moment, she took deep breaths.

"You're wasting time, bitch!"

She got over her sickness. She moved her head down again. Her tongue gently caressed his fat cockhead. She rubbed her tongue all around his cockhead, and she tasted some of his pre-cum. She wanted to yank her head away as she tasted the salty fluid on her tongue. Instead, she forced herself to continue.

"Now lick it all over, bitch," he commanded. "I want you to get to know my cock."
Her tongue slithered around his cockhead. She licked down the underside of his cockshaft. She went all the way down to his heavy balls. She licked at his balls and then back up the underside of his cock again. She was frightened but she was still giving as much saliva as she could to wet his prick. In a little while, his prick was glistening from spit.

"That's good, baby," he said. "You're doing good. Now take my cock in your mouth."
"It's so big," she said. "I'm not sure if I can."

"Oh, you'll do it, baby. You'll do it, all right."

She brushed her hair back from her eyes with one hand. She bent over his cock again. She opened her mouth slightly and took the rubbery head of his cock into her mouth. For a moment, she held his prick on her tongue. Her mouth filled with the salty taste. She wanted to spit his prick out. Instead, she kept holding his cock on her tongue without moving her head.

"Come on, baby," he said. "You're going to have to do better than that."

She took his fucker a little farther into her mouth. She was also tasting something along with his pre-cum, and she realized that she was tasting her own cunt juices.

"Suck it deep, baby," he said. "All the way in your fucking mouth. Take it fucking deep!"
She closed her eyes and she started sucking his prick as deep as she could. She had his cock halfway into her mouth, and she could take no more. At least, she thought she couldn't.

John had other ideas. He put his hand on the back of her head.

"Come on, baby," he said. "Take it all. You know you can do it. Take all of my fucking prick!"

She couldn't swallow, but somehow she opened her mouth wider and took his prick deeper into her mouth. She could feel his bloated cock-knob at the back of her throat. She pulled her head back and let her teeth slide against his prick.

"Just remember how Mary did it," he told her. "You can do it better than that!"

Sharon was slobbering all over his fat cock. She couldn't help it. Spit kept dripping out of the corners of her mouth. Some of his pre-cum was bubbling out of the corners of her mouth. She couldn't do anything but take his cock deeper, so she started bobbing her head slowly. She was letting more of his pre-cum drip out of the corners of her mouth.

"That's the fucking way, baby," he said. "You keep that up and I'm going to give you a nice mouthful of cum."

It was exactly what she was afraid of, but she had to do it anyway. She slipped one hand down and she started playing with his balls. Her head bobbed faster. She was taking his prick deeper into her mouth. His hot cock-knob was at the back of her throat with each of his fuck-thrusts.

"Oh shit, baby," he groaned. "This is what I fucking like. I love it so much. It feels so fucking good!"

He reached down and grabbed her head. His ass started thrusting upward as he started fucking his prick even deeper into her wet mouth; Now his pre-cum was mixing with her saliva and bubbling out everywhere. She could feel warm slime dripping to her tits.

"I'm going to give you a fucking mouthful," he groaned. "I'm going to shoot my jizz in your mouth right now, bitch. Right fucking now! Oh shiiiit!"

She was hardly ready for it as he stabbed upward and his prick started exploding jism. She found herself swallowing his thick salty cum. She kept swallowing and allowing his milky cum to drip out of the sides of her mouth.

"That's the way, bitch," he told her. "Swallow it all. Swallow every fucking drop!"
She did the best she could to swallow all the cum that she could. She kept swallowing for a long time until her throat was getting sore. She still had a lot of his cum on her tits and on her chin. She raised her head and licked some of it away.

"Was that satisfactory?" she asked.

"You're getting better," he admitted.

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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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Chapter Five

Sharon didn't let it show, but not all of the spirit had been taken out of her. She had done what she'd had to do to escape the horrors of spending another night outside, but that didn't mean she had accepted her fate.

She thought herself lucky that evening because she'd been locked into a bedroom without being tied up or chained. Almost immediately, she started thinking about ways to escape.
There was one small window in the room but she thought that it was probably bolted shut somehow.

Her heart hammering, she went to the window and pushed against it. It opened slightly. She couldn't believe it as she put all her weight against it and shoved it open. She looked down. It looked like a dangerous jump, but she was willing to risk it. Anything was better than staying where she was.

She slipped out of the window and stood on the ledge for a moment. She closed her eyes and swallowed nervously. Then she jumped. Sharon was lucky again. She hit soft ground. She rolled over, and then she was able to rise shakily to her feet.

She had nothing on but her panties and it was cold outside. But nothing felt broken and she was sure that she could find a road somewhere. She looked back at the house and breathed a sigh of relief. There were no lights on. She had not been heard. She was sure she was going to get away.

Then a dark figure stepped from the trees and she heard Jack's tough, ugly laugh.
"Going somewhere, darling?" he asked.

For a moment she thought she was going to be sick. She was smart enough to realize she had been set up. No wonder he had not tied her arms when he'd locked her in the room. Still, she might still get away if she was fast enough. She thought she could outrun him.
"You thinking about running, baby?" he asked. "Go ahead. I'll even give you a little head start. Let's see how fast you are. Of course, I'd be really careful. Those woods are full of wild animals and things that go bump in the night."

She looked anxiously at the dark woods, and she knew she had to risk it. She couldn't stay another night with him. She started to take a step and she heard him laughing again.
"It's going to be a lot worse on you if I catch you this time, baby," he said. "Why don't you give up?"

She wasn't going to give up. Not this time. She took a deep breath and then she took off as fast as she could. She ran for the darkest part of the woods. She was scared but not scared enough to stop. He hadn't been lying. He gave her a head start. She was into the woods and he still hadn't come after her.

She got lost immediately. Briars scratched her skin as she tore through the brush. She thought that the road would be somewhere straight ahead but it was hard going straight. Finally she knew she was completely lost - but she kept running.

She had no idea how long she had been running before she was completely out of breath. She had to stop and lean against a tree. She was still breathing heavily when a hand caught her by her arm. She screamed and tried to jump away, but his hand only clamped her arm tighter.

"Stupid bitch," John snarled. "I told you not to try to run. You didn't even give me a good chase. You've been running around in circles for the last half hour."

She tried to claw his face but he caught her arm. He twisted both arms around behind her back and bent her almost double on the ground. He drew one fist back and punched her sharply in the stomach. She dropped all the way down onto her knees. He took some rope out of his pocket, dragged her over to a tree and wrapped her arms around it so that her naked tits were pressed uncomfortably against the tree bark.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I told you not to run away, baby," John said. "I warned you that things would be worse on you if you ran away. Well, now you're going to find out how bad things really are!"
She could look at him over her shoulder, and she didn't like what she was seeing. He had stepped back and he had loosened his belt. She watched him slide it out of his trousers. The belt was long and thick and looked like it was studded with small pieces of metal.

"What are you doing?" she asked again. This time she could not keep the fear out of her voice.

"You're a stupid bitch," he said. "It's time you learned some better manners. You should never run away from me!"

He folded the belt over. He slapped it against the palm of his hands and it was like gunshots going off. He stepped closer. He let the belt gently fall across her ass, and she shivered.

"Have you ever really had your ass beat, baby?" he asked. "I bet you haven't. I bet nobody's ever really beat your ass before. Well, there's a first time for everything."

He brought his hand back and then snapped the belt against her ass with a sharp crack. It hurt like hell. She gave a soft sob as she saw him draw back his hand again.

"What's the matter, baby?" he asked. "I told you not to run away. Can't take the punishment, huh? Next time, you'll know better."

He snapped the belt against her ass again. She started trying to move out of the way but she was tied up so tightly that she couldn't move very far.

Sharon started begging for mercy but he showed her none. He only kept laughing as he started slapping the belt against her ass again and again. She knew she would have red welts on her ass and even her tits would be bruised from rubbing against the rough tree bark.

"Are you enjoying yourself, cunt?" John asked.

"Please stop," she begged him. "I'll suck your prick again. Please stop hitting me."

"You'll suck my prick anytime I want, bitch," he said. "You just haven't caught onto the idea yet. Your ass belongs to me. I can do anything I want to you."

He really made her cry then. He started slamming the belt against her asscheeks so fast that it sounded like gunshots in the quiet of the woods. He beat her ass until his arm was tired, and Sharon thought she was going to pass out from the pain.

"You stupid bitch," he said. "You're going to have to quit trying to fight me so much. Just give in and do what I want and you'll get along fine."

"I'll do what you want," she moaned. "Anything you want!"

At that moment she thought she was as miserable as she had ever been in her life. She turned her head and saw him putting his belt back up and she was glad of that. Then he took something out of his pocket. It was long and thickly made. It looked like some kind of rubber cock.

"You know what this is, baby?" he asked. "I bet you don't. I bet you've never had one of these in your pussy."

"Don't do that to me, please," she begged. "Don't do that to me. I'm sorry I tried to run away. I won't do it again."

"You bet your ass you won't, baby," he said. "I won't give you that kind of chance again."

He half knelt behind her and put the rubber prick to her lips. She turned her head away in disgust. He grabbed her hair and jerked her head around.

"Take it in your mouth, bitch," he said. "Take it in your fucking mouth and get it nice and wet. You'd better, or I'll rip your fucking head off!"

She groaned in pain but she opened her mouth. She thought she was going to be sick as he slid the rubbery object over her tongue and deep into her throat. He left it there for a moment. Then he tightened his grip on her head and he started fucking the rubber cock in and out of her mouth.

"This will teach you to be a better cock-sucker, baby," he said. "I want you to get lots of practice at doing things like this."

He kept jabbing the awful thing into her mouth until her chin was covered with her dripping saliva and the dildo was dripping with her spit.

"That's it, baby." he told her. "Suck it hard. That's the way to do it."

She was making noises as she took the rubber prick even deeper into her mouth. She was feeling as humiliated as she'd felt so far, but she had a feeling that the worst was yet to come.

"Yeah, baby," he said. "You've got it nice and wet now. Now I'm going to put it some-place else you'll like."

There was nothing she could do to prevent him doing as he wanted. He took the rubber cock out of her mouth and moved it slowly down her back. She already knew it was going to go into her wet pussy.

"Why don't you just fuck me?" she asked. "That's what you're going to do. Why don't you just fuck me and get it over with?"

