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Concert rape
« on: June 03, 2010, 03:37:01 AM »
Here is a story I had done and almost forgot about and was reading in another forum here someone mention a scenario like this and thought I would tidy it up and do the spell check and post it.

Of course rape is a fantasy and not supposed to be done so read if an adult and not take for real.

Concert Rape

Rape, NC, gangrape, oral, mention of smoking herb

This was going to be a great concert. The warm up bands had already played and even though they were decent the headliner was going to rock this place. The mosh pit had been lukewarm before but having seen the band before  we knew that the mosh pit would get going early and be huge. The crowd was already large and getting psyched for the band. A few babes had already been hoisted up and hand carried around over everyone's heads. It was fun to do that. Just spy a girl and her standing there unaware and a few of us guys just go up behind her and grab and hoist her up and everyone will raise their arms to crowd surf them. No telling where or when they will end up.

 Most of us lived in the suburbs and we all drove together in a few cars to come to town to see the concert. We did this often and would even meet others we knew from around town and go to the floor to stake our area. We would all crowd around near where the mosh pit usually formed and just be a mob of our own. Sometimes we would jump into the mosh pit ourselves but usually we were there to have fun. 

We had already scoped out the area and had several prospects for fun around and once the band started we would have to decide which babe was going to endure “our fun”. The band came on and the music was powerful from the start. Loud and hard thumping. The mosh pit started to stir quickly. A few of us jumped in it to get it really stirring and I even jumped in and danced and chest thumped a few and got a couple of bruises to show for it. It was getting crowded too as more flowed in but our mob just stayed together and pushed the crowd around us easily. Soon it was as tight and cozy as anytime so we finally by head and pointing our fingers spied some targets. Quickly we had settled on three girls nearby that seemed to be trying to hold on to each other so as not to get lost. They were young and pretty but we needed one of them. I went around to the mob and most had decided on the petite blonde babe. She had average boobs and nice figure and look to be about early 20's. She was wearing a damn skirt too. Not many do as they should have known that it invited gropes and more but maybe that was why she wore it. Some do but she looked like she was new to this type of concert. Her two friends wore jeans and band t-shirts.

Some of the mob broke away and circled behind and the other side and  just kind of corralled them nearer to us. We saw a few babes had already been hoisted and was crowd surfing so the mob finally hoisted the two throw away babes by grabbing them and lifting them over their heads. Quickly they started to drift away by the crowd holding them up and carrying them away. Of course some will cop a feel as they floated over their heads. Concerts were fun indeed. The mob also hoisted the one we had chosen to have fun with but they floated her over toward us and made their way back and got to the perimeter and turned outward to fend off the crowd from breaking into our sanctuary. The babe looked to be stricken at her plight and tried to get back down but once in the air it was hard to get back to the ground. We started to float her around our own little mob and cop out feels. I even reached under her now bunched up skirt and grabbed her underwear and ripped them. I felt her hands grab at mine to fend me off but it was futile. Some of us grabbed at her breasts, some the ass and some even now completed the panty ripping and it was now in tatters and she was exposed and then grabbed and felt her cunt area. She looked like she was about to start to fright and her face registered total disbelief. We got her to the center of our mob and then we dropped her among us.

She was now among us and defenseless. We wasted no time with her either. I grabbed her by the throat and another by the hair and one just punched her in the stomach. Not too hard but enough to knock the wind out of her and make her realize her predicament faster. One of had a nice size knife. It wasn't hard to get it past security pat downs either. Especially as one of us worked at the arena and could come in a special entrance. She tried to reach up and fight us a bit but another grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her. The knife was brandished in her face and since I had her by her throat I yelled into her ear that she better behave or we would cut her up and leave her there. I gripped her throat harder to add to the situation. I helped force her down onto her knees and even though the crowd was getting out of hand the perimeter of the mob held well and allowed us to have some breathing room, not much but enough to start having our fun. I continued to grip her throat and lowered down and yelled that she better be good or else and slapped her  a tad to add to her terror. My bud with the knife undid his zipper and his button and lowered his pants a bit until his semi rigid cock sprang out. He placed the knife near her face and his cock in her face. She stared up in horror at her attacker but resisted. He handed me the knife and he grabbed her hair and acted like he was going to punch her by raising his arm back and his hand into a fist and quickly struck downward like he was going to smash her face in and stopped. He grabbed her hair again with one hand and with other gripped his cock and again presented it in her face. I again yelled into her ear and told her she will be disfigured for life at the least unless she opens her mouth and sucks cock. She then opened her mouth as his cock touched her lips and accepted him

