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I am not the author of this story.
Credit goes to author


(Bondage, Rape, Beast, revenge)

When Tammy awoke she felt groggy and her muscles ached, she shook her head back
and forth as if trying to clear her mind. She was trying her hardest to figure
out where she was now and how she had gotten here, the last thing she remembered
clearly was heading to her vehicle in the parking lot to head home after her
shift. She suddenly had a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach, now she
remembered, about the time she had started to get into her vehicle 2 men
approached her from the rear wearing masks, she remembered struggling with them
as they attacked her, she remembered seeing one of them place a rag over her
mouth and nose, then she could remember nothing from that point.

As her head began to clear her facial expression reflected the predicament she
was in. She could not see the room or anything in it because of the blindfold
covering her eyes, she tried to move her arms but could not, her arms had been
placed out to the sides, then with her elbows bent her wrists were now
handcuffed behind her neck to a pole jutting up from the chair back. She felt
the cool air of the room on her skin and realized she was totally naked, her
body was bent into an unusual shape as the chairback just below her shoulders
had a outward curve that pushed out against her back, she knew her small breasts
were thrust out teasingly. The chair seat where her naked bottom half rested was
oddly shaped, the seat sloped downwards towards the middle from each side, there
was about 8 inches of the seat removed leaving access to her private parts from
below, the sloping of the seat caused her ass cheeks and pussy lips to be pulled
slightly open. Each of her legs had been pulled apart to expose her hairy
reddish brown patch, each ankle was then hooked behind the back of each front
leg on the chair and then bound with duct tape.

Tammy gasped and gave a sudden lunge as a nozzle below the chair began emitting
a hard pulsating spray against her exposed clit; it fired a hard spray about
every half second, sending a shock wave cursing through her body. After several
minutes of her joy button being fired upon her nipples began to become aroused,
slowly each brown nipple got harder and rounder. The limp soft brown nipple once
flat with no shape became swollen, round like a thimble and jutted straight out
from the ends of her mound flesh. The longer her clitoris was bombarded the more
she wiggled against her bonds, her breathing became more erratic. She was
totally unaware of the movements below her ass; a long straight dildo began to
come up from a hole in the floor. The straight ugly looking dildo was about a
foot long, about 1" to 1and ½" in diameter, at the end of the hard toy was a
large bulbous head, the flange around the head making the total circumference of
the head probably 2 inches. Tammy continued breathing more rapidly as her
swollen clit took the constant pounding of the water jet, totally unaware that
very shortly she would be the receiver of a little anal action. Slow and steady
the large headed monster moved closer and closer to Tammy’s tiny puckered
rectum, the head was glossy and looked wet, due to the heavy coating of
lubricant placed on it to assist in entry.

At the first feeling of the monster
against her ass cheeks Tammy lurched upwards from the surprise, she began
struggling frantically against her bonds feeling the constant pressure of the
head trying to push up and into her virgin hole. She twisted her hips and tried
to raise herself up and off the chair, doing everything possible to keep from
being corn holed. She relaxed momentarily as the movement of the intruder
upwards stopped, suddenly her thighs were clamped down to the chair by a pair of
thigh clamps, encircling her thighs from under the seat of the chair causing her
to be firmly held down to the seat. She began screaming, "What the fuck is that,
get it away from me, don’t put it there!" You could tell by her tone and facial
expression Tammy knew she was a goner, something huge was trying to be brutally
shoved up and into her body and there was nothing she could do to stop it. The
whirring of the tiny motor propelling the dildo upwards was heard again, that
was the last time you could hear that sound for her shrieking filled the room
for the next several minutes. Her body jerked and shook in pain as finally the
head was able to gain entrance into her sphincter muscle, Tammy could no longer
hold it out, the gigantic head pushed up and into her virginal channel. She
sobbed hysterically and gritted her teeth as more and more of the invader
disappeared into her. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she pleaded for it to
stop, but it did not stop, slowly and deliberately it pushed on.

Tammy’s screaming and pleading started again when the dildo had sank in all the
way, only to begin being slowly pulled from her ass. She had to feel like
something was pulling her guts out, the huge intruder came out just until the
headed flange was just barely inside her tight ass, then up it drove itself to
total submersion again. The spray was still firing on her joy button and her
nipples looked like they were ready to explode. Her screaming gradually became
less and less as the artificial dildo continued reaming and ramming itself up
and deeply into her guts. She began cooing and moaning; her body had betrayed
her, even though the attack was against her will Tammy was nearing orgasm. Her
chest rose and fell wildly, every muscle was taut and twitching, her vaginal
lips quivered with the anticipation of the explosion soon to occur. Her body
jerked violently as the first wave of relief hit, she began gasping as the
climax was very close, suddenly the jet of water driving her clit to a frenzy
stopped, the monster between her ass stopped raping her ass hole, leaving her
hanging at the top of the hill, so close to that climax she now so desperately
needed. Her mouth hung open ready to expel that scream meaning the wave of
passion had hit, suddenly there was a flicking sound in the room.

Tammy screamed and the chair shook as she tried to shove her pelvis forward. Her large nipples now looked an ugly shade of purple, the whip had landed directly across the
unprotected flesh, causing her to have the most unbelievable orgasm in her life,
her own spunk dripped from her open snatch. The biting whip had drove her to an
orgasm probably to never be matched again, as her own spent love juices
continued dripping from the bottoms of her thighs she passed out. When she came
to this time the blindfold had been removed, her body was still bound with ropes
but in a different position this time. Tammy was now tied in a doggy style
position, her ass was high up into the air, her knees firmly fastened in the
stirrups creating a huge gap between her legs, both her hands were tied to a bar
running in front of her, the bar was much lower than the stirrups holding her
knees thus making her ass a very easy target. Tammy’s nipples and tits still
stung from the lashing from the whip; her ass still burned and ached from the
over sized dildo. She looked around warily, the room holding her was really not
out of the ordinary, and she noticed what seemed to be many TV monitors fastened
around the perimeter of the room. She sensed something behind her between her
gapping legs; her heart jumped at what she seen. Standing behind her was a man,
naked with his penis already erect. Her fear subsided slightly the more she
looked at him, he was not real, it appeared to be a robot of some kind. She
noticed how lifelike the robot appeared to be, paying particular attention to
his manhood she seen the bulging vein that usually accompanies a male hard on,
the shaft had a slight curve and appeared to be 6 inches in length, the head was
circumcised and the girth on the shaft was about 1 inch, it had huge hairy balls
hanging from it’s crotch.

Her head quickly turned to the front when she heard her name, "Tammy, welcome!"
came a male voice from the speaker in front of her. The voice continued "I bet
you are wondering how you got here, what are we going to do to you and why." She
never answered, the voice again, "Oh come on Tammy, surely you have something to
say, it seems you always do, like maybe you have trouble keeping your mouth
shut." Tammy never made a sound, she just stared at the speaker on the wall,
again the voice, "Let me explain, we belong to an organization that believes
that men should be the dominant partners in a relationship, we have contacted
all of your ‘X’ husbands and boyfriends and guess what we found out, it does not
make us happy, Tammy!"

She spat back, "Go fuck yourself!"

The voice replied, "Oh no Tammy, it’s not going to be us that gets it, oh no,
but you are. We held court and found you guilty of just plain being a bitch, all
of your X’s have come up with the proper punishment to fit the crime. For
example, your entire X’s agreed that they would enjoy watching you fuck yourself
senseless, let me tell you how it’s going to work. I am sure you have already
seen our robot, we spent many hours developing his skills for just such an
occasion as this. You see, our robot’s cock is really unique, once he buries the
son-of-a-bitch in your cunt it will continue to grow in girth and length until
he shoots his wad deep into your belly. He grows at a rate of ½ inch in girth
and 1 inch in length per each 15 minutes his cum stays in his balls, meaning
that Tammy you had better fuck him hard and fast unless you want him to
literally rip your cunt apart. His dick is like a thermometer, it constantly
monitors the temperature of his shaft, right now it is at 98.6 degrees, all you
have to do is raised the temperature of his cock to 101 degrees and he will
spill his load. Now guess how you are going to raise his temperature, that’s
right, the friction of your pussy gripping his cock will do the job, by the way,
the sensor in his cock, is a 1-inch wide band going around his cock where the
base joins his groin. So if I were you and I did not want him to open me like a
can opener I would make sure the penetration into you was deep and fast, fuck
yourself senseless, get it?"

Tammy looked up and began screaming obscenities, "You fucking worthless
bastards, you were all a bunch of losers. You could not support your family, you
were so fucking worthless I had to get satisfied sexually someplace else!" She
spat on the floor and screamed, "You will never be the dominant partner, low
lives like you are good for nothing, go to hell!"

Tammy quickly turned around to look behind her when the robot’s hands grasped
her waist; she tried to move forward, to move away from the mechanical man’s
erect penis. She tried to throw her ass sideways when the head began sliding up
the inside of her thigh, she twisted and squirmed, hoping the artificial dick
could not hit her moving hole. Her mouth flew open suddenly,
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped, the
robot’s head made contact with her outer lips, one sudden plunge and Tammy’s wet
sopping pussy quickly swallowed the entire 6 inch shaft. The robot leaned
forward pushing himself in to the hilt and forcing Tammy forward, with the way
the ropes had been tied she could not lean forward enough to escape him, there
was just enough room to allow her to propel herself back and forth.

Tammy looked up with contempt and hate in her eyes, but the glazed look she had
also told the story, she knew that she had lost. She stayed perfectly still with
the 6 inch prick buried into her crotch, her brown muff hair and pussy lips
pushed tightly against the robot’s hairless pelvis and thighs.

"Aw Tammy, you don’t believe us do you, I mean about the cock growing in size,
well just stay still and see!" came the voice from the speaker.

She continued to watch the clock on the wall in front of her, when the large
hand crossed the 15-minute mark she had a strange and startled look on her face,
she could feel the life like penis growing within it’s wet warm sheath. The
robot had released his grip on her hips, if she was going to be fucked she had
to do it herself. She began rocking back and forth slowly, going as far ahead as
possible and then slowly re-inserting the robot’s dong into her snatch. At the
30-minute mark again that startled look appeared on her face, another ½ inch was
added to the girth while another inch was added to his length. She now pistoned
herself back and forth on an 8 inch long by 2 inch diameter shaft. She heard the
voice, "You ain’t very bright are you bitch, the temperature on the robot’s cock
is still 98.6, you won’t bring the temperature up any until you slam him in all
the way, for your info, the gauge on the wall in front of you will let you watch
your progress or demise, whichever the case may be.

A low moaning sound escaped from her throat as she began taking him in all the
way, each thrust of her ass back onto him caused a thump as her ass hit his
thighs, a squishing sound was evident as his rod scraped tightly against her
vaginal walls. Tammy knew that she had to keep herself lubricated or this huge
cock would tear her to pieces, her tempo increased after glancing up at the
clock on the wall, in another 5 minutes he would grow again. The temperature
gauge on the wall showed 99.6 degrees, her grinding had raised the robot’s cock
temperature 1 degree. She screamed, "Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
oooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, please
stop!" as he grew within her another inch in length and ½ inch in diameter, she
didn’t think she could take anymore, the 9inch monster was reaching into depths
never before touched, her once tight snatch was totally stretched and swollen.
It looked like someone had shoved a pop bottle up her cunt, with each outward
pull she made the insides of her lips were pulled on the outside. She now had
been mounted on his rod for 45 minutes, 30 minutes of that time she had been
riding him as hard as she could, trying desperately to get him to shoot his wad
deep into her belly.

She glanced up hopefully to check the temperature, 100 degrees it read she still
needed 1 degree to get this horrible thing out of her crotch. Tammy’s forward
and backward thrusts became even harder and faster than before, almost savagely
she drove herself backwards onto the awaiting intruder until it completely
disappeared into her. Her wetness could be seen on the robot’s thighs, as with
each push of her snatch onto him caused her lubrication to be forced out, making
her crotch wet and slick. Little beads of perspiration began to pop out all over
her body, the sweat caused her body to glisten in the light, sweat rolled down
her cheeks and onto the floor. Her eyes were tightly closed, she gritted her
teeth as she worked frantically to bring him to a climax, her nipples were now
erect again and her chest heaved up and down from exhaustion. She opened her
eyes long enough to see the temp was now 100.6, but she was only 5 minutes away
from him growing to 3 inches in diameter. She licked the perspiration from her
lips, wildly she fucked him, his shaft dripping with her lust, she suddenly
screamed, "Noooooooooooooooooooo, its to big, noooooooooooooooooooo,
ugggggggggggggggggg, stoooooooooooooooooooop!" and her grinding slowed down. It
looked like she now had a baseball bat shoved up her cunt, the 3 inch diameter
had her pussy stretched to the limit, it looked like she was ready to tear. The
10 inch length had to be close to knocking on her cervix, she appeared to be
near tears but quickly realized as she spotted the gauge that he was now at
100.8 degrees, she had to finish him off and do it quickly, she knew that she
could take no more.

She could not see the robots balls growing, once the size of an orange they now
approached the size of a large grapefruit as his nuts neared the boiling point.
At 100.9 she felt the robot’s hands again gripping her waist, suddenly he held
her firm so she could not move, his cock head just on the verge of popping free
of it’s tight enclosure. When the gauge showed 101 degrees nothing happened,
suddenly Tammy gasped as all the air was forced from her lungs, her body slumped
forward from the force, brutally the robot had rammed the full 10 inches into
her with all the force he had. Tammy’s eyes rolled back into her head, she felt
blast after blast of his seed deep in her gut. He pulled back until the head
again plugged her entrance, holding her hips firmly so she could not get off his
cock. She began shaking violently, her skin flushed every muscle in her body
twitched, and she shrieked and screamed in agony hysterically. Her body
collapsed forward but the robot collapsed on top of her, making sure the head of
his monster stayed implanted in her, stopping his seed from coming out of her.
She faintly heard the voice before fainting, "Oh Tammy, did we forget to tell
you, our robot’s seed was unique just like his cock, a mixture of rock salt and
ground up red hot chili peppers. We will let that mix boil in your snatch awhile
and then see if you are quite so frigid to your husbands and boyfriends next

Tammy came too later, she did not know how long she had been out but there was a
severe burning up inside her, her thighs burned where the robot’s horrible seed
that been shot deep into her belly slowly oozed from her twat out onto her
thighs. She once again found herself helplessly bound and tied, the object
holding her appeared to be like a large x. Her arms were pulled up and out where
each wrist was fastened securely to the metal frame, her legs were spread wide
open and each ankle was bound tightly to the frame by duct tape. The frame had a
hook just behind her head where a metal cable was fastened that ran up to a
pulley in the ceiling, the cable then ran over to what appeared to be a small
electric motor, like a winch motor you see on a wrecker. Tammy was suspended
several feet above the floor; legs spread-eagled, her lips open and exposed,
just waiting for whatever happened next.

The look on her face was one of fear when she seen what was below her gapping
legs, a few inches below her was a huge dildo, pointing straight up into the
air, pointing directly at her open slit. The dildo was huge, the shaft itself
was well over 3 inches in diameter, the head was more then 4 inches around and
the length was almost 18 inches long. The entire length of the enormous cock was
spiraled, the spiral ridges started at the end of the tip and ran around its
entire length, and it looked like a huge screw. The monster was emitting a cloud
of vapor, the reason was because the huge dong was made of ice, and the warm air
temperature in the room was causing the cloud of fog. Tammy’s head quickly eyed
the speaker on the wall again as she heard, "Tammy, all of your X’s agreed that
you were frigid whenever it was to your advantage, for example if you did not
want to fuck you made up some lousy excuse, well tonight when you say you’re
frigid you won’t be lying. Let’s see how long it takes your hot snatch to
swallow this icy monster!"

The cable holding her above the gigantic cock began lowering her, slowly she got
closer and closer to the cold frigid dick. She gritted her teeth when the icy
head pushed itself into the open slit as far as it would allow, it stopped. Her
body was not willing to accept such a large intruder, her own wait now kept
pushing her down onto the awaiting dong, steam rose from between her legs as the
warm skin of her labia surrounded the icy tip. The cable was now limp, only her
own body kept her from plummeting down onto the erect rod, she continued
screaming and squirming trying to get herself off it, but the end was lodged
between her pelvic bones thus stopping any attempt by her to free herself. She
knew her warm hot pussy was causing the mighty probe to melt, once it had melted
enough to allow the enormous head into her cunt it would rip her apart. Tammy
continued struggling to free herself from it, the more she struggled the more
her pouty lips shrank the huge tip. She trembled and shook from the extreme
temperature changes she felt taking place between her most private parts, half
of the engorged head was still visible, meaning that the widest part of the
dildo was still to push up into her. The cable once holding her up was still
completely limp, her own body weight was causing the extreme pain she now
suffered. All of a sudden her mouth flew open as her tongue fell to the outside,
a long blood-curdling scream escaped her throat as her eyes rolled back into her
head. Finally it was over, her cunt muscles and pelvis could no longer stand the
pressure of the oversize penis, her body spiraled down the shaft, slowly but
eventually coming to a stop. Only a couple of inches were visible from her
gapping cunt. Her body twitched and shook, her chin rested on her chest, the
unbelievable pain that was caused when the elephant cock had brutally pushed up
into her cavity had been too much, and she fainted. Water and steam rose from
the thing buried up into her pussy, as the warm sheath surrounding the icy cock
kept melting it, allowing it to shrink within her womb. She finally came too and
immediately began wailing tears rolled down her cheeks and fell onto her naked
breasts, this time her nips were not hard, there was no pleasure at all this
time for Tammy. The eyes from behind the wall had a look of satisfaction in all
of them; the X’s were pleased, they continued smiling as the woman in the other
room sobbed wildly and stayed impaled on the frigid pole. Suddenly the icy rod
broke due to the shrinking size and the rocking Tammy had been doing, the frame
holding her was now flat on the floor, Tammy still tied to it, face up. The
broken piece of the cock began to slip from within its tight encasement; finally
it popped free and slid down her ass cheeks to the floor. The slit between her
legs was now about the size of a large man’s forearm; she had been totally
opened and stretched to unbelievable size. Her fleshy pink lips were slightly
purple colored due to the long exposure to the icy temperatures, she again
passed out due to exhaustion.

Tammy for the second time in a few hours found herself in the middle of the
floor bound in the doggy position when she came too. Her knees were spread wide
open, they were held firm to the floor by shackles, her front half lowered until
she rested on her elbows, again a pair of shackles held her firm. Her ass was
again raised high into the air, the skin in the folds of her snatch had again
regained their rosy pink color, her once gapping entrance to her love tunnel was
now near normal size. She struggled trying to free herself from the metal
shackles holding her knees and elbows, she grimaced when the voice again came
from the speaker, "Tammy, you are very near the end of your sentence. As
expected you are a tough bitch, you’ve held up well, it’s time to initiate the
last part of your punishment, after finishing it you will be let go. All of your
X’s agreed that you were a real dog in bed, so it only seems appropriate that
you should be treated like a dog, right?"

She quickly looked behind her when she heard the noise, her brown eyes got huge
as saucers when she seen what was approaching her exposed bottom from behind. A
huge St. Bernard dog came running into the room, quickly closing in on her open
crotch, she began screaming for him to get away, the kicking she done with her
feet did little to detour him. She started to yell, "You sick perverted cock
suck", that’s as far as she got before her body lurched and she began gasping
"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggg". The gasping was
caused each time the dog’s rough tongue lapped its way up between her lips and
across her clitoris. The dog continued it’s thorough licking motion, faster and
faster the dog’s tongue licked and slurped, louder and louder Tammy moaned. As
Tammy’s excitement grew so did the dog’s, his penis began slipping itself from
it’s sheath, longer and longer it became, larger and larger the diameter grew,
Tammy’s nipples were now rock hard and swollen, but nothing compared to the
dog’s now erect cock. He had a cock large enough to easily please Tammy, about
10 inches long and better than an inch in diameter, it had a long gentle curve
to it.

Tammy stopped moaning and began twisting her hips when she felt the weight of
the dog on her back, the dog was ready, and he was trying to mount her now. She
continued screaming and cursing at the dog, "Get the fuck away from me, get off
me damn it, get the hell away!" The dog now had his paws on each side of her,
just above where her hips jutted out, the wet pre-cum covered head was sliding
up the inside of her thigh, leaving a tell tale trail all the way. She screamed,
twisted and jerked anything to make it hard for him to find the target; the dog
instinctively gave a lunge towards Tammy when the head contacted her opening.

The dog’s excited state and Tammy’s slick wet pussy did not help, the head
glanced harmlessly off the inside of one butt cheek. The dog bounced on his hind
legs trying to position himself for another shot at her, Tammy groaned from the
weight of the dog on her back but still kept twisting and swaying her butt to
make hitting her twat difficult. The dog’s impatience showed as he thrust and
pushed at her, the head each time bouncing off her crotch or thighs, but never
hitting pay dirt. The dog momentarily stopped ramming at her ass, he was trying
to reposition himself on her, and he was almost ready to slide off her. Tammy
seen the opportunity to take a rest, bad mistake on her part. After a few
seconds the dog pushed himself back at her awaiting vagina, the now heavily
pre-cum covered head was against her crotch, just below her clit, nicely tucked
between her soft fleshy lips. The dog wasted no time now, he knew that soon the
relief he desperately needed would be given him. Tammy began struggling
frantically again, "No, don’t, you’re a dog, no don’t please stop!" But it was
too late for Tammy; several pairs of eyes from behind the wall lustfully gazed
in pleasure at what was about to happen. The dog’s earlier licking of her cunt
had made her very wet and slick, add to it the dogs own lubrication and you have
the makings of a good hard fuck. The dog’s head slid upwards through her parted
lips towards it’s destination, when it contacted her outer lips it stopped
momentarily as the head slipped in through her outer lips, her head shot
suddenly up into the air, her mouth flew open,
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggggg!" The dog had seized
the opportunity, his grayish colored head was now inside the human female
positioned in front of him, he gave a slight bounce to position himself and with
that he sprang forward, easily sliding the long curvy animal cock deeply into
the human’s body. After about 8 inches of his cock was buried the knot began to
swell at the base, she could feel it every time he lunged himself into her,
Tammy knew that if the dog got his knot inside her that she would be literally
dog knotted to him, she could not escape his ejaculation of animal cum into her.
The dog viciously attacked her twat, ramming all of his dog meat in to the hilt,
Tammy whimpered constantly with each brutal plunge into her, the dog’s growing
knot hammered against her pussy flesh, but was yet unable to get inside her.

Tammy tried to lean forward to relieve the pressure of the pounding dog, she
winced as this caused the angle of the dog’s sliding prick to be even more
painful, it was almost as if the dog knew what she was about to do. When she
leaned her ass back again to relieve the pressure the dog gave a mighty lunge
forward, a whimpering painful scream came from Tammy’s throat as the large knot
pushed through the entrance that was way too small. The look on her face told
the story, you could tell by her facial expression that the knot once inside had
swollen up like a balloon, keeping the dog’s thrusting cock inside of her, she
tried to pull away from him but could not, as soon as the knot came against her
pelvic bone it was stuck. The dog sensed his impending climax, savagely he
thrust and pounded, barking and baying from the intense pleasure Tammy’s cunt
was giving him. Tammy could do nothing to stop him, all she could do was stay
there and hope the animal would get it over with quickly, she sobbed and tears
rolled down her cheeks, she hated them all, of course thinking of her X’s, but
most of all she hated this animal ramming at her crotch.

The dog began to shake and howl his grinding forward and back began to increase
greatly, her pussy was stretched tightly around the dog’s tool, bringing him
quickly towards climax. She cried hysterically as she was in disbelief at what
he was doing to her, this filthy animal was about to cum in her, her stomach
heaved with the thought. Suddenly the dog let out several sharp yips, he spewed
his spunk deep into poor Tammy’s wet pussy, she felt him shoot squirt after
squirt into her stomach, the warm sticky fluid completely covering her insides.
The dog was panting as he stopped plunging, he tried to pull out, the knot had
not yet shrunk enough to allow him to pull out, Tammy winced and bit her lip in
pain as there was a loud popping sound when the knot finally came free.
She was almost out of it again when she heard the sickening voice, "Well Tammy,
maybe your are not so tough after all!"