"Oh, I'm going to fuck you, baby," he said. "I'm going to have a good time with you."
He rubbed the rubber cock against the back of her thigh. He placed it against her thigh and it felt wet as hell. He moved it slowly up to her pussy.

"You're going to love this, baby," he said.

He pushed the dildo against her cunt. She moved around but she couldn't get it away from her pussy. He pushed gently and the rubber cockhead popped into her cunt.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked. "Why don't you just fuck me, please?"

"I'm just teaching you a lesson, baby," he told her. "I said I would teach you a lesson."
He fucked the rubber prick all the way into her pussy. She gave a startled gasp as she felt how deep it had gotten into her belly. He pulled it out and jabbed it into her cunt again.

"How do you like that, bitch?" he asked. "Isn't that fucking thing in deep?"

It was in deep. It felt almost as if it were in her womb. He pulled the dildo out and jabbed it back into her pussy again. He put one hand up behind her neck and pushed her head against the tree so that her tits were almost rubbing raw.

"Get it in deep, baby," he said. "Shake your ass for me. Feel it deep."

"Please - just leave me alone," she begged.

There was no chance of that happening as he started fucking the rubber cock back into her cunt again. He fucked it in and out until her pussy had started dripping juice and she was beginning to like the strange sensation.

"Stop, damn you," she said. "You're nothing but a fucking animal. Stop it!"

He brought the rubber prick out of her cunt and started rubbing the head of it against her pussy gash. At the same time, he pulled his jeans down. He pulled his shorts down, and she could see that his cock was already swollen. He kept pushing the rubber prick against her pussy but he moved around so that his prick was at her face.

"Suck it, bitch," he said.

"All right," she said humbly.

She was not beaten, but she had lost her will to resist for the moment. She wanted to get away from that tree without any more damage to her tender tits.

She let his foul cock push against her lips. She opened her mouth and let his cock slide in between her lips. He wasn't satisfied with just a little bit. He pushed hard and his cock was fucking all the way down into her throat. She gasped and pulled her head back.
"Suck it deep, bitch," he said. "Suck it fucking deep!"

She had to suck his cock deep again. She started bobbing her head. She felt the rubber prick fuck back into her pussy again. He stabbed the dildo deep into her cunt, and this time he left it there. He didn't pull his prick out of her mouth. It was a really strange feeling to have his swollen cock inside her mouth at the same time that the rubber cock was lodged firmly in her pussy.

"That's right, bitch," he told her. "Move your fucking head up and down. Suck it good for me!"

She was taking his cock as deep as she could, but he wasn't satisfied with that. He grabbed her head and started moving her in the direction he wanted her to go. It was hurting her, but somehow she kept on sucking.

"That's right, bitch," he said. "You just keep sucking and make my cock hard for me!"
His prick was already so hard that she could hardly handle it inside her mouth. His horse-like cock was choking her and she was trying to dislodge the rubber cock from her pussy, but she couldn't.

"I've got it really hard now, baby," he said. "I think it's time for your lesson."
He moved around to her back again. He still hadn't taken the rubber prick out of her pussy. He moved his cock into the crack of her ass. He rubbed his swollen cockhead up and down between the cheeks of her ass.

"Nice ass, baby," he said. "Really nice ass."

He kept rubbing until his swollen prickhead was touching against her tight asshole. He pressed his thick cockhead against her tiny asshole.

"What are you doing?" she screamed. "What are you doing to me? You can't put it there!"
"I've already got it there, baby," he said. "And I can do anything I want - and that's exactly what I want. I'm going to fuck my cock up your fine-looking ass!"

He pressed harder. His fat cockhead was pushing apart the crack of her ass. He pushed a little harder. She cried out in pain. She kept begging him not to push. He wasn't listening. He pushed again - and his cockhead popped into her tight asshole.

"Please stop," she moaned. "Please fucking stop!"

"I'm never going to stop," he said. "I'm going to give you more fucking than you'll ever need."

He reached around her and grabbed her big tits. He started squeezing her tits harder than hell. He started pushing a little harder. His prickhead fucked a little deeper into her tight ass.

"Fucking nice," he groaned. "You are so fucking tight. You are fucking nice and tight."
He rested for a moment, and then he gave one last hard fuck-thrust. She gave a cry of pure agony as his cock fucked into her ass guts. His fat cockhead felt like it was deep inside her belly. She kept screaming, but he didn't move. He allowed his cock to remain deep inside her ass. She was thankful, for it gave her a little time to get used to his fat prick.

"You're splitting me apart," she whispered. "Please take it out. You're tearing me apart!"

He only laughed at her. He finally started to move slightly. He pulled back and started fucking back in again. His cock went deep inside her ass again. He started fucking in and out slowly. His swollen cock still felt as if it were splitting her apart.

"Please stop," she said. "Please stop fucking my ass. It hurts me so much."

"You'll get used to it, baby," he said.

He began fucking in and out of her ass a little faster. His hands still gripped her tits. He rubbed them hard as he kept pushing deeper into her asshole with every fuck-thrust. The rubber prick in her pussy was making her feel even stranger.

Another few moments and he might have made her lose control. It was crazy, but there was something happening to her. She was feeling those slow vibrations all over her body.
"Oh fuck," he groaned. "I'm going to shoot my jizz in your ass, baby. I'm going to shoot my wad in your fucking ass. Get ready for it, you fucking slut. Get fucking ready. Oh shiiiiit!"

He fucked into her ass as deep as he could and his prick exploded cum deep inside her asshole. He pulled back and stabbed again and his prick seemed to be shooting cum all through her body. He moved once more and then slowly pulled his prick out of her ass. He let his wet cum run between her thighs. Only then did he reach down and take the rubber prick out of her sore pussy.

"I think maybe you might think twice about running away again," he said softly.

Her ears burned at his cruel laughter.

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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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Chapter Six

Sharon awakened to find herself firmly tied down on the bed. She was naked again, and every bone in her body was sore. She was sure that some parts of her would never be the same.

The door opened and Mary came in holding a tray with some coffee and toast.

"I thought you might be hungry," Mary said sweetly. "You're going to have to hurry and eat it before John gets back."

"He's gone?" Sharon asked.

"He went into town for some things," Mary said. "Please don't tell him I brought you this."

It was the first kindness Sharon had been shown in a long while, and she was thankful for it. She gobbled the toast down and she thought it was the best she had ever had.
"Oh, thank you," Sharon said. "You don't know how much I appreciate this."
"Was it bad last night?" Mary asked.


Mary nodded her head. "I know it's bad. I know that John can be an animal sometimes. I should know him by now."

"Why do you stay here, Mary?" Sharon asked. "Why don't you leave?"

"He only lets people leave when he's done with them," Mary said. "He'll probably keep me around forever."

"But don't you want to leave?" Sharon asked.

"Of course I do," Mary said. "But it's no good running away, and it's no good trying to fight him. It doesn't matter with me. I was a farm girl who would have ended up pregnant with some farm hand's baby anyway. All I would have been good for was to fuck and wash clothes. But you're different. You're a lady. I feel-bad for you."

Sharon began to get the glimmer of an idea. Perhaps if she could get Mary's help, then she could get away. There would be no harm in asking.

"Mary," Sharon said slowly, "maybe we could run away. Maybe we both could get free?"
"That wouldn't work," Mary said.

"Sure it would," Sharon said. "We could get away. You could help. You must know where he parks his car and the lay of the land around here. You could unhook me and we could run."
"No," Mary said.

"Why not?"

"It would be all right with you. He's still training you. But he would treat me bad."
"He already treats you bad," Sharon said. "Or do you enjoy being on your knees out in the front yard in front of everybody?"

"You don't understand," Mary said.

"Of course I understand. You're afraid. Well, so am I. I've got just as much to lose as you do if we try."

"That's not true," Mary said. "You're the new girl on the block. They won't hurt you too bad. They'll do ugly things to me. I've seen it."

"We can get away, Mary," Sharon said. "Just think about it. Think about having fancy clothes. I could help you with that, Mary. I'd be your friend."

"It's not worth it," Mary said.

Sharon could sense Mary slipping through her fingers. She didn't know what to do. She was frustrated by the idea that there was hope but only Mary could give it.

"There must be something that could change your mind," Sharon insisted. "What do you want?"

Mary turned her eyes on Sharon, and Sharon shivered. She had been covered with a blanket the night before but she had moved around so that her tits were freed. Now she was wishing that she had the freedom to pull the blanket back up. She didn't like the way Mary was staring.

"I've never come," Mary said.


"I've never been able to come," Mary said. "I was a virgin when they brought me here and they've never waited for me to come. Never. It's always been them who got their rocks off, but never me."

"I'm sorry for you,'* Sharon said.

"I bet you've come," Mary said.

"Yes," Sharon murmured.

"Then you don't know what it's like to be so frustrated," Mary said. "You just don't know what it's like."

Sharon could have told her that she'd only come a few times in her entire married life and that she didn't care much for fucking. She did it when her husband desired her, but she had no pity for a woman who'd never come.

But she wondered what Mary was getting at.

"If 'you escaped, we could find you somebody," Sharon suggested.

"Your husband?"

"Maybe," Sharon answered, taking a deep breath. She was lying. She had no intention of letting her husband fuck a tramp like Mary.

"I don't know," Mary said.

"All you have to do is lead me out of here. We could find a car somewhere."
"I know where there's a car that's parked right now," Mary said.
"Oh, that's great," Sharon said. "We could get away! Why don't we try right now before John gets back?"

"I don't know," Mary said uncertainly.

Sharon could tell that the young girl was frightened. But at that moment she could finally see a chance for escape, and she wasn't going to allow it to get away.
"You can fuck my husband," Sharon lied. "You can. I promise you. I'll bring him to you. I promise you that he'll make you come until your eyes roll back in your head."
"I don't know," Mary said again. "It's too big a risk. What if we get caught? I won't get anything out of it."

"We won't get caught," Sharon insisted.

"We might. Then what happens?''

"All right," Sharon said in frustration. "What else do you want besides fucking my husband?"

"You could make me come," Mary said, raising an eyebrow.

For a few moments Sharon wasn't sure she had heard the young girl right. She stared in horror. Her mouth had dropped open, and now she forced herself to close it.

"I don't understand," Sharon said.

"You've never sucked another woman's tits or sucked her pussy before?" Mary asked. "They made me do it once."

"How awful!"

"You do that for me. You make me happy and I'll help you escape. I want you to make me come and I want to fuck your husband."

"I can't do it," she said.

"Then I won't help you," Mary said simply. "I have to be sure of getting something out of it."

Mary was going to walk away and Sharon knew it. She thought of what terrors John might yet put her through, and she knew that she had to escape. Even if it meant doing as Mary asked.

"All right, I'll do it," Sharon said.

"You mean it?" Mary said. "Really?"

"I said I would, didn't I?"

"All right," Mary said. "I'll undo your arms and one leg, but that's all. I still have the key and I'll leave it on the dresser. You'll still need me to get away."
"All right," Sharon said.

Mary did as she said and then came back to sit on the bed. Sharon gathered up her courage. Sharon didn't flinch when Mary put her hand on Sharon's tit. Mary leaned over. Her tongue licked gently at one of Sharon's nipples and Sharon shivered. She had not bargained for this. Her body trembled.

"I think your tits are so beautiful," the girl said.

Mary's tongue moved back and forth across her rigid nipples. Sharon could feel herself responding, but she didn't like it. She pushed Mary's head away.

It was a mistake.

"Then you suck on mine," Mary commanded.

Mary moved around so that her brown nipple was just in front of Sharon's face. Her tit dangled there for a moment. Sharon did what she had to do. She lifted her head and touched her lips to the hard brown nipple.

"You can do it for me, Sharon," Mary said. "You can make me come. You can make me feel good!"

Mary rolled over onto her back and Sharon followed. Sharon's lips just barely touched Mary's tit, but she knew she was going to have to do more than that. She finally moved her lips to the other hot brown nipple. It felt so strange to be kissing another woman's tits.

"You can make me feel good," Mary said. "That's the way to do it. Make me feel good!"
Sharon opened her lips slightly and took the brown nipple into her mouth. She sucked gently on it. Mary made a moaning sound and Sharon opened her mouth wider.

She started sucking the hot tit-flesh deeper into her mouth. Sharon understood how Mary could enjoy this. Sharon could have allowed her tits to be sucked on all day.

"Use your teeth on me," Mary said. "That will make me feel good. Use your teeth and tongue."

Sharon pulled her head back. She let her tongue play with the hard nipple. She moved her head to the other tit and-started doing the same. She felt Mary's hand in her hair.

"Suck my tit good," Mary moaned. "That makes me so hot. Suck me hard!" '

Sharon opened her mouth wider and started sucking in all of Mary's creamy tit. Her tongue brushed against the hard brown nipple. It wasn't so bad. She wouldn't have done it voluntarily, but at least it didn't make her sick.

"That's so good," Mary moaned. "You are making me feel so fucking good!"

Sharon raised her head and slid her lips to the other nipple. She bit it gently and Mary gave a cry of pleasure. Sharon was trying to remember all the things that had ever been done to her tit. She was using her lips and tongue and teeth to the best advantage.
Mary was certainly enjoying it. She was already squirming from the hot vibrations going through her. She squirmed down on the bed and one of her hands slipped around Sharon. This time Sharon didn't mind so much as Mary's hot hand moved to her tit. Mary started gently stroking Sharon's tit. Sharon caught her breath. There was a fiery vibration that went up from her pussy to her belly and back again. It was just that Sharon wasn't used to anyone stroking her gently. She had been treated so roughly in the past few days: Now her entire body was responding to the girl's gentle touch.

"That's right," Mary moaned. "Suck me harder. It feels so damn fucking good when you do that!"

Mary's other hand slipped down between her own legs. She was squirming all over the bed. She was hotter than hell. She was moving up and down at the touch of her own stroking fingers.

"Touch me there," Mary moaned. "Touch my pussy!"

Sharon hesitated. She was getting past the-point of no return. She didn't think she wanted to do any more but she knew she had no real choice. She slid her hand down and between Mary's legs. Mary moaned as Sharon's fingers gently stroked her cunt.
"Oh yes!" Mary cried. "You're making me feel good. This time you're going to make me come!"

Sharon fucked a finger into Mary's cunt. She might be able to make her come this way and she wouldn't have to do anything else: She crammed another finger into Mary's cunt and began to fuck her fingers in and out savagely. At the same time she started sucking harder on Mary's tits.

"Oh, that does feel good!" Mary cried.

Sharon's fingers grew slippery with Mary's cunt juice. She finger-fucked her pussy faster and faster. She rubbed her fingers across Mary's clit each time she thrust.
"Oh no," Mary moaned.

Sharon thought she had Mary past the point where Mary could control herself. It didn't work. Mary reached down and jerked Sharon's hand away. She rolled over and took a couple of deep breaths.

"Let me make you come this way," Sharon said.

"I can make myself come using my fingers," Mary said. "I want your lips on my cunt!"
Sharon put her lips back on Mary's tits again. She started licking all over the creamy tit globes. Her tongue played at the hot brown nipples. She sucked one nipple into her mouth and let her teeth scrape the sensitive bud. She opened her mouth wider and sucked the hot nipple deeper into her mouth. She kept using her teeth, and Mary was squirming hotly again.

Sharon's tongue moved down underneath the girl's creamy tit globes. Her tongue moved back and forth. She tasted some of Mary's sweat. Her tongue moved back up to the nipple again. She sucked gently and kept using her tongue on the hard bud.

"Oh shit," Mary groaned. "You're making me feel so good. You're making me feel so fucking good!"

Sharon stopped sucking on the nipple. Her tongue moved down and she started running her tongue down the front of Mary's body. She went all the way down to Mary's pussy mound. She took a couple of deep breaths before she kissed Mary's soft pussy hair.

"Oh yes," Mary groaned. "I want you to eat me. I want you to eat my pussy. I want it bad!"

Sharon kept rubbing her tongue back and forth over the girl's hairy pussy. She sucked some of the cunt hair into her mouth and rolled it around until it was wet with spit. She let it slide out of her mouth and sucked in some more. She kept sucking cunt hair and spitting it out until she had Mary's cunt wet with spit.

Mary put both hands on the back of Sharon's head. She pulled Sharon between her legs. Sharon hesitated, but she couldn't refuse. Not now. She moved her face all the way between Mary's legs. Her lips touched the girl's puffy cunt. She felt pussy juice on her lips. She could smell the sweet aroma of hot cunt.

"Come on and eat me," Mary moaned. "Come on, you bitch. You know you can do it. Eat my pussy!"

Sharon felt the girl's hands on the back of her head again. Those hands kept the back of her head in a vise-like grip. She couldn't breathe and she knew Mary wasn't going to let her breathe until she started sucking.

"Come on and eat me, damn you!" Mary cried.

Sharon finally fucked her tongue into Mary's cunt. She pushed deep and then started moving her tongue around. She tasted the tangy cunt juices inside her mouth. She thrust again and again and she could feel her mouth filling up with pussy juice.

"That's the fucking way!" Mary screamed. "That's what I fucking want. Oh shit, give it to me. I love it!"

Sharon kept fucking her tongue in and out of Mary's cunt. She knew she was making Mary crazy. Mary's body was moving in response to her thrusting tongue. Mary's ass was lifting up and down, and Sharon's tongue kept fucking deeper.

"I've wanted it so long," Mary moaned. "Oh shit, you're making me feel so fucking good!"
It was happening to Mary as Sharon kept fucking her fiery tongue into the girl's cunt. Mary's body was twisting and turning as she lost all control.

"Oh fuck," Mary cried. "I'm going to come. I'm going to mother-fucking come. Finally! Oh, shiiiiit!"

Mary's body jerked in excitement. Her hot pussy juices flooded Sharon's mouth. Sharon couldn't draw her head back because Mary still had a firm grip on her. Instead, she was forced to swallow again and again until finally the last few shudders went through Mary's body.

"All right," Sharon said, raising her head and taking a few deep breaths. "Will you help me to escape now?"

"Can I fuck your husband?" Mary asked.

"That's the rest of the deal," Sharon said.

"Then we'd better get started," Mary said excitedly. "They'll be back soon."

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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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Chapter Seven

Mary almost managed to help Sharon escape. The two women got a lot farther than Sharon had managed to get by herself. Mary did lead Sharon to a road and a car. Only the car wouldn't start. Sharon tried to start it for fifteen minutes, finally giving up in frustration.

"He's coming!" Mary shouted.

Sharon could hear the panic in Mary's voice and she felt a surge of pure panic, herself. She kept thinking about the beating she had received and she wondered how he could do anything worse to her. Somehow, she had the feeling he would be able to think of something.

She saw a dusty truck coming up the road. She saw Mary's face go pale, and the girl was trembling as if she would never be able to move.

"Come on!" Sharon cried.

"I can't," Mary whispered.

"Run, damn you!" Sharon urged.

But she could see that Mary wasn't going to move. She was so scared that her legs wouldn't budge. Sharon hated to leave her, but she wasn't going to wait long enough to get caught.

John had seen them now and he stopped the truck. Sharon ran off into the brush at the other side of the road. She was back in the same position where she didn't know where she was going - but this time she was determined not to stop running.

She hadn't even realized that John wasn't alone until someone darted out in front other.
"I'll get the bitch," a man's rough voice shouted.

Hands reached for her but she dodged out of the way. She was back up on the road again. She saw that John had two other men with him. One of them was holding Mary by the hair in the middle of the road. The other was down in the brush. John was coming toward her.
"Give it up, Sharon," he said.

She started running the other way, but she was in no condition to outrun John. She had taken only a few steps before John captured her from behind. He jerked her backward. She lost her footing. He jerked one hand up behind her back, and she stopped struggling.
"I've got her, Rick," John said.

John walked her back to where the other man was holding Mary by the hair. He had forced Mary down to her knees and was rubbing her face against his crotch.

"I thought you had Mary trained better than this," Rick said.

"I thought so, too," John said. "I guess we'd better start all over again with her."

"I've got Clyde in the back of the truck," the other man said.

"Go get him, Matt," John said.

Sharon had no idea who Clyde was but she knew the effect it had on Mary. Immediately, the young girl started whimpering like she was being beaten. Sharon wanted to move closer and comfort her, but John held her tightly.

"Who's Clyde?" Sharon asked.

"You'll find out," John answered.
She did find out a-moment later as Matt brought out a big black dog. All three of the men were laughing as Mary started begging them not to bring the dog to her. Sharon had a sick feeling as she watched. She hoped she was wrong, but she knew what was going to happen.

Matt reached down and ripped the front of Mary's blouse away. Her sun-browned tits hung freely. Sharon remembered her hatred of Mary a little while before and her disgust at what Mary had made her do. Now Sharon could only feel sorry for the young girl.

Matt grabbed hold of Mary's dress and ripped it away. Immediately, the dog started barking. Mary was left in nothing but her panties. Sharon felt a hand sliding around her waist and then up to cup one of her tits. She had borrowed clothes from Mary, and she felt the heat of Rick's fingers going through the material.

"Now you just relax, baby," Rick said. "You just relax and enjoy the show. Now you're going to see some real action. You're going to enjoy this."

Sharon didn't think so. She knew what was going to happen. She wanted to turn her head away, but she was both fascinated and horrified at the same time. She had to watch as Mary was completely stripped and forced down on her hands and knees. John rubbed his cock-bulge against her face for a few moments more while Matt guided the black dog around behind her.

"Don't do this to me," Mary begged them. "Please don't. I didn't mean to run away. It was Sharon's fault. She made me do it. Oh, please don't do this!"

"She's blaming it all on you, baby," Rick said. "How do you like that?"

Sharon thought that she'd probably do the same thing in Mary's position. Sharon would have been willing to do or say anything to get out of the trouble she was in.

The men were showing no pity. Matt reached down and forced the nose of the ugly black dog between Mary's legs. At first, Clyde didn't seem to know what to do. Then he got a good smell of her pussy and he moved his nose closer. He started sniffing her pussy while Mary writhed in humiliation and disgust.

"Don't do this to me," Mary begged. "I'm sorry I ran away. I'll never do it again. Oh, please don't. I'll do anything you want me to do. I'll suck your cocks. I'll take a bath in your cum!"

"You'll do that any fucking way," Rick said, laughing.

Sharon shuddered as Rick's fingers kept squeezing her tits. She didn't want to be handled this way and she was made even sicker by the feelings she was having. She hated herself for it, but her body was responding to the smell of fear and sex coming from Mary. She was getting turned on watching Mary.

"Sic her, Clyde." Rick said. "Damn, that's one fine pussy Mary's got. Get down there Clyde."

Clyde was straining to get closer to Mary. Matt wasn't allowing it yet as he teased Mary with the horror that was to come. Mary's entire body was trembling.

"What's the matter, bitch?" Matt asked. "You scared? You weren't so scared a moment ago when you were trying to run away."

"She made me do it," Mary said, still trying to put all the blame on Sharon. "I didn't want to, but she made me!"

"Shut up, pussy," Rick said. "Just take your punishment, baby. You might enjoy it."
Rick reached down and grabbed the bottom of Sharon's blouse. She didn't struggle as he ripped upward and tore all the buttons off. His hand slipped over her naked tit and he squeezed brutally as she flinched in pain.

"Magnificent tits, baby," Rick said. "Maybe I could get Clyde over here to wash them with his tongue. Wouldn't you like that? A big dog licking your tits?"

Sharon didn't answer because she was still staring in fascination as the big black dog got closer and started sniffing Mary's pussy. Mary was trembling all over, but she was no longer begging them to stop. It was as if she were accepting her fate.

Clyde stopped sniffing her pussy. The black dog raised up and put his paws on Mary's back. Matt released him completely. For the first time, Mary saw the dog's red prick, and she shuddered. Clyde's prick was already hard and the ugly dog was trying to find Mary's cunt with his jabbing prick.

"Please don't do it to her," Sharon said. "Please, I'll be good to you, but don't do that."

"She can handle it," Rick said. "You'd better do a little worrying about yourself."
Rick's hand squeezed her tits again and it made her shiver. She knew he was telling the truth. She'd better start to worry about the things that might happen to her.

Clyde was still trying to get his red cock into Mary's pussy. Mary wasn't helping. She kept lowering her ass to keep Clyde from getting penetration. Finally Matt reached down and caught Mary by her hair.

"Lift your fucking ass for the dog, bitch," Matt said.

Mary reluctantly lifted her ass and the big dog pushed forward. Mary gave a cry of horror as the dog's slimy red cock fucked into her cunt. Immediately, the dog started fucking hard, really ramming his prick into Mary's cunt.

"Oh, stop him!" Mary cried. "Stop him, please."

"Now he's getting the rhythm," Matt said. "You don't want to stop him now."

It was evident that nobody was going to try and stop Clyde. Clyde was hitting his rhythm now, fucking in and out as fast as he could.

"Fuck her, Clyde!" Rick shouted. "Show her what a good little pussy is made for."
Mary was making a little different sound now that Clyde was fucking her harder and faster. It no longer sounded as if she were hating it so bad. Her body was also moving differently. She was already pushing her ass against Clyde's hard cock.

"Look at her go," Rick said. "The fucking cunt loves it. Shit, I thought she didn't like fucking."

Sharon's pink nipples had somehow gotten hard as she watched. She was trying to think of other things, but it was hard with Rick's fingers caressing her. Her tits had started feeling swollen and hot.

Now it was obvious that Mary was getting turned on. She was shaking her ass very fast and she was making little gasping sounds. It was even more obvious that Clyde wasn't going to last long enough to satisfy her.

Clyde's black body trembled as he stopped fucking. His trembling grew worse, and suddenly Sharon knew that Clyde was going to shoot his cum into Mary's cunt.

"Oh, damn!" Mary shouted. "He's coming in me. He's shooting his dog-cum in me."

Clyde seemed to go crazy. His body twisted and turned. He was almost digging his claws into Mary's back. He gave a shudder and started backing up. He let his red prick slip out of Mary's cunt and started dancing around. He looked at Sharon, as if to ask if she was next: Sharon shuddered at the thought.

"And now for you," John said. "I think Mary's learned her lesson, but it's time for your lesson."

"Not the dog," Sharon pleaded. "You can't do that to me. Please, not the dog. I'll do anything you want."

"But the dog might teach you a lesson," John said. "You don't know how to mind. Here-you-are doing the two things I told you not to do. You're running away, and you're wearing clothes."

"I'm taking my clothes off," Sharon said frantically. "Look, I'm taking my clothes off."
Sharon quickly started tearing off the rest of the outfit that Mary had loaned her only a little while before. All she could think about was the dog and the fact that she would do anything to keep that dog away. She stripped quickly and the men stood around her grinning.

"Nice," Rick said. "Fantastic tits and ass, and a lot of hair around that sweet pussy. I like that."

"On your knees," John said.

Sharon went down on her knees. Her heart was beating fast. All she could think about was the dog. She was so frightened that the dog was going to fuck her.

Matt let the dog get closer. He was almost close enough to sniff her cunt. Tears streaked Sharon's face as she shivered in apprehension. She knew she would have to do what they wanted - even if it meant fucking the dog.

"Give the bitch the dog's cock!" Mary was screaming. "Give it to her!"

But the dog didn't seem to be what the men had in-mind. John removed his belt and pulled open his jeans. She could see his cock bunched tightly in his shorts.

"All right, sweet-lips," he said. "Let's see what you've learned. Let's see if you're going to be a good girl from now on."

Sharon had been given a pardon, and anything was better than that big fucking dog. She didn't hesitate as she raised up and gripped the edges of John's shorts. She carefully pulled them down and over his jutting cock.

She remembered how sick she had gotten the first time she had put her lips against his cock. Now she thought that she could handle anything except that big black dog. She was very aware that Matt still held the dog close, and the beast was straining at his leash to get at Sharon's cunt in the same way he'd gotten Mary's cunt.

"You'd better do a good job today," John said. "That Clyde is one fucking horny dog."
She slipped her hands up between John's legs and started fingering his balls. His cock was not hard yet, but it started slowly growing.

His cock was long and thick and the swollen cockhead was already dripping pre-cum. She sighed as she slid her hand up to the base of his cock. Her fingers wrapped around his prick and she lifted his cock up to where her lips would meet it.

"That's good," John moaned softly. "You're doing fine. You just do what you're told and I'll keep the dog away."

It was the first glimmer of hope that they weren't going to give her to the dog. At least, not if she did what she was told. And she was determined to do it. She kissed his cockhead again and tried not to think about the sticky jism that was coating her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and part of his cockhead slipped between her lips.

"Very nice," John groaned. "You're trying a lot harder than before. You're learning fast."

Her lips opened wider and she took his cock inside her lips. She held it inside her lips for a moment and closed her eyes. There was a feeling going through her she didn't like. She sucked his cock a little deeper. Her body was responding to this. His treatment of her was horrible, but she was beginning to respond to it more and more.

She closed her teeth around his swollen prick and started sucking his prick deeper into her mouth. His prickhead slid over her tongue and into the back of her throat. She almost choked on his fat cock-flesh. She sucked his cock a little deeper and somehow she kept it inside her mouth.

His hands moved down her body and he started playing with her big tits. She could feel her nipples getting hard as he played with her tits. Damn, she hated that. She didn't think it was fair that her body would betray her when she was feeling so full of hate for these men.

"Lick it all over, baby," John said. "This time, I'm really going to teach you how to suck cock the way a woman should."

She kept her fingers around the base of his cock as she raised her head. She licked all over the swollen cock-tip. Her tongue jabbed at the tiny piss hole. She tasted some of his lubricating cream. It wasn't so bad as she'd felt it was that first time when she had sucked all of his cum out of his cock.

"That's the way, baby," he said. "Lick all over my fucking cock. Lick every inch of it!"
She had his cockhead glistening with her spit. Now she moved her tongue around his swollen cockhead and down the underside of his cock. She licked all the way down to his balls. Her tongue wet his balls for a moment. Then she slowly sucked one of his balls into her mouth. She rolled the ball beneath her tongue before she released it.

"Hot damn," John groaned. "She is getting good. She's really getting fucking good!"
She started sliding her tongue back up to the rim of his cockhead again. This time she licked all around his prick-knob, and she had another taste of his pre-cum in her mouth.
"Take it back in your mouth, bitch," John groaned.

Out of the corners of her eyes, she could see the other two men lowering their trousers. Matt finally tied the dog up before he took his trousers down. Matt started stroking his prick.

Matt walked around behind Sharon. He put his hand behind her neck and pushed her over a little more. He knelt behind her. She realized she was going to get fucked at the same time she was sucking John's cock.

"I'm going to have a little bit of her pussy," Matt said. "I've been thinking about having some of her cunt since I first saw her."

A wicked shudder went through Sharon. She didn't like feeling that and she forced herself to think of other things. She couldn't. The shudder went through her again as Matt pushed his fat prickhead against her cunt.

He reached down to guide his prick up into her snug fuckhole. A moment later his cockhead stretched her cuntlips apart and she felt his prick fucking inside her pussy. She found herself sucking a little harder at the end of John's prick.

"I think she-likes that," John said. "I think she enjoys having it that way. Give it to her, Matt!"

Matt reached around and started fondling her tits. His fingers felt hot against her tits. Her nipples were already hard and throbbing. His fingertips kept brushing back and forth across her nipples and sending throbbing sensations through her pussy.

"Oh yeah," Matt said. "She likes it. Her cunt likes it. I don't think there's any doubt about that."

Matt slammed forward hard and his prick fucked all the way into her tight cunt. She gave a soft cry and gobbled up John's prick almost all the way to his balls.

Again, she tried to think of other things except how good Mart's fat prick felt filling her pussy. She had been so scared about the dog. It had been a great relief to know it was men who were going to fuck her. Her relief mixed with her pain, and somehow this was exciting her.

"Yeah, baby," Matt said. "Move your sweet ass like that. Prove how much you like my cock!"

Matt drew back as she tried to stop moving. He knew she was fighting her feelings. Matt drew his cock almost all the way out and then rammed it back inside her pussy again.
"You'd better let go, baby," he said. "Or I'm going to take my cock out of you and bring that dog back. He doesn't mind fucking dead meat."

She knew that Matt meant it and she stopped trying to fight the pleasure sensations. For the first time in her life, she gave up completely. There were no thoughts in her mind except sex and fucking.

"That's the way, baby," Matt said. "Keep moving that hot ass that way."

She started sucking John's cock with quick movements of her head. At the same time, she started fucking back against Matt's hard, thrusting cock. She thought she had never felt a cock so deep inside her pussy as she was getting Matt's cock at that moment. It really felt good. She could feel his hairy balls bouncing against her smooth asscheeks each time he thrust. She could hear his balls slapping her ass.

"Fuck her hard," John said. "She's going crazy sucking my cock. She's getting it all the way down her fucking throat. She's really going fucking crazy."

She had hardly been aware she was doing it, but she was sucking his cock deep into her throat. She was aware suddenly that she was actually deep-throating him. She was fucking his cock far enough down her throat so that his balls were bouncing against her chin.
"Hot damn," John groaned. "Hot damn, it feels good. I don't think she's ever sucked me so good!"

Sharon was an animal at that moment. She didn't care what they did or said to her. All she cared about was the growing pleasure in her cunt. Her pussy was throbbing with intense pleasure. She had never felt such excitement before.

"You're fucking my cock off," Matt said. "Shit, you can do it when you want to, baby. You can really throw a fuck when you fucking want to do it."

She didn't tell him that she had never wanted to before in her life. This was the first time for her. This was the first time she had completely lost control of her body.
Matt's hands started gripping her tits a little harder. He was fucking her hard. His hands seemed about to tear her tits off. She could sense that he was getting near his time and she didn't want him to come yet. Not yet. She started slowing down and he squeezed a tit hard enough to cause pain.

"You keep moving that big ass, baby," he said. "You just think about getting my rocks off. That's all you should be concerned with right now. Just get my rocks off!"
She didn't want him to come because she wasn't ready, but she knew she couldn't antagonize him. She started moving her ass again. This time she was fucking back and pulling her cunt off his cock almost all the way. Her movements were so violent that he hardly had to do any moving at all.

"That's the fucking way!" Matt yelled; "Shit, baby, you're fine. You're so fucking fine!"
His cock was throbbing inside her cunt. She felt some of his cum dripping inside her pussy. He was getting past the point of no return. She sucked harder on the cock in her mouth and started using her teeth as she bobbed her head. Somehow the cock in her mouth seemed to be associated with the prick in her cunt. Sucking John's cock was making her even hotter.

"I'm going to fill your cunt, bitch," Matt shouted. "I'm going to fill up your fucking cunt with cum. I'm going to give you more jizz than you've ever had before. Shit, that's good. Shiiit!"

Matt rammed his cock into her pussy hard. He paused, and then his hot cum started spurting into her like liquid fire filling her guts. His cock squirted once, then again. Then he tensed all over as his cock squirted a third time and he groaned in what sounded like agony. Her cunt was slimy with cum, but still he didn't take his cock out of her. He let her cunt get every drop of cum he had to give.

"I hope you don't mind sloppy seconds," Matt said to Rick, laughing as he pulled his cock out of her pussy.

"Not me," Rick said. "I'm going to be first where I'm going."

She knew where he was talking about and she shivered. She could worry about it later, though, because at the moment she had more pressing problems. John had put his hand on the back of her head and his horse-like cock was nearly choking her each time he thrust. She knew that he was approaching the point of no return. Already she had tasted his cum on her tongue. She took a deep breath as he drew back. She knew she wasn't going to get much of a chance to breathe in the next few minutes.

She was right. John started .fucking her mouth as deep and as fast as he could, and she tasted more of his hot cum on her tongue and sliding down the back of her throat.
"Fucking cunt," John groaned. "You mother-fucking cunt. I'm going to drown your tonsils in cum. I'm going to give you more jizz than you've ever had before. You fucking cunt. You cuuuunt!"

John rammed her hard. His big prick started spurting cum down her throat. She began swallowing his cum as quickly as she could, but she couldn't swallow it all. She felt cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth and wetting her chin. She kept sucking and swallowing as fast as she could. His cum tasted salty going down her throat.

"You are one sweet bitch, baby," he groaned. "Oh fuck, you really are one sweet bitch."
He put his hands on the back of her head to keep her there until she had licked off every drop of jism. She hadn't been going to stop. She kept licking until it was all gone and then he finally released her head. She made sure he could see her licking away the salty cum on her mouth and chin.

"Damn fucking sweet bitch," he told her.

She had managed to completely satisfy two of them, and now she only had a third guy to worry about. She turned to see Rick looking at her with that hungry look and she remembered what he had in mind.

"On your back, baby," Rick said. "Lift those beautiful fucking legs up over your head."
The ground was uncomfortable, but she didn't hesitate. She turned over on her back and she lifted her legs until they were up over her head. She had never felt so exposed. Her pussy was vibrating as Rick came over to her. He was rubbing his swollen cock.

"Now I'm going to give it to you like you've never had it before, baby," he said.
Rick knelt and he put his cockhead against the snug entrance to her asshole. He pushed forward so that his weight was on top of her legs. He had positioned her so that she could hardly move as he started working his prickhead into her asshole.

"Don't do this to me," she whispered. "Please. Just let me suck your prick."

"I want some of your sweet ass, baby," he said.

It wasn't as bad as it had been before. He pushed forward slowly and his cockhead popped into her asshole. He stopped for a moment. Her body was shuddering as his cockhead throbbed inside her asshole.

"Get ready for it, baby," he told her. "Get ready for every fucking inch of my big cock."
There was nothing she could do to stop him. He moved slowly, but his big cock was fucking into her asshole and filling her up. She felt like her body was being torn in half. She tried to move her ass to push his cock out, but that didn't help. She only managed to draw his cock deeper into her ass.

"You're going to like it," Rick said. "You're going to love my big fat cock!"

Rick gave another fuck-thrust and his cock went halfway into her asshole. He felt like he was in deeper than John had been. She squirmed beneath him but nothing was going to make him take his cock out of her ass.

"Now you're going to get it all, bitch," he told her. "Now you're going to get every fucking inch of my cock!"

He was as good as his promise. He fucked his prick all the way into her tight asshole. He slammed hard enough so that his thrusting shook her entire body. His cock felt thick inside her and his balls rested against her hot ass.

"You sweet little bitch," he said. "Now I'm going to give you what you fucking need!"
She had already been fucked so much that it didn't seem as if she would feel anything. And yet she did. There were throbbing sensations going through her body as he began to fuck her ass. He began fucking her with short, deep cock-strokes that slapped his balls against her ass loudly.

"You sweet fucking bitch," he groaned. "You've got a nice fucking ass. A nice fucking ass!"

He was already turned on and his fat cock was splitting her insides. She felt some of his pre-cum leaking inside her. He started fucking her harder. All of his weight went against her thighs and her legs felt cramped.

"I'm going to fill your ass up, baby," he groaned. "I'm going to fill up your fucking ass!"

Harder and harder he fucked his fat prick into her ass guts. At that moment she knew she would have lost complete control if he had pushed even a finger into her cunt. She was burning up. She was actually beginning to enjoy the feel of his fat cock inside her asshole.

But the ass-fucking was over too soon.

"I'm going to come," Rick said. "I'm going to fill up your fucking ass with my jizz! Oh shit, it feels so fucking nice. Shiiiit!"

He fucked hard and deep and his cock erupted into her asshole again and again. His thick cum filled her up. She had gotten every fuckhole filled up with cum. She felt him fucking his cock into her a few more times until he had drained every drop.

"There, baby," Rick said slowly. "I told you I was going to fill up your ass with cum. I didn't lie, did I?"

"No," she said.

Sharon wondered what else could happen to her.

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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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Chapter Eight

Things started getting horrible after Sharon's last attempt to escape. Both Sharon and Mary were beaten regularly and kept chained up. The three men fucked them whenever they wanted, and they were both threatened with the dog when they didn't obey right away.
Sharon's spirit was finally broken. She knew she would never try to escape again. She couldn't. And yet the men couldn't make her come. She fought against that because she knew that once that happened, she would totally belong to them.

Sharon didn't now how much longer she could stand it. She was sure she was going crazy. She finally got help from a place she didn't expect.

Sharon had been chained naked in her bedroom one evening. She could hear sounds in the other parts of the house but she didn't know what was going on. Then her door opened and Rick came in. She felt Rick's eyes going up and down her lush body.

"Hi, baby," he said.

She didn't answer. There didn't seem to be much point. He came over to the bed and sat down beside her. His hand went to her knee and then traveled up her inner thighs. She felt his fingertips brushing at her cunt hairs.

"How would you like to get out of this place?" Rick asked.

"What do you mean?"

"It could be arranged. I'm sure your husband would pay a little money to have you back."
"He would," Sharon said.

"Maybe we could talk about that," "Rick suggested.

A flush came to her face as one of Rick's fingers slipped easily into her cunt. She might not have come easily, but it seemed her cunt got wet quickly.

She trembled as Rick's finger slipped up between her thighs and rubbed her pussy lips. He pushed gently and his finger fucked inside her cunt. It made her tremble to think about his finger pushing against her clit, but it made her tremble even more to think about escape. Rick's face was flushed with lust and she thought she could use that to make sure of her escape.

"My husband would pay you whatever you wanted," she said. "I know he would. Whatever you ask."

"It would be a lot," Rick said.

"He'd pay."
Rick moved his finger around inside her pussy a few moments more and then took his fingers out of her. He licked at his finger and a shudder went through her body.
"I'm going to have to think this over, baby," he said.

"Do it," she said. "Do it quickly."

He left the room, but she had been given hope again. She wouldn't have tried to escape with anybody else- - but she was sure that Rick could help her.

Sharon was disappointed that he didn't say anything to her about it for the next couple of days. She was kept busy scrubbing floors and fucking and sucking John.

A couple of days later, Mary came into the room where Sharon was working. Mary looked bad. She had been beaten with more frequency than Sharon, and the dog had been fucking her. She looked as if she had reached the end of her line.

"You're going to try to escape again," Mary said.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Sharon snapped.

"You're going to try to escape with Rick," Mary said. "I know that you are. Don't worry. I won't tell. Just take me with you, please. Please don't leave me here. Promise that you'll take me with you or I'll tell. Remember, you promised to let me fuck your husband."

Sharon hid her disgust. She would never allow this slut to even come close to her husband. She could only promise to help Mary escape if she could.

That evening John once again chained Sharon to the bed, but this time she wasn't going to be left there alone. It got dark outside and Rick came in. He was holding a key to her chains.

"Your husband agreed," Rick said. "We're getting out of here."

Her heart pounded as Rick unchained her and gave her something to put on. She dressed hurriedly. She could hardly believe that it was going to happen this time.

"But what about Mary?" she asked.

"Forget about Mary," Rick said.

Sharon thought about Mary only a moment more and then she stopped thinking about her. Rick helped her sneak downstairs where there was a car waiting. She could tell that Rick was a little nervous about what he was doing.

Rick drove her directly to a motel, where she showered and put on a new dress and blouse. She felt almost human as she walked out to see Rick sitting on the bed.

"What now?" she asked.

"Now we stay here until there's a phone call. I let you go when I get it."

"I see," she said.
She was feeling like the old Sharon Knight as she sat down on a chair across from him and crossed her legs. She could hardly believe it was going to happen. She was going to be freed - and somehow she was going to have her revenge on those men.

She thought about her husband and how nice it was going to be to go back to living with Albert. Of course, Albert was boring. Her life was sometimes boring, but anything was better than being treated like an animal.

"I admit one thing to you," Rick said. "I'm getting a lot from your husband, but it's almost not enough. I'm going to miss those big creamy tits and that hot little pussy."
She flushed at his dirty words but she also realized that she wasn't as shocked as she should have been. Perhaps she had gone through so much that she couldn't be shocked anymore.

"I'm really going to miss that hot ass and the way you used to wiggle it when I was putting my cock in you."

"Damn you," she said softly.

She was trembling again. A slow trembling that went up and down her body. It touched her pussy and she could feel some of her juices wetting her thighs. She moved back and forward again. She uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again.

"Your husband must think a lot of that hot pussy, too," Rick said. "He's paying so much money to get it back."

"He doesn't," she said.

"No? I can't believe that."
"He likes sex, but he's really not so crazy about it all the time. Neither am I."
"You mean you didn't used to be. You are now, and you know it. Maybe you didn't come, but the itch was there. That hot itch-that was like fire between your legs. Why don't you come over here? We'll have one last fuck before the phone call."

"You're crazy," she said.

"Suit yourself."

She stayed in her seat only a few minutes before she stood up. She told herself that she wasn't going to him. She was going to go look out the window. And yet she passed close to Rick and she didn't struggle when he grabbed her and pulled her down on the bed beside him.

"Let me go," she said, from force of habit.

"You don't really want that, do you?" he asked.

She knew she didn't. There was something happening to her body. He kissed her gently on the mouth and she responded hungrily. Her lips opened and she tasted his tongue pushing into her mouth. She sucked on his tongue for a moment. Her body trembled.

"You can kiss nice when you want to, baby," he said.

"How long until that phone call?" she asked.

"We've got a while yet," he assured her.

Rick pushed her back on the bed. His tongue started stabbing into her throat. She had just-put those new clean clothes on, but right now she wanted them off. Her body was getting hot. Her tits were pushing against the front of her blouse, pushing hard. She could feel herself trembling again.

"You're nice, baby," he said. "You're really nice!"

He slipped a hand between them and started caressing her tit through the material of her blouse. He kept rubbing his finger across her swollen nipple until she cried out in pleasure.

"Yeah, baby," he moaned. "That's the way I want you to sound. I want you to want my cock."

She didn't struggle as he undid her blouse all the way down the front. She wasn't wearing a bra. His hand slipped inside and he started massaging her tit. Her nipples started feeling hard as rock. She kept trembling against him.

"That's so nice," she moaned. "Oh, you're making me feel so fucking nice!"

His wet tongue kissed her cheek and then moved down to the tops of her tits. He licked back and forth and her fingers grabbed the back of his head. She started pulling him closer.

"Suck my tits," she whispered. "I want that. Nobody does that for me anymore!"

His wet mouth opened wider and he captured one of her pink nipples inside his lips. She gave a cry of pure delight as he gently sucked on her tit. He sucked her nipple deep into his mouth and then started rolling it beneath his tongue. She could feel her nipples getting harder and her body seemed about to pass out from intense pleasure.

"You're doing me so good," Sharon whispered.

Rick's mouth slid from one hot pink nipple to the other. He kept opening his mouth wider and taking more and more of her luscious tit inside his lips. He reached the point where both of her tits were soaked with his spit.

He moved back up to her mouth again. She started stabbing her fiery tongue deep into his mouth. She opened her legs and his knee pressed between her heated thighs.

"So good," she moaned. "You're making me feel so fucking good!"

His wet mouth went back to her tits again. He started biting her nipples gently. He moved his head back and forth quickly and he made her nipples ache with fire.

Suddenly all those clothes she had put on a little while before seemed to almost suffocate her. She pushed him back and hurriedly stripped her skirt and panties off. She enjoyed feeling his eyes burn holes in her naked body.

"You are one sweet fucking piece of ass," Rick said. "What if I wanted your ass this time?"

"Anything you want," Sharon whispered.

She was surprised at herself and how hot she was getting. It was true that she would have given him anything he wanted at that moment. Let him do anything he wanted.

She tugged his head back down to her tits again. His tongue brushed across her fiery tit-flesh. She had never felt her tits getting so sensitive before. She grabbed hold of the back of his head and pulled him closer.

"You're making me so fucking crazy," she moaned.

She knew his hot lips were turning her into an animal and she didn't care. All she could think about was that she would soon be going home to Albert - and she didn't want that. Albert bored her. She was going to get this last little excitement while she could.
"I'm going to make you a lot fucking crazier," he said slowly. "I'm going to make you really nuts."

His tongue was fantastic feeling as he slithered it down beneath her tits. He licked at one of her most sensitive areas for a moment and the delicious shivers kept going through her body. She put her hands behind his head to try and pull him back up to her tits but he had other ideas. His head started moving down.

"Oh, what are you doing?" she cried out.

"I told you that I was going to make you feel really good, baby," he told her. "Better than you've ever felt. I'm going to make you remember me for a long time."
His head moved down to her cunt. His wet tongue slithered back and forth through her cunt hairs. He took some of her pussy hairs into his mouth and sucked on them. Delicious shivers kept going through her body. She put both hands on the back of his head.
"Oh, you're making me feel so crazy," she moaned.

That was exactly the way he wanted her to feel as his tongue kept moving between her legs. In a few moments he had her cunt hair completely soaked with his spit. Then his tongue worked down and between her thighs. He licked at her creamy thighs. Now her hands were tugging his face up to her cunt.

"Eat me," she-whispered. "I want that bad. Eat my pussy. I want it bad. Eat me, baby!"
His tongue moved up her inner thigh and touched her cuntlips. He fucked his tongue into her pussy and she thought she was going to go out of her mind with pleasure.

"That's what I want!" she cried. "Oh yes, that does feel so fucking good!"

He drew his tongue out of her pussy and she protested loudly. She heard him laughing as he realized what he was doing to her. He slowly pushed his tongue partially back into her cunt again. The feel of his teasing tongue was driving her crazy. She pulled harder on the back of his head.
"Eat my pussy!" she cried. "That's what I want. Eat my fucking pussy. Eat me!"
His tongue fucked back into her deeply this time. He started fucking his tongue in and out of her pussy very quickly. His hands slipped underneath her and he gripped her hot asscheeks. Her legs spread apart wider and his tongue fucked a little deeper into her wet cunt.

"Oh yes," she moaned. "That's what I fucking want. Oh yes, that feels so good!"

His tongue moved around until he was licking against her clit. He drew his tongue back and forth across her clit until her ass was bouncing on the bed. She could feel the hot tension going through her body. She knew she was getting dangerously close to the point of no return, but she didn't want him to stop.

He sensed what was happening to her and he raised his head. She tried to grab at him but he moved off the bed. She watched as he undressed. He stripped down to his shorts and moved closer to the bed. She licked her lips as she saw the big cock-bulge in his shorts.
"I'll let you take these off," he said.

Her hands trembled as she reached for his shorts. She slowly worked them down his legs and he stepped out of them. It seemed only natural for him to sit down on the bed, and she went down between his legs. The hard floor hurt her knees but somehow that didn't matter. She had been made to suck cock before - but now all she could think about was the pleasure of kissing his swollen prick.

"Your cock is so beautiful," Sharon moaned.

Her fingers laced around the base of his cock. Her fingertips gently caressed his balls and she stroked his cockhead with her other hand.

"Kiss it for me, baby," Rick whispered.

She brushed her hair back from her eyes with one hand as she bent over his cock. Her wet lips touched the swollen head of his cock. She gently moved her tongue back and forth over the swollen cockhead. She made a little moaning noise in her throat as she kissed his prick.

"It's nice," he groaned. "You're doing it nice, baby. You're making me feel good!"
Her lips opened and she took his swollen cockhead inside her mouth. She started sucking it down her throat. She could feel his bloated cockhead on her tongue as she sucked his prick-flesh deeper and deeper. In a few moments she could feel his cockhead at the deepest part of her throat.

"You're fantastic, baby," he groaned. "You've got almost all of my cock in your mouth. Take it all, baby. Take every fucking inch."

It was difficult, but somehow she took every inch of his fat cock down her throat. She had his cock deep enough inside her mouth so that her lips were touching his hairy balls. She drew her head back and took a deep breath, and then she slowly took his fat prick back into her mouth.

"Oh, shit yeah," he groaned. "That's the fucking way. That's what I like, baby. Oh, that's fucking nice!"

She raised her head. Her fluttery tongue went all over his cock. She wet his prick-flesh with her tongue. All the while, her pussy seemed to be getting hotter and hotter.
Her heart pounded as she moved back up to the head of his cock again. She took his cockhead from one cheek to the other, all the while washing his feverish cock-flesh with her tongue.

"You sweet fucking bitch," he groaned. "Oh shit, you're turning me on."

Some of his sticky pre-cum dripped into her mouth. It was a hot fiery liquid that burned her tongue. She didn't mind. The salty taste filled her mouth as she kept sucking hard.
"Fantastic, baby," he gasped. "Oh, that's fucking fantastic."

She slipped her hand down to caress his balls while she bobbed her head up and down slowly. She was taking his cockhead deep into her mouth every chance she got. She kept using her tongue on his swollen cock-flesh.

Her head bobbed faster and there was more of his pre-cum swirling around inside her mouth. She didn't want him to come inside her mouth. She wouldn't have minded the taste again, but she wanted to feel his big cock inside her pussy. She needed that more than anything else.

Sharon reached down for his swollen prick with her fingers. She went to her feet and she pushed him back on the bed. She scrambled up on top of him.

"I want your cock in my cunt," she said. "I need it bad. I've never needed anything so bad!"

She had Rick on his back and she moved up over his body. She had never fucked this way before, but she was going to do it. She reached down and found his cock and pulled his cock-head up against the entrance to her cunt. She settled down slightly and his fat cockhead split apart the wet lips of her pussy.

"Oh yes," she moaned, "this is what I want. Oh, yes!"

She settled down all the way, fucking his prick all the way inside her pussy, and she stayed like that for a moment. His fat prick felt fantastic inside her cunt. She bounced a little.

"Oh, fucking yes!" she moaned. "This is so good. This is so fucking good!"

She began to bounce faster on his cock. He reached up with both hands and started stroking her tits. Her nipples were already hard and throbbing.

"It feels so fucking good!" she cried.

She fucked faster. She was taking his fat cock all the way into her pussy and it really did feel good. She started squeezing her cunt walls together around his cock and he went crazy. He couldn't stand her being on top any longer. He slowly rolled her over on her back and pushed her legs wider apart. He slammed his prick into her so deep and hard that it almost took her breath away.

"Fucking good, baby," he groaned. "Your cunt is so fucking tight. So fucking good?"
He reached underneath her and grabbed her asscheeks. He held onto her asscheeks tightly and fucked his fat cock into her pussy even harder.

Sharon thought he was going to drive his fat prick all the way through her body. That was almost what she wanted as she raised her legs and locked them around his back. His cock was fucking deeper inside her. She loved the way his hard chest mashed her tits almost flat.

"Give it to me harder, baby," she moaned. "Oh, please. Give it to me harder!"

He fucked her as hard as he could. His cock was splitting her pussy apart each time he thrust. Her ass was bouncing off the bed and she kept hearing the sounds of his prick fucking into her.

"I'm going to come!" she screamed. "I'm going to fucking come. It feels good and I'm coming. Oh shit, baby, I'm coming. Oh, fucking shiiiit!"

It was as good as she had ever felt in her life. Her body shook all over. Her cunt cream drenched his fat prick and she screamed from pleasure again and again. Finally, the last few spasms of joy went through her, but it still felt good. She was still lifting her ass for his thrusting cock.

"It's good, baby," Rick groaned. "It's so fucking good!"

He kept slamming his fat prick into her pussy as hard as he could. She closed her eyes and thought about how good the fucking felt and how good it felt to have a hard cock inside her. He kept fucking her until his cum was dripping thickly.

Then he suddenly took his prick out of her pussy. He rolled over on his back and grabbed her by her thick hair. She didn't fight as she was pulled back to his cock. Her mouth engulfed his wet cock and she tasted his slimy cum and her own cunt cream.

"I'm going to come in your mouth, baby," he groaned. "I'm going to fill your mouth with more cum. I'm going to flood your fucking tonsils and I want you to swallow every fucking drop!"

He grabbed her hair as she kept bobbing her head. She kept tasting his hot cum spilling onto her tongue. She sucked harder. She wanted to feel his cum spurting.

"Shit, baby," he groaned. "Oh shit. Fuuuck, you cunt!"

His fat prick exploded inside her mouth. She started swallowing cum as fast as she could and this time she managed to get almost every drop. She kept feeling his jism sliding down her throat into her belly. She kept sucking and swallowing until he had no more cum to give her.

The phone rang just as he was pulling his limp cock out of her mouth.

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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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Chapter Nine

It was a cool evening. Sharon sat by the fire drinking sherry while her husband drank brandy and read some intellectual book. Sharon stretched her legs. She was wearing a filmy black nightgown that showed just enough to be interesting. When she stretched, it was as if her body were going to rip the tight seams apart. Albert didn't even glance at her.

Boring, Sharon thought.

It had been two months since she had been rescued by the ransom paid by her husband. Two dull months. The lovemaking went back to being the same uninspired shit it had been before. Her husband had hardly asked her about what had happened while she had been kidnapped.

Sharon could have told him a lot of things that would have shocked him. Especially about that part where she got fucked so nicely that last evening, just before she was rescued.
Sharon thought about Rick and wondered what he was doing now. Rick had been the only one of the bunch who had gotten away. Matt and John had been captured by police. It made her feel good to think of John going to jail, but it made her jealous to think of Rick somewhere fucking her husband's money away.

She missed Rick's hot cock.

"I'm about ready for bed," she told her husband.

"I'll be up in a little while," Albert said. "I'd like to finish this chapter first."
Her dull husband. She could put on perfume and a slinky nightgown and he still wasn't really interested. He fucked her when he was horny, but lately that had been less and less. He seemed content to put his strength in his work.

Sharon sighed. Well, she might as well go up to bed and find a good book to read, if she didn't drink herself to sleep first. It seemed she had been drinking more and more lately.

Sharon went to the front door to check the lock. She heard a noise and went to the window to look out. She didn't see anything. She turned away when she heard the noise again. She turned around and the door crashed open as if there were no lock on it at all.
Sharon started to scream. Then the huge man crossed the room in two strides and grabbed her. He twisted her around and put his hand across her mouth. He held her tightly.
"Where's your husband, bitch?" he asked.

"In the study," she said.

She led him into the study. Albert glanced up and his face went pale as he saw the huge man holding his wife around the waist and pointing a pistol at him.

"This is a robbery, Mac," the intruder said.

"What do you want?" Albert asked.

It was obvious that Albert was frightened, and Sharon felt sorry for him. It was like watching a movie or something. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion.
"Everything you got, Mac," the man said.

Albert opened the safe for him. The man seemed to be in heaven as he emptied out the safe. Sharon sat on the couch beside Albert, but a few times she saw the man's eyes going over her lush body. It made her shiver all over.

The man reminded her of John a little. He had the same aggressive ways and the same way of looking at a woman as if he could tear the clothes off her and fuck her all night long.

"All right, Mac," the man said. "You've done good so far. Now we're going to take a little walk."

"Where?" Albert said.

"Out to your woodshed. I saw a big lock on it. I'm going to put you in and lock you up."
"What about my wife?" Albert asked in alarm.

"Nothing's going to happen to your pretty young wife if you do what you're told."
"You lock her up with me," Albert insisted.

"You stupid bastard," the man said. "I've already told you that nothing is going to happen to your wife if you're doing what you're told. Do it, or I'll shoot one of your wife's big tits off!"

Albert shook with rage and helplessness, but he went out to the woodshed and the man locked him in then dropped the key into the bushes. The woodshed was strong enough so that Albert would not be able to get out.

"Let's go back up to the house," the man said to Sharon.

"What are you going to do?"

"Don't worry, bitch," the man said. "I'm not going to harm a hair on your body. I just want you to take me around the rest of the house. I know that there must be jewels and extra cash lying about. I want it all."

Sharon nodded. She just wished the big man wouldn't look at her the way he looked at her. It made her feel undressed. It also made shivers run up and down her body. She realized that, for the first time in a long while, she was feeling a strong current of excitement rushing through her body.

She led the man through the house. She gave him all the money and jewels and anything else she could find that was of value. The man kept his word. He never touched her.
"That's all there is," she finally said.

"You're a smart girl," he said. "Now I'm just going to lock you up with your husband and I'll be on my way."

She went to the front door with the man. Her heart was pounding. The man was three times as big as she was, and his hands looked like awesome weapons. She was afraid of him, but her fear made her feel attracted to him. She felt a curious itch between her legs that she knew she needed to have satisfied.

"Please," she said, her hand on the knob of the front door. "You don't have to take me to the woodshed yet."

"What are you talking about?"

"I mean, aren't you going to rape me or anything?"

The man looked at her, and a cruel smile broke out across his face. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her close enough so that she could smell the beer on his breath.
"I understand, baby," he said. "Your husband's cock isn't enough to satisfy. Well, I don't have to take you to the woodshed yet."

He picked her up and carried her back upstairs to the master bedroom. He kissed her mouth on the way and it was as if a hundred fires had been started inside her body. She kissed him back hard and her tongue started thrusting into his mouth.

He put her down on the bed. He leaned over and kissed one of her tits right through the material of her nightgown. She shivered with pleasure.

"Hot damn, baby," he said. "It's been a long time for me. I've been in jail and you're the nicest thing I've ever seen!"

He lifted his head to kiss her mouth and his tongue started thrusting into her mouth. She kissed him back hard and started sucking on his tongue. .He put the gun down and climbed up on top of her. His hands moved up and down her body. Her skin felt satiny. He kissed her mouth again and then moved his lips down the front of her nightgown. He began dry-fucking her.

"Shit, that feels big," she whispered.

She reached down and slid her hand in between them. His cock was practically breaking a hole in his trousers. He was really horny. He hadn't lied about that. She ran her fingertips up and down the length of his big cock. The immense size of his prick almost took her breath away.

"I've been saving up for a long time," he told her. "I was going out to buy me a couple of whores tonight with the money I stole. You're going to do nicely, baby. A lot better."
"I don't know if I can take all that," she said.

"You'll take it, baby," he said. "You'll take it wherever I want to put it."
She trembled at his words but she couldn't say anything because he was back kissing her mouth again and thrusting his tongue between her lips. He kissed her hard and his mouth covered hers. His tongue seemed fat enough to choke a horse.

His hands slipped between their bodies and he started caressing her tits. He rubbed her tits hard and her nipples seemed to spring up into hard, jutting points. He ran his fingers over her sensitive tit buds.

"Shit, baby, you're hot," he said. "Your husband must not be giving you any cock at all."
"He doesn't give me enough." she whispered. "He never gives me enough fucking cock!"
She was going crazy with fuck-lust as his hands moved all over her body. Her pussy had started throbbing with an intensity that she didn't think she had ever felt before. He moved his right hand down her body and between her legs. Her nightgown was bunched there but she could still feel his stroking fingers.

"Oh shit, baby," he groaned. "You've got too many fucking clothes on. Let's see what you look like naked!"

She was more than willing. She rolled over and quickly stood up by the bed. She stripped off her nightgown and stood there in her panties. His hot eyes burned her tits.
"Beautiful, baby," he said. "Fucking beautiful. Now get out of those fucking panties and let me see your pussy!"

His words were her command. She quickly slipped out of her flimsy panties. She kicked them off and moved closer to the bed. He moved his hand up between her legs and started stroking her pussy. She spread her legs wider as one of his fingers fucked inside her cunt.

"Oh, that feels good," she moaned. "That does feel so fucking good!"

"You are a real cunt, baby," he said.

He rammed another finger up into her pussy and started fucking them both in and out. She couldn't stand it. In a moment her legs became weak and she had to sit down on the bed.
"Get up on the bed, baby," he told her. "Spread your legs open wide. I want to get a real good view of that hot, pink pussy."

A few months before, and she might have objected, but not now. Now she was hot enough so that she could do anything that he wanted. It made her feel wicked to obey him. She climbed up on the bed and spread her legs wide. He was looking right into the pink folds of her pussy. She was sure he could see her pussy lips glistening with her need.
"Play with yourself," he said. "I've had a fantasy like this. Having some rich society bitch playing with her pussy like a fucking bitch in heat,"

Again, she obeyed him. Her cunt was getting hotter and hotter. She moved her fingers down to stroke her tits. Then her hands went lower and she was stroking her hairy cunt. Her body was moving up and down. She fucked a finger inside her wet cunt and it made her tremble.

"That's right, bitch," he told her. "Put your fucking fingers in your cunt. Play with your pretty pussy!"

Sharon did as he asked. She worked a finger into her cunt again and she started fucking it in and out. She felt crazy with lust as her ass started moving up and down in response to her fingers.

"Don't it feel good, baby?" he asked. "I bet you're getting that little pussy hot. Right?"

"Oh yes," she moaned.

Her fingers brushed against her clit. It didn't matter that she was behaving like some kind of cheap whore. All that mattered was that her pussy felt good.

"That's enough, baby," he said.

She didn't stop. She kept fucking her fingers in and out of her cunt. She was feeling good. It had been so damned long, and it felt so fucking good.

"I said that's fucking enough!" he yelled.

He grabbed her hand and twisted it painfully. She caught her breath as he pulled her up by her hair. He slapped her face twice, and it made her gasp.

"Do what I fucking tell you," he snarled.
"Yes, I'll do what you tell me," she whispered. "I'll do anything you want. Anything!"
"That's better, baby," he said. "Now let's just see how much you mean it."

She watched as he peeled off his shirt and then pulled his trousers down. He wasn't wearing shorts and his colossal cock seemed to point up at her like some kind of monstrous weapon. He grabbed her hair and started pulling her down to his cock.

"Let's see how good you are at sucking a real man's cock, baby," he told her. "Let's see if you really mean that you want to do everything I say."

She couldn't tell him that she had been looking forward to this from the first moment she had looked at him. She had wanted to suck his cock. She had wanted to be forced to take his fat cockmeat into her mouth.

Her body was trembling as she moved her head close to his cock. She could smell the strong aroma of his prick. She licked at the swollen cockhead. She put her tongue against the tiny piss hole and she could feel his body trembling. She opened her mouth. His cock tasted hot and salty as she captured his cockhead inside her lips.

"Oh shit, baby, that's nice," he groaned.

Sharon moved the head of his cock to the side of her mouth. She held his prickhead in her cheek like a squirrel storing nuts. She slowly moved his cockhead back to the other side of her mouth. She could taste some of his pre-cum already drooling onto her tongue.
"Take my prick all the way in your mouth," he told her. "Take it fucking all. Deep-throat me!"

She took a deep breath and then slowly fucked his fat prick all the way down her throat. She could feel his prickhead throbbing deep enough to choke her. She brought her head back again. She very quickly started to bob her head while she still used her tongue around his fat cock.

"Good, baby," he groaned. "You are fucking good. You don't know what you're fucking doing to me!"

She took his cock deep into her mouth again. She knew what she was doing to him - because it was doing exactly the same thing to her. Her body was shivering all over. She thought she was going to go crazy if she didn't have that giant cock in her pussy pretty soon.
She raised her head. She rubbed his prickhead against her silken cheek, and she felt some of his sticky pre-cum wetting her face. She rubbed his cockhead back around to her mouth and across her lips until her lips felt wet with his slimy cum.

"I need your big cock in my pussy," she gasped. "I need it right now!"

"You're going to get it, baby," he smiled.

He rolled her over onto her back and her legs spread wide almost automatically. She reached down for his prick as he climbed on top of her. She held onto his stiff cock and guided it to the entrance to her cunt.

"Put it in deep," she moaned. "I need cock bad. I need it now!"

He didn't waste any time. He fucked his prick into her cunt balls-deep, and he stopped right there for a moment. He gave her time to get used to the massive size of his cock. She didn't need long to get used to it. She lifted her long legs and locked them tightly around his back.

"Now you can fuck me, you animal," she whispered. "Fuck me like a bitch in heat!"

He gave her what she wanted. It had been a long time for him. He began slamming his fat prick into her as hard as he could. His prick was long enough to fuck inside her very deeply. It was also so thick that it was splitting her apart each time he fucked in.

"That's the fucking way," she moaned. "Fuck me hard. Don't show any mercy to my pussy!"
He hammered her cunt with his cock. His fat cockhead seemed to be tearing a hole in her belly. He let his entire weight down on top of her, nearly crushing her tits flat.

"This is what I need," she moaned. "This is what I've fucking needed so long!"

"You'd better hurry up, baby," he warned her. "I don't have much control. I've never fucked a pussy as wet and tight as yours is right now!"

She could tell that he meant it because his prick was growing thicker inside her, and already his pre-cum was filling her pussy up. She didn't want the fucking to be over so soon, but she knew she couldn't help it.

She closed her eyes and let go. She didn't try to fight it anymore. She started moving her ass up to meet his hard fuck-thrusts. It was happening to her. Her body was shaking apart and there were those fluttery sensations in her cunt.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned. "Oh fuck, I'm coming. I'm going to fucking come. Oh, God!"
It was so soon - but it still felt good as hell. Her body seemed to twist apart with spasms of joy. She kept pumping her ass up and down even after the last spasm had passed through her pussy. She wanted this big-cocked stud to enjoy it as much as she did.
"In my mouth," she whispered. "Will you come in my mouth?"

"If it's what you want, bitch," he said. "Wait just a second. Just a few more strokes in your tight pussy!"

He gave her more than a few more fuck-strokes. He pounded her pussy until she knew she was going to be sore for weeks. Finally he gave a groan and he pulled his prick out of her throbbing cunt. His prick was dripping milky cum as he moved up her body. Cum dripped to her belly and onto her tits. The guy rubbed his cockhead against her lips before he pushed it into her mouth. He was straddling her, and he started fucking her face with deep, savage cock-strokes. His cum almost choked her, but she didn't mind. She wanted it all.

"Bitch," he groaned. "I'm fucking your face. Fucking your pretty lips, and I'm going to drop a big load of cum. A fucking big load, you bitch. Oh fuuuuuck!"

He fucked deep into her throat and his prick started spurting sticky cum. She began swallowing his gushing jism as quickly as she could. He pulled his prick out of her mouth and let the rest of his spurting cum splash against her face. He then moved down and wiped more of his dripping cum against her nipples and then moved even farther down to rub his cock against her cunt hairs. He finished off by taking a handful of her long hair and wiping his prick completely dry.

"That was nice, bitch," he said. "But I'd better get going. Give me thirty minutes before you let your husband out of the woodshed."

"I'll give you longer than that," she said, grinning.

She gave him two hours, and she almost fell asleep with the man's cum sticking to her body and her face and the smell of his cum in her nostrils. Finally, she went down and let her husband out of his cramped quarters. She didn't think Albert noticed the dried cum on her face.

He never mentioned it if he did.

That was all right with her. She knew now there were going to be plenty of other studs who would come in her face or anywhere else they wanted. Sharon had learned to love fucking.


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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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Great story, especially like the ending

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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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THANK you !! Good story! FINE ending also.  :hooray:

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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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FUCK!!! That was hot.
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Re: Snatched And Raped Wife
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Extremely hot! Thanks!