She just remained rigid and allowed him to fuck his cock in and back and he hardened quickly. I knew it was time for me and I then undid my zipper and button and lowered my pants enough to free my cock. I was semi hard too and after he had fucked her mouth awhile he pulled out and  I wasted no time and neared and entered her mouth. I also just started to fuck her face and hardened quickly. I saw a third soon do the same and after a bit more I pulled out and he went and also fucked her mouth. Soon we had just took turns and face fucked her. Sometimes we would wipe our cocks on her face and really fuck her face slow or fast. She just remained there and stopped fighting us. She knew it would be useless as we easily overpowered her. I this time face fucked her and felt my self ready and blasted my load as I held her head and forced her to swallow but some came out and she spit it out as I withdrew. I slapped her for this and again yelled in her ear that if she did that again she would be beaten badly and I slapped her again to emphasize that. Another cock replaced mine and he also fucked her face and this time she didn't spit it out. She seemed to sag a bit after he withdrew and another cock replaced his. We did as we were supposed to and tapped another friend so he could replace me and I took his place as he moved where I was. He undid his pants and another did so for the other that was spent. I could still see her assault going on but at times had to watch the perimeter and make sure no one intruded our sanctuary and push out as the crowd surged toward me and push them aside and away. Also I had to see this awesome band..

I did look plenty though and grinned when I saw my best bud and nearby neighbor get his turn. He was large and I saw her struggling to engulf him. He was none too gentle either and I knew he was trying to get it all in. He pulled out and another cock entered her mouth. This time the song ended and the lead singer was saying how great it was to be here and it was quieter so he made sure to keep her mouth stuffed until the next song came on and the place rocked out again. He pulled out and then they finally made her stand and forced her over and had her spread her legs. They had to persuade her though by slaps and threats and eventually my best bud went around and started to force his cock into her. He had to lower himself a bit and she tried to struggle but several others just held her in place. Her screams were drowned out too as the band played on. Soon I saw he had finally worked his cock into her half way and then I saw him plunge all the way. He pulled back and again beat forward. Soon he had her internal juices to make it easier and her started to just fuck her steadily. Another cock was placed at her mouth and she just allowed it to enter. She was now being fucked from both ends. Another cock appeared next to her face and he pulled out and the other cock face fucked her. They just took turns. They also mauled her breasts as her shirt was opened but never did see how they got her bra off her as I remembered there being one. My best bud soon I could tell was ready and he roared back and pulled out and shot his load onto her back and ass. He wiped his cock over her and used her skirt hem to clean himself. He stepped back to zip himself and turned to tap another to replace him. One of the face fuckers went to her rear and easily slid in and started to fuck her. Another cock erupted in her mouth but this time he pulled out and the cum shot over her face and hair.

Another cock was soon to replace him and I noticed she no longer had fight in her. She was just a cum receptacle now. Another bud replaced the cock in her cunt and he made her leg raise up  as one stayed on the floor and this presented herself  lewdly and exposed. I saw him plunge in and fuck her savagely. Two more cock were taking turns face fucking her and sometimes they made her try to take both. Her shirt was now pulled down and hung on her midriff  and I saw her tits jiggle and bounce as she was buffeted. Each guy at her face mauled her as they face fucked her and this time they came near each other and I saw her face coat with cum and drip to the ground. One tapped out and was replaced and when he was secure and helping hold her up the other also tapped out. By this time we were almost half of us had our shot at her and knew that soon I was going to be able to fuck her but decided to really fuck her.

