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Tales From The Estate by Chris Bellows
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Tales From The Estate by Chris Bellows

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Copyrighted © 2003, all rights reserved.   

Nurse Maura
       “Such a good pony boy. Just relax, Johnnie. Let Nurse Maura take care of you.”

       “Yes, ma’am.”

       He wasn’t supposed to talk. But with bit removed and basking in the relative comfort of being in the presence of the maternal Nurse Maura, experience suggested he could bend the rules. As long as no one else heard, he could verbally respond, however briefly, to the gentle knowing touch of his benefactress.                                                     

       Pony boy Johnnie kneels on the examination table, naked but for the yoke entrapping his wrists at the level of his chin and well outside his shoulders. His young, crisply cropped flesh, burning in various areas, gratefully absorbs the soft, lotion-swathed hands of the handsome middle-aged nurse. She knows exactly where to knead and caress..., which muscles require deep, penetrating squeezes from vise-like fingers, which sensitive pink places need the most temperate of soothing applications of the special healing ointment.

       “Mistress worked your scrotum today, Johnnie. Were you naughty?”

       Johnnie nods as best he can. A line on his nose bridle remains hitched to a simple overhead hook. Stable rules mandate some form of restraint at all times. And Nurse Maura is very much aware that a pony boy who is not hitched, leashed or harnessed can lead to her dismissal.

       The caring hands return to the jar of special balm, glycerin with a steroidal additive to promote rapid healing. She scoops up a large daub.

       “Spread nicely for me, Johnnie.”

       The truckling lad further parts his knees, his eagerness obviating any notion of resistance. Johnnie is naked, exposing all to the nurse, but any humiliation is greatly exceeded by the enjoyment of her palliative touch.

       Enormous testicles are palmed by moist, gleaming hands. Their size belies Johnnie’s age. Though in his late teens, the organs hang nearly to his knees and are the size of overly ripened plums. As the nurse’s hands cup the weighty male genitals in mocked reverence, and her fingers gently squeeze and rub, she recalls his earlier days, when a less endowed Johnnie was not so receptive to her touch.

       “You used to beg and cry when I worked you here Johnnie. And now you’re reaping your reward. See what happens when you’re good and just let Nurse Maura take charge?”

       The comment brings memories. Johnnie indeed remembers the horrid injections, when as a young pony boy in training, Nurse Maura induced orchitis, inflamation of the testicles, by utilizing a specially formulated compound. The results were amazing, swelling Johnnie’s young gonads such that it appeared he had the mumps. Over time the daily injections made the condition permanent, swelling his testicles to an outlandish size well beyond his years and physical stature. And Mistress was most pleased with the result.

       The genitals grew so large so fast that Nurse Maura also had to begin scrotal infusions of saline solution in order to properly expand the scrotal sac and accommodate the enlargement. And to see a young naked male walking about on the end of a leash, cradling his precious reproductive organs as if carrying an infant, was the most amusing scene imaginable.

       Now the pink globes, reddened by Mistress’ crop, hang like trophies..., to be palmed, caressed, squeezed, pinched, pulled, and cropped with impunity by the Dominant female.

       Johnnie’s balls are ornaments..., jewels adorned for the Mistress of the Estate.

       While the fingers sooth the scrotal flesh, Nurse Maura also searches and finds the various nerves and sperm ducts within the oversized sac, checking for unusual swelling and changes. He receives the best of care at Mistress’ stable..., visually examined by several pair of feminine eyes each day…, a succinct anatomical inspection after each outing..., a thorough physical exam monthly.       

       Nurse Maura begins to feel wetness between her thighs. Proximity to the helpless male genitals always has that effect on the Dominant female, and holding the subservient pony boy’s testicles begins the expected flow of moisture.

       She is aroused. And when she recalls the process..., the power..., the omnipotence imbued upon her in slowly introducing a hypodermic needle into each of Johnnie developing organs, listening to his young voice beseech her for mercy, her thighs contract with a delicious vaginal orgasm.

       “There’s no real damage, Johnnie. As ususal, Mistress has been most adept with the crop. Was it painful?”

       Johnnie nods as best as his nose bridle allows.

       “Nothing like the injections, ma’am.”

       “No, of course not.”

       The left hand moves to the perineum. The right to the anus. Fingers of the left rub the hairless tactile strip between the scrotum and the anal opening. The middle and index fingers of the right penetrate the rectum. She smiles as it yields so easily. Rummaging within, she quickly finds his chaste male gland.

       “It’s been a while, hasn’t it Johnnie?”

       She can feel the swelling of the curious unused organ. Mistress mandates strict chastity, insisting that the resulting excess energy be expended in harness. That leaves to Nurse Maura the task of assuring proper prostatic health..., a chore which at the stable results in the most exquisite form of Dominance..., the milking of the male organ.

       “The end of the month is coming soon,” she advises with insouciant femininity.

       Deeper exploration within finds the bulbous tip of his urethral insert. She smiles knowing that the devious device keeps young Johnnie in a constant state of randiness. The hollow tube, serving to partially catheterize the pony boy at all times, ends at the prostate gland. There, a one way valve prohibits urination and the flow of other fluids, of course. It is only by inserting a soft rubber tube to open the valve that Johnnie’s bladder can be emptied.

       ‘Control’, she thinks to herself. ‘Mistress controls all his functions’.

       Her left hand moves from the perineum, forward past his penis, to feel his lower belly. It is distended.

       “Would you like to empty your bladder for me Johnnie?”

       Another strained nod.     

       ‘The most basic of functions requires a woman’s touch’, Nurse Maura thinks with glee. ‘And for this I get paid.’

       No one is watching. There is no need to suppress her smile as she steps away to retrieve the latex tube with connecting collection bag.

       As KY jelly is applied, she wonders when Johnnie last urinated by himself and whether he can even remember. He has been in training for many months.

       “I’m going to use a full insertion catheter. We’re almost done.”

       Trained hands pull the partially catheterized penis down and back. It is plumped by arousal and Nurse Maura smiles again. She is comforted knowing that her treatment has attained the expected result. A most obsequious pony boy still reacts with attempts to tumefy. Though the hollow steel tube forcibly keeps Johnnie chaste, it is carefully devised to keep his shaft permanently firm and stretched to full length. But for the women of the Estate there is much amusement when Johnnie is aroused and the erectile chambers still cause the penis to engorge and fatten like a grilled hot dog.

       Ostensibly, she ignores his condition as her professional training dictates.

       “Here we go,” she forewarns. The hollow metal tube easily accepts the first seven inches of the rubber catheter. Then she feels the resistance of the one way valve and thrusts more firmly. Then she feels that most welcome shudder of the helpless male as the tube presses deeply into the sensitive urethra, worms its way past the swollen prostate, and with a little extra effort enters the bladder. 

       She so much enjoys the power.

       As she injects air to hold in place the balloon catheter, the collection bag fills and she knows to reward the ordeal by rolling the penis tip between thumb and forefinger.

       “Good boy.”

       She steps back and gazes at the strange male appendage.

       Johnnie has been forcibly adorned with what in BDSM circles is referred to as a Prince’s Wand. Modified to suit Mistress, of course, the tormenting chastity device required piercing the tip of Johnnie’s penis and inserting a cross bar to hold it permanently in place. She feels goose bumps looking at the results.

       The hollow tube has an eyelet on the underside. Permanency required piercing the penis on one side, inserting the needle through the eyelet within the urethra and exiting the opposite side. A barbell was later substituted for the needle. With beads glued to each end, the barbell can not be slid out. And thus the tube..., the Prince’s Wand..., remains in Johnnie’s penis..., serving to keep Johnnie chaste, abrade the prostate and prevent unwanted excretions.   

       The device also keeps Johnnie’s penis firmly stretched, providing an interesting contrasting exhibition..., a young virile male showing himself at full length..., but under the total control of his crop bearing Mistress.

       The fact that the altered shaft can still engorge is an added attraction. And Johnnie unwittingly evidences his enjoyment of Nurse Maura’s touch. But for the telltale steel peeking from his pee hole, and the securing barbell, it appears that Johnnie is permanently erect..., a delightful condition in which to perform for his Mistress. 

       The nurse gently pats Johnnie’s buttocks, contemplating the pseudo scene of virility..., the long stiff shaft and the amazingly swollen testicles hanging almost to his knees.

       Ironically, Johnnie’s penis has never penetrated the female vagina and..., with the cross piece jutting out an inch to each side of the tip..., it never will.

            ‘Tsk. Tsk.’ she thinks to herself. ‘ Well some males are just born to serve.’
"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.