It was soon my turn again as I saw another cum in her. I turned and was replaced and undid my pants and went to her mouth and after a bit of waiting I fucked her face  and got myself nice and wet. I saw her eyes look like they were maybe unfixed but was sure she was not passed out as she did move some. Was sure she had maybe gone to her place she goes when things got tough.. I saw another dude cum and I( went to her rear and forced her leg higher and exposed her cunt and asshole more. I went and placed my cock at her asshole and then pressed it forward a bit and as the head entered I saw he start to awake. Her mouth was now  unfucked as she gnashed her jaw and screamed and thrashed but everyone held her tight and I pushed into her much too tight asshole. I again pushed forward and almost all the way in. I reared back and plunged and felt my balls slap her lower buttock. I again pulled out and plunged in and I could see her yell and scream but the music was loud and barely registered. After awhile I was in a rhythm and beat into her. The guys in front started to face fuck her again and I saw her sag again but was sure she was still in pain as I was beating into her pretty good. I felt someone near and I looked and saw that my best bud was next to me and he had his cock out again. He was already hard to my surprise and he like an athlete was able to get his cock near her cunt and entered easily, it may have something to do with him being long, I wish I was able to also but hey that was what assholes were for. She stirred somewhat but after we started to both beat into her for a bit the guys started to face fuck her again. More cum shot on or in her mouth and was replaced. I soon felt myself ready and blasted my load into her ass. I almost heard my grunt as my cum shot out and into her. I slapped her ass a few times and beat a few more times and withdrew. My legs felt a tad weak as I went and tapped out. I saw my best bud switch out and moved behind her and fuck into her ass. I saw her vainly try to resist but she had already been through too much to resist. I saw one of the cock at her mouths soon near her cunt and again she was being fucked in both holes. The face fucking never let up either.

I now just watched the concert and whooped it up. I high fived my buds and grabbed a few asses that was near that was female and felt like I was on the top of the world. What better than to come see one of the best bands ever and with all your buds and smoke some good stuff and fuck a hot babe? Life was good.

Soon the end of the concert was coming and we had to shut the fun down and get ready to leave. I turned to see that a couple of friends were finishing and had her on her knees again and was taking turns double cock fucking her face. They both blasted and  cleaned their cocks on her shirt and hair and I tapped them out. I helped her up by pulling her hair and reaching under her arm. Another bud came and helped her up and we tried to straighten her up as well we could. At least her shirt and skirt was not torn but they did feel a bit wet and I was sure her bra was long gone and her panties had long ago been shredded and ripped away. We did find her one missing shoe and replaced it. Over all she looked OK but she was weak and could hardly stand. After all her exertion it was little surprise. I looked down at her and she looked at me and I yelled at her that she was good and we had a lot of fun. She just looked at me blankly. I then asked her if she was ready? She didn't seem to understand but me and another raised her up and hoisted her over us. She tried to come alive at this and knew it was useless. We kept her surfing over us for awhile and we each grabbed and groped her as we each saw fit. I of course grabbed her ass to remind her it was me down there. Soon since it was nearing the end of the concert we surfed her away from us and into the crowd. It was the end and at its most vicious and was sure she was going to be surfing for a bit and we drifted away and toward the exits and eventually broke away and went toward where to leave and get to our vehicles. What a great night and one to relive as a great concert. I almost couldn't wait till the next week when the next one came and this band was almost as great.

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Re: Concert rape
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2010, 03:48:04 AM »
Very good public rape luckytxn.

Threesomes in the mosh pit would be something to witness and her disbelief and helplessness is pretty hot. It is so easy to ger separated from friends and scary too. I'll remember the story for the next concert I go to :)

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Re: Concert rape
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2010, 04:16:50 AM »
Why thanks Shygirl. It has been many years since I have been moshing though so maybe the concerts nowadays have mellowed out and it may be safer for babes to go near. Just in case though maybe it will be safer on the sides. Be careful though as no telling what can happen. :nod: